Inquisitor Exarch


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
New Phyrexia (NPH) Uncommon

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Inquisitor Exarch

Creature — Cleric

When Inquisitor Exarch enters the battlefield, choose one - You gain 2 life; or target opponent loses 2 life.

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Inquisitor Exarch Discussion

Ispyypsi on Slide of the Devoted

2 months ago

No idea how to tell if this necro because I just made this account to comment.

I really enjoy this deck but I made a few changes because I was getting stomped early or just didn't own the cards.

First -4 fluctuator-1 scion-2 Angel

I tired all these guys at one point and felt they were either too slow or just a win more card.

Fluctuator was most def a win more in most cases. Sometimes I got it early enough but to me this deck wants to to play a longer game so cycling a bunch on one turn isn't a huge deal since in my experience I win by a thosand cuts...and my asshole friends have artifact hate in spades.

I wasn't sure why you rocked scion over eternal dragon. Hes a nice beat stick and he can cycle but twisted abomination is cheaper and has swampcycling if you wanted to stay black and keep real money cost down.

The angels. I like em, and I'd probably keep em in if I owned some but I don't. This one I'll leave up to you.

As far as replacements. +4 Inquisitor Exarch

I don't own kitchen finks and I'm not dropping that kinda cash on cardboard. Its an early body that can pressure or keep a game going. Plus unearth hits it.

+3 Killing Wave

Gotta try and slow down the creature beatdown and since I down have any wraths, damnations or any of those other ones I used this. Gl my dude

solidork on MONO WHITE BLINK (opinions please)

2 months ago

I really like Inquisitor Exarch in my casual room mtgo blink deck since it gives you a way to get those last few points of damage in if attacking is no longer an option. Ghost Quarters may make things awkward, however.

topdecker17 on Now you see me...

3 months ago

My main concern with this deck and using eerie interlude is that it kills all the tokens blade splicer makes, meaning the only reason I would run it is to ping off of Azorius Arrester or Wall of Omens , which is very limited value for what should be a big, sweeping wombo combo that pings off multiple things.

I was thinking of trying other combos, and already have tried them a little bit, like using Inquisitor Exarch along with cards like Banisher Priest (one to combo with targeted flickers, and one to keep the board locked in the meantime)

enpc on Just Stay Dead

3 months ago

jjp16: I haven't played Altar of the Brood, however I kind of think it would fall into the same category as Perilous Myr / Inquisitor Exarch (see above comment). Generally if something is part of a 4+ card combo then it needs to be effective outside of that combo too. Altar of the Brood draws too much hate and does too litte, plus has the potential to help out graveyard decks.

Knight of the Reliquary is a powerhouse. She generally does the opposite of of mana fixing as I'm getting a colourless only land, however she fetches things like High Market (instant speed sac outlet), Buried Ruin (get back an altar), Mikokoro, Center of the Sea (card advantage), Strip Mine (land hate), Inventors' Fair (dig for a combo piece given enough artifacts) or the most common target - Gaea's Cradle (which commonly is tapping for like 4 mana). Plus there's nothing like like having Lotus Cobra see Knight sac a land, get a fetch and then crack it to get another land.

I've thought about Tireless Tracker in the past. I run enough lands to make it work but it always felt a bit slow. It has a reserved spot in the back of my mind and if I was going to go for raw card advantage, it would probably be then next card in line for it. I also like that clues help with Inventors' Fair. Though I think the next addition to the deck is going to be Academy Rector as it's stright up dig for a win condition.

I don't really like Bygone Bishop as it's only on cast. I think it would just miss too many triggers to make it worthwhile. It does some work, but overall I think that Mentor is the better choice. The other thing is that Mentor also triggers off Karmic Guide and any 1/1 counters from an opponent's Forbidden Orchard. Little things like that which are probably irrelevant, but can pay out in those weird corner cases.

enpc on Just Stay Dead

3 months ago

Drake_Rider: Perilous Myr is ok. I've seen a handful of Saffi decks run Triskelion and I used to run Inquisitor Exarch for the same reason. ultimately though you still run into the issue of needing a "free" sac outlet as well as Reveillark or generating infinite mana through one of the altars and then using Nim Deathmantle to keep recurring it. It just ends up needing a lot of cards to make it work and more importantly, you still need that sac outlet. Without it, cards like Perilous Myr just feel like dead cards.

I ended up not going down the "combotastic" route (as in running every available recursion engine and every available sac outelt) and instead focused on raw advantage, either through card draw or tutoring. Overall I've found it to be the better option as the cards are dead draws much less of the time.

Vaan on Ashes of Avacyn

3 months ago

You should try to run more 4 offs on your deck, having lots of single copies of cards reduces the deck consistency and makes it feel very clunky. Also, since your goal is to build a deck with a strong late game you need to include the means to not die until you get there, so let's work on that first.

You're already running 3 Emancipation Angel, maybe adding 4 copies of Wall of Omens as a support cards is a good idea, Wall of Omens is a good blocker for the early game, draws you a card and is a great target for the Emancipation Angel effect. I recommend cutting some of the 6 mana cost cards for the Wall of Omens. Restoration Angel can also flick Wall of Omens and is a solid creature on its on, including 3 or 4 of them would be nice.

Archangel of Tithes has a solid body and helps slowing down an aggressive opponent, consider adding some to the deck.

Now, there are lots of cards on your deck that don't really help achieving your goal and can be cut without worries. I would start by cutting Tranquil Cove and Prairie Stream for 4 Emeria, The Sky Ruin. Sigarda's Aid only interacts with 4 cards on your deck, there's not enough support for it to be effective and every single artifact on the deck except Quicksilver Amulet can also be cut without problems. You can cut these cards for more early game bodies and support to your lifegain sub-theme with Lone Missionary/Inquisitor Exarch or removal with Path to Exile/Celestial Flare.

Also, Sun Titan is not an angel but does exactly what you're looking for.

Force_of_Willb on Bouncy Competitive

6 months ago

I would try to build it around an infinite combo. Reveillark + Karmic Guide + sac outlet + wincon with power 2 or less

possible sac outlets include: Altar of Dementia, Ashnod's Altar, Phyrexian Altar, or Blasting Station which is a wincon in addition.


Mill -> Manic Scribe

Land destruction -> Acidic Slime

Infinite Life Loss / Life Gain -> Inquisitor Exarch

Bounce and attack (maybe consider it a time walk?) --> Reflector Mage

I would remove eerie interlude, cloudshift, tragtusk (you have Finks), snapcaster.

Focus on cards that draw like: wall of omens, Carven Caryatid, Elvish Visionary, Wall of Blossoms, Mulldrifter to draw into your combo. Maybe some self mill Satyr Wayfinder as long as you have a trigger off Reveillark or Karmic Guide + sac outlet and the other in the graveyard you are OK to combo.

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