Sliver Queen


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Tempest Remastered (TPR) Mythic Rare
Commander's Arsenal (CMA) Rare
Stronghold (STH) Rare
Magic Online Promo Cards (MOP) Rare

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Sliver Queen

Legendary Creature — Sliver

: Put a 1/1 colorless Sliver creature token onto the battlefield.

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Sliver Queen Discussion

Loonmoon18 on Mana Queen

2 weeks ago

Solid revamp to the deck! I would suggest a few things just at a first glace. The deck is based around pumping slivers so keeping Sliver Queen alive is important. I suggest some of these: Ring of Evos Isle, Darksteel Plate, or Champion's Helm. Next I don't see anything dealing with flying creatures so these could help: Levitation, Akroma's Memorial. And last thing I can think of is some tutors, it's really easy to combo off to infinity with Sliver Queen. So I suggest some tutors, though they can get expensive: Demonic Tutor, Cruel Tutor, Diabolic Intent(good with the queen), Vampiric Tutor.

mattmccrackin, I don't suggest throwing all of these in there, only a couple.

Draniei on Slivers still use hives

3 weeks ago

I run a Sliver Deck as well, it's pretty heavily combo based, the last game I played with it ended with me casting infinite Sliver tokens with Basal Sliver + Sliver Queen + Training Grounds you can check it out here if you want. 5-C Sliver Deck (Slivers: Resistance is Futile)

But, I highly recommend having all of the Sliver Lords in your deck: Sliver Overlord, Sliver Hivelord, Sliver Queen, and Sliver Legion. Furthermore, you should also run Constricting Sliver it's a great choice for control of the board. And, if you do decide to run Sliver Queen then you should also run Necrotic Sliver for complete control of the board. Notice that it says permanent, that includes everything on the board, from planeswalkers to lands.

But, have fun playing!

Loonmoon18 on Sliver EDH Control Deck

1 month ago

Cadois, thank you for looking over my deck! I really appreciate your suggestions! As to vivid lands and lands that come into play tapped, I 100% agree with you. I hate lands that come into play tapped. But in this deck, the vivid lands have been really good in a pinch for a color! That and it being a 5 colored deck, you never want to be short a color. I also don't have any basic land in it anymore but Boundless Realms would have been amazing! As for Sliver Queen, I sure have a plan to get it in some point but it's so expensive! I have plans for her and dang it will make my deck so much better than it is lol. But anyway, thank you for looking at my deck! :)

Cadois on Sliver EDH Control Deck

1 month ago

Oh, and I noticed you don't have a Sliver Queen. I know it is hard to get, but when you do you'll see how the game goes waaaaaaaaaay easier. It's pretty much guaranteed to combo every game unless focused.

Sliver Queen + Heartstone or Training Grounds + Basal Sliver or Ashnod's Altar and you can make pretty much everything you want.

With Basal Sliver + Gemhide Sliver you can tap, add one mana of any color, then sac and generate two black. You won't even need Heartstone or Training Ground to pull of infinity.


linux203 on Sliver EDH Control Deck

1 month ago

Spectral Sliver and Megantic Sliver could be swapped for Coat of Arms and Sliver Legion. Spectral Sliver can consume a lot of mana for temporary bonuses. Megantic is a 6cmc for +3/+3. Coat and Legion are 5cmc that give huge bonuses.

Sliver Queen, although expensive will make your deck go infinite.

Azor's Gateway is a huge card advantage cost to get mana. Intruder Alarm and Manaweft Sliver or Gemhide Sliver can get you mana without the card disadvantage. If there are cards that you always ditch to Azor's Gateway, you can pull them out and replace them with card you don't want to toss. Growing Rites of Itlimoc is a much cheaper way to get that mana.

Crystalline Sliver is similar to Asceticism but is self-protecting. It will only affect Pariah and Sliver Overlord's second ability.

Rout is only 5cmc, but can be an instant for 7cmc. Extinguish All Hope is 6cmc, but you aren't taking advantage of leaving enchantment creatures on the board. That could only help others. Rout is pretty cheap now that it was reprinted in Commander 2017.

MasterRoach117 on The Glorious Hive

1 month ago

also Mana Echoes + Sliver Queen = as many sliver token as you want to pair with Sliver Legion

MasterRoach117 on The Glorious Hive

1 month ago

i would suggested putting paradox engine in your main board because Paradox Engine Quick Sliver + Manaweft Sliver + Heart Sliver +Sliver Overlord allows you to fetch all the slivers you want including Basal Sliver and Sliver Queen to generate as many sliver tokens as you want Training Grounds will allow you to get a 2 for 1 with that combo and there is almost nothing they can do at that point.

Duke.Fleed on Modern Prismatic Slivers

1 month ago

I'm very sorry, but Sliver Queen is not modern legal

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