Heroes' Reunion

Heroes' Reunion


Target player gains 7 life.

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Heroes' Reunion Discussion

zapyourtumor on Lifegain: The Thicc Wurm Story

5 months ago

Finally found someone else using Voracious Wurm !! Although your deck doesn't have many white cards, I've found a version of the wurm combo with Martyr of Sands , Heroes' Reunion , and Life Goes On to be pretty effective against other casual decks. If you can fit martyr in I think she could do some serious work.

9-lives on Ionize and other Counters in …

6 months ago

Thanks for the advice, TriusMalarkyI'm not used to hearing MV, but I read about it on the wiki, and it comes from Strixhaven...? I think I'd like to run Disallow just because if there are any powerful triggers or abilities, I can counter them even though they're already on the battlefield, and on top of that, if I don't want to do that, I can counter a spell. And in my deck I am running aikido-burn-lifelink pioneer deck. I've always been told that lifegain in small amounts are useless, such as running Heroes' Reunion which is probably the best lifegain card in pioneer, and would be better used to sacrifice life for spell effects, like Thoughtseize or untapping a shock land. Do you know of any synergies for lifegain on my deck, considering that I plan on using my instants and sorceries for lifegain, which would make Absorb doubly useful? Perhaps you'd like to comment on it in my deck thread?

Aikido of the Inward Eye

Pioneer 9-lives


legendofa on Favor Deck

8 months ago

I recommend adding for Rites of Flourishing and Heartbeat of Spring to help keep the game tempo up. Do you want to help everyone equally at all times, or would you include "catch-up" cards like Heroes' Reunion or Inspiration ?

9-lives on Lifegain cards

1 year ago

I am running a green and white cats tribal deck. I would post my deck, but this isn't the place for that. And, thank you, Chaplain's Blessing is nice and probably better than Heroes' Reunion. I plan on using lifegain not only for simply gaining the main currency in this game, but also giving P/T to my Ajani's Pridemate consistently. This is why I want a card that gives 1 life per turn. I was thinking about Ajani's Welcome but that's finnicky; i want a reliable lifegain.

9-lives on Lifegain cards

1 year ago

I'm thinking about including lifegain cards into my deck. There is a specific card or cards that I know give 1 life per turn, and I think they would be best for my deck. What are they? And should I use one of the best pure lifegain card out there called Heroes' Reunion since I am running a green/white deck?

BRG24 on Felidae Cult

1 year ago

Sundering Growth is nice, probably only a sideboard card though, since not every deck will have artifacts and enchantments hat you want to remove. Perhaps my only consideration would be how consistently you have a good populate target (ie an eternalised Pouncer), since populating a 1/1 isn’t great. If you feel that you don’t have this often enough then I’d recommend Return to Nature instead, since it has the extra mode of giving pretty good graveyard hate, particularly into deck running Uro, Titan of Nature's Wrath or Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger. Plus, you already have some removal already in the deck from Feline Sovereign.

If you want to make the populate more consistent, then I’d recommend Ajani, Strength of the Pride as another way of making decent tokens, this time in he form of an Ajani's Pridemate. Also, he can provide a lot of lifegain (this is a far better card for lifegain than stuff like Heroes' Reunion, since he has other modes that are strong, and his lifegain does provide direct value with his other abilities) and has an emergency reset button that you can sometimes fall back on. If you want to be more savvy, as you put it, I feel Ajani would be a great fit.

With regards to Oketra's Last Mercy, I feel many of the comments I made about other pure lifegain cards still apply, and some of those core issues are made even worse here. It is very much a last resort card, so there will be lots of situations where it is just dead in your hand. For the most part, drawing any of your cats with lifelink would be better, since you’re helping your life total issue, as well as advancing your game plan. However, even as a last resort to keep yourself alive, the card isn’t great, since by having your lands not untap you open yourself up massively on your next turn, and you will often end up in a similar position afterwards. This is a 6+ mana lifegain spell, and I feel it isn’t worth it. For big lifegain, I’d say Ajani, Strength of the Pride is a far better option.

Finally, I’ll explain why I value Unbreakable Formation so much. This card, for the most part, is not your finisher in the deck, but instead is a card to be kept in hand and used reactively to save your board, in the same way as Heroic Intervention is used. This almost never a pump spell or a finisher in the deck, and I might not have been clear about that, I’m sorry, so you shouldn’t consider it as such. That said, in some situations you can cast it to give the buff and swarm in to push for a win, while also not leaving you exposed should your opponent survive, since everything would have vigilance and indestructible. You will most often have the bigger board, so having things unblockable feels like less of a priority, although if you feel it is, then I would use spells that give trample instead. If you do want a big pump spell finisher for the deck, my recommendations would be either Return of the Wildspeaker or Engineered Might. Return gives a huge buff to your whole board (although no trample unfortunately), but can also double as a massive card draw spell, something that the deck lacks entirely and will prevent you running out of gas. Casting Return with a massive Pridemate out could draw you tons of cards and set you up to quickly end the game. Might, on the other hand, offers flexibility in another way, allowing you to either go tall on a massive Pridemate or Pouncer and get the trample as well, or go really wide with all your tokens.

I hope this has been helpful, if you have more questions I’m happy to help more.

BRG24 on Felidae Cult

1 year ago

Hello, again. I would 100% recommend putting Fleecemane Lion into the deck, the card is amazing value. As for what to replace Heroes' Reunion with, my recommendation would be Unbreakable Formation. One of the biggest weaknesses of go-wide strategies are board wipes, and this gives you good protection against them, as well as a possible aggressive buff if needed. Heroic Intervention is another possible card for protection, but I prefer the flexibility that Formation offers.

Here is my version of cat tribal for pioneer, I have tried to explain my reasoning for including each card, so hopefully this will be helpful, and any advice you have would be really useful for me.

Cat Tribal: Put the Cats Amongst the Pigeons

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