Kindred Dominance


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) None

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Kindred Dominance


Choose a creature type. Destroy all creatures that are not the chosen type.

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Kindred Dominance Discussion

Will_Of_Ulamog on Welcome to Azir's Sandbox Game

1 day ago

That's a great idea Crivaro; indeed, it can be useful, espacialy against Kindred Dominance which I often see when I'm playing with my friends who are as*holes. Appreciated

Shimtalia on Bite Me, Harder Baby

2 days ago

After a few months of trading and acquiring, here are the changes to the deck:

Out - Final Punishment, Kheru Bloodsucker, Shadowcloak Vampire, Skeletal Vampire, Stoneforge Masterwork, and Viscera Seer

In - Bloodline Necromancer, Bishop of the Bloodstained, Deathless Ancient, Kindred Dominance, Patron of the Vein, and Sanctum Seeker

Not much of a gameplan change, just some upgrades and trying new folk out from C17 and Ixalan

bushido_man96 on "This'll be a night you never forget!"

3 days ago

I think you could use more card draw. Phyrexian Arena would be a good choice, and so would Arguel's Blood Fast  Flip. Greed is another option. I think you could also use some more mass board wipes, and in black you could pull off In Garruk's Wake and Plague Wind, or Kindred Dominance. Those are three board wipes that allow you to keep your board state, which is so great with a token strategy. Nim Deathmantle might be better than Whip of Erebos. I also think that Olivia Voldaren is better than Olivia, Mobilized for War, unless you have some synergistic stuff going on with her.

I think I would pull New Blood. Nice flavor, but I don't think its worth it. Since you're running Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, you should run Filth, too. And if you want a backup to Urborg, Blanket of Night is good. I think I'd dump Rakdos Charm, too. Usually good against token strategies, but you are running a bit of one yourself.

Maybe take out Debt to the Deathless and Feast of Blood and add in Boros Signet, Rakdos Signet, and Orzhov Signet, which ever you feel the need for more. Swords to Plowshares over Go for the Throat.

How does Well of Lost Dreams work for you? You have lots of life loss effects going on, so if it works well, then stick with it. If you find yourself tapped out most of the time that you would want to use it, then a more straightforward card draw engine or another mana rock might work out better.

Have you thought about the Exquisite Blood and Sanguine Bond combo? You're running half of it...

I hope that helps some. I love the vampire tribal theme, so I hope you get it working for you.

NiTRoBoX on The Vampire Bloodlines

1 week ago

RingoDingo92 thanks for the suggestion, I'll try it out, I have also made some changes, thought I don't have all those cards yet, will buy next time have some money to spend heh..
I do think it is much better now but I'll think about some more and will be happy to hear any suggestions/criticism on this, toastySmorc, Erich_Zann what do you think?
I do want to include Kindred Dominance but not sure how.. eh..

NiTRoBoX on The Vampire Bloodlines

1 week ago

toastySmorc thanks for the +1 :) I wasn't on the pc, but I checked your deck on my phone.
I don't want to be focused on tokens sacrifice too much, I use Drana's Emissary as I wanted some more creatures with flying plus her ability gives me life no matter what and it can work with Well of Lost Dreams or pay for cards like Phyrexian Arena.
I played a game yesterday 1vs1, vs selesnya tokens deck and this card actually saved me because of the life gain effect, and I won the game. But I agree this is far from being a good card.

I don't really like Bloodghast and as Erich_Zann mentioned its a good sac source but beside that I prefer something else, if Edgar gave a vampire token for each time a vampire non-token creature enters the battlefield then it will be a must have but it would be way too OP.. heh
Also the price on that card is too high $20 I prefer to get something more useful for that money.. :\
About Sorin I'm still not sure about either of them, need to test and see, the one you mentioned is good as his +1 is a card draw, and his -x is good vs other planewalkers. It isn't a bad card in general, but yes as I said need to test more.
Westvale Abbey  Flip is good land for such a deck in general, as it is an easy flip, in terms of flavor you can easily think of it as a dark god of the vampires or something, as he is a Demon Prince.
Contagion Engine didn't have a chance to play it yet, but I have it as sort of Black Sun's Zenith, sure for 6 cmc the sun will do -4/-4 but this will also be on my creatures, and I do have some small creatures and the tokens are 1/1.

Erich_Zann, I don't use Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond as my group of play doesn't really like infinity combos.
Boros Charm might be an option didn't thought about this one. But its quite hard to anticipate a board wipe '..
I use Harsh Mercy as Kindred Dominance quite high CMC. But it surely can be a good finisher, will get a copy of it for sure for anycase.
I will get a copy of Ashnod's Altar to try it out but I don't really like Eldrazi Monument for it I will need to be more token oriented for sure. I do have a copy of Mavren Fein, Dusk Apostle I will see how to put him in, and I can't get Legion's Landing as it out of stock in the shop I buy, thought I was going to include it.
Wanted to say thanks again for the comments and suggestions really appreciate it guys. :)

Erich_Zann on The Vampire Bloodlines

1 week ago


Gifted Aetherborn is a great card, even in EDH. Bloodghast is good to use as a sac fodder, but his haste ability doesn't trigger until an opponent is at 10 life and can't block, so he isn't as useful in EDH as he is in other formats.

If he needs more sac outlets then I agree that Ashnod's Altar is a great choice. He should also play Eldrazi Monument. Sac a token, +1/+1 Flying, Indestructible. Why wouldn't you.

My personal opinion is why play cards that make you gain life if you're not playing the Sanguine Bond+ Exquisite Blood infinite combo? Gaining life just becomes unnecessary. You also need more protection spells. Boros Charm is a great card. Rootborn Defenses isn't bad either. A board wipe spell for Tribal I'd recommend is Kindred Dominance. It's 7 cmc, sure, however, it will work in your deck.

Kedvesem on Edgar Markov Vampires

1 week ago

In my experience, I am rarely the one who wants to wrath, and Kindred Dominance was just too high on the curve for me. I have been playing Edgar for a little bit, and I have found that I want to run as low to the ground as I can. Draw is definitely what you need, and I would cut some of your more expensive vampires for it, like Skeletal Vampire or Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief for it. For me, for a vampire to cost 4+ he has to do something amazing.

LVL_666 on Return to Slivers EDH

1 week ago

SaltySpecula, I don't think WilkerWilker here is going for combo, or a midrange Sliver deck though. I think they want something strictly Aggro...I mean...they didn't really put much into their deck description (hint, hint) so all we really have to go off of are just the cards they selected, most notably their choice of General. So here are some more suggestions I just thought up:

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