Kindred Dominance


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2017 (C17) None

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Kindred Dominance


Choose a creature type. Destroy all creatures that are not the chosen type.

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Kindred Dominance Discussion

Darkshadow327 on Iname "3 creature deck"

1 week ago

Cabal Coffers is a nice land.

Vraska's Contempt, Hero's Downfall, Doom Blade, Victim of Night, and Go for the Throat is good removal.

Kindred Dominance is good for your spirits. Bontu's Monument and other cards like it would be good as well.

MagicZ on Pirate treasure hunt

2 weeks ago

some suggestions, that still help you stay within our league 50$ constraint

Command Tower Dismal Backwater Izzet Guildgate Jwar Isle Refuge Dimir Guildgate Brass's Bounty Treasure Cruise Sol Ring Storm the Vault Chaos Warp Negate Coastal Piracy Ponder

Some fun cards for when we get 20$ of upgrades Kindred Dominance Insurrection Toxic Deluge

Darkshadow327 on Dance of Pales [EDH]

3 weeks ago

I would say Tithe for Land Tax, since it it is a guarantees land drop every turn.

Nameless Inversion for Kindred Dominance.

It's all up to preference but I would say Fire Covenant or Stromkirk Condemned for Harsh Mercy.

Falkenrath Gorger for Patriarch's Bidding (honestly gorger is better in a deck with discard shenanigans).

Darkshadow327 on Dance of Pales [EDH]

3 weeks ago

Cathars' Crusade is definitely a must, it pairs so well with the tokens Edgar makes! Whip of Erebos and Campaign of Vengeance are good ways to take advantage of attacking. Authority of the Consuls and that other one (totally just had a brain fart LOL). Blind Obedience, that's the one!

Kindred Dominance, Harsh Mercy, and Patriarch's Bidding are awesome ways to take advantage of tribal.

If you want any more ideas I have my own Edgar Markov deck.

Lord Markov Rules Here (EDH Tribal Series #4)

Commander / EDH Darkshadow327


Gadianten on Divine Machinations (Cleric Tribal)

3 weeks ago

Thanks electromancer for the comments I always appreciate an outside eye for critiquing the deck. I have run Cover of Darkness from time to time and found its usually better in aggressive builds, encourage card draw, but its always one of those cards that never seems to quite make the cut but I always like what it could potentially do. Were I to add it I would probably replace Bitter Ordeal but I am still testing that card.

Harsh Mercy seems on the surface to be a good pick but the problem is I typically play multiplayer so a total of four creature types will be exempt and odds are pretty slim I will actually kill what I really needed removed. Kindred Dominance or Toxic Deluge would probably be suited to my needs for filling in removal duty, although I don't know how I missed that one when I used to play tiny leaders.

True Conviction is a test card currently, I have it in as part of a suite of enchantments to use with Academy Rector depending on the situation it seems like it could be a high impact card. The theory is that it will make a difference by giving me an edge on any defensive blocking and forcing opponents to make unfavorable blocks when my humble 2/2's can hit for four, also the life gain is definitely useful and nightmarish if I have Archangel of Thune out. However, it still needs to be tested and if found lacking I would probably swap it out Cover of Darkness.

Custodi Lich is mainly in here because he tends to net me 2-4 cards is a 4/2 blocker/attacker and sticks it to someone else. Currently the best gotcha moment I have had with it is when a player managed to get a turn two The Gitrog Monster out and nobody had a response, I play my second land for the game and proceeded to cast Custodi Lich using Mana Vault... the laughter at the table man... While he does not work with the reanimation schemes of the deck I don't think I can really replace him unless I find another fairly reliable source of card draw while keeping cleric count up. If they would just print an etb Human Cleric with card draw...

SufferFromEDHD on Black Demon Tribal

3 weeks ago

Decided I was going to build mono black demon tribal. Found this list for a template. Great looking deck! I only have 3 simple but obvious suggestions for you:

Archfiend of Despair so evil, strong and on theme. Worthy of the main board.

Kindred Dominance one sided.

Patriarch's Bidding strong tribal reanimation.

ygor_gs on Gisa & Geralf's Evil Zombies (GGEZ)

1 month ago


Your deck looks like very good, I also have a Gisa and Geralf Commander deck and I like it a lot. So, I can give some suggestion based in the deck that a use:

nephiroth on Yuriko Uzumaki

1 month ago

aznb01777 Kindred Dominance would be nice but i wont have probably every time conspiracy effect on board :( so after i get my hands on Yuriko i will do some play tests with friends and ofc I will get u know how fun this deck after release!

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