Ichorclaw Myr


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Scars of Mirrodin Common

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Ichorclaw Myr

Artifact Creature — Myr

Infect (This creature deals damage to creatures in the form of -1/-1 counters and to players in the form of poison counters.)

Whenever Ichorclaw Myr becomes blocked, it gets +2/+2 until end of turn.

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Ichorclaw Myr Discussion

Izu_Korasu on Penicillin (The Cure for Infect)

1 week ago

common staple? hardly, Ichorclaw Myr shows up once in a blue moon, and Corpse Cur is far too slow and grindy for infect. so i would drop those cards to sideboard (will help with affinity and those rare infect creatures, but those dead draws against infect make the deck worse against its ideal matchup)

and the many small blockers doesn't fair well against trample/unblockable strategy that infect typically runs to connect with damage, and the small blockers make Deflecting Palm worse. could be fun to run Archetype of Aggression to make trample an non-threat, and (if its in the budget) Spellskite to redirect their buffs. which gears the deck towards removing their fangs, rather then hoping you can survive them.

it might be better to gear the deck towards non-targeting and targeting removal/burn.

SailorJoeV on Penicillin (The Cure for Infect)

1 week ago

Thanks for your input!

I put Detonate and Shattering Spree in there because I see Ichorclaw Myr and Corpse Cur as a common staple in infect.

The idea behind the deck is to throw up as many low cost blockers as possible for long enough to sack or immobilize all potential attackers. Then it's death by many small cuts.

Chandelier on $15 Infect

1 week ago

Ichorclaw Myr is better than Plague Myr in my opinion. Especially when you give it trample. Are you trying to use it as ramp?

zahlman on Budget GU Infect Aggro

4 weeks ago

-2 Artful Dodge+4 Ichorclaw Myr-2 Wild Defiance

I got some feedback off-site arguing that it needed more creatures to be consistent in the absence of Inkmoth Nexus, and I can't disagree. Ichorclaw Myr seems more useful than Necropede because if blocked it can more easily kill early-game creatures without dying.

Nerdytimesorwhatever on Budget Infect Deck

1 month ago

Why are you only running 2 Glistener Elf? Why 4 Blight Mamba? Why 2 Thrummingbird and Viridian Betrayers at all? Ichorclaw Myr is under a dollar, and its way better than the Bird or betrayers. Also, look at Necropede.

An alternate to Distortion Strike would be Slip Through Space, the card draw is usually better than rebound.

Drop Steady Progress all together dude. 3 mana for a poison counter and a single draw? And thats only if you have poison on your opponent.

Lower the overall mana curve. Too many 2 drops. Infect is about being blazingly fast, not a midgame deck with no tools to fight at all.

1-2 Apostle's Blessing in SB would do you well, too.

These are all budget options.

Darth_Savage on

1 month ago

You definitely need disruption and removal, Duress and Fatal Push and rarely does a black infect deck not run Funeral Charm. Your artifacts are too slow and don't do enough to help you win...

Creature wise, the norm is between 12 and 18:+ Phyrexian Vatmother, Ichorclaw Myr, Lashwrithe and for fun Necroskitter- Core Prowler, Ichor Rats and Carnifex Demon

Lands, aim for 22 land, however not all of them swamps:+ 4x Ghost Quarter and 2x Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth

Izu_Korasu on Bloodrush, for a quick win

1 month ago

having Glistener Elf as your only infect creature one of the only creatures in the deck you want to cast, makes this deck feel disjointed.

consider Ichorclaw Myr and Viridian Corrupter for additional infect bodies.

and cards like Become Immense, Mutagenic Growth and Wild Defiance, Glaring Spotlight, Carrion Call and Veilstone Amulet may also be useful.

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