Blighted Agent


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
New Phyrexia Common

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Blighted Agent

Creature — Human Rogue

InfectBlighted Agent is unblockable.

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Blighted Agent Discussion

PickleNutz on Welcome Back

16 hours ago

If you haven't played in twenty years, but want to have an effective budget modern deck, you should probably check out the U/G (Blue/ Green) Infect strategy. Glistener Elf, Blighted Agent, and buffs. It works very well. B/G (Black/ Green) Infect is also a good option since you can use cards like Thoughtseize and Inquisition of Kozilek to determine what your opponent might do early in the game.

This deck looks surprisingly strong for what it is, but it lacks the utility that you'll find in modern tiered decks. You might substitute Momir Vig, Simic Visionary for a card like Abundant Growth. It'll cut the cost of the deck and give you an extra draw card spell that can fix mana since you aren't running fetch lands. It's also very budget friendly.

SpaghettiToastBook on [Kaseto, Orochi Archmage] Snake Tribal / Voltron

2 days ago

You have a lot of lands. Since you have green and Kaseto's CMC is pretty low, maybe you should cut 4 to 7 of them. I'm also not sure if Archetype of Imagination and Archetype of Endurance are worth their mana costs.

Adaptive Automaton is another anthem for your snakes. Triumph of the Hordes is an excellent finisher. You also might have some luck with Blighted Agent or Blight Mamba. Also, Krosan Grip is excellent removal, and Swan Song, Arcane Denial, and Delay are good counterspells. Heroic Intervention is nice protection.

Some other cards you could try: Wings of Velis Vel, Amoeboid Changeling, Putrefax, Xenograft, Parallel Lives.

orikon on UG Infect Modern

1 week ago

I feel like Evolutionary Escalation is a decent card but against an aggro deck it is suicide. Using it on a Blighted Agent and an opponents Goblin Guide or something is decidedly disastrous. There are only a handful of creatures in this deck and they don't fare so well in trades so making an opponent's creature bigger will likely end up meaning they'll end up hanging around a lot longer than mine will.

sebastian1994 on We're Gonna Pump... YOU Up!

2 weeks ago

Blighted Agent is great with Ezuri and anything that gives creatures haste. It can swing for lethal if you are in a lengthy game.

Also, the proliferate mechanic could be good as well. Cards such as Inexorable Tide work to not only pump your creatures but also give you more experience counters whenever you cast a spell.

BlackGuildKnight on Ooze my Splooge; The EDH Returns

2 weeks ago

You should look for more infect type to make it more streamlined look for alternate win cons like self mill and commander damage.

Mill Show

Next approach i would recommend is infect a cheap and efficient way to close a game out fast

Infect Show

And if neither of these take you fancy look into commander damage routes using dredge cards to fill your graveyard fast.

PickleNutz on Warriors Lesson or Sixth Sense ...

3 weeks ago

I agree with everyone in the comments, Blue/ Green infect really revolves around very specific cards that buff, provide hexproof, Blighted Agent, Glistener Elf and really not much else can be put in or you risk getting stomped on. However, I firmly believe that the fun part of magic is the experimentation with cards. I say give them both a shot playing table top with friends. Start by adding just one to the deck, and if you like its effects add more one at a time. Good luck!

PickleNutz on No Friends? No Problem ($20 Infect\Wither)

3 weeks ago

Interesting take on poison/wither, I personally prefer Green/ Blue infect though, and it's shockingly budget friendly. Turn two or three victories with Glistener Elf or Blighted Agent with huge buffs is super effective. None of my friends let me play the deck, and that's even guys with T-1 netdecks haha. Overall, I like this. I might try out a few of the cards.

tumorman73 on G/U Agro Infect Deck

3 weeks ago

aight so for an infect deck, you want to run in the range of about 12 creatures, I would run a playset of Glistener Elf Blighted Agent and Necropede and that would be the extent of it. Afterwards I would recommend running a playset of Might of Old Krosa Mutagenic Growth Rancor and Larger Than Life. I would still run more creature buffs than I just listed but those are great buffs. It's far better to buff your creatures and swing for a lot of poison early than to have a board of creatures with summoning sickness. Of course fetch and shock lands are great to play, but I understand that those are expensive, however I would recommend to play a playset of Botanical Sanctum which are fairly budget. Hope this helps

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