Razor Swine

Razor Swine

Creature — Boar

First strike Infect

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Set Rarity
New Phyrexia (NPH) Common

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Limited Legal

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Razor Swine Discussion

Carrot_cake on A Sudden Contagion

4 months ago

I think a good sideboard card for this deck would be Razor Swine. A three drop 2/1 with first strike AND infect? Buff it up a bit and your golden.

UberNinja2016 on R/B Infect

1 year ago


Monastery Swiftspear is there as a solid turn one creature option, since the bulk of the creatures in this deck are cost two mana. If you would like to replace them with an infect creature, I would recommend Necropede over your other suggestions, as it is another 2-drop (and colorless, so you don't need to worry about colors at all). The thought process behind not using Ogre Menial or Fallen Ferromancer is that they are way too expensive for their effects, at least for this deck.

From a pump spell stance, Ferromancer is no better than any other 1/1, and pinging someone for one poison is kind of slow for the deck.

The ogre is a little better, as at least it doesn't die to Lightning Bolt , but still, 4 mana is too slow.

I considered Razor Swine while I was getting the list together, but first strike isn't enough to save it from a large chunk of 3-drop blockers and for 3 mana that makes it kind of under powered.

GreenFire317 on R/B Infect

1 year ago

Not seeing the reason for Monastery Swiftspear . How about Razor Swine Ogre Menial or Fallen Ferromancer for red infect.

mal099 on Weird U/W Pauper Combo

1 year ago

Looking at the decks, I feel like the combo you do where you can tap a creature to do one damage does not work very well with infect. Still takes 10 rounds to win, and any lonely 2/1 unblockable creature can do the same, and cheaper, if we ignore the possibility of lifegain. It's nice to be able to put -1/-1 counters on creatures I suppose, but that means you take even longer to win. I'd probably just forget about that combo and just go for speed.

I feel like white is not really doing much for you - there's some creature removal, which other colors, including blue, can do as well, and there's some more creatures with infect, which again, other colors have too. But white is bad at making creatures stronger, a weakness it shares with blue. Comparing the other colors:

Red: Bad with infect, Ogre Menial really is too expensive, Razor Swine seems decent. But very good at doing damage! Start with a mere 1/1 with infect, pump it up with Fists of the Anvil (or Blood Lust / Blood Frenzy , then double the damage with Assault Strobe , Double Cleave or Temur Battle Rage , and BAM! 10 damage with infect, all you need is some enchantment to make it unblockable, which blue can easily provide. Also provides creature removal through direct damage.

Green: Lots of ways to make your creatures stronger too. No Double Strike, but more creatures with infect. Very little creature removal.

Black: Also quite a few good creatures with infect, also good at making creatures stronger. Lots of good creature removal. Can make the opponent discard cards, so it's good at control.

pjeseb on Welcome to Perfection

2 years ago

5finga Going into red is certainly an option, I might decide to do so after running it mono-black for awhile. The problem is, red only gives us one worthwhile infect creature, Razor Swine, some nice sideboard cards, and Temur Battle Rage, which while still good, isn't as good in this version of infect, which has a lot fewer pump spells.

I don't think Demonic Vigor is what we want. You don't want to play it against a controlling, removal-heavy deck, because more often than not, your opponent can just remove your creature in response to you casting it and two-for-one you. And against opposing aggro decks, you'd almost always be better off with a pump spell or some removal of your own, since your goal is to out-race your opponent.

TheVectornaut on Cheap casual infect

3 years ago

I think without a really strong target like Invisible Stalker or maybe a trick like Cinder Elemental, Tainted Strike will be worse than just playing a strong infect creature to begin with. If you run more Plague Stinger, Ichorclaw Myr, Flesh-Eater Imp, Hand of the Praetors, and swap Contagious Nim for Phyrexian Crusader or Razor Swine, you'll be more resistant to removal and won't have to spend cards just to gain infect. You can use that mana instead on cheap pump spells like Titan's Strength and Vampire's Bite. If you do stick with the Strike, I'd probably go all in on creatures that benefit from it. Vexing Devil, Goblin Guide, and Monastery Swiftspear would be the usual suspects, but I have always wanted to test out Immolating Souleater myself. Grafted Exoskeleton could probably be replaced by or supplemented with Phyresis to speed things up, and I'd also look at Rogue's Passage for Whispersilk Cloak redundancy if flying isn't strong enough evasion.

IggmondVanre on BG Infect

3 years ago

You absolutely need Inkmoth Nexus in an infect deck. Fatal Push is also better than grasp of darkness at a lower cost, it will take care of most threats in the modern format. Fetches also would help efficiency Verdant Catacombs Bloodstained Mire Wooded Foothills

Another card with potential is Claim // Fame it will allow you return your creatures and potentially give them haste. I really think that R/G/B black infect could be powerful with this card. Red also opens up Razor Swine first strike could be powerful with the trample from Rancor Great idea keep developing!

DaddyRabbit78 on Minus and Plus Counters on …

4 years ago

Do +1/+1 counters remove -1/-1 counters (and vice versa) or do they both stay on the creature and just cancel each other out?

Example: Say I have Rampaging Baloths in play. Rampaging blocks an attacking Razor Swine and gets two -1/-1 counters. This makes him 4/4 while he's still in play, even after the turn is over, right?

But, say I use Power Conduit, to remove one of the -1/-1 counters meaning he has only one -1/-1 counter left and now he's 5/5. I use Power Conduit's activated ability and put a +1/+1 counter on Rampaging Baloths. Questions:

Does the +1/+1 counter OFFSET the remaining -1/-1 counter and they both disappear leaving Rampaging at 6/6?

Does the +1/+1 REPLACE the remaining -1/-1 and he's now 7/7?

Or, do both counters remain side-by-side, but cancel each other out and he's still a 6/6 with two different types of counters on him? Then I can untap Power Conduit (with,say, the broken Teferi, Temporal Archmage), then tap it again to remove the other counter making Rampaging an 8/8?

I'm essentially wondering if I can use Power Conduit to make an infected creature stronger or just "heal" it.

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