Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ultimate Masters (UMA) Uncommon
Duel Decks: Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas (DDH) Uncommon
Conflux (CON) Uncommon

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Counter target noncreature spell. Its controller loses 2 life.

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Countersquall Discussion

hkhssweiss on Masters of your Mind

2 days ago

For cheap counterspells that aren't listed in your maybe board you can use Dispel , Rebuff the Wicked , Turn Aside , Unsubstantiate , Spell Pierce . Negate , Arcane Denial , Countersquall , and Imp's Mischief .

For Esper colors, there isn't much you can do for fast ramp aside from relying on faster lower costed mana rocks to makes it go faster. The other alternative route to this is going for a cost reducer route like using cards like Helm of Awakening , Jhoira's Familiar , Baral, Chief of Compliance , Cloud Key , Etherium Sculptor , Foundry Inspector , Grand Arbiter Augustin IV , and The Immortal Sun .

Hope that helps!

TheSimikBOat on BUG Midrange/Control

2 weeks ago

Nice deck thetonyage!!

As suggestions, you may cut the 2 Thought Erasure and 1 Vendilion Clique to add 1 Tarmogoyf and 2 Thoughtseize. Also, you can move the 2 Countersquall to the sideboard instead of the 2 Spell Pierce, and add other Liliana of the Veil and other Assassin's Trophy. In the sideboard, you may cut the 2 Architects of Will and 1 Unmoored Ego to add 3 Leyline of the Void; and cut 1 Abrupt Decay to add 1 Maelstrom Pulse.

In the mana base you're playing too many shocklands, and you may cut 2 Breeding Pool, 2 Watery Grave, and 2 Overgrown Tomb to add 2 Blooming Marsh, 3 Darkslick Shores and 1 Botanical Sanctum; because is important to have black mana on the Turn-1 to cast Inquisition of Kozilek and Thoughtseize, or blue mana on the Turn-1 to cast Delver of Secrets  Flip.

I hope these suggestions have helped you, and I like you idea to add Delver of Secrets  Flip to Sultai.

TheSimikBOat on Catching the Modern BUG

2 weeks ago

Hey, SkippDaReaper.

As a suggestion, I think that a great card for the maindeck is Spell Snare, because it costs only and it is good against almost all decks: Different types of The Rock; against Spirits is great to counter Supreme Phantom or Phantasmal Image; against humans you may counter Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, Thalia's Lieutenant or Meddling Mage; against Storm you may counter the feared Grapeshot; etc...

I think that you may move the Nihil Spellbomb and the Surgical Extraction to the side, and add 2 Spell Snare.

Also, in the sideboard you may add Countersquall against Storm or Burn, Disdainful Stroke against the Big Mana decks like Tron, and you may switch Life Goes On for Feed the Clan.


2 weeks ago

Your deck isn't pure control, rather it is an aggro-control hybrid, which is fine.

Lets deal with the NO (counters) section of a control deck. The first cards I thought of when looking at your deck were Delay, Grimoire Thief and Countersquall but they might be more than you want to spend. Since your using creatures to exile Familiar's Ruse is budget friendly and gives you the chance to recast your creature and exile a new card. Judge's Familiar is a creature and a cheap evasive creature at that, so is probably worth consideration. Perplex Might work as a counter or tutor. Honorable mentions Dawn Charm (fog or conditional counter), Dash Hopes (a black counter, really) and Dissipate. You might want to think about other spells too Thought Scour, Vapor Snag, Appetite for Brains, Castigate and Transgress the Mind...

The creature side of my suggestions is much shorter, first up is two one drops Deadeye Tracker and Mardu Woe-Reaper, they have similar uses essentially sending cards back to exile. For two drops there is Brain Maggot, basically additional copies of Tidehollow Sculler. Now we jump a bit to the control finisher, your using The Eldest Reborn I'd suggest backing that up with Cryptic Serpent and maybe Tasigur, the Golden Fang. Finally Murk Strider is worth consideration as well.

I'm not expecting you to use all of these cards, rather I'm throwing out ideas that might be of use to you. Hopefully this is of help, have fun with your brew.

TheSimikBOat on Sultai Rock

2 weeks ago

Hey, Hunson_Abadeer:

As a suggestion, I think that you may cut the 2 Damping Sphere to add 2 copies of Fulminator Mage in the sideboard. I think that you do not need Damping Sphere because against Storm you already have Collective Brutality, Countersquall and Dispel; and because his second ability can bother you when you use Snapcaster Mage or you cast 2 or more cheap removals/hand disruption like Assassin's Trophy, Fatal Push, Inquisition of Kozilek.... Also, against Tron, Fulminator Mage is as good as Damping Sphere.

I like much your deck and the idea of add Nissa, Steward of Elements to Sultai.

DeviousPenguin666 on Catching the Modern BUG

4 weeks ago

Nice deck! My one suggestion is to find room in your manabase for 2-3 Treetop Village, as it is extremely important for any GBx deck in modern and gives you more reasonable threats at essentially no deckbuilding cost. If mana is an issue consider taking out the Countersqualls for other cards that can be cast with green mana. +1!

bootsworthy on Self Treestruct

1 month ago

drummerboy22 I really like your version! Your additions of Countersquall, Collective Brutality, and Profane Command are awesome, and definitely the kind of thing I’m looking for. I’m going to mull this over and switch some things up! I think I’m going to keep it three colors though, since it’s the first time I’ve made a deck that’s more than two colors, and I really am a sucker for creatures

legendofa on Master Of Ninjutsu

1 month ago

I ask because I'm trying out a Master of Cruelties deck that uses side damage (Vapor Snag, Hideous End, Countersquall) for the last touch. If you had given anything like that a run, I'm looking for other ideas. Thanks for the quick response, though!

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