Snow-Covered Island

Basic Snow Land — Island

Tap: Add {{U}} to your mana pool.

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Snow-Covered Island Discussion

goodair on Arcanis, Draw-to-Win

3 days ago

Also Extraplanar Lens with Snow-Covered Island is just disguising in mono colored decks, especially if you protect it from being blown up with counters. I went and looked up the land for you btw, Oboro, Palace in the Clouds

Lucky77 on Memnarch Assumes Control

6 days ago

Quick tip I learned: when playing Extraplanar Lens, use basic snow lands like Snow-Covered Islands. Then, if an opponent taps an Island, then they’re not also getting the extra mana.

KongMing on 13 Cards Are Not Land

6 days ago

One other idea; you could do all Snow-Covered Mountain and Snow-Covered Island and throw in an Extraplanar Lens so you're the only one benefiting from the mana. It would definitely increase the price of the deck, but it's a thought.

ZorrosRage on Blue Djinn Delver

1 month ago

Why Familiar's Ruse with a super low creature count, and no token gen or swarm? is there a reason for Snow-Covered Island or just like the snow covered?(they do look sweet)

kamelyan on Belligerent Birds

3 months ago

My favorite bird is Rimefeather Owl. Switch your basics for Snow-Covered Plains and Snow-Covered Islands, and you've got yourself one large bird. Although it actually pairs better with Rimescale Dragon and Training Grounds, so...

...and my tribal-bird deck is a pauper deck, so there's no good common to suggest from there; especially since you've already included Augury Owl.

Cavern of Souls! Cavern of Souls is a card that would boost this deck!

Oh yeah... budget.

WalkingIllusion on Polymorph: ???

3 months ago

with Extraplanar Lens you could run Snow-Covered Island so only you can benefit from it.

Also I wouldn't run Dread Statuary, Blighted Cataract, and/ or Zoetic Cavern; lands shouldn't be sac-ed by your commander because you are not ramping also if you do sac a land to get a "big boy" and it gets destroyed right off the bat then you're a creature and a land down...

Blue must have counter spells Arcane Denial, Disallow and Counterspell! Dream Fracture is one of those fyi.

Other things I would recommend Chasm Skulker, Consecrated Sphinx, Blightsteel Colossus, Kederekt Leviathan, and Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur.

BMHKain on Regarding Paradox Engine...

3 months ago

@zwells3: I see. Very well. I'll see what other P1, T1, or 1/1 Options I can find. Good thing the Magosi, the Waterveil combo is still in tact, I mean, I do have Snow-Covered Islands, & Cloud of Faeries is ETB based... So there's still hope yet for that... I just need something besides Nephalia Smuggler...

Epochalyptik on Does Quicksilver Fountain effect Snow-Covered ...

3 months ago

An Island is any permanent with the basic land type "Island," including Island, Snow-Covered Island, Moonring Island, Underground Sea, etc.

An effect will specify if it cares about a card's name rather than its type.

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