Snow-Covered Mountain


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Snow-Covered Mountain

Basic Snow Land — Mountain

Tap: Add R to your mana pool.

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Snow-Covered Mountain Discussion

Gosse on Daretti, Some Assembly Required

11 hours ago

dlamars RingoDingo92 just a thought but what do you guys think about replacing my mountains with 18x Snow-Covered Mountain, Scrying Sheets, Extraplanar Lens and Sunstone?

goblinguiderevealpls on This is What Glory Looks Like: a Savage Beating

3 days ago

If you ever win the lottery, replacing mountains with Snow-Covered Mountain and cutting one for Scrying Sheets isnt exactly easy to access but it adds a rare ability to scry into good topdecks in mono red other than Sensei's Divining Top

Pheardemons on Missing You...*Current*

1 week ago

Magewright's Stone, Puppet Strings, and Staff of Domination because you want to be able to use the commander's ability as much as possible. Also, those are going to be huge targets once people realize what is happening. You'll want as much redundancy as possible.

For extra ramp, you could play Extraplanar Lens. To be a cuckhold and not give the benefit to anyone else you could play Snow covered mountains instead of regular ones.

Also, I think you could play some different big red stuff. Avatar of Slaughter could be hugely beneficial for you. Since you have to sacrifice him, you are the only one that gets the double strike benefit. Excruciator just to bypass any Fogs in your meta. Utvara Hellkite seems extremely beneficial because it will give you a dragon just for attacking. Plus, you already play multiple dragons. Spitebellows just seems funny here. It will always deal 6 damage to something! Furyborn Hellkite I feel like you could use if you made the deck a little different. Anything to deal one damage, to get a 12/12 flying for three mana. Hellkite Igniter seems good here, since you play an artifact subtheme. Hellkite Charger for the win. Scourge of the Throne for the same reason as Hellkite Igniter. Ryusei, the Falling Star for board wipes. Thundermaw Hellkite to tap all flying creatures so your attacks can get through. Akroma, Angel of Fury because she can just be a powerhouse. Combustible Gearhulk actually seems like a win-win for your deck. Neheb, the Eternal seems like he could benefit you with extra mana mainphase two. Conquering Manticore and Zealous Conscripts for similar reasons. Dragon Mage if you need a new hand. Combat Celebrant seems good here. Goblin Dark-Dwellers could be a possibility. Heartless Hidetsugu, dude yes!

I mainly searched for power, so I'm sure there are other creatures to look up with good ETB effects. After doing that search for you I realized that I like Feldon as a commander. Hope you don't mind if I make him based on your deck XD.

SonofDurin on Mono-Red Lovisa Coldeyes Commander

3 weeks ago

Thanks guys, this is all really helpful. EDHrec looks like it will help a lot from what I can see. Also, I thought about making all my lands Snow-Covered Mountain anyway just because it kinda fits with the theme I was going for. I'll keep all your advice in mind and hope none of the guys in my playgroup think about Moat lol.

Unlife on Mono-Red Lovisa Coldeyes Commander

3 weeks ago

With my own Lovisa deck, I found I had to put in a decent amount of ramp to keep dropping creatures quickly. It's a bit pricy but running your manabase as Snow-Covered Mountain with Extraplanar Lens is a great way to ramp quickly. Other that that, I'll second EDHrec, it's a great way to look for cards you may have missed or things you wouldn't normally think off.

Oh, and Chaos Warp is a must for removing things like Moat

Zaueski on Turn 1 Modern Win Hand ...

1 month ago

Seething Song is banned, thank goodness so it doesn't even work anyways. That can be circumvented but not as easily. The power necessary to speed out a T1 hasted Blightsteel Colossus is immense, that restricts the deck build so much that it practically builds itself. Also, Shane is right. You want 4 Pact of the Titan over any of the free artifacts because 1 copy will not guarantee you'll get a copy in your opening hand. Really you need all 8 but we'll have to settle for 4 copies. Simian Spirit Guide, Pyretic Ritual, Desperate Ritual, and Infernal Plunge will make up our mana acceleration suite.


4x Blightsteel Colossus

4x Madcap Experiment

4x Pact of the Titan

4x Simian Spirit Guide

4x Pyretic Ritual

4x Desperate Ritual

4x Infernal Plunge

4x Expedite

4x Crimson Wisps

5-6x Flex Slots for interaction

18-19x Mountain or Snow-Covered Mountain (Run the Snow ones if you think Skred is better than Lightning Bolt for the deck)

An argument can also be made to include fetches as well. Deck thinning can be really important when you want to dig for Madcap Experiment but it also means you get one card less that isn't a Blightsteel Colossus. I'm unsure of how the math would turn out as to which road is better.

There you have it. This deck does nothing else so you want to win as fast as possible. It'll be fun when it goes off but otherwise expect to do nothing a lot.

DECKMAGE101 on Modern 22 mountains

1 month ago

Mountains should all be Snow-Covered Mountain to make skrediculous better

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