Skirge Familiar


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal

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Set Rarity
Vintage Masters Uncommon
Urza's Saga Uncommon

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Skirge Familiar

Creature — Imp


Discard a card: Add B to your mana pool.

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Skirge Familiar Discussion

AlexoBn on Just Froggin' Around - The Gitrog Monster Primer

2 weeks ago

Have you considered adding Krosan Grip? You can make your combo uncounterable when using Skirge Familiar because mana abilities don't use the stack and the rest works then too. When you have infinite mana the rest should be easy

WarlockOfNor on Getgood Monster Dredge

2 weeks ago

Doesn't Sunscorched Desert fit the same role as Rath's Edge? It doesn't really matter if the Skirge Familiar already is in play, and the ability to kill creatures and sacrificing lands probably makes Rath's Edge better, but couldn't you in theory cut Harrow which is a weaker card?

It really does seem obvious that Rath's Edge is better, but I am asking since you have a tendency of answering really well. I've been reading up on a lot of your primers/other articles recently and I am basically a fan, but I've never found anything about Sunscorched Desert.

Squirrel_of_War on All Nightmare Long (SBT Primer)

3 weeks ago

Love the combos! I have a budget Mimeoplasm deck that is similar to this deck somewhat. You should add Disciple of the Ring, once you mill your deck with Necrotic Ooze on the battlefield you can basically counter everything for per spell. If they pay to stop you, keep countering it until they can't. Another fun one is milling the entire deck then picking it up with Praetor's Counsel then using Skirge Familiar to add an obscene ammpunt of then Death Cloud! Check out my deck when you have a sec.

Mimeoplasm, Extreme Sub $70 Budget EDH

Commander / EDH Squirrel_of_War


Squirrel_of_War on Goodbye For Now [2DH]

3 weeks ago

Wow, can't believe I forgot to +1! Anyway if you haven't looked at my budget Jarad deck in a while, check it out. I took out the Devoted Druid combo since prices went up and added a bunch of new stuff. A combo I'm not using but is awesome is Hermit Druid with no basics to mill your whole library, Praetor's Council to pick up your whole library, Skirge Familiar to get a ton of mana, and then Death Cloud to nuke everyone. After a Gnaw to the Bone before you Praetor's Council of course. :)

ShadyPear on Drowning in Drawing

3 weeks ago

I don't feel like As Foretold is abusable enough on the first couple of turns after it's played as opposed to in modern where it can be immediately broken. Insult / Injury fixes the problem of Nekusar decks needing to leave board open for a few turns with pain effects, I love it. Commit / Memory seems like it has the same problem as Wheel of Fate in that it can't be used from hand/in the middle of a combo turn, is the first effect good enough to be okay with that? Also since Top was banned in legacy and is more affordable I'm putting a copy in my deck, what do you think I should replace? Skirge Familiar will probably be Dark Ritual soon. This is the deck.

Surrak_and_Roll on The GitGud Frog

1 month ago

TheRedMage: Jarad is basically a last chance panic button. When building this deck I tried to stay away from a wincon like Exsanguinate because I personally don't enjoy winning off a single cast. My playgroup is pretty laid-back but filled with lots of power house decks so my goal here was to create a deck with lethal power but wouldn't be oppressive or unfun to play against. For a cEDH setting however I would definitely consider a more linear route like that.

yahelhotam: Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon is part of my Necrotic Ooze combo(which will be explained in depth in my description, when/if I have time to finish it up). Really all is does is give me a way to get haste on my / Ooze and protects it with regeneration so long as I have the mana or something like Skirge Familiar on board or in grave and Dakmor Salvage in hand with the Frog on board.

hoardofnotions on Hahaha...A Frosch!

2 months ago

Putrid Imp can combo with Dakmor Salvage which is just a great card with gitrog anyway

maybe swap Gruul Signet for Golgari Signet lol

Vinelasher Kudzu could be cut? just a big beater with no evasion

City of Solitude is another dosan

if you add putrid imp, maybe add a eldrazi titan so you can't mill out, maybe swap with the feldon's cane

Skirge Familiar is great! back up bloom and draws you card with the frog

Dunadain on Kokusho, all the life

2 months ago

What do you guys think of Sickening Dreams? I find somewhere along the storm road I have higher life than my opponents (frequently I ad-Naus down to ~4, then Kokusho twice, putting me at ~34 and my opponents at ~30, I also generally have WAY more life than my opponents after recasting Ad-Naus and laying Exsanginuate or tendrills, so if they don't win this could be a finisher but generally, if I recast Ad-Naus I have no difficulty winning) I could event throw in the janky Dark Sphere combo that would actually not be useless outside of the combo since it's a free card for storm, no life off of ad-Naus and my 2 buddies, Krark-Clan Ironworks and Skirge Familiar love it.

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