Sliver Legion

Sliver Legion

Legendary Creature — Sliver

All Sliver creatures get +1/+1 for each other Sliver on the battlefield.

Sliver Legion Discussion

lillobby6 on The Queen's Egg

2 weeks ago

So I’ve been watching this deck for years and have seen the countless changes that you have made to it and have used this deck partly as a basis for my own.

I’ve read some of your comments regarding Morophon, the Boundless and looking at your deck I can see why it likely would not be the best inclusion. However I was curious as to your opinion on a deck that is somewhat more weighted towards rituals/ritual-esque rocks (of which you run quite few).

My thought process is as follows: Generally mana-positive manarocks are going to be a decent inclusion if you can find the space for them and your meta allows for them. However including them likely means slimming the number of slivers that you run and moving closer to a more classic combo-shell (e.g. my deck runs about 18 creatures total, 4 of which are non-slivers whereas you have 25 slivers and tend to follow the “slivers-only” rule. In this slimmer sliver/more ritual shell, morophon, I think, could have a better place as it fixes colors and accelerates. There have been plenty of games where I have gotten to 7 mana long before I have gotten to 5 colors. In this case playing Morophon (and having it survive) would immediately allow Sliver Overlord (or any other legend) to be cast. It also allows for one other thing which is to play the entire Basal Sliver + Lavabelly Sliver + Sliver Queen combo without a single colored mana (and if we look under the assumption of Sliver Overlord searching for Morphon into the combo, the total paid cost is the very close [5+(3+7)+(3+5-5)+(3+3-2)+(3+3-1)=27, (3+5)+(3+3)+(3+3)=25] especially when considering the difference between colored mana and colorless mana. If Morphon comes out before Overlord then the cost is 19 v. 27. Of course if the total generation of mana leans more heavily towards colored mana then this would be a lot worse, but in a more ritual heavy deck (and Sol Land heavy, I’ve been also considering the possible benefit of City of Traitors though I am still uncertain whether it truly would be worthwhile) I think this is a benefit.

Of course there are other drawbacks towards having more ritual effects like running the risk of being slightly more inconsistant, not having an answer to every problem, etc, but I do think some of this is solved by cutting certain cards (like Sliver Legion which, while a fun sliver card, I don’t know if it necessarily belongs in an optimal combo deck that typical will not win through attacking, and if it does will have infinite creatures anyways).

I have been just doing the math of the potential benefits of Morophon recently while playing and there have been many turn 2 or 3s (and even a turn 1 or two) where I could have majorly benefitted from the cost reduction/color fixing it provides.

multimedia on Sliver Beats

2 months ago

Hey, well done budget version of Silvers, nice Sliver Legion. You forgot Sol Ring.

Manaweft Sliver is another two drop mana Sliver. Shifting Sliver makes all your Slivers unblockable. Venom Sliver gives all deathtouch. These three Slivers could replace three of the higher CMC Slivers that have redundant effects. Blasphemous Act wrecks your opponents with Hivelord as Commander.

Consider more draw?

Wild Pair and Pyre of Heroes are powerful budget repeatable effects to tutor for and cheat Silvers on the battlefield.

Consider cutting a few of the lesser Slivers for more draw?

Nice Shock lands. On a budget you can do better than the Gain lands such as Blossoming Sands and Cycle lands such as Sheltered Thicket. Consider the Tango lands? Since there's 14 basic lands here.

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Primal Sliver Cheese Gate

5 months ago

Hey, interesting version of Slivers.

The interaction of Primal Surge with Gates and Maze is interesting, but I don't think you need it because without Surge Gates are making the manabase really slow to cast Slivers especially to get five mana of all different colors to cast Overlord. Amulet of Vigor helps, but you can't count on consistently having it early game when you need it. In my opinion it's more important for gameplay to cast Slivers then to try to make Maze work with Surge.

I don't think Maze and Gates is wanted here because you're not playing other cards that have interaction with Gates especially land ramp that can search for and put more Gates onto the battlefield such as Circuitous Route . You have some really excellent lands for five colors and then there's the Gates which just doesn't make sense. Golos, Tireless Pilgrim is the five color Commander to play with Maze and Gates.

Amoeboid Changeling is an excellent Sliver with Overlord as Commander because of Overlord's ability to gain control of a Sliver. Use Amoeboid to make any targetable opponent creature into a Sliver and then gain control of it with Overlord. Since Amoeboid is a Changeling then it's considered a Sliver while in your library thus Overlord can tutor for it. Amoeboid could replace Might Sliver since don't really need it's lesser anthem effect when you have Sliver Legion also at five mana.

Good luck with your deck.

multimedia on Slivers

5 months ago

Hey, who's the Commander of your deck? That matters when you trying to restrict the budget.

There's four choices here Sliver Overlord , The First Sliver , Sliver Hivelord and Sliver Legion . In my opinion Overlord and First Sliver are better Commanders than Hivelord and Legion. First Silver is the least expensive price Commander option because it's been reprinted in Modern Horizons 2 meaning in the coming weeks it's going to go down in price even more. You have Hibernation Sliver and Quick Sliver which are busted with First Sliver when it's Commander.

If Overlord isn't the Commander than it's a fine cut to make due to the budget restrictions because Overlord is much less powerful when it's part of the 99 than when it's Commander. Using First Silver as Commander and cutting Overlord opens up a lot more budget for the rest of the deck such as adding Syphon Sliver to abuse Hibernation. Hivelord and Legion are good with First Sliver as Commander because with cascade you can get a lot of Slivers on the battlefield which both these help with attacking Slivers. If Sliver win condition combos are something you want to assemble then Overlord is the better Commander.

In the editor in the section where you can add cards to the decklist find the Sliver who's the Commander and type CMDR after it's text.

The First Sliver *CMDR*

Some budget Slivers upgrades to consider:

After you've chosen your Commander and if interested in any of these suggestions than I offer more advice including cuts to consider and budget manabase options. Good luck with your deck.

Hardhitta7 on Dig vs Cruise

6 months ago

What do y’all think about Draconic Intervention ? I kinda like it cause it doesn’t hit my dragons but I’m worried it won’t always wipe the board. My buddy plays Slivers and they get huge with Sliver Legion .

Doombeard1984 on Slivers of God

6 months ago

So I think first thing to do is decide the direction you want to go with Slivers. They are super versatile due to the Lords they have:

The first 3 are the mainly used commanders. Examples my deck is a toolbox/combo/control type deck. Therefore Overlord made sense to me, as the tutor ability means I can get the right sliver for the right occasion. You can go for a go wide strategy, a go big strategy, a much harder line combo strategy, there is plenty to choose from. I would do some research on decks that run at least the first 3 as their commanders and see which one takes your fancy. I think the other thing to consider is your budget. Slivers can be fairly expensive to build. As you see, the cost of Sliver Queen is high as is on the reserved list. Also, the mana base can be pricey. It can be done cheaply, at the cost of some efficiency. It has taken me years to build the deck up to what it is, so it is definitely a deck you can upgrade over time.

Hardhitta7 on W: Slivers! H: Cards to …

7 months ago

Updating because he got a Sliver Legion .

I’m doing these trades on behalf of my buddy. He’s trying to build a Sliver edh deck. He has a commander now so he’s looking for the rest of the cards for the deck. Lmk if you have any you want to trade and are interested in any of his cards. I’ll update this with specific cards he wants as he builds the list. Right now he wants a Sliver Hive .

He has these cards for trade:

Lmk if we can’t work out a deal, he’s been playing for a long time and has always wanted to build a Sliver deck.

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