Sliver Overlord
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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Premodern Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Custom Legal
Quest Magic Legal

Sliver Overlord

Legendary Creature — Sliver Mutant

: Search your library for a Sliver card, reveal that card, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

: Gain control of target Sliver. (This effect lasts indefinitely.)

TinyyTitan on Sliver Deck

3 weeks ago

Firstly, edited it to show my commander, didn't realize it wasn't shown, thanks! Then I was able to trim down to the right number of cards. 1. The World Tree is there for its second ability that grants all lands I control the ability to tap for any once I have 6 lands, so that color-specific mana is less of a worry. 2. I did get rid of Hivestone, thanks for getting my attention to it. 3. I think I'm gonna keep these for now, just because they are still lands and they give the potential for a lot of mana ramp, which can be used a lot to get things like Morophon, the Boundless out, as well as tutoring using Sliver Overlord. 4. I thought about this, but with this deck, If I were to get most of my library out (creatures, enchants, and artifacts mostly), then I would be able to swing out and win by combat dmg, or win in other ways such as Spiteful Sliver and Blasphemous Act, all while keeping my guys alive with Sliver Hivelord.

I really appreciate the criticism on this deck and please continue, I'd love to see how I can improve it!

ReticleMouse on Sliver, Slivers, Slivers and, uuhhhh, more Slivers

1 month ago

Swamprat1991 Thats too bad.. if you ever to get a Sliver Overlord make sure to also get an Amoeboid Changeling, its a great combo

Talmora on How to upgrade my Sliver

2 months ago

Synapse Sliver can help you get some more draw power so you are not 100% out of ammo.

Reflections of Littjara can also let you get a second copy of non-legendary slivers and stack up the stackable effects like Spiteful Sliver, Lavabelly Sliver, Second Ward Sliver to give protection to another color.

Swiftfoot Boots are a slightly different Lightning Greaves, but are hexproof instead of shroud which can give some protection to Sliver Overlord

Fuzzy003 on How to upgrade my Sliver

2 months ago

Unnatural Selection + Sliver Overlord let's you steal any targetable critter for and make other non-slivers slivers for a turn.

Standardize + Peer Pressure was another way to increase my sliver army.

RambIe on The first or The overlord

2 months ago

For the record
The First Sliver and Sliver Overlord are not interchangeable commanders
a deck that is built and tuned to cascade would be rendered almost useless with Sliver Overlord, and a deck thats designed to tutor out combos would almost always wiff with The First Sliver

now if its just a "good stuff" deck packed with every sliver you can find then any 5 color general can work and Sliver Overlord would definitely out perform The First Sliver
But in no way shape or form will Sliver Overlord ever be more powerful then The First Sliver
spending 3 extra mana to cast your sliver spells puts you behind & casting things for free puts you ahead. If your whiffing that's a tuning issue with your deck and has nothing to do with how powerful a card is

SteelSentry on The first or The overlord

2 months ago

Overlord also lets you tutor up Amoeboid Changeling and steal creatures, if you're interested in that. They're both pretty linear, but Sliver Overlord is going to search out and play your best slivers every game, where The First Sliver just randomly empties your deck onto the table.

RambIe on The first or The overlord

2 months ago

If the deck is tuned right The First Sliver drops 3-4 slivers to the battlefield for 4-5 cmc.
were Sliver Overlord in a sence is adding 3 cmc to all of your casting costs
For these reasons The First Sliver is the superior choice

AggroWithAShield on The first or The overlord

2 months ago


I picked up slivers 3 weeks ago and I've been wrestling with either playing The First Sliver or the Sliver Overlord as the commander.

They both have the same cmc and stats but on one hand Sliver Overlord can tutor any sliver from my deck which could tutor The First Sliver if need be and can also steal other slivers or take back a sliver that someone stole from me (probably not gonna happen but still). On the other hand The First Sliver has a descent chance of giving me a free card everytime I cast a sliver.

What would be the better choice ?

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