Sliver Overlord

Sliver Overlord

Legendary Creature — Sliver Mutant

: Search your library for a Sliver card, reveal that card, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

: Gain control of target Sliver. (This effect lasts indefinitely.)

Sliver Overlord Discussion

Lanzo493 on What’s your “dick move” moment?

2 weeks ago

Mine was in retaliation to what someone else did to me in a previous game of commander. He Mental Misstepped my turn 1 Sol Ring, which is understandable, and then Strip Mined my only land. I was mana locked for the rest of the game starting on turn 1. And he didn’t even feel bad about it. No apology or anything.

So in a later game, I was playing slivers. It was a pod of 3. Me, the guy I wanted to get back at, and this other person I really enjoyed playing with. This was before Prophet of Kruphix got banned. I had it in play and was playing lots of slivers. The guy I liked played Insurrection and was obviously going to kill me with it. I was a huge problem. But he didn’t have enough firepower to kill both of us. That was until I used Sliver Overlord to tutor and flash out a Bonescythe Sliver. If I was going down, I was gonna get my revenge. I caused the other guy to leave the tournament out of frustration.

Yeah, it was done purely out of spite. I normally don’t do that, but when people get arrogant with me, I don’t handle it well.

Doombeard1984 on All hail...The Overlord

2 months ago

So, I personally would build from scratch. The amount you would cut from that deck being offered is substantial. Now, with some of the expensive stuff I have, you can consider some alternatives for sure. Gaea's Will is similar to Yawgmoth's Will but much more budget friendly, and the aforementioned Patriarch's Bidding is now cheap as chips. For tutoring, Diabolic Tutor , Beseech the Queen , Mastermind's Acquisition and Gamble are but some of the cheaper tutor cards you can use. Liliana Vess is also an option. There are many options, just be aware of either higher cost, or potential downside. Of course, our commander Sliver Overlord is a tutor himself, which is very useful. With interaction, well I went heavy on counter magic, but there are a plethora or removal type spells. Joy of being in 5 colours. Utter End , Beast Within , Vindicate , even you basic Swords to Plowshares and Path to Exile offer you some interaction. I also like Akroma's Will as an alternative to Teferi's Protection . Can also double up as a win con. With the lands, whilst I do have a couple of OG duals and all the shocks, the bond lands (if your pod is 3 or 4) are all good. With fetches, you just need to make sure you have the land types on the card. Shocks are defo good. There was a couple lands in BFZ I think Canopy Vista that are fetchable, and in a pinch, triomes work. Otherwise, basics are ok too, but not ideal.

multimedia on Slivers

3 months ago

Hey, who's the Commander of your deck? That matters when you trying to restrict the budget.

There's four choices here Sliver Overlord , The First Sliver , Sliver Hivelord and Sliver Legion . In my opinion Overlord and First Sliver are better Commanders than Hivelord and Legion. First Silver is the least expensive price Commander option because it's been reprinted in Modern Horizons 2 meaning in the coming weeks it's going to go down in price even more. You have Hibernation Sliver and Quick Sliver which are busted with First Sliver when it's Commander.

If Overlord isn't the Commander than it's a fine cut to make due to the budget restrictions because Overlord is much less powerful when it's part of the 99 than when it's Commander. Using First Silver as Commander and cutting Overlord opens up a lot more budget for the rest of the deck such as adding Syphon Sliver to abuse Hibernation. Hivelord and Legion are good with First Sliver as Commander because with cascade you can get a lot of Slivers on the battlefield which both these help with attacking Slivers. If Sliver win condition combos are something you want to assemble then Overlord is the better Commander.

In the editor in the section where you can add cards to the decklist find the Sliver who's the Commander and type CMDR after it's text.

The First Sliver *CMDR*

Some budget Slivers upgrades to consider:

After you've chosen your Commander and if interested in any of these suggestions than I offer more advice including cuts to consider and budget manabase options. Good luck with your deck.

KITTYMANHunkGTI on Slivers of God

4 months ago

So, I've been thinking. I really want to try to take advantage of the second ability on Sliver Overlord , and I found Hivestone . I'm thinking to maybe try and give that to the opponent and steal all of their creatures, then either get Hivestone back, or copy it somehow and make the creatures I've stolen all Slivers too.

Doombeard1984 on Slivers of God

4 months ago

So I think first thing to do is decide the direction you want to go with Slivers. They are super versatile due to the Lords they have:

The first 3 are the mainly used commanders. Examples my deck is a toolbox/combo/control type deck. Therefore Overlord made sense to me, as the tutor ability means I can get the right sliver for the right occasion. You can go for a go wide strategy, a go big strategy, a much harder line combo strategy, there is plenty to choose from. I would do some research on decks that run at least the first 3 as their commanders and see which one takes your fancy. I think the other thing to consider is your budget. Slivers can be fairly expensive to build. As you see, the cost of Sliver Queen is high as is on the reserved list. Also, the mana base can be pricey. It can be done cheaply, at the cost of some efficiency. It has taken me years to build the deck up to what it is, so it is definitely a deck you can upgrade over time.

gwmort72 on Everything Tribal

4 months ago

Got to do some more playtesting. I had an incredibly fun time with this at my flgs last night. There is just so much to keep track of.

Went head to head with a sliver deck which was kind of awkward. He used more "all slivers..." type cards and I try to stick to the "slivers you control..." type which made it a little assymetrical.

He was using Sliver Overlord as his commander and started to steal my changelings, so I used Shapesharer to copy his commander and then use it to steal his commander (sending shapesharer to the graveyard due to the legend rule but leaving him without his commander and primary sliver tutor.

Jlong94 on Fractured identity combo time

4 months ago

Fractured Identity + Hivestone + Sliver Overlord as commander = steal every creature

Azielle on The Hive Mind Project

4 months ago

Thank you for the positive and constructive feedback Doombeard1984 :)

Like you, I initially crafted the list with Sliver Overlord at the helm. I liked the idea of having a powered down version available for friendly games with new pods. I find I'm slowly creeping power back into the deck. How can you not, slivers just seem to get more fun the better they work together. I'll likely pilot the deck with Overlord in the Zone when I'm with people I know, and when they're playing decks that can handle a higher power level.

I will very likely, for example, start sneaking counter magic back into the "Protection" category—which initially started out as a stack of counterspells and a Teferi's Protection . That's exactly the kind of confirmatory feedback I was looking for when I fired up this Hive Mind project; thank you. I'll start by throwing Fierce Guardianship back in later this evening, as each Commander is central to their respective combos.

Speaking of helpful ideas that I'll be reworking the curve to include, I knew there had to be something amazing out there for Spiteful Sliver . Blasphemous Act + Spiteful Sliver is exactly the type of flavour I wanted to find for this deck. I love it! That'll be going in as soon as I have a minute to rework my spreadsheet. I love how well Blasphemous Act works with Crypt Sliver as well. A one-sided board wipe for ? Yes, please.

Welcome to the Hive Mind Doombeard1984, and thank you for the strength and the spice that you and your All hail...The Overlord list have offered my brood!

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