Venom Sliver


Format Legality
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 (M15) Uncommon

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Venom Sliver

Creature — Sliver

Sliver creatures you control have deathtouch. (Any amount of damage a creature with deathtouch deals to a creature is enough to destroy it.)

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Venom Sliver Discussion

PookandPie on The Glorious Hive

1 week ago

Intruder Alarm and Paradox Engine would be solid additions here. I'd remove Forcefield (this card doesn't really do a lot when you could just outright win for the same mana cost), and something else, maybe Tooth and Nail for them.

Intruder Alarm and Paradox Engine are excellent because Overlord + Gemhide/Manaweft + 3 other Slivers = Cast every single Sliver from your library. You just pay 3 to go grab Heart Sliver, cast him, untap your Slivers, and then continue casting until you're satisfied. I use Cautery Sliver as a decent sac outlet that also lets me just outright win once I play all the Slivers I want, play Queen, and then make all the tokens I want (with Alarm). And even better, if you don't want your opponents taking advantage of Alarm or anything like that, just destroy it with Hibernation Sliver.

The Aggravated Assault combo with Gemhide takes way more effort to set up (as you need at least 5 Slivers for mana production that don't attack and you have no way to give them vigilance in this deck as neither Sentinel nor Synchronous Sliver are present), so you need at least six Slivers on board for this to work, while Paradox Engine and Intruder Alarm let you go go infinite with 1 fewer Sliver (2 fewer if you have Heart Sliver out already as you can tutor your 1 drop Sliver). I see absolutely no reason why you'd abstain from these combos when Aggravated Assault takes more effort to set up, lol.

Other recommendations:

Frenetic Sliver. If you're going to suffer a board wipe, Frenetic Sliver is a nice one to have in play since he gives a 50/50 chance of keeping any single Sliver you have.

Venom Sliver is basically a better Toxic Sliver at this point at half the mana cost.

No Manaweft Sliver seems suspect. It's a solid addition.

Bonescythe Sliver is basically a better Fury Sliver.

Galerider Sliver is half the mana cost of Winged Sliver- I see no reason to not run it.

I'm going to suspect you just don't like the new slivers, but a lot of them are actually quite good so even if you don't like the artwork they would make your deck fairly better if they were included.

That's all. Hope this helps.

Jmreas on Sliver Tsunami

1 month ago

Pulled 2 Leeching Sliver's and replaced with 2 Venom Sliver..

Jmreas on Sliver Tsunami

1 month ago

Thanks for the input MohenjoDaro..

First Strike and Death Touch are a very good combo that I hadn't even considered. Sliver Legion just seemed like the logical choice. I think I will have to come up with another sliver deck and concentrate on Venom Sliver and Striking Sliver.

MohenjoDaro on Sliver Tsunami

1 month ago

Aggro without Venom Sliver? Pair it with first strike and you're going to have a blast. I prefer Venom Sliver over Sliver Legion unless my slivers have trample.

redbird97 on sliver

1 month ago

While in some of my decks, I may run 62 cards, 70 really puts it do you. Your current lands seem slow. I know it's a problem running 5 colors. I'd also like to seeVenom Sliver in your main deck. Death touch is always a good time. Good initial start, I upvoted your effort. You might want to see my Blue,White, Green Pauper Sliver deck, Sliver Nation.

NV_1980 on 不滅の裂片妖

2 months ago


I like your deck. How would you about adding either Prismatic Omen and/or Cryptolith Rite; they provide great redundancy for Chromatic Lantern.

In terms of card-draw, I would really recommend adding either Synapse Sliver or something like Coastal Piracy or Bident of Thassa. You'll be attacking a lot anyway, so why not draw cards whenever you manage to damage someone? :)

A great sliver to add is Thorncaster Sliver; very funny when combined with your lifegain slivers as well as with Venom Sliver (kill a lot of stuff outright whenever you're attacking).

KINGofORESKOS on A Sliver of Naya

2 months ago

Maybe add more Venom Slivers, Sentinel Slivers, and Predatory Slivers, as in the early game, they can dominate. Deathtouch can be extremely powerful with so many creatures, and having vigilance means you don't have to commit to attacking or defending. Predatory Sliver makes your slivers less susceptible to burn spells, and makes the weakest slivers, such as Manaweft Sliver and Striking Sliver more formidable. I don't like Battle Sliver, you would much rather just remove it and run 4 Megantic Slivers, since for 1 more mana you get an additional +1/+3. An obvious replacement is to take out Fury Sliver and add another Bonescythe Sliver. Last suggestions, increase the number of Constricting Slivers and decrease the number of Bonesplitter Slivers. Nice deck, keep up the good work, and I hope these suggestions help.

SeekerofSecrets on

3 months ago

Opaline Sliver: is not sufficient card draw. It is much too dependent on your opponents decisions

Venom Sliver: I'll give you this atm death touch is annoying.

Syphon Sliver; is not an answer to burn. Every creature you play dies to bolt. And yes i know that you have Diffusion Sliver but the chance that you'll have have this in multiples consistently is not great.

8 conditional control spells in the side board doesn't do much for you.... this deck is to slow to rely on removal alone you need better ways to control the flow of the game

Out of curiosity have you ever played with this list? And by this I mean tier 1-2 lists.

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