Sliver Hive

Sliver Hive


: Add to your mana pool.

: Add one mana of any color to your mana pool. Spend this mana only to cast a Sliver spell.

, : Put a 1/1 colorless Sliver creature token onto the battlefield. Activate this ability only if you control a Sliver.

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Set Rarity
Magic 2015 (M15) Rare

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Format Legality
Leviathan Legal
Unformat Legal
Pioneer Legal
Limited Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Highlander Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal

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Sliver Hive Discussion

PapLaRiviere on Sliver Combo/Control

2 weeks ago

Thank you again, Malsorn, for taking the time to take a close look at the deck and for sharing your thoughts.

Generally speaking, I am pretty happy with my current mana base when viewed within the context of my current meta. I would be the first to admit that if my meta were to take a significant shift towards nonbasic land destruction, Blood Moons, basic land fetch effects, etc. that I would need to rethink the mana base considerably. If such a rebuild should become necessary. your idea of starting with the filter lands holds merit.

Reflecting Pool was in the deck at one point - I do not recall what I replaced it with, or why. Exotic Orchard just does not suit my play style as it relies on what the other players bring to the table and it gets weaker as your opponents leave the game. Your thoughts on Sliver Hive vs. Unclaimed Territory are spot-on and I have actually made that change to the deck - thanks!

There are 8-10 cards I would REALLY like to get into the deck ala Descendants' Path, but as you say, What do you pull? That dilemma though is what makes deck mechanicin' so fun and interesting!

Take care, Pappy

Malsorn on Sliver Combo/Control

3 weeks ago

It's a janky card, but it's saved my skin dozens of times with my own Sliver deck. It plays well with Dregscape Sliver, giving you a 50% chance of keeping whatever you unearth with it. That and it usually becomes the number one removal priority once it hits the battlefield since it can make almost any other spell just fizzle.

I'd also recommend at least one of each basic, depending on how common land destruction or fetching is in your meta. My group runs a lot of Path to Exile/Ghost Quarters/Field of Ruin effects so having something to fetch could be handy, my initial thought would be to pull some of the filter lands, since they need another unconditional colored source to work, but I don't know your experience with them.

For other lands, though I'm not sure how I'd do the swaps. I'd recommend Sliver Hive (Pretty much strictly better Unclaimed Territory with Slivers, though it is a very slight edge), Reflecting Pool, and Exotic Orchard.

Lastly, for strange tech, I'd like to second Descendants' Path, though once again I don't know what I'd pull for it. You've got a good bit of topdeck manipulation, so it could get you some free Slivers rather frequently.

Anyway, figured I'd toss in my couple cents, this deck definitely looks powerful!

thenewlollipopjam on "Tribal" Tribal

1 month ago

I think when it comes to lands, Sliver Hive would be a decent addition, seeing as you're running more slivers than just the changelings. Also, I feel like Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow would be pretty nice here. Its pretty decent card advantage with this amount of Ninjas, and being able to loop combat with Najeela is pretty frickin hilarious, if you ask me.

mtgplayer100 on Sliver Beatdown

1 month ago

Looks like CoCo might be hard to actually cast. 8 of the 20 lands also don't help cast Aether Vial on turn 1, which seems like it could be an issue. The First Sliver and Sliver Hive are also the only ways to reload in case you run out of gas, which looks worrying.

Mortlocke on I will have just a sliver of that rainbow cake.

6 months ago

In regards to sideboards - they don't exist in EDH. This is a singleton format where players bring their decks as they are. So...unless those are cards you are considering for the deck - ya gotta cut em. Now here are some suggestions on what you could put in the deck to help it run more consistently:

HONORABLE MENTIONS FOR ADDITIONAL CUTS: I know I went over a bunch of cuts in my previous post, but here are some more suggestions -

  • Assemble the Legion/Retreat to Emeria/Birthing Boughs: You don't need Sliver Queen to make more tokens in an efficient manner. Allow me to introduce you to Brood Sliver and Hive Stirrings. Why go throught the trouble of making a janky combo that creates soldier tokens/changelings in cheap Sliver costumes when you could just...make Slivers? You also have the added flavor of getting double the tokens per combat damage assignment step when you have both Brood Sliver and Bonescythe Sliver out on the battlefield. Worse yet - Legion, Emeria and Boughs have absolutely no synergy with your commander outright. you have to hope you have Hivestone on the battlefield. AND THEN even if you have alll of the parts and pieces on the board you have literally zero cards in your deck that are CMC 0 - as tokens have a CMC of 0 - creating a total non-bo that just allows you to only be able to shuffle your library. That's it.

Mortlocke on The Queen's Egg

6 months ago

Yarok, also to clarify - "Paying to create a 1/1 is so bad it's laughable" - I was referring to Sliver Hive's third ability. Which does cost that much to make a token - once per turn.

Mortlocke on The Queen's Egg

6 months ago

Yarok, ah I see the confusion here: You think that Skyshroud Claim, Nature's Lore and all of the Fetch lands can ONLY search for a basic land - not a basic land type. Well let me school you a bit - so lands have super types - Basic and Non-basic. Then you have Land Types - i.e. Forest, Plains, etc. Non-basic lands can have any of the previously mentioned land types. Read Taiga for instance - what do you think it means when it says "Add either G or R to your mana pool. Counts as both forest and mountains..."? It's a forest. That means the previously mentioned ramp cards (Skyshroud Claim + Nature's Lore) absolutely can target it. They can also target Tropical Island, Bayou, and Savannah. So why would I include basic lands that only tap for one color of mana when I could fix my manabase and tutor for a forest? Hope you enjoyed class.

As for 1/1's i'm all for swinging in with a buffed up army of wittle baby slivers, but there are far more efficient ways of going about it - namely Brood Sliver + Bonescythe Sliver and/or Sliver Queen. Paying to create a 1/1 is so bad it's laughable. You want to know what also costs ? Freaking Slivdrazi Monstrosity. By the time you create 20 1/1 sliver creature tokens with Sliver Hive's 3rd ability you'd have spent 120 mana over the course of 20 turns.

Mortlocke on The Queen's Egg

6 months ago

Yarok, interesting. There seems to be a big push for the inclusion of Sliver Hive - what do you think about my recently voiced thoughts in the comments above? My consensus is that it's a good land, but not a great one. The third ability is completely worthless and shouldn't be on the card - or it should be better. The second ability is good, and the only reason to use the card - but ultimately falls short. Why can't that colored mana it be used for all spells? The first ability is alright - ultimately making the card more comparable to a Filter land (i.e. Cascade Bluffs). I'd play test it if I thought it was a better card overall.

Now why on Dominaria would I cut a bunch of lands to make room for basics? What do you mean the ramp won't work well without them? You can't just give such cryptic advice and not explain your logic.

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