Sliver Queen


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Tempest Remastered Mythic Rare
Commander's Arsenal Rare
Stronghold Rare
Magic Online Promo Cards Rare

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Sliver Queen

Legendary Creature — Sliver

: Put a 1/1 colorless Sliver creature token onto the battlefield.

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Sliver Queen Discussion

Winterblast on Liliana vs Kothoped as commander

5 days ago

A commander with mana cost 6 is quite expensive. You'll probably only play him once a game, unless you plan on sending him to the graveyard and reanimate him instead of casting him from the command zone again. All my commanders are 3 or 4 mana, except for Sliver Queen because I need the 5 colours there.

Delta-117 on clayperce

5 days ago

Oh sorry for the late reply, what you described anyways sounds like a pretty awesome prerelease when you had those Cut / Ribbons for two headed giant and all.

I'm actually playing in the Amonkhet league event at my lgs, and currently I have a deck with a Glorybringer of my own, along with a Rhonas the Indomitable which were both in my starting packs. Its pretty powerful.

I however have postponed finishing my modern infect deck, and i'm now working on mono tron which is a lot cheaper to build. I still will get around to finishing infect at a later point. I had a Nissa, Steward of Elements which I was going to try in infect, but now I think I'm going to be trading it along with some cash towards a Diabolic Intent invocation. I regret parting with all my former expeditions, masterpieces etc, which included: Windswept Heath, Prairie Stream, Fetid Heath, and Sword of Feast and Famine. I think now I'm going to start holding onto these masterpeices (at least the lower end ones) to build my collection further. Many are very playable in edh which I love to play anyways.

I was getting tons of things to build mono tron in return for buying 2 Chalice of the Voids and trading a friend an Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger. I also will be receiving other goodies from him like a Sliver Queen and Sliver Legion for my Sliver Overlord edh deck.

Sliver Overlord EDH

Commander / EDH* Delta-117


To buy these chalices however I sold off 3/4 of my Liliana, the Last Hopes, my Grim Flayers, Traverse the Ulvenwalds and a few other things to instead build counters around Winding Constrictor, Walking Ballista etc, and its now in fact almost done. However not in time for game day sadly, so I will have to make do with some substitute cards.

Here is my new modern deck anyways,

Mono Blue Tron

Modern* Delta-117


. I'm not too sure if your familiar with this lesser used variant of tron, but its one that seeks to play a much more controlling game. All I need for it is my Academy Ruins + Mindslaver (which is one of the ways to win with this), a Oblivion Stone, 2 Thirst for Knowledge and 2 Condescend, all of which I'm buying from the credit from my former delirium deck. Then its finished, but if you have any feedback for it possibly then that would be appreciated. I'm going to play this for a good while before either finishing infect or building something else like affinity which I might as well considering I do have a playset of Inkmoth Nexuss' sitting around now.

I know the sideboard needs a ton of work to reflect my local meta better, which includes Living End, merfolk, tron, eldrazi tron, knightfall, among a few others.

PookandPie on Sliver Hive EDH

6 days ago

Hey there-

I saw you were looking at that 2 year old TCC list, so I thought I'd give a comment directly to you since you're looking to build Sliver Overlord. To preface: I've player Overlord for 3 years in a fairly competitive meta, which is why I'm basically combo Overlord at this point. I've got a few pointers you might be able to use, though, so I thought I'd just leave them.

First, my creature choice and combo lines are explained on my deck, here: Za Warudo! (Sliver Overlord Aggro). If you care about that kind of thing, you can look at that, but I won't be explaining how the combos work since I went into better detail in the description there.

Thing the first: Mesmeric Sliver isn't worth its cost. Sometimes you can stop your opponent from getting something that will hurt you- but the better your opponent's decks are, the higher the odds of them getting something equally as bad or worse (IE, your opponents need to run bad cards in order for Mesmeric to really be that beneficial). I'd recommend removing it for a different Sliver.

Darkheart Sliver seems a little better than Victual Sliver as a sac outlet because it has no mana requirement on the sacrifice. Gain 1 less life for 2 less mana sounds much better, to me.

Card suggestions:Synapse Sliver is a great way to receive a full grip from finishing off an opponent. Highly recommended.

Diffusion Sliver is a nice little defensive Sliver that I think you'd enjoy.

Horned Sliver is reasonably cost and gives your army trample, which can be very handy.

Frenetic Sliver is one that took a while to win me over, but if you're facing down a Merciless Eviction on the stack, a 50% chance to keep your army doesn't sound so bad, honestly. Either way, you tend to win out since your creatures being binned, rather than in the exile zone, is better for a Patriarch's Bidding.

For card draw, Rhystic Study isn't bad. Seedborn Muse is ridiculous with Sliver Overlord: You get to untap your lands, tutor Quick Sliver, and then remind everyone in your play group why Prophet of Kruphix was banned.

Cryptolith Rite is perfectly reasonable to run as it gives you 3 copies of the most vital creatures in the deck for establishing board presence. Chromatic Lantern is going to be a necessity on a budget mana base. Burgeoning is extremely good ramp, and can take the sting out of ETB tapped lands, if you run them, since you'll untap with so much more mana at your disposal. Mana Echoes is absurd, even without Sliver Queen.

The best cards for Sliver Overlord would be Intruder Alarm and Paradox Engine, since they allow you to pull all of your Slivers out of your library, should you so choose, and easily finish an opponent off with Psionic Sliver during the untaps. I explain this synergy in my deck's description, but Overlord + 4 Slivers, one of which must be Gemhide/Manaweft = Grab all the Slivers you want.

Hope this helps. I can offer mana base recommendations, too, but it'd probably be easier to wait until you show what you have.

LVL_666 on The Queen's Egg

3 weeks ago

Delta-117, iconic masters would be a great opportunity to see a reprint of Sliver Legion, but I think it may be too early to get our hopes up. If anything, I think it'd be a great opportunity to branch out and acquire some of the more popular "traditional" creatures in Magic. Personally, I want to build a Dragon themed commander deck and from what I recall Commander 2017 will feature one. Can't wait to pick it up.

Regarding your trade agreement for Sliver Queen and Sliver Legion with your friend, I would be weary of your arrangement. According to StarCityGames, the Mirrodin release for Chalice of the Void runs for about $70 - $80 (source) while Sliver Queen runs for about $40 (source) and Sliver Legion goes for about $37 - $40 (source). Since you're acquiring and trading two Chalices for the Slivers you'd be paying roughly $80 more than you should be. You should reassess your trade and ask for more in return.

SaberTech on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

3 weeks ago


I dunno, I think the near monthly Sliver Overlord vs. Sliver Queen comments that pop up give the Kaalia and Geist comments a run for their money.

Delta-117 on The Queen's Egg

3 weeks ago

I should soon before too long be getting my own copy of Sliver Queen and Sliver Legion (and some stuff for a modern deck) as part of a trade. That friend of mine I mentioned earlier has decided he is going to part with these slivers as he already sold off his sliver commander deck about a year ago as he never got to play it much and was just losing a bit of interest in the format previously. I'm going to be buying him 2 Chalice of the Void that he needed for modern, once I soon get my store credit for selling some cards mostly from standard and a couple from mm2017.

Once I have these I need to just focus on lands to upgrade my rather budget mana base.

iAzire on Reserve list ending??

3 weeks ago

Don't play with my emotions. Foil/Masterpiece ABUR Duals? Foil Sliver Queen?

I hate that list!! It's not like any cards I buy today hold any real value...prices always drop, it's just the way it works.

IrishMidgetMan on Parallel Lives + Anointed Procession ...

4 weeks ago

Say I have Sliver Queen, Parallel Lives, and Anointed Procession on the field. I activate Sliver Queen. Do the effects of Parallel Lives and Anointed Procession bounce off each other infinitely? Key words for both being "If an effect would put tokens onto the battlefield..."

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