Priest of Gix

Creature — Human Cleric Minion

When Priest of Gix enters the battlefield, add (Black)(Black)(Black) to your mana pool.

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Priest of Gix Discussion

Indigoindigo on Resurrect whole graveyard with Wake ...

1 week ago

Wake the Dead would be a good inclusion in my Sidisi self-mill reanimator decklist, and I would like a combo or two - preferably with budget pieces - to recur everything in my graveyard as cheap as possible for a total blowout.

I'm thinking something along the lines of Wake the Dead with X=2, fetch Eternal Witness / Archaeomancer (to fetch Wake back) and Priest of Gix, sac both to Ashnod's Altar and cast Wake again for X = 5. Fetch the same pieces and whatever else I would like as my blockers, or nice ETB-effects. Combine with Blood Artist to kill everybody, Man-o'-War to bounce everything, Deranged Hermit for infinite squirrels, Mulldrifter to draw cards, Yavimaya Elder for ramp, Rune-Scarred Demon for tutoring, etc.

Is this a viable combo? Does it work the way I think it will? Any other suggestions for abusing Wake the Dead?

GoldGhost012 on Who has Experience playing recurring ...

5 months ago

I know that there's an infinite sacrifice, ETB, and reanimation combo with RN and 2x Priest of Gix . Just add Blood Artist , Grave Pact , and/or Flayer of the Hatebound .

DisGeekyGuy on Turn three Lich king

6 months ago

I believe it goes this way : you have Heartless Summoning and Havengul Lich in play, a Priest of Gix in your graveyard. The priest will only cost you 1 colorless to pay for the lich's ability and 1 black mana for himself thanks to heartless summoning. He comes into play gives you 3 black mana and then dies because heartless summoning gives him -1/-1. You may repeat the process as many times as you like and gain 1 black mana each time.

PolarBearSoup on Athreos EDH Deck

6 months ago

Hey, congratulations on your first foray into EDH / CMDR. Couple of things I would suggest which shouldn't bee too hard to acquire...1) More Graveyard hate - Bojuka Bog / Tormod's Crypt should be good for you (Crypt + Trading Post are a nice synergy)2) Viscera Seer , Blood Artist , Necrotic Sliver , Hell's Caretaker - these are cards which I highly value in any sac/recur based deck.3) Review your sweeps - Whilst Terminus and False Prophet are good, consider that they affect your creatures too.

I think you have a really nice shell to tune up, with some cards that will be all-stars, but there are a few which I think will be underwhelming when you play them (Priest of Gix , Jinxed Idol , Death Pit Offering )

Have fun

neverdie on Kara-don't play like dat

6 months ago

I would remove Angel of Finality immediately... It's just begging to be reanimated if it ever makes it to your graveyard. I would run Bojuka Bog , Withered Wretch , and/or Scavenging Ooze .

I was just thinking, I play a Sac-centric version of Karador. Victimize + Eternal Witness + Priest of Gix + Altar of Dementia or Ashnod's Altar or Phyrexian Altar could give rise to some interesting combos...

I have a pretty solid Karador deck list in my profile, check it out.

RogueArtificer on Zombies, Ogres, Dragons & Demons, Oh My EDH

7 months ago

Maybe I lied. Slaughter it, just...Mogis...he's the god of this. Disciple of Bolas Priest of Gix Priest of Urabrask Profane Command

Okay, more red.

Anger of the Gods especially if you can get a bulk of your toughnesses over 3. Demigod of Revenge even if the ability doesn't work, he's a 5/4 flying, haste for 5 delicious points of devotion. Fists of the Demigod Can you imagine Mogis with First strike and Wither?

Akroma, Angel of Fury Avatar of Slaughter and Avatar of Fury for some big red beef. That and nothing wrecks a White/Blue player's day like red Akroma.

Breath of Fury because who doesn't like Relentless Assault Also Fury of the Horde

And, if you want to stick it to the life gainers: Erebos, God of the Dead Everlasting Torment Sulfuric Vortex Leyline of Punishment Stigma Lasher ...Just to name a few.

I_H8_U_M8 on 2014-03-16 update of To Hell ...

8 months ago

Also consider putting it Priest of Gix It's a human after all. Price

Low Avg High
$0.19 $0.31 $0.94

Cardhoarder (MTGO) Price

Normal Foil
0.11 TIX 0.35 TIX
Power / Toughness 2/1
Color(s) Black
Cost 2B
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 5.22
Avg. cube pick 7.21


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Duel Decks: Phyrexia vs. The Coalition Uncommon
Urza's Saga Uncommon


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