Gemhide Sliver

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Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Archenemy Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Commander: Rule 0 Legal
Custom Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Legacy Legal
Leviathan Legal
Limited Legal
Modern Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper Duel Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Planechase Legal
Quest Magic Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Vanguard Legal
Vintage Legal

Gemhide Sliver

Creature — Sliver

All Slivers have ": Add one mana of any colour."

Goyfs-R-Us on Sliver Overlord

5 months ago

GeminiSpartanX There are many ways for Slivers to go infinite in mana, creatures or damage. I will start by listing 3 of the most common ones you will generally see to get you started. The rest I will leave for you to discover through play.

  1. Sliver Queen+Mana Echoes: The classic, will generate infinite mana and Sliver tokens, combine with a haste sliver for an infinite attack or use Lavabelly Sliver for infinite target damage and life.

  2. Basal Sliver+Sliver Queen+Lavabelly Sliver: Infinite target damage and life gain.

  3. Intruder Alarm+The First Sliver: Not truly an infinite combo on it's own but can be with the right setup or hit's off cascade triggers. Intruder Alarm combos with a ham sandwich so not hard to make infinite with mana/haste slivers and Hibernation Sliver and Darkheart Sliver.

Bonus: The most important cards to consider for combos. Sliver Queen, Basal Sliver, Lavabelly Sliver, Hibernation Sliver, The First Sliver, Gemhide Sliver, Manaweft Sliver, Heart Sliver, Cloudshredder Sliver, Firewake Sliver, Darkheart Sliver, Cautery Sliver, Sliver Overlord, Homing Sliver, Mana Echoes, Intruder Alarm, Faces of the Past.

Support Cards: The most important cards to protect your combos. Crystalline Sliver, Root Sliver, Sliver Hivelord, Quick Sliver, Ward Sliver, Force of Will, Patriarch's Bidding.

Goyfs-R-Us on Sliver Overlord

6 months ago

Profet93 Deflecting Swat While a fine card is a bit narrow for my taste in pseudo counters as it doesn't stop non target spells/abilities. Rhystic Study and Mystic Remora as well as additional draw effects aren't really necessary for the deck in my opinion as the Commander can tutor for whatever combo pieces or answers you need. The high creature count is necessary to feed cards like Descendants' Path, Faces of the Past, Intruder Alarm, Mana Echoes, Patriarch's Bidding, Dormant Sliver, Gemhide Sliver and Manaweft Sliver. While you can win through an overwhelming board state, the main goal of the deck is to usually win through infinite combos which can be searched out by Sliver Overlord.

Aiyoki on Sliver Overlord EDH

8 months ago

This is my Sliver Overlord EDH deck as of 8/29/2023.

Improvements or other Feedback about this deck that can help me improve success in competitive play is welcomed and appreciated!

Options for cheating out Sliver Overlord onto the battlefield ASAP would be best. Some commander decks I usually have to play against are:

Codie, Vociferous Codex

Urza, Lord High Artificer

Removal: Global & Targeted Options

  1. Damnation Destroys all creatures for only four mana and prevents them from regenerating!
  2. Supreme Verdict This one also destroys all creatures for only four mana! While it doesn't prevent regeneration, countermeasures like Counterspell won't work!
  3. Harsh Mercy Is a cheap global removal option that can keep all of our slivers safe while simultaneously wiping out most of our opponent's non-tribal creatures!
  4. Terminate A cheap targeted removal that prevents regeneration
  5. Swords to Plowshares A great targeted removal, perfect for eliminating an otherwise pesky creature that would keep coming back if just destroyed.
  6. Essence Scatter Targeted creature removal, before it even gets the chance to hit the battlefield >:D
  7. Aura Shards Play a creature, get a free targeted artifact or enchantment removal as a result! We use this enchantment instead of Harmonic Sliver because the sliver variant doesn't give us a choice in the matter and can end up forcing us to destroy our own artifacts and enchantments. We don't want that!

Graveyard Hate:

  1. Leyline of the Void. This enchantment exiles anything our opponents put into their graveyards and can even come up as a pregame play in your opening hand, making it an extremely efficient play against graveyard based commanders!

Mana Fixing:

  1. As long as you've got the green mana to spend Manaweft Sliver and Gemhide Sliver work wonderfully. If you've already got one of these babies on the board it's best to keep the other in reserve in case of a board wipe or targeted removal.

  2. The World Tree, and Chromatic Lantern both provide non-sliver options to fix mana colors.

Mana cost reduction:

  1. Herald's Horn costs only to play and also reduces the generic mana costs of all our slivers by . Save for the Legendary five slivers we're using here, basically every other sliver will cost 1 less to play with this thing on the battlefield!
  2. Morophon, the Boundless With slivers as the named creature type, when this this thing hits the battlefield it reduces the cost to play any sliver by ! It might be the most costly to get out but it's indispensable for certain combos this deck is capable of pulling off.

Doombeard1984 on The Queen's Egg

10 months ago

Its been a while Mortlocke.

So I have also been trying to assess the relevance of the current cards heading to us from CMM. I got to be brutally honest here, I actually find the deck a bit of a disappointment, especially considering the inflated price tag.

Sliver Gravemother - So its a fun idea, and does give you that ability to go for a win after your board has been wrecked... however I just dont think its that good if im honest. I think it gives the ability to win from nowhere, and it does convert all those mana costs from coloured to colourless mana using the Encore ability. Think its very situational.

Rukarumel, Biologist - Fun looking card... but not for this deck. Think this one is a build around commander, and you could have some real good fun hybridizing Slivers with say, Elves or Zombies. Imagine Slivers utilizing Rooftop Storm.. Oh my!

Hatchery Sliver - I actually really like this one. Means those key pieces you put on the field (if you have the mana) you make a duplicate (sorry, I mean "Replicate") copy meaning single threat removal spells become less effective. I know Manaweft Sliver and Gemhide Sliver are key in a lot of decks, so being able to make duplicates of those on cast means that 4 of those abilities to remove, not just 2. Think this one is sneaky good.

I totally agree with your assessment of Taunting, Regal and Capricious Sliver, so wont go into thoughts about those, as they are broadly similar. I do like the Goading one the best, as can really shake up board states.

And Lazotep Sliver - Simply gets the opinion of move on, not interested. However, the interesting stack of Afflict is interesting to an extent. If you encore this, you suddenly have potentially 3 instances of Afflict 2 (so essentially Afflict 6), but there is too many moving pieces in this to make it seem reasonable.

Just thought I would share my thoughts with you my fellow Hivelord.

Hope you are all good

dkostna on The Sliver Platter

1 year ago

Combos: ◦ Lavabelly Sliver + Basal Sliver + Dregscape Sliver = infinite damage ◦ Hibernation Sliver + Gemhide Sliver + Lavabelly Sliver + Essence Sliver = infinite damage ◦ Amoeboid Changeling + Sliver Overlord = steal opponent’s creatures

Doombeard1984 on

1 year ago

So I would probably suggest changing Crypt Sliver for Sedge Sliver. Reason for this is because Crystalline Sliver and Crypt Sliver are a NonBo as you cant target the slivers with the ability.

I would also probably change Shadow Sliver for Shifting Sliver. Gives you the ability to block others, but you can't be blocked. Shadow Sliver is a double edged sword, as you also can't block.

You have the option of another mana Sliver in the form of Gemhide Sliver. Trust me, Mana is your most required asset. I would drop Virulent Sliver as, to be honest, I would not genuinely expect to win with poison counters. And if this was a win con I would be going hard on it, not just a 1 chance.

As the aim of your deck is to go wide, I would be tempted to go with Shared Animosity to pump your attack power.

You have Spiteful Sliver in there, why not include Blasphemous Act? with enough creatures, this in itself can kill off your opponents.

Heart Sliver replacing Reflex Sliver is a strict upgrade. Cheaper and still gives haste.

I would question the value of Spinneret Sliver when you already have 2 slivers giving you flying.

If you are going wide Horned Sliver could be an option, however may not be needed. I would be more inclined to go with a Synapse Sliver. Need to keep that grip full of more Slivers to power the Hive.

Now... onto the mana base...

I would strongly suggest getting more dual color lands which can come into play UNTAPPED. We are in a very intensive deck, and getting to that is super important. Chromatic Lantern could be super useful, and you may also wish to replace something with Morophon, the Boundless.

Whilst ABUR duals are super expesive, and to an extent Fetchlands too, Shocklands (Godless Shrine etc.) and Bondlands (Morphic Pool etc.) may be more accessible. You could look at the Filter lands too, or checks. I just think this could essentially speed up the deck exponentially

I will have another think about some other bits as well and will get back to you :)

Votecat on Sliver Commander v.1.6

1 year ago

Also if you want to untap a bunch then you really can’t go wrong with Intruder Alarm (combos really well with Gemhide Sliver/Manaweft Sliver + Sliver Queen), just be careful to not play it until you have a mana sliver out and at least a couple others on board.

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