Training Grounds


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Rise of the Eldrazi Rare

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Training Grounds


Activated abilities of creatures you control cost up to less to activate. This effect can't be reduced to less than one mana.

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Training Grounds Discussion

Lame_Duck on Nimble Obstructionist?

8 hours ago

Training Grounds only affects creatures on the battlefield, so it won't reduce the cycling cost, unfortunately, frusciante7.

frusciante7 on Nimble Obstructionist?

9 hours ago

Just sayin' I think I'll try to make it work with Training Grounds. Now THAT can be backbreaking.

VexenX on Egyptian God of the Rising Sun (Butts up!!!)

1 day ago

I removed Door of Destinies for Training Grounds. I wish the Door was a ETB, not a cast ability...

I also removed Mindcrank for Overseer of the Damned. I think I have more then enough mill, and the Crank is overkill. Plus the Overseer is removal that also pumps out zombies. Seems good... Plus I can always live the dream of Overseer of the Damned + Altar of Dementia + Grave Pact...

VexenX on Egyptian God of the Rising Sun (Butts up!!!)

1 day ago

Hata98 and Shad0wRaz0r: I like Vengeful Dead because it punishes board-wipes. Death by zombies or death by your own board-wipe... Seems pretty good lol.

So keep Altar of the Brood and pass on Noxious Ghoul seems good to me. Thinking about it now, I think Altar of the Brood is just so good because I can control the amount of milling 100%. I can play a permanent, like the creature a opponent mills, then just exile/make it a zombie... this interaction makes me really want to add Training Grounds now.. making 2 mana 4/4 copy zombies seems nuts...

VexenX on Egyptian God of the Rising Sun (Butts up!!!)

1 day ago

Shad0wRaz0r: You make a very good point about the sac-outlets... I run Altar of Dementia mainly for the mill, but I think Ashnod's Altar will get cut. Training Grounds was once in my first list... but got cut due to lack of space... I will add it to my 'Maybe' list. I plan on making a ton of changes once I actually get to playtest it! (All the cards I could not find locally are currently in the mail).

Thank you for the pointers! I really need to make cuts so I can add some of the other goodies available to me. Also, if you liked the list, could you leave a +1? Thank you!!!

Shad0wRaz0r on Egyptian God of the Rising Sun (Butts up!!!)

1 day ago

Thank you for the mention. I would recommend Training Grounds, to reduce the cost of The Scarab God 's activated ability. Also, I believe that to really maximize the potential of The Scarab God , you should base your zombie army on lots of tokens, which I see you doing a good job of. However, I would slacken a bit on the sac outlets, as you need to amass a large amount of zombies in order to drain life and gain card advantage with your commander; sac outlets that make more tokens like Ghoulcaller Gisa are fine, but I don't know if you really need cards like Altar of Dementia or Ashnod's Altar to fuel your deck, as there can potentially be other, non-sacrificial options. With the The Scarab God deck that I created, I learned that if you have a lot of zombies on the battlefield at once, you can end the game really quickly. For example, with only 10 zombie tokens, you drain a quarter of EACH of your opponents' life total every turn, for free.

ComboCrazy on The Inside of My Skull Itches

2 days ago

This needs a a lot of fast mana and some lockout tricks or fast wincons. I'm thinking Burn at the Stake for some lightning fast damage, Mind Over Matter because it's degenerate with like six cards in your deck, Temple Bell, Training Grounds, Hive Mind and Mindwrack Liege. Some of those are a bit on the pricey side, but all of them would contribute a good deal to the exxectiveness of the deck.

Force_of_Willb on Oona, Millf of the Void

2 days ago

You don't have many other creatures that work with this but I like Training Grounds in my Oona deck. Basically you activate her ability for X=2 it reduces it to 0 and only costs you the colored mana. Its like doubling up all your U/B lands. Ex 5 lands before would Exile 4 cards, now 5 lands exile 10 cards with 5 separate activations. I run mine with Phyrexian Altar so if I make a fairy in the 2 cards I can continue going if I am lucky (not an infinite combo bc my LGS disproves of them).

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