Necrotic Sliver


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Premium Deck Series: Slivers Uncommon
Planar Chaos Uncommon

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Necrotic Sliver

Creature — Sliver

All Slivers have ", Sacrifice this permanent: Destroy target permanent."

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Necrotic Sliver Discussion

Novisius on Anti-Sliver Slivers

1 day ago

switching gears somewhat, this is a very good deck and i would enjoy playing against it greatly and i genuinely appologize if it appears otherwise or like i am trying to tear it down, what i am trying to do is help build it up by trying to piont out possible flaws or 'chinks' in its armor. but the Necrotic Sliver ability can be countered with Diffusion Sliver, and you could be potentially be milled with Screeching Sliver

TheWrongBunny on Anti-Sliver Slivers

1 day ago

Novisius my point still stands that another of my slivers could easily sacrifice itself to destroy the Necrotic Sliver. Also as a response to Harmonic Sliver just play the Simic Charm to give all permanents hexproof for the turn it comes out.

Novisius on Anti-Sliver Slivers

1 day ago

TheWrongBunny an interesting game it would be yes, but Necrotic Sliver would be instead used to destroy your non-sliver permanents such as Swiftfoot Boots or lands.

TheWrongBunny on Anti-Sliver Slivers

1 day ago

Novisius while Necrotic Sliver is good, it is its own downfall, since it gives all slivers that ability one of the slivers in my deck can do the same and kill off necrotic when you destroy mine at the same time. Constricting Sliver relies on the deck not using its draw power to get Swiftfoot Boots so again is a good move but has its counter. as for Quilled Sliver it wont affect my slivers and I can just give Darksteel Plate to any of the other creatures to keep them alive. There are other ways to deal with them in the deck but that was the first thing that came to mind. Also with the Crystalline Sliver, that was in the deck but I took it out as per some comments above, it is a bit of a double edged sword as your slivers gain shroud too. So with that in mind, it will come down to who can draw what they need first, either way it would be an interesting game.

Happymaster19 on Abzan Seance

1 week ago

I agree with the comment or on Reveillark. I almost wish it were Sun Titan but then I think you just have the wrong deck at that point. It sort of counterintuitive to the idea of filling the graveyard. About half your creatures you can't even get back. The more I think on it, the more I like Necrotic Sliver. I like the idea of using Seance as a grindy control engine and blowing up any permanent every turn is bananas. That said, Fulminator Mage has a part in that. Ever played Wasteland with Crucible of Worlds in Legacy? OP. Seance Fulminator Mage is close.

Dennis14 on Abzan Seance

1 week ago

Wall of Omens generates card advantage and is a good blocker (also for Seance'ing back on the opponent's turn).

Mainboard Fulminator Mage might be a good idea though it strikes me as more of a SB card (only "Living End" decks run it in the maindeck).

Sure Thragtusk is better but it is 5-mana compared to Aven Riftwatcher/Kitchen Finks 3-mana so it occupies a different slot on the curve and I don't want to run multiple 5-drops that can slow the deck down even more (it is rather slow already).

Abrupt Decay in the MD over Thoughtseize might be a good idea and I consider making the switch.

In my opinion Reveillark is about the best creature you can pair with Seance as with it's LtB ability it can bring back 2x other creatures (Eternal Witness/Wall of Omens/Satyr Wayfinder/Aven Riftwatcher/Fulminator Mage/Pack Rat etc.).
Liliana, the Last Hope is good too but I need more creatures for Seance so PW's seem less fitting.

I'm probably going to replace Reclamation Sage with Qasali Pridemage as it is better without an immediate target (as a 2/2 exalted creature) and is easier to get in the GY.
Harmonic Sliver is much worse, first it is only a 1/1 and second it's ability isn't a "may" so without an actual target it can destroy my Seance.

Necrotic Sliver seems interesting though the ability is rather expensive to use.

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