Sliver Queen


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Tempest Remastered (TPR) Mythic Rare
Commander's Arsenal (CMA) Rare
Stronghold (STH) Rare
Magic Online Promo Cards (MOP) Rare

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Sliver Queen

Legendary Creature — Sliver

2 : Put a 1/1 colorless Sliver creature token onto the battlefield.

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Sliver Queen Discussion

Icbrgr on What legend should become a ...

3 days ago

Sliver Hivelord/Sliver Legion/Sliver Queen/Sliver Overlord

Because MTG needs a planswalking Sliver... some kind of new adaptation with the spark igniting in the Brood queen/leader inherited from slivers being in proximity to all the planswalkers running around.... plus im kinda just on a Sliver kick as of late because im brining my sliver deck out of retirement/rebuilding it so I've just got Slivers on the brain.

LVL_666 on Queen's Mighty Servants (Superfriends, primer)

4 days ago

+1 for the Queen. I've never really been fond of planeswalkers, but it's good to see Slivers doing interesting things. One suggestion I offer is maybe building out the slivers a bit more:

LVL_666 on Legend of THE Deck

1 week ago

Long story, and I apologize in advance...

Initially, I thought I was merely a tribal player when I built my 2nd deck in magic - Mono tribal Wizards. I started around Apocalypse, but didn't really get into the full swing of things until Onslaught. I was in love with , specifically the Counterspell spell. The ability to just tell people "no" felt so good. With some help from my friends I built this awful Wizards tribal deck that ran on Prodigal Sorcerer + Curiosity + Mind Over Matter. My friend traded me a Force of Will for some Fetchlands.

Then Legions came out...and I saw them for the first time - Slivers. My true form, and tribe. Their look, their presence, everything about them were simply overwhelming. I just couldn't really process them to be honest. I didn't have the best understanding of all the rules then, so...when I saw Root Sliver I was just dumbfounded. Years later around Futuresight I just started collecting Slivers feverishly. I had traded for multiple Sliver Queens (my favorite card) and all the other one clawed critters I could get my hands on and I built my one TRUE deck. The deck that represents me on the battlefield.

My wife, my true Queen even contributed...and bought me a custom hand made deckbox that resembles a Sliver Queen's Egg. If we're going by magic lore, and we as players are all Planeswalkers...then I am definitely a Legendary Sliver.

How do you find the right deck for you? just have to see someone else play it. You have to get an idea of the mechanics, the form, the function. It may enthrall you, hold your curiosity...but what's most important is you seeing yourself playing this for a long time. Finding little ways to tweak and experiment with it. Making it better...making it more and more unique to you. So long as you have the desire to make it better, it'll be your deck.

Postmortal_Pop on Interplanar Grudge Match?

1 week ago

Sliver Queen vs. Sliver Overlord for total control of the slivers.

smiffdemon on Sliver EDH

2 weeks ago

Try to avoid redundant effects. Ie: you don't need Blur Sliver AND Heart Sliver. Use the cheaper one instead. The only exception to that rule is you probably will want both slivers that can tap for any color mana and technically Essence Sliver isn't a keyword, so you can have that and Syphon Sliver and essentially have all your slivers attack with double lifelink. You'll have a ridiculous amount of life very quickly.

Mana Echoes and Sliver Queen is an infinite combo, but Mana Echos is pretty pricey these days.

Faces of the Past is usually a winner in sliver decks. Hivestone is fun if you wanted to put some non-slivers in and make them all into slivers. Amoeboid Changeling + Sliver Overlord lets you take control of any tasty creatures your opponents have.

as for speeding up your lands, just try to use as many as possible that don't come into play tapped. The bullet lands such as Llanowar Wastes are cheap, but they will ping you for one damage to get mana fixing. Chromatic Lantern is pretty important in any 5 color deck.

an_Elder_Dragon on 5 Color Superfriends

2 weeks ago

Haha, I think its funny how you decided to use the Sliver Queen as the commander. I get the reason for it since all you need is to get your super friends out and the queen is cheaper, but I always like a commander that had SOME utility. That's why,if you don't mind spending an extra four mana on a commander, The Ur-Dragon may not be to bad of a choice since he could get some of your planeswalkers out for free, especially since you are running Sarkhan to help its draw effect. But then again, part of me is only suggesting it since I had a chance to pick up Draconic Domination and this deck happens to use all five colors. Still, it could be a nice fit!

Tlga on Todos os Slivers Viram Zueros

3 weeks ago

Actually I said it wrong, Sliver Queen was a bigger problem than the overlord.

Forkbeard on Sliver Overlord: Slivers Gone Wild

3 weeks ago

Thanks for the lengthy comment + feedback GMD_1090, I appreciated the advice! Here's my stream of consciousness thoughts on the suggestions...

Opaline Sliver is decent, but it's card draw effect is conditional on my slivers being targeted. Sure it's a handy deterrent, but it kind of goes against what I want to be doing with the deck (e.g. getting Crystalline Sliver out). Dormant Sliver comes into play when I'm ready to assemble the pieces and draw my deck FTW. He's an awesome combo piece and the defender factor is irrelevant because he'll be sac'd or bounced when the time is right (see the 'shenanigans' portion of the deck description for more detail there).

Animar, Soul of Elements is an amazing card and general, but seems unnecessary. The minor cost reduction is nice, but my avg. CMC is already pretty low and my ramp options are working out as is. He'd just be a beater with no evasion that doesn't synergize with the rest of the deck. Even though she's off theme, Bloom Tender is a great mana dork. If I had one kicking around, I'd consider slapping it in here.

You know, you're not wrong about the mini-lords. The more the deck evolves, the more they're not really necessary. I will definitely consider replacing Muscle Sliver + Sinew Sliver.

I used to run Thorncaster Sliver in here but ended up removing him in favour of combo sliver options. In my experience he wasn't that effective and if Sliver Queen is out, odds are I'm going to be combo'ing without the need for the thorn plings.

I also used to run Magma Sliver and although he looks great on paper, in practice he wasn't so powerful and I could never make good use of him. Firewake Sliver's secondary ability is irrelevant - he's in here for redundancy as another haste enabler.

I like your idea of Dictate of Erebos! I hadn't thought of that card in this deck...Interesting.

Cryptolith Rite is an awesome card and is already in here. Prismatic Omen is also great, but I ended up swapping it out at some point thanks to having an abundance of colour fixing in here already.

I've been playing the deck for years and have the strategies pinned down. Over time it's evolved from a 'go wide' aggro sliver horde to more of a combo oriented deck. Beyond the amazing synergy of the sliver tribe, the thing I like most is the sheer variety in the deck - lots & lots of evil ways to take out your opponents. I still enjoy fine tuning it and I definitely appreciate the opportunity to talk about different deck ideas/philosophies so thanks for that!

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