Inquisitor Exarch

Inquisitor Exarch

Creature — Cleric

When Inquisitor Exarch enters the battlefield, choose one - You gain 2 life; or target opponent loses 2 life.

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Set Rarity
New Phyrexia (NPH) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Commander / EDH Legal
Highlander Legal
Noble Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Unformat Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Magic Duels Legal

Inquisitor Exarch Discussion

enpc on Saffi Eriksdotter

3 months ago

Omega505: I wasn't saying that you should add the Crucible of Worlds + Skullclamp + Dryad Arbor package. What I was saying is that because you don't run it, Dryad Arbor by itself is a lot weaker in the deck. And again, because you're not running a full suite of the fetches, this makes Lotus Cobra not as good in the deck. That's why I am saying you could easily remove both Lotus Cobra and Dryad Arbor and instead run Inquisitor Exarch (for the boonweaver combo line) and a better land.

A few other things - you're currently running both Woodland Bellower and Soul of the Harvest in an attempt to smoosh Nillstan's list and my list together.

I run Woodland Bellower because of the Yisan deployment line (laid out here: Just Stay Dead: cEDH Edition - please note that this list isn't maintained as it's being ported over to my main list). If you're not running the Yisan line, which you're not, then you don't need bellower. Even inside the line you can run either of the two or even just fail to find at 6 mana and go straight to seven with Protean Hulk or Boonweaver Giant if you were already running them in the deck. But since I was only looking at running one of those effetcs and outside of combo Woodland Bellower was better, I chose it as my combo piece. Long story short, you don't need it here.

As a general rule, Nillstan's list and my list work quite differently, and really focus on different things. I would recommend picking one of the two play stytles and pushing more towards that than trying to sit in the middle of the two. It's just not worth it. My list deliberately shed all of the nonbo sac outlets like Fanatical Devotion to make space for other utility and draw, whereas the boonweaver combo line relies on these as cheap sac outlets to give the deck lots of combo redundancy. Basically you're getting not much of the benefits and a lot of the drawbacks.

enpc on Saffi Eriksdotter

3 months ago

Nillstan: You'd be surprised, my list was actually built for a competitive setting (which is where most of the testing came from too). While it doesn't sport the boonweaver line, it still can (and has) played turn 5 wins, which is what most competitive Saffi lists aim for and the deck is "goldfish lethal" generally by turn 4. Please don't think this is me trying to undermine you list but I don't personally buy into the turn 2 hypothetical win - while it can happen in a vacuum you need to either get a god hand or you have to mulligan much more aggressively than you would in an actual game. To some extent, this is also applicable even for turn 3-4 wins, though these start moving into the realm of actually game possible.

Ultimately the whole deck speed decision comes down to the inclusion of the boonweaver combo - adding it into the deck definitely gives you the benefit of a potentially more explosive staret and quick combo assembly. The tradeoff here is however that you end up having to devote a lot of card slots to making it viable as the primary combo in the deck. Unfortunately, a lot of these cards don't really serve much of a purpose outside of the boonweaver line. I made the call not to include the line in my list and instead devote all of the slots to card advantage instead. Yes, it makes the deck a bit slower but it also helps with consistency.

Omega505: a few recommendations I would make here:

Either add Altar of the Brood or cut Loyal Retainers. Because the Retainers/Saffi loop doesn't actually use a sac outlet, the only card in the deck which the loop currently works with is Soul of the Harvest. You could add Skullclamp (which I would recommend doing anyway) but I just don't think you need retainers.

I would also cut Selesnya Sanctuary - you run enough other ETB tapped lands and this card is just too slow for anything outside of a casual list. Personally I would also drop the Dryad Arbor. You don't run Protean Hulk, nor do you run the Skullclamp + Crucible of Worlds draw engine. You also don't have enough fetches to take advantage of Lotus Cobra properly. As for it's place in the boonweaver combo, just add Inquisitor Exarch instead. Not only does it work with Reveillark and any sac outlet, but it cuts down the number of cards required in the chain, making it overall more resilient.

ShieldOfHolyShadows on UW Cycling

6 months ago

Though, if I were to add any ETB effect, I'd probably go with something like Inquisitor Exarch which serves as both an anti-aggro tool and an alternate wincon.

Sounded on Seasons Past Chulane

10 months ago

Hey! Thank you for taking your time to check my brew, much appreciated!

Poly_raptor, my main reason for not playing Aetherflux Reservoir is that I'm trying to go winconless and Aetherflux is a red flag which basically says: "I win" on it, kind of.

Goretast, I think I have enough dorks and the reason why I don't play Glimpse of Nature is that it does only draws my deck, but doesn't allow me to put lands in play which limits my capability to win on the spot. Maybe I'm wrong?

Shrieking Drake isn't here because I run tutors, so there's less need for redundancy.

Ranger-Captain of Eos is good, but only fetches me 1cmc creatures. It can be good for Mother of Runes though? I don't have many 1cmc creatures.

Also, I made some changes:

  1. Increased lands from 30 to 34. I'm not sure 30 lands are enough..

  2. Swapped Cloud of Faeries to Sailor of Means as a way to produce infinite mana. Sailor also functions as a nice blocker, whereas CoF was too frail.

  3. Took out Winds of Rebuke for Loaming Shaman because the Shaman can work as a swiss knife of sort against graveyard strategies and it can refill our library which can be occasionally useful. I think I prefer it to Noxious Revival ?

  4. I added Inquisitor Exarch as a secondary wincon. If someone can't be killed because he has hexproof or his permanents are indestructibles, or my graveyard has been exiled or whatever, then I just have to kill them with repeated life loss. I think that this should actually become the primary wincon, given how well it synergizes with Chulane, Aluren and Curio as ETB. What do you think?

DarkEinherjar on Running Away From Death

1 year ago

Protean Hulk (or Boonweaver Giant + Pattern of Rebirth) + sac outlet = craziness.

  1. Sac one of the above creatures to get Karmic Guide. Bring the creature back;
  2. Sac the creature again to get Fiend Hunter, exile Karmic Guide, then sac Fiend Hunter to get Karmic Guide AND the creature back;
  3. Sac the creature once more to get Reveillark.

From now on, you have Karmic Guide and Reveillark together, so you can reanimate all creatures in your graveyard that have 2 or less power. By using Fiend Hunter to "flicker" Karmic Guide, as shown in step 2, you can keep cheating every single creature from your deck and graveyard into the battlefield and can sac them and bring them back at will. You can then use Acidic Slime to blow up all of your opponents' artifacts, enchantments and lands, use Fiend Hunter to exile their creatures permanently (sac the Hunter in response to the ETB trigger; the exile creature won't come back) or kill them with Inquisitor Exarch or Perilous Myr.

enpc on In Control For All Eternity

1 year ago

Since you're already packing Strionic Resonator, you could look at running Cloudform/Lightform which let you play all of the permanents in your deck once you start the Brago chain. You can also use stuff like Inquisitor Exarch to outright finish the game.

dkeller4113 on

2 years ago

I don't think Stonehorn Dignitary really fits with the theme of blinking our creatures for value - a 4CMC 1/4 is often a dead draw and unnecessarily brings up the curve IMO. This deck has 29 creatures so having enough blockers to deal with an opponent's combat phase shouldn't typically be an issue.

You can go infinite if you add Panharmonicon and Felidar Guardian - Resto angel doesn't allow you to blink other angels, so having a Felidar Guardian to blink combined with the extra ETB trigger from Panharmonicon allows you to blink Resto + Felidar + one other creature indefinitely for free. This is particularly great for an insta-kill with Inquisitor Exarch

Blade Splicer is fantastic value that gives you unlimited 3/3 first strike tokens - I would consider replacing Stonehorn or some of your card draw effects with these to help go wide.

Also, you're running a lot of blinkers - 2 flickerwisps, 4 restos, and 4 interludes means that nearly 25% of your nonland cards will be suboptimal draws unless you have a creature out to blink. I would consider dropping 2 interludes for a value card like Blade Splicer or catch-all removal like Oblivion Ring

Zam_Ogan on No Friends Brago (EDH)

2 years ago

Hello! I like your list, I play a couple variations of Brago myself and absolutely love him. I do have a couple of suggestions that might help.

I'd consider removing these cards:

Tsabo's Web - It's an okay stax card, but it just doesn't do enough to warrant a slot IMO. I would much rather run a tutor or a harder stax/hate piece here.

Voltaic Key - If you were running Grim Monolith and/or Mana Vault I would better understand why this is in here, but as it is it doesn't do much. I ran this in an early version of Brago, I swapped it out for Rings of Brighthearth for infinite mana instead.

Brave the Elements - This is neat and cheap to cast, but is too niche IMO. I would rather run either another counterspell to stop my board from being wiped, or something like Eerie Interlude to bypass it.

Dragonlord Ojutai - This is SUPER slow. I used to run Cloudblazer Which is similar, but I swapped that out recently for Curator's Ward for the same draw + Brago protection, which has worked with decent success.

Inquisitor Exarch - I absolutely love this card, I ordered a foil version as soon as I saw it. Unfortunately, it doesn't do anything unless you're going infinite with Strionic, at which point you should already be winning the game anyway.

I'd consider changing:

Rishadan Brigand - I agree that this is super strong. However, it's very expensive to cast. This card has the strongest version of this effect which is wonderful, however if your plan with this is to go infinite with Strionic Resonator, it's better to run Rishadan Cutpurse instead. (Maybe you could throw in Rishadan Footpad too for backup, why not!)

Authority of the Consuls - Entering tapped effects are wonderful, but this is by far the weakest version. I would reccomend swapping this out for Blind Obedience so it hits artifacts too, plus you can tutor for this from Muddle the Mixture, OR for the ultimate lock with Stasis, swap it for Frozen AEther/Kismet.

Detention Sphere - Fantastic effect, but for the same cost you could swap this for Grasp of Fate which is strictly better.

Oath of Jace - Another fantastic effect, but personally I would rather pay 1 more mana to play Trial of Knowledge and keep 2 cards in hand per ETB.

Take a look at my deck lists when you get a chance, I'm happy to discuss!

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