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Commander / EDH* Aggro Combo Five Color Sliver Tribal



Hello Everyone! Welcome to a heavily upgraded version of my original Commander deck. I started out with this as a casual deck and it slowly morphed into a commander in 2015 after I was introduced to the format by my good friend Suns_Champion. Since then I have never looked back and all I ever play is EDH. Since my meta includes both my playgroup at home in Kansas City and at school in Manhattan "the little apple" KS it is very diverse, although my home playgroup which includes Suns_Champion, karnwithpants, and Bezter, among others, is the higher power group.

Before choosing to go further you must consider if you are willing to play slivers. Do you want to be focused turn 1 no matter what anyone else is doing? Do you want enough salt from you opponets to kill every snail on the planet twice over? Do you lack a soul and any sense of basic human decency? If you answered no to any of these questions turn around now.

With it now established that you hate yourself and your playgroup enough to play a sliver EDH Let's begin.

I've broken the deck up into seven categories to help show the main purpose of the card in the deck. in some cases, such as Morophon, the Boundless technically fits into both the mana advantage and pump abilities, however, it was included for its first abilitiy, therefore it goes into the mana advantage category.

Feel free to set it to normal categories if it makes it easier to understand. Also, all of the cards are broken down by type below in the primer.

Sliver Overlord , while I know it is the cliche choice it really is the best commander. The tutor ability is simply unbeatable compared to the other legendaries. While I was curious about using The First Sliver , but it's hard to beat the "you can just tutor for it" argument.

Therefore, Sliver Overlord wins for the commander. His tutor ability allows for you to get any sliver you need which can be game-winning or just getting you some quick artifact or enchant destruction. This ability is made even better when Training Grounds is out, making for a 1 mana tutor for any situation

His second ability to take control of slivers can counter people stealing creatures and can be combined with card:Amoeboid Changling in order to take control of any other creature on the board.

So a budget 5 color mana base is quite difficult. The base includes 9 Tri Lands and all 10 Shocks which give a good variety while still keeping it a little faster. I now have only 1 fetch land, although this will grow as time and finances allow me to collect more. We also have several of each basic land to search up with Prismatic Vista or if someone hits us with anything like an Assassin's Trophy . I wont discuss these in detail as they should be pretty self explanatory.

To add to these we have the following:

  • Cavern of Souls : source, any color for slivers, and protection for all your slivers is an incredible value.

  • Command Tower : Gives any color for anything. The perfect land!

  • Prismatic Vista : Searches up for any color we need, The 1 life is hardly even a cost to come in untapped as opposed to Evolving Wilds

  • Exotic Orchard : This can usually add any color depending on opponents, if not, then it usually gets at least 2 or 3 colors.

  • Path of Ancestry : Works just like a command tower, with the upside of letting us scry when playing a sliver with the downside of coming in tapped.

  • Sliver Hive : Gives us any mana for slivers and can put sliver tokens on the battlefield.

  • Unclaimed Territory : Gives us any color for our slivers and comes in untapped.

We have several slivers to simply pump up our power to get in for more damage

  • Sinew Sliver , Muscle Sliver , Predatory Sliver : Buff our slivers up just a little. helps to make our creatures more durable and do more damage.

  • Bonescythe Sliver : Giving our creatures huge damage potential as well as first strike with dealing both first strike and normal damage.

  • Sliver Legion : deserves special mention as it can turn a board of 4 or 5 1/1's into something far scarier and is a 7/7 for 5 which will also be pumped up from other slivers via its ability. It's not hard to imagine it dropping in as an 11/11 for

These are cards that can remove opponents permanents to help us keep the board under control.

  • Harmonic Sliver , one of my most played cards allows all slivers that enter to get rid of any artifact or enchantment. However, this effect is NOT a may ability so be careful as you don't want to have to remove one of your own key enchantments or artifacts if your opponents run out.

  • Necrotic Sliver to destroy any permanents which work especially well when you get tokens out on the board

These slivers are going to help us get our other slivers back.:

  • Crypt Sliver regenerates slivers for just tapping another sliver. This allows you to attack with effectively half of them and then regenerate or to just keep them untapped to bring them back from a board wipe.

  • Dregscape Sliver Can bring back some key slivers for one turn for the win. This can also be combined with Frenetic Sliver as flickering the slivers can save them from Dregscape Sliver 's sacrifice requirement.

  • Frenetic Sliver can just be used if the board is wiped or the sliver would die anyway. Also note above combo

  • Pulmonic Sliver can send an important sliver back to the library and gives flying as a bonus.

These are the real meat of the deck that give some very powerful abilities to our creatures

  • Amoeboid Changeling : This is a 1 off that is used for its ability to give a creature all creature types. This is then paired with Sliver Overlord 's ability to pay and take control of target sliver, allowing you to take control of any creature on the board.

  • Blur Sliver , Heart Sliver : these both give haste, super important to attack or use abilities such as Manaweft Sliver allowing you to play a sliver and then immediately tap it for mana

  • Brood Sliver : Generating sliver tokens can get out of hand for opponents and these come in with all the abilities of all the other slivers.

  • Cloudshredder Sliver : incredible sliver, combines Heart Sliver and Galerider Sliver for only . It is really one of the best slivers for its value.

  • Crystalline Sliver : Incredible protection for all your slivers, and usually one of the first thing I tutor for.

  • Diffusion Sliver : more protection from targeted removal.

  • Galerider Sliver , Winged Sliver : evasion and the ability to block other flyers is great.

  • Gemhide Sliver , Manaweft Sliver : any slivers tapping for mana is huge for fixing and both of the cards are important combo pieces when paired with Intruder Alarm .

  • Hollowhead Sliver : gives us some great card draw especially late game where we can discard lands.

  • Homing Sliver : This basically gives us the Sliver Overlord 's ability on every sliver in our hand with the extra cost of discarding a sliver. This can gives us a great ability if we are unable to cast our commander.

  • Horned Sliver : Trample can give us a killshot with our slivers by just swinging out after they have been pumped up by things like Sliver Legion or Coat of Arms .

  • Lavabelly Sliver : the lifegain is secondary to dealing the damage directly. Planeswalker removal is great and it is a key combo piece with Sliver Queen where making infinite slivers can just deal damage and avoid having to swing for victory.

  • Morophon, the Boundless : As already mentioned, color fixing in a 5 mana deck is HARD and this really helps to fix it. It lets us just straight up cast some cards for free, including ALL THE LEGANDARIES. Also, it is a changling, meaning it is a sliver, and benefits from all of the sliver buffs as well as giving +1/+1.

  • Quick Sliver : This is a great card, especially if you can play it early. Being able to sit on protection spells until your opponent's end step to play all of your slivers.

  • Sentinel Sliver : Getting vigilance just allows us to swing every turn.

  • Shifting Sliver : For all intents and purposes it makes slivers unblockable, unless you're facing another sliver deck or a changling deck.

  • Sliver Hivelord : incredible protection, especially from most boardwipes. pretty self explanatory why it so good.

  • Sliver Queen : Important combo piece and can just make a ton of tokens even without combo pieces.

  • Striking Sliver : first strike just helps us to keep our slivers alive and clearing our opponents.

  • Syphon Sliver : Lifegain can be a saving grace and can keep you alive if your board gets wiped and you need some time to rebuild.

  • The First Sliver : Cascade is a historically broken mechanic. Now that it has been added to one of the most broken creature types and there's no excuse not to use it. This could give us a nice spell, some artifact ramp or even second sliver (Which will not trigger another cascade as card:The Frist SLiver isn't on the board yet).

  • Venom Sliver : this helps us to deal with the gigantic creatures of many EDH games. a 11/11 eldrazi can be blocked by a chumpy 1/1 and still die, and that 1/1 might even be indestructible.

That covers all of the creatures. We now move on to Sorceries.

These include most of our board wipes and recursion

  • Aphetto Dredging : Recurring three cards back can be game winning bring back huge power on to the board for only .

  • Armageddon : Check with your playgroup before playing this as its a very dirty card. It is game winning if you have Manaweft Sliver or Gemhide Sliver as you can keep casting after crushing all of your opponents lands.

  • Bring to Light : Usually can tutor for anything 5 cmc or less as it can usually be cast with one of each color.

  • Harsh Mercy : This is a great card for us. Most of the time this will leave 1 or 2 of your opponent's creatures while leaving all of yours in play

  • Kindred Dominance : This is an even better version of the card above. Its a single sided boardwipe that keeps all of your creatures on the board. the only downside is that steep mana cost.

  • Patriarch's Bidding : This is huge against any opponent excluding another tribal player. this is bringing back all our slivers and probably only 1 or 2 of our opponent's creatures. This is a great card to play immediately following a boardwipe as you reestablish a huge board presence immediately while others are still rebuilding.

All of these are going to help us out in some significant ways. either ramping us early, buffing our creatures, or fixing colors.

  • Chromatic Lantern : This is our deck's best friend. it immediately fixes all of the color problems we could be having and gives a mana source on to of that.

  • Coat of Arms : This can make our creatures a lot stronger. A word of warning however, it will also effect any other tribal/token decks on the board.

  • Commander's Sphere : This is another color fixing artifact that cal also draw us a card late game. win-win

  • Fellwar Stone : for artifact ramp of basically any color is great. Within my meta there is a good chance I get all 5 colors, and even if I only get three its still a good play as it will almost always fix the colors.

  • The Great Henge : i pulled this in the Eldraine pre-release and wanted to try it out. It has a lot of upside: Mana generation, a little bit of lifegain, a 1/+1 counter ability, and, most importantly, card draw. The downside being it incredible cost at . This is not a good card in the opening hand but turn 3-4, especially if the Overlord (or another legendary besides the hivelord), as its cost comes down to . I hope it will work out well and should be interesting to try out.

  • Sol Ring : The commander staple. I actually didn't run this for a while as it didn't help me color fix but with so many ways to get colored mana it's too good to pass up.

  • Vanquisher's Banner :Incredible value for card draw, giving our slivers an additional +1/+1 is just icing on the cake

  • Intruder Alarm : This is a huge combo piece when paired with any mana producing sliver or Mana Echoes . If you play this you need to be able to win as you will be targeted as soon as you play this.

  • Mana Echoes : Not just a combo piece but it is just an incredible value card, and can make a ton of tokens when paired with Sliver Queen . It is always a great play but can turn you into a target.

  • Smothering Tithe : Great value card that can help us fix mana in the short term. it is just a great value card.

  • Training Grounds : Basically included for Sliver Overlord 's ability, making it only cost to tutor for any sliver.

  • Mystic Remora : Incredible card draw spell, and a great early game play to get ramp and refill your hand from early game plays.

  • Easy removal at instant speed

    • Assassin's Trophy : Great removal spell for a low cost. It can get rid of any permanent we need it to.

    • Swords to Plowshares : Classic removal spell. great for getting rid of a key creature.

    • Dovin's Veto : An easy counterspell to keep boardwipes from clearing our board.

    • Cyclonic Rift : Arguably the most powerful card in EDh: this one sided board wipe is almost exclusively cast overloaded, and will probably win you the game.

    • Negate : One of the most played spells in magic. Even as a common it makes it in to many competitive decks.

    • Counterspell : The name sake for an entire class of, well, counterspells. This is an easy include in any deck has blue.

    Sliver Queen + Mana Echoes infinite combo engine for infinite colless sliver tokens

    Sliver Queen + Mana Echoes + Lavabelly Sliver infinite combo engine for infinite colorless sliver tokens and infinite damage and life.

    Manaweft Sliver + Intruder Alarm allows for infinite mana of any color, can play your entire deck.

    Sliver Overlord + Training Grounds Allows for 1 mana fetch for slivers

    Amoeboid Changeling + Sliver Overlord Allows you to take control of any creature on the board.

    Dregscape Sliver + Frenetic Sliver Gives you a 50/50 chance of keeping a sliver on the board by avoiding the unearth effect.

    These are potential upgrades for the deck. Please let me know your opinion on the cards added as well as what to take out.

    • Commander's Sphere --> Arcane Signet : strictly better as it does the same thing for instead of . Losing the card draw isn't even a consideration when its any color untapped for only . This will be added as soon as it comes out. Great... another commander staple, guess its just 97 cards, your commander, sol ring, and this.

    • Day of Judgment --> Cyclonic Rift : takes out a sub par wipe for an excellent one that leaves us in a position to attack

    • Wild Pair --> Vanquisher's Banner : the card draw is just more useful than Wild Pair since it tends to stop working after your slivers are pumped up.

    • Aphetto Dredging --> Kindred Discovery More card draw replaces sub par recursion

    • Evolving Wilds --> Prismatic Vista The 1 damage is well worth it for a card that's basically a basic fetchland

    • Megantic Sliver --> Psionic Sliver : I think the pinger ability might be stronger as another removal slot vs what seems to be a somewhat overcosted pump ability

    • ??? --> Illusionist's Bracers : The ability to tutor for 2 sliver for or maybe even would be incredible. Not sure what to take out for it.

    • Tri-Lands --> Battlebond Lands These enter untapped if you have two or more opponents. I hardly ever play 1v1 commander and by the time someone has died lands will probably not be as needed.

    • Tri lands --> Fetchlands Obvious upgrade but I haven't won the lottery yet so this is on hold for now

    This deck is actually pretty simple, PLAY SLIVERS. That's really it, playing a sliver will hardly ever hurt you so unless you need to answer a specific threat like a pesky enchantment with Harmonic Sliver , or targeted removal with Crystalline Sliver . Getting Sliver Overlord is pretty important as he can tutor to answer threats and get out combo pieces. While it's not essential to play him he really helps, and as a 7/7 he can easily kill with commander damage.
    The best opening hand is going to contain three lands: Command Tower , Cavern of Souls , and a shock land that taps for either red or green. It will also have Chromatic Lantern , either card:maneweft sliver or Gemhide Sliver , a sliver that gives haste and a sliver that gives +1/+1.

    Now this is ideal but by no means common. If you draw a hand with fewer than three lands it should probably be mulliganed away unless yo have ramp or a source and a Mana sliver. Also you want at least 2 slivers in your opening hand unless, your other cards can be played and effect the board early game (ex. Mana Echoes , Smothering Tithe , Training Grounds ).

    So Sliver Overlord has hit the battlefield, and both it and you are still alive and it's time to kick some teeth in. But what do you tutor for first? This can be a somewhat difficult question to answer. Obviously, if you have to answer an immediate threat , you should do that (ex. Need to remove an enchantment with Harmonic Sliver ), if there is not immediate threat, there will be soon, so i usually get out some protection. Provided you can cast him Sliver Hivelord is a very good play, he will protect all your slivers from most boardwipes and let you block without worry. If not, Frenetic Sliver and Crystalline Sliver also offer good protection, or at least keep some of your creatures on the board.

    The name of the game of this part of the game is damage and protection. You need to be getting in for damage any way you can as whittling your opponents down is crucial if you want to close out the game. Giving your opponents enough time and draws is going to let them dig for an answer, which leads us to the second part, protection. This is just as important as damage as you want to find answers to your opponents preemptively to keep control of the game. As previously mentioned, you need abilities to keep your guys on the board or at least bring them back. Most of the time, the easy answer to this is Sliver Hivelord as his ability hoses most of the common board wipes. A second important protection sliver would be Crystalline Sliver as it will keep your opponents from removing the Sliver Hivelord . These won't keep you completely safe from cards such as Cyclonic Rift . For anything like this the Frenetic Sliver . This won't keep everything alive (probably) but it should keep at least some of your creatures on the board (again, probably).

    Your way to close out the game is to build up to a critical mass of slivers so powerful that you can just turn everything sideways and wipe the floor with your opponents. Provided you can keep your slivers protected and on the board this is actually pretty easy to achieve as with something like Sliver Legion turning all your creatures in to 7/7s or 8/8s.

    The other way to win would be to combo out with one of the combos mentioned above, making infinite sliver tokens or tutoring for and playing all of your deck and then making infinite tokens. You get the point.

    • '#16 Commander deck July 2019'

    • '#1 Aggro Deck July 2016'

    • '#1 Combo Deck July 2016'

    • Reading +1

    • Over 1 minute of description +1

    • Accordions in accordions +1

    • Deck creator has no sense of the "Spirit of EDH" or human decency +1

    • Deck creator thinks he's clever +1

    • Deck creator thinks sarcastically calling himself clever is clever +10

    • Excessive use of mana symbols +1

    • Includes degenerate, expensive cards but still uses tri lands +1

    • Uses the most cliche Sliver Commander +1

    • Deck has updates for upvote milestones +1

    • Deck does not contain a lapdance +1

    • Roll Credits +1

    • Sliver deck is a Sliver deck +1000

    SIN TOTAL: 1021


    Open to any feedback to make the deck more gross or any suggestions for more sins. Big thanks to Art-n-Lutherie for the idea. If you enjoyed any want to help me increase my self esteem with meaningless points on an internet forum feel free to drop an upvote below



    Updates Add

    Thanks to everyone for the internet points. I will cherish them forever

    I'm working on adding more control/removal and lowering the average cmc of the deck. in no particular order, see the following edits:



    • Counterspell : Just a solid spell that will help me avoid bad effects and have more control on the board

    • Negate : While a strictly worse version of Counterspell its still good enough to include here, and most of the spells I have trouble with are noncreature

    • Mystic Remora : A great card draw engine early game and even later most people wont be paying the tax. even only staying out for only 1 or 2 turns it can net a ton of cards.

    • Dovin's Veto : This is essentially a better version of Negate, as it can not be countered.

    • The Great Henge : I'm not 100% on this card. it has a lot of upside by producing mana, gaining life, pumping creatures, and drawing cards. the cost is my question point but if my Sliver Overlord is on the battlefield then it essentially is free, since it can be tapped as soon as it enters.

    Let me know your opinions on the changes. I will be continuing to work on the mana base and counter/removal spells in the coming months getting ready for the holiday season when my playgroup will all be moving back from collage for break.

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