Snow-Covered Mountain

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Alchemy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Arena Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Gladiator Legal
Highlander Legal
Historic Legal
Historic Brawl Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Pioneer Legal
Planechase Legal
Pre-release Legal
Premodern Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Standard Legal
Standard Brawl Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Snow-Covered Mountain

Basic Snow Land — Mountain

: Add .

Master_J on All Loot

1 month ago

OUT: Tree of Tales, Seat of the Synod, Great Furnace, Forest, Island, Mountain

IN: 2x Snow-Covered Forest, 2x Snow-Covered Island, 2x Snow-Covered Mountain

I saw the artifact lands on EDHRec and was looking for more land. Didn't realize Loot, the Key to Everything doesn't count types among your lands.

So I got "Rec'ed" and took them out to get a few snow basics in, hopefully to help enable Field of the Dead easier.

Rasaru on Davros, Dragon's Approach

7 months ago

Minor changes include:

Snow-Covered Mountain -> Flamekin Village (Hasty dragons are nice, but this can also be political)

Fiery Inscription -> Worldfire (Fiery Inscription is excellent, but makes it almost too easy. Going add alt win, Worldfire + Spellweaver Helix combo)

Notorious Throng -> Spellweaver Helix (Tokens are nice, but this is more on theme and goes toward the Worldfire + Spellweaver Helix combo)

Profet93 on Imodane’s Flames

10 months ago

Bro I can't believe I'm talking to that_dude33, that dude is famous! All jokes aside....

Snow-Covered Mountain + Skred

Radiate for shits and giggles? Nice vindicate or removal spell you got there, pal.

Alearin on Magda of the Maskwood [[Guide]] Updated for MKC

1 year ago

After looking over, thinking about, and testing the cards in LTR and LTC below are the 5 changes I have made to the deck. After several sets of no changes we are almost overwhelmed with additions. There have been 4 made to the main deck and 1 to the maybe.

1. Mines of Moria added. Snow-Covered Mountain removed. Mines of Moria will almost always come in untapped and has the upside of being able to get two treasure for us in a pinch.

2. Gimli of the Glittering Caves added. Dwarven Recruiter removed. While Dwarven Recruiter is a situationally good card, I don't often find myself short of dwarves in this build of the deck. For 3 mana I would rather have a dwarf that can get me 3 treasures on a swing then one that will guarantee my next few draws are dwarfs.

3. Gloin, Dwarf Emissary added. Dwarven Thaumaturgist removed. This is a straight upgrade. Gloin will make a treasure in response to about 33% of the current deck build being cast. In general that has been 2 or 3 extra treasures per game that I can use to keep something big and scary away from me or to speed up my game plan as needed.

4.Cavern-Hoard Dragon added. Steel Hellkite removed. Steel Hellkite is removal, but situational and generally uses one of the precious Magda, Brazen Outlaw activations to get it out so is obvious and can be planned around. Cavern-Hoard Dragon is a bomb whether you draw it mid/late and play it for 3-4 mana and then swing to get 5-6 treasure or you bring it out with Magda, Brazen Outlaw to block and then swing with it on your turn to get all you treasures back. In my testing this card has by far generated me the most Treasure, due to the artifact heavy meta I play in.

1. Spiteful Banditry: I debated putting this in the main deck, there is 1 thing that kept it out. The worst sentence to see on a card in Magic, in my opinion, "This ability triggers only once each turn". If that wasn't on this card it is an auto include variable boardwipe that gives me treasures for killing my opponents creatures. As it stands the best case scenario is to play it when you have no creatures out or the creatures with the highest toughness and wipe your opponents board and get 1 treasure. There might be metas this is more useful in, which is why it was included in the maybe section. I doubt I will ever slot it into the main deck; unless, I am completely misunderstanding the card, since at most 1 treasure per opponent's turn seems unlikely and slow.

Rasaru on BANE! (Maraxus voltron)

1 year ago

How has the deck been playing recently? Any weaknesses to note?

I absolutely love this deck list, but have a couple of questions and/or suggestions for you.

A. It looks like you have a total of 16 instants/sorceries. Do you ever have an issue with producing treasures with Storm-Kiln Artist? It's an excellent card, but I'm unsure (since I haven't played this list) that you would get enough value here. In it's place you could play something fun like Kazuul's Toll Collector or something that helps you cheat equip costs like Brass Squire. Imagine paying only 3 mana to play a creature, then immediately attaching 3-4 equipment to it for free! lol

B. Although I've played my share of Nettlecyst, I think you have some better options here. It has the opportunity to pump your commmander a great deal, if you're able to take advantage of your treasure generation and get some equipment on the battlefield. But what happens when you play this after all your artifacts get destroyed or exiled? I think in the long term, you'd get more value out of Sword of Forge and Frontier and/or The Reaver Cleaver. The sword costs the same, provides protection, card advantage and has the ability to pump your commander by playing additional lands. While the Reaver Cleaver is not only on theme, but helps put treasures back onto the battlefield, pumping your commander and progressing your Hellkite Tyrant alt win-con strategy.

C. I have some suggestions on your landbase

Great Furnace -> Snow-Covered Mountain - "2008-04-01: A permanent that’s more than one of these types (such as an artifact creature) counts only once." So an artifact land would only pump Bane by 1/1. Ditch this land for another snow-covered mountain to increase your chances of utilizing Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle in the mid/end game.

Darksteel Citadel -> Snow-Covered Mountain - See above comment

Sokenzan, Crucible of Defiance -> Snow-Covered Mountain - I appreciate that this can make blockers (Bane should be the only attacker you care about), but cards like Bedlam make them irrelevant. Let's add a snow-mountain to continue to improve our Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle potential.

Cathedral of War -> Command Beacon - Bane is going to be a target. Why bust treasures, when you can just send him to your hand and cast him for way less.

Bonders' Enclave -> Valakut Awakening  Flip - besides your commander (who is going to be a major target), you only have 4 other creatures with 4+ power. You don't want to have to spend mana to equip something, just so you can turn around and spend 4 more mana, to draw a card. This mdfc offers at least 1 card, for 1 less (floor), which is already better.

D. While, Endless Atlas can stick around for awhile, I think (maybe) you might get more immediate value from Seize the Spoils. It's only once, and yes it's sorcery speed, but you get 2 cards immediately, 2 treasures to pump Bane, and can feed your graveyard, giving Goblin Engineer and Goblin Welder more targets.

E. A fun card you could consider, and is a pet card of mine, is Surestrike Trident. It's so fun to watch people's faces when this hits the battlefield and they read what it does :D

eliakimras on Ur dragon, need recommendations

1 year ago

Hello! I saw your deck help tag and wanted to give some insight.

I don't run Miirym as commander, but I do have her in the 99 in Smashing Faces with the Ur-Dragon, and she always pushes me to victory whenever she's allowed to stick on the battlefield.

Some areas you might want to change to improve your consistency:

1 - Ramp

2 - Draw/Haste

3 - Removal/Boardwipes

4 - Protection

5 - Card draw

6 - Better threats

7 - Some utility lands you might want to run

Icbrgr on Igne Natura Renovatur Integra: The Inferno of Pan

1 year ago

This seems nice! Any thoughts on maybe putting in Snow-Covered Mountain and Scrying Sheets for some draw?... Skred could be a sideboard removal spell and Koth of the Hammer LOVES mountains!...Chandra, Torch of Defiance is another great top end consideration!

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