Sliver Legion


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Future Sight (FUT) Rare

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Sliver Legion

Legendary Creature — Sliver

All Sliver creatures get +1/+1 for each other Sliver in play.

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Sliver Legion Discussion

SaltyCaptain on Modern Slivers

3 hours ago

phycomizard I hear what you're saying about the Manaweft, but for me it feels bad. This format is all about quick wins, and for the 2 CMC imo it isn't worth it. At the very earliest, you get it out turn 2, and assuming you got a sliver out on turn 1 (or more than likely an Aether Vial?) then you only have 1 additional mana to use T2, and you can't tap the Manaweft Sliver until T3. Birds give me the option for any mana color T2, which I think is better because with the Manaweft you have to spend 2 mana to get the manaweft out on T2 for only 1 extra mana vs. having 2 lands out T2 with a Birds and then being able to play a 2 CMC sliver (many are above) or even 2 1CMC slivs and an Aether Vial. The Manaweft sliver has the advantage of gaining all buffs later on provided from his hivemind friends, but this deck (and format) is all about quick wins and should be tapping slivers for damage rather than mana, unless I'm going for a Sliver Hivelord or Sliver Legion drop ASAP, but those are more like flavor drops to me because they remind me of my main modern deck, Merfolk, which plays Master of Waves which is basically either an "I needed a better topdeck than this card" or an "I already have like 10 blue devotion and now I have 10 elementals to do a billion damage/block", which is usually a T4 or T5 swing for like 40 and just overkill. BUT I APPRECIATE YOUR SUGGESTIONS AND AM GOING TO order and/or playtest with them in to see how manawefts feel compared to birds, as T1 is difficult usually in the "do I play an Aether Vial or a Birds of Paradise first" which is a hard choice.

Darth_Savage on Modern Slivers

3 days ago

The two that stand out to me as missing are Two-Headed Sliver (menace) and Sedge Sliver (+1/+1 if you have a swamp), of the two Two-Headed is the more important to add, since if you wanted more, unconditional pumping you could use Metallic Mimic .

Eldritch Evolution could get you to the mana cost for Sliver Hivelord or Sliver Legion , which are modern legal, but are probably overkill. A more interesting plan would be Throne of the God-Pharaoh , you would need to cut Sentinel Sliver for it to make sense though...

Hope this was of help, have fun brewing your deck.

xaarvaxus on Sliver Overlord Commander Deck

4 days ago

I would say that Sliver Legion is very, very good and if you can find a way to afford it or trade for one, then, yes, include in the deck. Same for Sliver Queen . However, the cost of cards is a very real deal to a lot of people and quite honestly, you can play a sliver deck without them. You will be slightly less competitive but you can play the deck. If you do want to try and make funds/trades available for getting these cards, you have a suite that roughly duplicates the Legion ability so I'd pursue the Queen first.

96 does make a very good point in that your commander does a lot of tutoring so you will usually find yourself assembling the same suite of slivers [say that 10 times fast...] and the rest tend to be corner case utility or are filler. I don't think that means you don't need card draw, but you can probably cut down the number of slivers in the deck to get more utility/removal and then the card draw gets better because you'll be adding cards the Overlord doesn't go fetch. I'd trim some of the weaker slivers [Watcher, Steelform] for exile removal; Swords to Plowshares , Anguished Unmaking , Utter End , Return to Dust , Crush Contraband , etc. Commander is a format where stuff doesn't stay dead so relying on Necrotic for removal is a bit insufficient.

I also echo that I found Cryptic Gateway to be underwhelming, especially once I trimmed out stuff like Megantic Sliver and lowered the overall CMC of the deck.

Probably the best investment you could make for the deck is getting the full suite of shocklands Blood Crypt , Stomping Ground , etc. to make a more consistent manabase. 5 color commanders are uber $$$ that way. No point in buying a Queen if she just sits in your hand uncastable because you can't find a source of to save your life.

Verbatiam on WUBRG Sliver Artifact V6.0

1 month ago

Slivers is my pet archtype so appologies if I go a little overboard with this comment

Overall pretty good, got most of the good ones. I'd cut Metallic Sliver and Sliver Construct as they dont actually add anything to your sliver stradedgy aside from mooching off of your other slivers. I'd replace them with Manaweft Sliver and Bonescythe Sliver I'm assuming their is budget concerns, otherwise Sliver Sliver Queen and Sliver Legion would be auto includes
To be honest, cut all of your instants, they either are innefficient or wont do what you want e.g. Lightning Bolt doesn't kill much in commander and Dash Hopes almost never counters a spell, and when it does it means you would have rathered a card that did damage. Some potential good cards in each caatagorie you have represented are:


-Swan Song


-Out of Bounds


-Swords to Plowshares

-Crib Swap

-Beast Within

also one card thats really win more with slivers is Kindred Summons

I like your socereies more, some that I'd cut are Hive Stirrings because similarly to Metallic sliver they do actually contribute to slivers plans, Severed Strands is sorcery speed removal that loses you a sliver (which is something you really don't want to do in slivers), and Divest because single target hand hate just makes you enemies in commander and rarely hits anything thats worth that. Some good includes in this area are Kindred Dominance and Cultivate/Kodama's Reach
I combined these catagories because they speak to an overall subtheme you seem to have, both artifacts and the cat combo (Saheeli Rai and Felidar Guardian). Honestly I dont think there are enough artifacts to justify two artifact planeswalkers, and neither is really syenergistic with your deck I'd cut both and Guardian, if you want a Planeswalker I'd reccomend Xenagos, the Reveler as he both ramps and protects himself. If you want a two card combo I'd reccomend Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and Pestermite has they're more useful outside of the combo.

On the topic of Artifacts they can be really useful in a budget 5 colour deck as they work with whatever colours you happend to have out. Most of your artifacts are good, I'd just cut Hedron Archive and Tamiyo's Journal, the former because you really need coloured mana and the latter because its a really slow tutor and not very good source of cards. I'd recommend adding Commander's Sphere, Fellwar Stone, and Heartstone (Heartstone is especially good). If you find more space in the deck I'd also recommend signets for your major colours as they can convert 1 colour that you dont need to 2 that you do.

This section is really good, only card I dislike is Dictate of Karametra because it benefits your opponents as well in a deck where you don't really break parity on it (you opponents get as much benefit as you) and it costs double green. There are some really good enchantments you can run, highlights are Kindred Discovery, Unnatural Selection, and Training Grounds (again, decreasing the cost of your commanders abilities is insanly good)

All in all I really love the deck and it fills me with nostalga for my old Sliver deck (it was my first ever commander deck). Hope some of this helps and I'd be happy to talk about what I've said more (hope this isn't way to much)

Seventy7INa45 on Sliver Swarm

1 month ago

Hey! Sorry, was busy with some stuff when I up-voted and didn't have time to give my suggestions. My main thought is probably just personal preference in some ways - whenever I have had a deck with planeswalkers in edh, they usually only get 1 turn, 2 if you're lucky. Looking at the 2 you have, I don't see the benefit with their first 2 abilities. I would cut them.

Suggestions on things to add though. I think you could use more mana rocks. Cards like Coalition Relic, Fellwar Stone, and if you can spring for it a Chrome Mox. I'd also look at more land based ramp, like Nature's Lore and Farseek.

Sliver Legion is expensive, but I've had it hit the table and take control pretty quickly. Especially if your strategy is to go wide and hit often, he makes slivers super beefy. Coat of Arms does the same thing, but if you play against other tribal decks it might not be a good idea since it affects them too.

I think you should run the full set of shock lands. I would cut River of Tears personally, don't see it really giving you the mana fixing you need in 5c. You could also look at some of the filter lands. Cavern of Souls would be excellent, but is expensive. Something to work towards though.

Duke.Fleed on Hive Migration

1 month ago

Aether Vial and Ancient Ziggurat are both cards you might be interested in. Also, remember that legendary creatures are not good in multiples. So maybe consider cutting some of the copies of Sliver Legion and Sliver Hivelord. Lastly, modern is a very fast format, so maybe also consider lowering the average converted mana cost of your slivers by removing high costed cards like Psionic Sliver and putting in more low cost high impact cards like Sinew Sliver and Predatory Sliver

Valengeta on Budget Slivers

2 months ago

My advice is to stick with a White and Green deck, you have the base slivers there like Sinew Sliver, Muscle Sliver, Brood Sliver, Horned Sliver, Bonescythe Sliver, Gemhide Sliver, Ward Sliver, Might Sliver, Manaweft Sliver, Essence Sliver and Sidewinder Sliver there, plus some more but these are the greatest ones for me. With them you can splash more colors to use Crystalline Sliver, Necrotic Sliver, Sliver Queen, Sliver Legion, Sliver Overlord and Sliver Hivelord, which are the ones with most value in my opinion outside Selesnya colors, although there are some good ones too in Blue and Red. Metallic Sliver is a good and cheap body but with no abilities of its own. Also get non-creatures spells that allow you to draw, tutor or fix your hand/deck for more creatures, as well as things to protect said creatures from boardwipes and individual kill spells. Check my sliver deck to get a more accurate idea of what I'm saying please Merciless Aliens

Saljen on Tap Out Walkers

2 months ago

Why not throw a random Sliver Legion in there to pump up the tokens that your commander makes? Won't always be relevant, but it will be extremely powerful when it is.

If the commander is just there for colors, Atraxa, Praetors' Voice would just drop red and be much more relevant to your Planeswalker theme. Proliferate works on Planeswalker loyalty counters.

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