Slaughter the Strong


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Arena [BETA] Legal
Brawl Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Rivals of Ixalan (RIX) Rare

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Slaughter the Strong


Each player chooses any number of creatures creatures with total power 4 or less, then sacrifices the rest.

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Slaughter the Strong Discussion

Zeeyaz on Super Defense Control! Need Help Thinning Deck!

5 days ago

Pluralkumquat, thanks for the response!

All the cards above are cards I own, and I can look into getting more cards as needed. As a newish player and this being my very first deck I'm creating, if you have any card suggestions, just let me know!

I'm not sure what Mana Dork means, as well as what an ETB Tapped lands is (or fetches for that matter), this is my first ever deck I am creating, and I'm not up-to-date on Magic Lingo. Also, what do you mean by Off-Theme creatures?

Thank you for stating I have too little lands! I felt the same way but I wasn't sure how many lands I should have in this deck. I will aim for 36 and edit once I have my deck ready.

Which walls would you consider to be the least helpful for my deck? Or creatures/cards in general? I don't have access to a Fell the Mighty, but I did have access to Slaughter the Strong, which is why I chose it in my deck.

multimedia on Boundary conundrum(Aminatou)

1 week ago

Hey, you're welcome.

Syncopate is a lackluster counterspell in Commander. Counterspells that an opponent can pay mana to stop are not reliable in Commander. Having a lot of mana is a big thing in Commander with mana rocks and land ramp both of these make Syncopate unreliable as a counterspell. It is good that it exiles the spell it counters, but if you want that there's quite a few other three mana hard counterspells that an opponent can't pay mana to stop.

The same can be said about Slaughter the Strong; it's not a reliable board wipe because it can possibly leave your opponents with creatures. In Commander you have access to many four mana creature board wipes. If you're going to play a board wipe than you want it to do what's it's suppose to do and wipe the board clean of creatures. This does kill your creatures, but you play a board wipe to have a fail safe if an opponent's battlefield gets too big with too many creatures for the table to deal with.

In my opinion if you want to play another counterspell play Swan Song or Negate both are good at protecting Aminatou. If you want to play a board wipe play Supreme Verdict or Day of Judgment. All are powerful budget cards.

Natalbee on Dead Cells

1 month ago

Legendary_penguin_of_death: That's a good point... I put in two Slaughter the Strongs and I'll try it out tomorrow. I just played one more game with the Plaguecrafters, and it cleared their board of Knights and almost removed their hand before they conceded. I updated the decklist I'm using.

Wand of Vertebrae was only good if I was trying to find the last of my combo pieces. I replaced them with Navigator's Compass again. I want to see if they'd be a good target for Rona, Disciple of Gix for some life gain (after sac'd with Sai, Master Thopterist). They also fix my mana, and help me get to 4 or 5 colors if I want to full-cast or return a Chamber Sentry.

Legendary_penguin_of_death on Dead Cells

1 month ago

Plaguecrafter seems super sweet! I tried a UW teshar deck back in dominaria standard and I tried Settle the Wreckage but wasn’t impressed because the it is unnatural to not spend 4 mana in a deck that doesn’t have other instants (it is good against bad players because they won’t know to play around it, but even intermediate players know not to swing big into 4 open mana if it includes WW. I might try Slaughter the Strong instead of the two you mentioned because your creatures are low power but a decent amount have 4 toughness.

RzrBladeMontage on Wall Tribal (Best Defense = Best Offense)

1 month ago

Thanks for replying so quick DangoDaikazoku! I have indeed watched After Story. No lie, I sobbed.

Thanks for your recommendations on the 3 drops, I was thinking a few of those as well. After looking over some more cards on Gatherer, I came up with a couple more ideas as well, if you wouldnt mind giving me your opinion? I know you're not used to the standard meta, which is totally fine.

The ones I'd like feedback on, and why I chose them, are these:

Main Board:

Chromatic Lantern, replacing 2 Pillar of Origins, opening another two 2 drops, which I would replace with Amulet of Safekeeping, Blink of an Eye, Board the Weatherlight, Discovery / Dispersal, Find / Finality, Revitalize, Root Snare, Search for Azcanta  Flip, Song of Freyalise, Thaumatic Compass  Flip, or I could add back some more walls.

March of the Multitudes, with the ability to convoke, this could be an alternate win condition, just in case my Arcades, the Strategist gets taken out somehow.

Militia Bugler, this allows me to scry 4 and grab any Wall I want, or Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive.

Quasiduplicate, for extra Walls, plus Jump Start.

Ritual of Rejuvenation, for life gain plus card draw

Wayward Swordtooth, land advantage, plus possible win condition

Side board:

Sinister Sabotage, counter spell, plus surveil to potentially get rid of something I dont need.

Slaughter the Strong, could potentially board wipe my opponent

Sprouting Renewal, convoke, plus 2/2 creature, or artifact/enchantment removal

Sylvan Awakening, potential alternate win condition

Unwind, counter plus untap lands

Broken Bond, artifact/enchantment removal, plus land advantage

The_Besticle on Trump's Wet Dream, or "We're Gonna Build the Wall"

1 month ago

Creature pump/value: Cloudstone Curio and Panharmonicon are both broken with Arcades. Serra's Blessing --> Brave the Sands: strictly better! Spidersilk Armor is great against heavy flying decks (and will rarely be a removal target because it is so unassuming)

Protection: Lightning Greaves/Swiftfoot Boots; Heroic Intervention; Teferi's Protection (don't let the price scare you; it came in your Edgar Markov deck); mainboard Ghostway

Ramp: Azorius Signet, Simic Signet and Selesnya Signet should all be run; they allow for a turn 3 Arcades. Thought Vessel (came in Meren) lets you keep your excessive draws and Mind Stone replaces itself if no longer needed. They also fit the bill of a 2 drop ramp. Sylvan Caryatid!

Target/mass removal: Dusk, Solar Tide, and Slaughter the Strong, will all be one sided wipes for you! Cyclonic Rift is worth the price tag; it will go in every blue deck. Consider mainboarding Path to Exile and Swords to Plowshares. Return to Dust is another strong card.

Land: Prairie Stream, Irrigated Farmland, Scattered Groves, Reliquary Tower, the temples (Temple of Mystery), bounce lands (Simic Growth Chamber), and pain lands (Adarkar Wastes) are all worth considering. Real solid base though!

Cards to replace: Steadfastness has no degree of surprise being a sorcery and isn't a large pump. Bar the Door and Shield Wall are both a little meh on their power level.

The counterspell suite is great in one on one games but in multiplayer, it is rarely a good trade. I would cut down to two or three. For efficiency Swan Song is a powerhouse; your Disallow exemplifies the flat out "no"; Insidious Will is wildly versatile and can win you the game.

Alexi's Cloak, Alpha Authority, Canopy Cover, Diplomatic Immunity, and Shielding Plax could be swapped out for repeatable protection (the equipments above) or effects that not only protect your whole board but also abuse ETB abilities (I cast Damnation, you cast Ghostway. I cry because you have your whole board and drew 5 cards).

Some other cuts that could be made for new stuff would include any of the walls that are just big dumb beaters like Glacial Wall.

ActionMan on Arcade-ass

1 month ago

And can not lie... n.n I would include Slaughter the Strong

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