Pyre of Heroes

Pyre of Heroes


, , Sacrifice a creature: Search your library for a creature card that shares a creature type with the sacrificed creature and has converted mana cost equal to 1 plus that creature's converted mana cost. Put that card onto the battlefield, then shuffle your library. Activate this ability only at any time you could cast a sorcery.

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Pyre of Heroes Discussion

keizerbuns on Eldrazi Pyre of Heroes

4 days ago

Thanks wallisface! Adding the 0 fixed it, I don't know why I didn't think of that haha

I always appreciate advice, so this is very much appreciated!

You're totally right about everything you said there. I've tried playing this deck in it's current state a few times and it just does not play consistently. At some point I'm going to try and remake this deck, this time starting with 1 CMC creatures like Salvage Drone or Blisterpod and going up to 7 or 8 CMC for Bane of Bala Ged and maybe Elder Deep-Fiend. I'll also ditch the late game cards for some earlier game interaction and try to make it not so dependent on Pyre of Heroes.

Thanks again for the advice, I'll use it to try and make this an actually viable deck!

wallisface on Eldrazi Pyre of Heroes

6 days ago

I don't think you'll be able to remedy the ordering of the custom categories, though I could be wrong (I have never used them, but I imagine they're just doing a lazy-alphabetization at the backend). If you have any way to name the categories you could chuck "0" at the start of the single digits (i.e. "01"), which should remedy it.

If you're looking for advise on your deck, here're my thoughts:

  • Your deck seems faaar too dependent on Pyre of Heroes, in that it does almost nothing without it. You don't have the manabase to cast most of your cards without it, and you don't really have a plan B. That puts a LOT of pressure on finding that one card, and probably means any matchup where the opponent has a way to kill Pyre is an auto-loss (Prismatic Ending is one of the most popular killspells at the moment, so it's a very likely scenario).

  • To get your Pyre going, you not only need Pyre cast, but also Matter Reshaper (as you have no other creatures at its cost or lower). This is going to further hurt your ability to start your engine operating. An engine that starts at turn 4 at the earliest, with no interaction in the meantime, feels like a precarious position also.

  • Even if you have Pyre of Heroes in your opening hand, and it stays in play, your curve seems faaar too high. I don't see how the game goes long enough for you to reach your 11cmc creatures (by then you've surely already killed your opponent, or they've killed you). To be honest, I never see a game going long enough (win or lose) to get out any of your creatures above the 6-7cmc range - either your opponent can't deal with the threats at all by this stage, or they've already setup a winning boardstate.

  • I don't see any reasonable way that you'd be able to ever cast Debtors' Knell or All Is Dust... I think these are likely to get gummed up in your hand in almost every game you draw them.

multimedia on commander horde

1 week ago

Hey, you're welcome.

Some advice for the first thing to consider changing is adding a few more lands since 32 is low amount. Try adding two utility lands and 1x more Swamp for 35 lands?

  • High Market: sac outlet.
  • Tyrite Sanctum: repeatable way to make Wilhelt bigger by putting +1/+1 counter on him. After it's put a counter on Wilhelt it can be saced later to make Wilthelt indestructible.

To add three more lands consider cutting a few of the lesser nonZombie cards such as Mind Rot, Hideous End and Weave Fate?

Some budget Zombie upgrades to consider:

Some budget nonZombie upgrades to consider:

Undead Augur, Dreadhorde Invasion, Fleshbag Marauder are in the precon.

Death Tyrant has a powerful repeatable effect with Wilhelt and decayed. Any creature you control that attacked and dies while in combat you create a 2/2 Zombie. When decayed Zombies attack they're saced at the end of combat step. At the end of combat step decayed Zombies are still attacking therefore with Tyrant when they're saced you create a 2/2 Zombie for each one.

With Wilhelt and a sac outlet such as Carrion Feeder you attack with your Zombies and then sac them in combat to create 2/2 Zombies and decayed 2/2 Zombies from Wilhelt. On your next turn you attack with all the 2/2 Zombies and decayed Zombies and while in combat sac them again to make 2/2 Zombies and decayed 2/2 Zombies. Death Tyrant lets you repeatedly recycle all attacking decayed Zombies into 2/2 Zombies that don't have decayed. This recycling results in a lot of die triggers which Zombies can take real advantage of with many different die effects.

Hope this helps and if you have any questions about these card suggestions, ask here.

multimedia on The Zerg 2.0 - cEDH

2 weeks ago

Hey, you're welcome.

Pyre of Heroes is a powerful budget repeatable effect for tribal (tutor and put the Sliver onto battlefield). It lets you scale up on Slivers and when you have so many Slivers that provide different effects then this can be helpful.

Reflections of Littjara is another powerful budget repeatable effect for tribal. Other than Hivelord all other Slivers here aren't legendary this means that when you cast a Sliver you create a token of that Sliver and keep that token, ending up with two Slivers that are the same each time you cast a Sliver. When you create a token of a Sliver that token enters the battlefield (ETB) thus if that Sliver has an effect that triggers when it ETB then it triggers that effect three times (first when the token Sliver is created, second when the original Sliver ETB and third when original Sliver triggers token copy of Sliver).

Exile can wreck Hivelord and your Sliver army because indestructible doesn't protect from being exiled. Scapegoat is a budget one mana instant effect to protect Hivelord and other Slivers you control. By sacing one creature you control you can then return any number of creatures you control to your hand which saves those creatures from being exiled. Those Slivers can then be cast again which means they ETB again to trigger ETB abilities.

Niko9 on Elenda Deck Help

1 month ago

She's an awesome commander, no doubt :) I'm a huge fan of Elenda in flavor, in design, and in game too. Even now when we have vampires in wedding dresses and things, Elenda is still the most classy one around. There are a few things I can think of that might help with the deck. Not sure how amazing they are, but here's some ideas:

Blade of the Bloodchief is almost made for Elenda and can just be a good play just to have it on board with it's super low cost.

gravepact I mean, it's grave pact, and it's the best at being grave pact.

Nether Traitor and other creatures that you can recur over and over are pretty great. Just scooping it back to power the sac engine can be well worth it. Bloodghast is good too, and I think there are a few zombies with similar effects. I mostly run traitor because the price tag on a lot of this type of card is kinda up there.

Deadly Dispute is such an awesome card. It is going to do everything you want and then some.

Hero of Bladehold can be a great way to make creatures. She works best with some kind of evasion, but just getting two free bodies per turn can be very good.

Seraph of the Scales can take out the best flying threat on the board and give you two spirits on the other end.

Dire Fleet Poisoner is a card I really love, and I get that it doesn't always work and it requires adding pirates, but when it works, it's excellent. Flash in deathtouch on their blocker and then get a deathtouching blocker of your own can really make a big swing. Changelings or Dire Fleet Hoarder work so well with the poisoner.

Lingering Souls Soul Warden and Soul's Attendant are good cards from modern soul sisters that can work in commander. One mana for warden to gain you maybe 10 life and also give you a body is great. And if they really have to use removal on your one mana creature, that's almost better.

Vampire of the Dire Moon anything with deathtouch works well with Elenda and if you give dire moon something like the blade of the bloodchief to make her an attacking threat, it will start pinging small creatures left and right.

Karn's Bastion might be a good utility land to put extra counters on walkers and Elenda. Manlands might also be good to give you creatures if you get flooded. Mutavault Inkmoth Nexus Mishra's Factory pretty much anything that can give you mana early and be a creature to sac late game is useful.

Trading Post is one of my favorite sac outlets. It will give you creatures or sacs as you need. Also, it pairs with Unwinding Clock if you have enough tap artifacts to make it worth it.

Pyre of Heroes can be amazing if the deck has enough CmC and same types to make it work. When it does though, sacs plus tutors is solid.

Lolth, Spider Queen when she's good in a sac deck, she's really good, but when she's not, it's hard to justify her in the deck. May not be great, but I have had times where she was just the best card.

That's all I can think of right now, but I'm sure there's a lot of ways to go with this one. You've got a great looking deck, these are just the things that came to mind. You might also find that it plays better to remove some staples for things that go along with the theme. Like, Esper Sentinel is really great, but you might actually get more value in a game out of Soul Warden And, when I play Elenda I always try to give her evasion somehow or use Sanguine Bond to make her lifelink into damage. Sometimes she can get really big and not actually do a ton, I feel like.

Hope you have fun tuning up the deck :) I'd be interested to check in and see how it goes. Looks like a fun one.

Guerric on [Primer] Casting the Mythal: An Inalla Guide

2 months ago


I'm glad you're still enjoying the deck! Its definitely my first and favorite still. I also share your love of Haunting Voyage, one of the greatest gifts to tribal strategies in recent sets. Its one of the all-stars of my Scion of the Ur-Dragon deck, because there is nothing like using Scion's ability to fill the graveyard with whatever dragons I want, and then re-animating them en masse! It's also a great fallback card in my Trynn and Silvar deck and I should probably put it in Yuriko as well. I'm not sure if I can fit it in Inalla, but I'll definitely think about it and keep it in mind!


The best card in recent sets was absolutely Pyre of Heroes. Despite several sets featuring wizards recently (such as Strixhaven), there really haven't been any cards that have synergized with Inalla enough to make it. I definitely watch out for it every set though, so keep posted! (I haven't looked at Crimson Vow much yet)

SpecimeN87 on Limply At The End

2 months ago

Pyre of Heroes is another pod effect that works with your tribe

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