Immolating Souleater


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
New Phyrexia (NPH) Common

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Immolating Souleater

Artifact Creature — Hound

: Immolating Souleater gets +1/+0 until end of turn. ( can be paid with either or 2 life.)

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Immolating Souleater Discussion

Minhokaa on Sandstorm: A New Tier 1 Possibility

22 hours ago

Aragon_Neotrix Playtesting it, i noticed that turn 1 Children of Korlis , turn 2 Immolating Souleater and turn 3 attack, with an Undying Evil or Supernatural Stamina in hand, u can gain tons of life and deal a supermassive damage on your opponent, and those 3 cards in opening hand plus 3 draws are very common to have. So the more you play with it, more u learn about it's mechanincs and tricks. The scenario that i created before works like paying life to buff Immolating Souleater , lets imagine 16 life, sacrificing Children of Korlis (plus 16), than paying more 16 life to buff even more the souleater, giving Korlis undying and sacrificing it again (plus 32), and buffing even more souleater (whaaat?!!). Yes, thats brutal. And we still have Martyr of Sands and all the other cards to play. I think its pretty consistent. (Take care with the stack, everything must be done in the correct order).

Btw i agree with Epicure of Blood and Final Payment , the second one might have a place in this deck for sure.

I'm in love with this deck Daarkest!!

eatmygender on W/B Souleater of Sands- Help ...

2 months ago

I'm not running tokens, I'm running an Immolating Souleater deck, so it doesn't make sense to run Soul Warden when I'm focusing on having only a few important pieces come into play.

JKRice on Kiln fiend

3 months ago

This was the first modern deck I ever built, so I have some suggestions

as you probably already know, the way to win with this deck is to get to 20 damage or ten infect counters. This means you have some thresholds to meet. The following suggestions will help you meet those thresholds in the most efficient way possible.

Section 1) Creatures

1: although Guttersnipe and Delver of Secrets  Flip are strong choices, there are better alternatives. I would suggest taking them out, especially since neither of them are auto-buffed by your spells like kiln fiend.

2: Monastery Swiftspear is one of the better cards in a kiln fiend deck, as it is auto buffed by your spells and has haste. You can sometimes get a turn 2 kill with swiftspear, something that doesn’t happen with guttersnipe or delver. I would reccomend four of them.

3: Immolating Souleater can be extremely good with this deck. If you pay 18 life to Maine him a 10/1, then play either Tainted Strike or Assault Strobe, you kill them.

4: Elusive Spellfist is a great card depending on the meta. Currently, with very board heavy decks like humans at the top of the meta, this is a strong choice.

5: Thing in the Ice  Flip would be a decent sideboard card, since you want to sling a ton of spells in one turn.

Section 2: Spells

1: I would take out Faithless Looting, Lightning Bolt, Mana Leak, Opt and Serum Visions. Even though these are good choices, you want a turn 2 - turn 3 kill, not consistency with your draw

2: Mutagenic Growth is your best buff spell, growing kiln fiend by 5 and monastery swiftspear by 3 for zero mana. This + assault strobe + Tainted Strike on kiln fiend is a win. Two of these + assault strobe or two of them + Tainted Strike on kiln fiend is a win. Three of them + assault strobe or three of them + Tainted Strike on monastery swiftspear is a win, which is possible on turn 2. This is the best card to help you reach your damage threshold.

3: Tainted Strike is an amazing card, growing kiln fiend by 4 and swiftspear by 2, while giving them infect. This along with Assault Strobe should be the main win conditions.

4: Because of the damage it gives you for the efficiency in mana, I would have four Assault Strobe and only two Temur Battle Rages. This is because it will accelerate your win by one turn, allowing you to beat out decks like storm or bubble hulk.

5: Manamorphose is surprisingly good in this deck. It grows kiln fiend by three and monastery swiftspear by one, while fixing your mana and replacing itself in your hand. This essentially means you have a 56 card deck, giving you more consistency in drawing into a threat or a win condition.

6: Blossoming Defense is a great card, saving your creatures at instant speed and buffing them. However, I would add two more Apostle's Blessing instead of this if possible, because it potentially makes your creature unblockable.

7: Gut Shot can function as a pseudo-Mutagenic Growth, pinging them for one and growing your creatures. I would only reccomend 2 or less.

Section 3) Lands

Obviously much of what I have recommended doesn’t fit with your manabase. These are some budget and nonbudget options for your lands.

1: I wouldn’t reccomend this, but if you want to be a complete troll, put in Gemstone Caverns. This allows you to kill someone on your first turn, because monastery swiftspear has haste and Mutagenic Growth is zero mana, meaning you only need one mana to play Tainted Strike or Assault Strobe after three mutagenics.

2: Gemstone Mine is a good choice, as the downside won’t matter because you will probably kill them turn 3.

3: Mana Confluence/City of Brass could give you the mana consistently you need to play 3+ colors. If you do run these, I wouldn’t reccomend playing Immolating Souleater.

4: the pain lands (Karplusan Forest/Yavimaya Coast etc.) are great budget choices in the deck. Again, don’t run these with immolation souleater.

5: fastlands (Botanical Sanctum, Copperline Gorge etc.) are also good in budget, as the downside won’t matter because of the speed of your deck. Also, you can run these with Immolating Souleater because they don’t ping your life total

Well i hope that helped but I’m fine if it didn’t

MrCuddlefish on

3 months ago

I would add more cards like Stave Off or Mighty Leap in order to allow your Immolating Souleater to be able to attack for lethal, or any substitute for those cards.

Daarkest on

3 months ago

Immolating Souleater is the wincon now. Pairs nicely with Children of Korlis too. Spend almost all your health to buff him and then get it back with the children.

cdkime on Card creation challenge

3 months ago

Not sure I'm a fan of the cost for the above creatures in this cycle. It's pretty easy to get down to 1 life/lethal range through cards like Immolating Souleater and Fanatical Firebrand, so a consistent turn 3 victory would be pretty simple with the above. Compare to Laboratory Maniac--a card that sees play in Commander, but is rare in other formats. It's a lot harder to mill yourself than lose life, both because fewer cards provide that option and a library has 60 "health" rather than 20 that has to be removed.

Felidar Maniac

Creature - Cat Cleric

If your life total is more than three times your starting life total and you would gain life, you win the game instead.


I think that's difficult enough to be worth costing 3. The change from Felidar Sovereign's 40 life is to keep it from being broken in commander.

I suppose there's a Green one left in the cycle. Might as well finish it.

lagotripha on Angel of Karma

4 months ago

I've seen a few interesting lists on this plan, usually comboing with cards like Immolating Souleater. Axis of Mortality is the newest card that plays to the strat, but there is also Soul Conduit, and the threat of it sitting on a permanent is pretty effective. If you search the site for modern soul conduit, you should find some example lists.

There are support cards in the form of Loxodon Peacekeeper, Blazing Hope, Worship and so forth that are worth a look.

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