Priest of Gix


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Phyrexia vs. The Coalition Uncommon
Urza's Saga Uncommon

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Priest of Gix

Creature — Human Cleric Minion

When Priest of Gix enters the battlefield, add (Black)(Black)(Black) to your mana pool.

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Priest of Gix Discussion

resturgence on Gonti, Lord of Luxury

1 week ago

Oh! Thanks to cards mentioned in the previous posts, here's an infinite version of my suggestion. It's less roundabout than PhotogenicParasympathetic's combo, and slightly riskier as you have to wait until the first opponent's combat step:

Cast Wake the Dead targeting Gonti, Priest of Gix, and Archaeomancer (returning Wake the Dead to hand), then sacrifice them all to Ashnod's Altar. You now have 6BBB in your mana pool. Recast Wake the Dead for 3BB. Rinse and repeat. Infinite mana. Exile and play all other libraries.

It's all in black, so Gonti can be your commander. Behold the Beyond or Diabolic Revelation can fetch you the other three cards you need.

chirz2792 on Gonti, Lord of Luxury

1 week ago

@PhotogenicParasympathetic: You don't even need green wouldn't it work just as well with Priest of Gix instead of Mitotic Slime?

SirFowler on Need help with my Noble ...

2 months ago

I recently came across a deck archetype called Noble and I instantly fell in love with the play style. Being able to use any rare/mythic card as a "ready at all times" opens up a ton of new possibilities for deck construction. It does limit the number of uncommons and you can only use 1 rare/mythic rare in the entire deck, but this doesn't mean that it's bad.

I'm in the works of a couple, but my Recurring Glass Cannon is one I'm really excited about. I instantly turned to Priest of Gix, Blood Artist, and a couple of sac outlets. However, when I started to play test, it just doesn't seem to work the way I want it to in my mind. I'm not sure what to do. Does anyone have any tips/tricks to improving this deck?

Berj_Skurby on Maggots all over the table

3 months ago

Hi. I'm trying to put a deck together for a 6 player free for all this weekend, and I want to use a playset of Carrion as the win condition. I have a bunch of other maggot-themed cards I want to use too, but mostly I want to trample everyone down with the tokens from Carrion. Has anyone ever done this, or have any suggestions? Right now I'm pumping up Mishra's Factory and Priest of Gix with Rancor and Death Pit Offering but it's just too slow. I need to be able to keep up with opponents who can play power 9 often. Maybe Parallel Evolution would work? I just need MORE maggot tokens, faster!

Karns_Pyromancer on The Ferryman

3 months ago

A couple quick suggestions: Orzhov Signet, Exsanguinate, Priest of Gix, Tainted AEther, Ever After. I'd cut Archon of Justice.

If you want, I can go through by types & make suggestions for cuts/swaps. Athreos is a fun commander & has a lot of potential for abuse, but staying away from goodstuff is key to that, IMO.

Karns_Pyromancer on Accidental infinite combo.

4 months ago

I DO!!! I tried to break Ever After when I got one at prerelease. Priest of Gix will make infinite mana on its own with Ashnod's Altar & Rune-Scarred Demon/Sidisi, Undead Vizier bit. No need for all those pesky tokens. Phyrexian Altar will get you there, provided you run the tokens & Parallel Lives/Doubling Season. Brood Monitor too.

Kerath on [Budget] Followers of the Cabal

5 months ago

Recover819Thank you for the suggestions! I will consider Conspiracy since I run mono-black, not white-black deck. Theme is strong for me and if I make a white cleric deck, it will be a separate one :)

SHepherd of Rot didn't work that fine with me but Vile Deacon I was running 2x in those games and they were kinda useful.

I learnt the HARD way that I need Priest of Gix in order to get speed which was my main counterpart, not enough speed to trigger all my goodies.

caliburdeath on EDH Sac Combo

6 months ago

ugh, BW removal is simply the best, even in black monocolored removal is pitiful in comparison.

Inexpensive things to consider

Retribution of the Ancients Sudden Spoiling Phyrexian Delver Exsanguinate Pestilence Demon Thief of Blood Blood Pet Pawn of Ulamog Priest of Gix

More expensive things to consider

Attrition Black Market Geralf's Messenger Ghost Quarter Myriad Landscape Reliquary Tower Harvester of Souls

Things I would not have

Unless you use them primarily to combo, the noncreature transmute cards.

Chariot of Victory Fleetfeather Sandals Eye of Doom

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