Snow-Covered Swamp

Basic Snow Land — Swamp

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Metroid_Hybrid on Let the Bodies Hit the Floor

2 months ago

A combination regular and Snow-Covered Swamps works too for FotD..

Elipson on Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow (1st CEDH deck)

3 months ago

Hi azja I just realized the issues with basic lands and Tainted Pact thank you for point this out!

I decided I will be building Yuriko turn two drop.

I will adjust the land accordingly and be adding the following.

City of Brass Snow-Covered Island Snow-Covered Swamp Shizo, Death's Storehouse

I feel 34 creatures is too many. Some of these creatures are place holders for now.

Which creatures do you see slowing down the deck?

Idoneity on Bring out your dead!

6 months ago

Just a note: Given the inclusion of Field of the Dead, it bids that the deck includes a variety of land names. As such, I would split the basics into both Snow-Covered and normal basics.

Moreover, I have my own suggestions beyond the intrinsic. Unfulfilled Desires is a splendid card that every Dimir deck should have within its grandeur.

Buried Alive and Entomb each find the best card in the deck, being Gravecrawler. To bin and back.

Best of luck brewing! If you care to peer upon it, I have my own macabre menagerie here: Consigned to the Graves

Fare thee well.

shadeslayerx22 on Bontu EDH deck

9 months ago

you're running Blood on the Snow, is there any disadvantage to running Snow-Covered Swamp?

StopShot on What's the minimal number of …

9 months ago

Cards: Glacial Crevasses, Snow-Covered Mountain.

I've had my eye on possibly running Glacial Crevasses in my EDH decks for quite some time now as I feel it makes an excellent combat deterrent. By having this card on the field the whole table knows I can completely negate an attack thrown at me even when tapped out which can help keep combat-oriented decks from wanting to waste their combat step on me.

The problem is this card only works if I have Snow-Covered Mountains. If I have none Glacial Crevasses means nothing to my opponent, if I have one Snow-Covered Mountain my opponents might try to fish me into sacking it and if I have three Snow-Covered Mountains my opponents will likely not bother with me until the game reaches a 1-versus-1 state.

This card is easier to run in mono-red decks, but I want to put it in 3-color decks which means I don't want to flood my entire manabase with Snow-Covered Mountains especially if I'm not going to draw into Glacial Crevasses certain games.

Additionally would you count fetch-lands towards your Snow-Covered Mountain count, such as Arid Mesa , Ash Barrens , Bloodstained Mire , Prismatic Vista , Scalding Tarn and Wooded Foothills? (My 3-color red decks usually run all 6 of these fetches just to color fix with Ravnica shock lands if needed.)

Also how good would you evaluate Unstable Frontier as a utility land? If I'm running Snow-Covered Forests, Snow-Covered Islands, Snow-Covered Plains or Snow-Covered Swamps, I can use Unstable Frontier to turn any of them into a Snow-Covered Mountain and as a color fixing source if I have too many Snow-Covered Mountains, but I don't know if it would be better to just use another Snow-Covered Mountain over it instead.

Lastly, should I run cards like Alpine Meadow, Highland Forest, Sulfurous Mire and Volatile Fjord? I already run all the Modern fetch-lands that could tutor for lands such as these, so I could hit them very consistently, but I don't like the fact they're tap-lands. Given I run only three colored decks I can only ever fit any of two of them at a time. Would they be worth an inclusion?

Thank you for your insight.

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