Snow-Covered Island


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Snow-Covered Island

Basic Snow Land — Island

Tap: Add U to your mana pool.

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Snow-Covered Island Discussion

Kizder on Unesh: Sphinx Tribal

2 weeks ago

Extraplanar Lens is nice. And if you don't want your opponents produce double mana with their islands. You can change your lands with Snow-Covered Island (usually they are less common) but it can be more expensive.

Gauntlet of Power is a bit in the same feeling, the effect is for all. But you are mono-colored and you have more basic lands.

Otherwise, for your tribal theme :Belbe's Portal, Coat of Arms, Cryptic Gateway, Urza's Incubator,

Trtl on Kami of the Rising Tides

2 weeks ago

assuming its in your budget, you could run some mana rocks. Mana Vault, Worn Powerstone, Caged Sun, and Extraplanar Lens + Snow-Covered Island are a few that come to mind. (mana vault is my highest recommendation out of these)

Lycanion69 on Snow lands

2 weeks ago

Can i search a Snow-Covered Island with Evolving Wilds or anyother basic land searching cards?

M-DitzyDoo on KefNOT the Controlfreak

1 month ago

I'd recommend swapping out the islands for Snow-Covered Islands to give less average symmetry to your Extraplanar Lens while having no real disadvantage outside of niche snow hate (they still count as islands, so High Tide still works). It also lets you slot in the super useful Scrying Sheets. Gilded Drake could also be useful as pseudo removal, or just plain cheesy with Capsize.

Ditryglove on Talrand, Salty Squidward Deck

1 month ago

-1Index You have no ways to shuffle, which means this card is -1 and does almost nothing.

-6 Snow-Covered Island Don't run mis-matched basics if you've got Extraplanar Lens.

-1 Prismatic Lace You've got no combos with it, meaning it's -1 and does nothing.

+6 Island To replace the useless snow-covereds.

+1 Gravitational Shift It's like Favorable Winds, but with a bigger upside, and a bigger downside.

+1 Concentrate, Thought Scour, or Dig Through Time All are better at controlling your draws than Index. Remember you almost always want to Thought Scour yourself, because you've got ways of returning things from your graveyard to hand.

KongMing on Gods, Fish, Swords, and Dreams

1 month ago

By the way, one way to get around Extraplanar Lens' ability to buff your opponent's lands is to make all your Islands Snow-Covered Islands. That way, opponents can't tap regular Islands for two blue mana. It's a little expensive dollar-wise, but also allows you access to some other cool snow combos.

Here's a link to all the possible Snow cards this deck can use.

bobbyboo on You Will Hate This Deck

1 month ago

Go Extraplanar Lens & Snow-Covered Islands if that is the case as it keeps things nice and selfish (hardly anybody runs snow covered lands). Caged Sun is an option but it is high in cmc and doesn't gel as nicely as Extraplanar Lens does with Land Equilibrium, however it still gives you a considerable leg up so I would run it regardless.

I was suggesting the Doubling Cube as it is a very easy combo with either Teferi or Tezzeret, and The Chain Veil. Then just Sunder or Upheaval, play all your stuff in hand with the floating mana and watch your opponents squirm as they try to recover. You can loop Upheaval with a small Archaeomancer or Mnemonic Wall but in saying that you have done well to keep your creature count minimal so I wouldnt strongly recommend the last two, but if you do come around to the Cube then these additions are a no brainer as they further solidify the cubes addition to the deck.

Ward of Bones is another card you can use to keep peeps in check, it may be 6 cmc but it will hose most strategies if played at the correct time.

Capsize and Whispers of the Muse could be used alongside Inexorable Tide to combo out too, so long as Teferi is untapping 6 mana and The Chain Veil with his -1 ability (almost a certainty if he is untapping Doubling Cube). It can also be done with Tezzeret, however he absolutely needs the cube to do it with his +1.

This deck is gross, but gross in the same way as getting a blow job from a high school crush because she now turns tricks to support the kid she had at 16, equal parts satisfying and guilt inducing.

Agent_Fire on Patron of Infinite Landfall Triggers

2 months ago

You should use Snow-Covered Island instead of Island due to you running Extraplanar Lens, this is because the effect targets all lands of the name you choose. This also allows you to run Scrying Sheets and Sunstone

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