I spend A lot of time on here.. Really too much. I don't have much else to do so MTG is a kind of obsession of mine. Been playing off and on since about 8th edition. I play EDH almost exclusively now. I've always been a combo player. It is just so satisfying to get a couple cards to work together to kill everyone at the table. However I also like it when everyone else gets to have fun so I tend to choose slower combos or combo decks that require a certain level of setup. It took a long time but I found my all time favorite decks, Divine Decree and Should I Pretend This Or That?. These reflect my preferred way of playing pretty well.

Below are my favorite and least favorite colors and color combinations ordered as

Mono // Allied // Enemy // Shard // Wedge // Sans-1

Liked- // // // // //

Disliked- // // // // //

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Hi there! I'd love it if you'd enable chat and send me a hello, I have a Discord invite for ya if you're interested :)

January 26, 2020 8:28 p.m.

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Blink decks generally don't do much attacking. Mostly you want to win off the ETBs. If you want all the best stuff for it don't do tribal.

February 18, 2020 12:37 a.m.

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It would be a solid deck and they build off each other so that is nice. However it probably won't be as strong as a more general blink deck since you have a tribal restriction. It would be cooler than just another goodstuff blink deck.

February 17, 2020 9:35 p.m.

Mairsil, the Pretender- I love this card because it enables combos that normally are not and his effect is just narrow enough without being too restrictive to allow creative deck building. Even makes bad cards like Shauku, Endbringer into pretty awesome cards.

Stuffy Doll- Who doesn't like voodoo dolls? Weird interactions and punishments are my jam. I was tempted to put Manabarbs as another of my 3 but there might be Repercussions if I did that. These cards are all up side :) They also hurt my opponents without actually stopping them from doing their thing.

Vraska the Unseen- Could have put Liliana's Contract, Felidar Sovereign, Mortal Combat or any of those other similar cards. I'm sure you can see what these have in common. For me these serve a few purposes. First closing out the game needs to happen eventually. I enjoy long games where everyone gets to do something but someone has to win too. Second I've shut some people up after they complain about me winning with combo "all the time". These don't require any combo, they just synergize with the deck they are in.

I am very much a combo player but I enjoy weird things that shouldn't happen or happen rarely more than the typical combos that happen all the time. I also enjoy when something isn't a combo but has the same game ending capabilities. I love seeing what someone's deck will do too but don't expect to do it without some form of punishing effect going on.

February 17, 2020 2:30 p.m.

Gleeock sounds like you have a forum topic to make ;)

February 16, 2020 2:23 p.m.

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I guess if you are trying to lower the average cmc that is a good one to remove. I have found it to be an awesome addition to my Mairsil deck though. One of the few ways to consistently deal with pieces that Grixis has a tough time with.

February 15, 2020 2:17 p.m.

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I would go all in on voltron with them.

Also I assume you meant Archetype of Aggression.

February 15, 2020 2:02 p.m.

jordanalessi not often that I get that kind of praise. Glad you found something worth while in my words.

February 15, 2020 2:37 a.m.

TypicalTimmy "Ban the problem cards, not the implements to find them." Didn't read as just indulging in the thought experiment to me. Thanks for clarifying your stance :)

February 15, 2020 2:35 a.m.

Steelspike you are correct I don't know your group and I don't envy your group at all. I've run into issues with people but I've always been able to work it out. From my experience some of what you have written just seems like it would make things worse not better. But as you said you have attempted to communicate with these people a number of times and it hasn't worked.

February 15, 2020 2:28 a.m.

Steelspike your original comment did not mention setting expectations at all. Proper cEDH play is done in a pod of decks that are all on a similar level. Otherwise there is no point. Since you have already set the expectation you are correct in your response.

I wouldn't just carry that idea over to all players that play high power decks like your post indicates though. Every competitive player I've met will only play their high power decks against other high power decks. Against me they pull out their casual deck and suddenly they are a casual player. Like most of us. I'm sorry you have to deal with people that don't understand or refuse to do that.

February 14, 2020 12:38 p.m.

TypicalTimmy but how many of those do we ban? 2 card infinite combos

There are tons of them and that list isn't even up to date. EDH is by virtue a broken format with broken interactions. Also you are kinda shitting on my preferred playstyle. If you don't want to play vs combo decks say so at the start of the game.

February 13, 2020 10:16 p.m.

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I'd remove the ban list. Create a banned as commander list. Place only commanders that are the worst of the worst on there. Rename the rule set from cEDH to just EDH. Change nothing else.

February 13, 2020 4:20 p.m.

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I found myself sliding up the scale like your group is but most of my group is not. Some are very much still learning the game, others like silly decks. Nothing wrong with that. It just means I have had to purposely weaken my decks to keep playing with them and not feel bad when I win.

It has been a conscious decision on my part to avoid certain kinds of card interactions in order to not play outside of the 'power level' of my meta.

February 13, 2020 4:09 p.m.

Steelspike that is a very toxic way to deal with something that you can completely avoid by having a turn 0 discussion.

February 13, 2020 3:30 p.m.

I feel I need to add one to my earlier statement and it is very important and clearly not used by anywhere close to the number of people that claim they do. I know this because I've read far too many complaints about games and players across the internet.

I have a discussion with people I have not played against before playing with them to set expectations or if I don't have this conversation I accept the fact I might get ROFLstomped or I might ROFLstomp them.

February 13, 2020 1:48 a.m.

MagicalHacker I'm not sure I like that idea but it at least brings us to a middle ground I could live with. It is also a rule that can very easily be altered from table to table. All you have to do is say "what do you guys think of doing rule 12 with 50 cards or Rule 12 with 5 cards?"

I guess this whole conversation comes down to if you think commander is suppose to play out with high variability or if you think commander should allow you a high amount of choices to make. I like having a lot of choices but I like some consistency in how things flow. If I have an idea for a combo I'd love for it to actually be possible to do.

February 12, 2020 6:03 p.m.

jordanalessi in that case I'm completely against the idea. It is nice and simple and easy to explain but you have completely changed Magic the Gathering at that point too. Even the most basic of mana fixing is out the window...

February 12, 2020 3:56 p.m.

Asking for people not to fight is just asking for people to fight :P

I think I'm pretty much a copy of your list.

I'd add that I allow people to do things they forgot to do no matter how experienced they are. As long as the game state hasn't drastically changed and it has only been a few phases. Like 2 or 3. Much after that I would rather the player just go with how things are. And that goes for if the thing is to their benefit or detriment. I try to hold myself to a higher standard though.

February 12, 2020 3:49 p.m.

My first problem is the amount of cards this puts on the ban list. So we need to define what tutors we are talking about, imo. Banning all tutors because tutor seems excessive. Do we include land tutors in this? What about really high CMC tutors? Planeswalkers that have a tutor ability no matter how limited? Is this just the really strong tutors which exist almost exclusively in black? What effect does this have on black's ability to compete with other colors?

Secondly I just built Sisay, Weatherlight Captain damnit :P

Third I don't mean to be dismissive of the plight on competitive play right now but I'm not really convinced this change would be a good thing for 90% of players. Just as tutors can make a good combo stupid powerful they can also make bad decks decent. It can be a nice crutch for entry into the format.

Fourth my original intent in putting tutors in Mairsil was to grab my combo pieces. More often than not I'm grabbing pieces to remove threats or protect Mairsil instead of those combos. I can't speak for people at large but the amount of times I've used tutors to grab a needed answer vs the times I've used them to combo. I'd say I grab answers much more often.

February 12, 2020 3:41 p.m.

I'm not happy with the 3 games I played this in tonight... I need some more time with the deck but this build may end up going a completely different direction or I may scrub the commander entirely. Superfriends is a strong possibility. Though maybe I need to go more ham on the reanimation theme? I'll see what happens next week...

February 12, 2020 2:17 a.m.


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