Necrotic Sliver


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Premium Deck Series: Slivers (PDS) Uncommon
Planar Chaos (PLC) Uncommon

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Necrotic Sliver

Creature — Sliver

All Slivers have ", Sacrifice this permanent: Destroy target permanent."

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Necrotic Sliver Discussion

Enral on Your Pain is My Gain: My Gain is Your Pain

3 weeks ago

Gottsplitter: Hey...thanks for the feedback and suggestions. I've actually dabbled on/included the cards you've suggested at one point but decided to not include them due to my deck direction (casual big mana life-drain). Most of my decks are around 75% so I'm hoping to make this more casual on a higher curve with pet cards (that I usually don't play in 75% decks) like Rise of the Dark Realms and Blood Tribute.

  • Oversold Cemetery: The problem I see with this card is that I want instant speed access to my gy to perform a bunch of shenanigan that same turn. This card essentially does nothing the turn it comes in and I have to wait a turn for it to get a creature back to my hand. Cards like Haunted Crossroads might be suboptimal at first but it does synergize with Grim Haruspex to allow me to recur my creatures multiple times a turn.

  • Ranger of Eos: I don't run too many 1 drops to warrant the inclusion...I do run Recruiter of the Guard which is fantastic.

  • Necrotic Sliver: Not really a fan of having to spend 3 mana and it's hard to reuse multiple times a turn. For me, it's all about ETB/LTB abusable value.

Gottsplitter on Your Pain is My Gain: My Gain is Your Pain

3 weeks ago

Hi Enral

I like your take on Athreos, God of Passage. I build mine with a low curve and lots of drain effects as well. Though I intentionally did'nt include the loops and infinites in mine, I saw some pretty cards that I did'nt think off in your deck and included them in mine.

Did you thought about Oversold Cemetery for recursion or Ranger of Eos for tutoring?

Also a Bontu the Glorified could fit in well with its drain, card draw and saccing ability.

Another suggestion which worked great in mine is Necrotic Sliver as a creature based removal.

For more possible inspiration here's my decklist Athreos - A Matter of Life and Death. I'd appreciate if you could give me some suggestions as well...

Greetings Gottsplitter

_Kane_ on Sliver Overlord

1 month ago

Hey, LVL_666 My goal with the Sliver deck was to have a highly synergystic creature combo deck that wins by attacking with creatures for obscene, unblockable, sliver damage. This will be done by amassing a steady stream of creatures, stealing my opponents creatures, and playing enough mana ramp/fixing to ensure early access to my commander, Sliver Overlord. On my immediate buy list is Heart Sliver, Necrotic Sliver, and Gemhide Sliver. These are clearly keystones. Any advice or general knowledge you care to impart? I am here to learn!

PookandPie on Deck does not contain a lapdance

2 months ago

I've had Sliver Overlord built for a few years. I started out with a budget build (in all except the mana base, because I already had the duals/fetches), so I feel like I can help you out given what I've tried over the past 2-3 years. For reference, my deck is here: Za Warudo! (Sliver Overlord Aggro).

Cryptolith Rite is pretty reasonable in Slivers as you run a fair number of 1 drops. T1 Galerider or first strike Sliver into Rite is a pretty strong opening play, especially considering how many of your lands ETB tapped.

I'd also recommend adding around 4 more lands and possibly Burgeoning. I playtested this deck to get a feel for it, and five tests in a row I wasn't able to play Overlord until turn 6 or later in any of those cases because I continually missed land drops, and with a large number of the lands entering tapped, it slowed the deck down even a turn further. In any event, a lot of your lands ETBing tapped doesn't hurt so badly when you dump out a large number of them early, and Burgeoning would let you untap with 4 lands on your second turn fairly easily. In any case, 32 lands is the same number I run in my Arcum and Breya decks, which have a waaaaaay lower curve and lots more accelerators (like 15-20 ramp cards so I can play things out on turns 2-4)

Potential land inclusions:

Exotic Orchard. Cheap, but very powerful. Unless your meta is full of monocolored decks, this land tends to be reasonable for entering untapped. Similarly, Fellwar Stone is a nice 2 mana rock with the same ability that comes down a turn earlier than most of your other mana rocks. Opal Palace is kind of trashy, maybe try Orchard over it?

Forbidden Orchard is under $5, enters untapped, and all it does is give opponents 1/1 tokens. Typically not that big of an issue, especially in multiplayer.

Slivers that I've found invaluable over the years:

Hibernation Sliver is a real MVP. Paying 2 life to save one of your important creatures is incredible and hardly a cost, at all. I love bouncing Overlord back to hand with a Clone on the stack (because you know they're just going to try and steal your overlord), and it can protect a portion of your board state from exile wipes, and more. During grindy games, it is one of the Slivers I go for quite a lot of the time. I think it would do you more good than Ghostflame Sliver, since you're not even running the All Is Dust that combos with that card.

Frenetic Sliver is also quite good. Use its ability with a board wipe on the stack and it's a 50/50 chance to keep a Sliver you otherwise would not have been afforded the opportunity to keep. I'd run that over Unexpected Results, which has always just seemed like a bad card and a way to waste 4 mana in the game (considering you can tutor any Sliver for 3 mana + its casting cost, guaranteed).

Necrotic Sliver. Not having it is a mistake. Repeatable, instant speed, no-restrictions removal is huge in Commander and lets you bust up combos like none other. Losing a Sliver or two can make the difference between losing and staying in a game. Highly recommended. Popping Bruna with her trigger on the stack is hilarious, for example (or in response to equipping Boots or Greaves).

DarkStarStorm on RB's Modern Sliver Deck

2 months ago

4x Collected Company instead of some of your high drop slivers.

-3x Virulent Sliver Why are you trying to win through normal damage AND infect. Any player will tell you that it's a counter-intuitive thing to do.

+1 Galerider Sliver: You want to be seeing one of these every game in almost every matchup.

-2x Manaweft Sliver 8 copies is absolutely insane. You're going to be flooded way too often considering that your average curve isn't that high.

Necrotic Sliver What is your plan against Ensnaring Bridge, Ghostly Prison, and combo pieces like Gideon of the Trials (some builds of Ad Nauseam)?

herringtonr on Sliver Invasion

3 months ago

I see this quite often and it kinda makes me sad. The strongest part of Slivers is the fact that they can be 5 colors so well in every format they are legal in, and without having all 5 colors the slivers become weaker than they should be. Cards like Blur Sliver, Leeching Sliver, Syphon Sliver, Necrotic Sliver, Darkheart Sliver, and a few of the lords are locked off to you without having black and/or red.

herringtonr on You guys like swarms of things, right?

3 months ago

Personally, in my sliver deck, I chose to get rid of Striking Sliver and Necrotic Sliver in favor of Leeching Sliver since it makes your attacks much more deadly if you get a swarm. Also found that 1 Sliver Legion in mainboard can be a game winner by itself. I would also have to recommend Warping Wail as a counter spell for board wipes and it helps get rid of some threats such as Noble Hierarch and Dark Confidant. Also, this is just personal preference but Telekinetic Sliver can be good as a 1 of in the sideboard to keep your opponent mana locked while you build up your slivers.

gnelson56 on Sliver modern

3 months ago

Add Mutavault and move to shock lands with Swamps in them Godless Shrine, look into Verdant Catacombs also with mana fixing

I'd also look into getting 4 of each sliver lord Sedge Sliver Predatory Sliver and Sinew Sliver, works great for extra damage with Collected Company or Aether Vial

Most games I play with mine, I've main boarded 4 Necrotic Sliver and 3 Diffusion Sliver, it makes removal a breeze for you and almost impossible against your opponent.

Blur Sliver is also a great addition, combos with Manaweft Sliver to drop your hand and/or swing hard

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