Intruder Alarm


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Eighth Edition Rare
Stronghold Rare

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Intruder Alarm


Creatures don't untap during their controllers' untap steps.

Whenever a creature enters the battlefield, untap all creatures.

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Intruder Alarm Discussion

sepharus30 on Sweet Dreams

17 hours ago

Choosing a different format would help with feedback. Probably modern or casual? But Intruder Alarm might be a good call. Borrowing 100,000 Arrows helps with draws, Deathbringer Liege may help with destruction, King's Assassin may also work. Just some ideas.

Emzed on Competitive Azami EDH

5 days ago

Intruder Alarm can be risky, since your opponents benefit from it the same way. While it's very synergystic with your deck, cards like Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, Krenko, Mob Boss, Captain Sisay, Yisan, Wanderer Bard or Bloom Tender can easily spiral out of control if allowed to untap repeatedly. It might still be worth playing, but keep those risks in mind.

Kazernath on Token Upkeep

6 days ago

Awesome, thank you very much for the suggestions! I've been trying to shy away from infinite combos, however I will at least include Intruder Alarm.

I've been thinking of which spot removal I should include in here, so far I'm leaning towards enchantments such as Darksteel Mutation and Oblivion Ring to disable commanders, since any form of exile or destruction will allow them to be recast. I've also considered Imprisoned in the Moon for any permanent that it can target. All three cards work well with my Argothian Enchantress and Mesa Enchantress for card draw as well.

I know cards like Swords to Plowshares could be useful to remove all other creatures and unlike the previous three once it resolves the target can't come back.

Overall I'm thinking I may want 2 wraths (which I will now have) and possibly 3 spot removal cards (I'm thinking Swords, O-Ring and Imprisoned).

ROBERTMALMSTROM on Competitive Azami EDH

1 week ago

Intruder Alarm

Easily an auto-include. Can be ridiculous with just azami and scales with more wizards

Firebones675 on Token Upkeep

1 week ago

Looks good! Here are a couple catagories of cards I think you need more of though.

Board wipes: Sometimes the game gets out of hand and you just need a reset button to take care of the scary things your opponents are doing. I usually like 2-3 in my decks. Martial Coup also fits your token theme.

Creature removal: In almost every edh game you play, your opponents are going to cast creatures you need to get off the board, and fast.

Also not sure how you feel about infinite combos but you have a couple cards in your deck that are combo pieces like Presence of Gond and Splinter Twin

the combo piece you are missing is Intruder Alarm. (it's also good by itself with your commander since you can untap everything at will if you need to)

I don't think Midnight Guard is a good card by itself like alarm is, but that goes infinite too.

Presence of Gond+ Intruder Alarm=infinite tokens

Presence of Gond+ Sliver Queen+Intruder Alarm+ creatures that tap for a total of 2 mana also do it. ( if you add more creatures that tap for mana and can generate excess mana this way you create infinite mana in addition to infinite tokens)

Intruder Alarm also goes infinite with the Splinter Twin already in your deck. (Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker can be a second twin)

Both kiki and splinter twin also go infinite with Deceiver Exarch and Pestermite

Naosu on Saheeli's American Dream

1 week ago


Hey ! Thanks for the suggestion :)

That gonna sound good with Intruder Alarm, a little "lock Strategy". I like It ! Maybe add 2x Cryptic Command

Like i will do with Snapcaster, i gonna make tests with Intruder, i have 3 who drags in a binder

Thanks again for your suggestion :)

GasmanH2S2 on Saheeli's American Dream

1 week ago

have you tried Intruder Alarm? it is a infinite combo with Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker, and if you add in some more when enters the battlefield affects that might work out well.

bushido_man96 on Gisa and Geralf

1 week ago

Ok, dlamars, I have to thank you for posting the link to your deck. It gave me a few other ideas to look at. I was considering running Intruder Alarm in this deck, but thought otherwise as I would be untapping everyone's creatures when I bring in a zombie. But with the combo you mentioned with Ghoulcaller Gisa, that is not a bad trade at all! So its going in. I also need to figure out the other changes to make, and get this put together.

I think with Intruder Alarm going in, I can take out the Thornbite Staff. I also still need to fit in the Altars. I do believe I'll drop Noxious Ghoul, and I found another decent tutor to fit the deck: Noble Benefactor. Yes, it helps out the other players, but I can live with that at the budget price, and I have some on hand, and he synergizes with the sacrificing in the deck, so getting rid of him can be a same turn thing.

So, now the foundation is laid. I'll take any and all help with making the switches.

Thank you guys so far for all the help!

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