Brazen Borrower

Brazen Borrower

Creature — Faerie Rogue



Brazen Borrower can block only creatures with flying.

(You may cast Brazen Borrower from exile if you sent it on an adventure.)

Petty Theft

Instant — Adventure

Return target nonland permanent an opponent controls to its owner's hand.

(You may cast Petty Theft for from anywhere that you have the permission to cast this, then exile it on an adventure instead of putting it into your graveyard. When you have not chosen to cast Petty Theft, this card is treated only as Brazen Borrower in whatever zone it is in.)

(Example scenarios for Petty Theft: You may cast this off of Melek, Izzet Paragon. You may not target this with Snapcaster Mage. Thalia, Guardian of Thraben increases the cost of this. Electrodominance requires X=2. You may cast this from a cascade spell if the spell has a cost greater than Brazen Borrower's cost. If you cast a Petty Theft that another player owns, only you may cast the Brazen Borrower that got sent on an adventure, not the owner.)

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Set Rarity
Throne of Eldraine (ELD) Mythic Rare

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Format Legality
Unformat Legal
Limited Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Brawl Legal
Legacy Legal
Highlander Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Pioneer Legal
Leviathan Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Historic Legal
Casual Legal
Vintage Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Arena Legal
Pre-release Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Brazen Borrower Discussion

amicdeep on Dimir rogue

5 hours ago

i've used mono b rogues at fnm and placed top 3 a couple of times with the list.

lessons learned, thoughtseize is just that good, being able to take away that key piece of removal was often the linchpin to winning games (it also works really well with new nighthawk)

i also used a third lord effect with Bad Moon, this often meant i was swinging with unblockable 4/3, which really helps when trying to close.

lastly rogues as a archetype is pretty proactive, reactive cards like remand work in fairies or ninjas but with rogues it tends to hurt more than help, id recommend Morsel Theft in that slot, (or if you really what a counter spell then Drown in the Loch )

lastly the artifacts, cloak and dagger is ok, but it dose mean your taking a turn off to play it and turn 2 is when you what a lord or bitterblossom copter is a little better, but the fact it does not trigger prowl and it doesn't get any buffs and almost everything in the deck is already a issue to block, it feel unnecessary.

cards i would consider are Distortion Strike (pumps and allows stinkdrinker to attack, and it dose this twice)

Rankle, Master of Pranks haste is great at the fact it can trade you fairy token for a combo piace while also acting as disruption and card draw is great .

Soaring Thought-Thief a solid lord and fairly easy to turn on in modern (i mean fetchlands flying everywhere), it also works well with i cmc hand disruption and fuels nighthawk

depending on build Earwig Squad, Brazen Borrower, Merfolk Windrobber may all be solid mb additions

Flooremoji on Modern Phantasms

6 days ago

Phantom Warrior, Cancel and See Beyond are all bad.

Cyclonic Rift is very lackluster in modern, I would reccomend replacing them with Brazen Borrowers.

I can't ever justify paying the transmute cost for Muddle (it's also usually a less than ideal counterspell), I would reccomend just putting in better cards in it's place than a tutor for Lord of the Unreal.

Consider somthing along the lines of Remand or more Mana Leak for stall. Krovikan Mist is probably your best illusion, I think 4 are mandatory considering how bad illusions are.

Maybe Spark Double?

Serum Visions could be an okay replacement for See Beyond.

Force of Negation is amazing in most blue decks.

Tbh I feel like whatever you do with Illusions it's just going to be a worse spirits/merfolk tribal deck with none of the advantages.

GerryAvalanche on Mono Blue Merfolk

1 week ago

I went for Benthic Biomancer over Cursecatcher because I feel like the Catcher falls off very quickly after T2, while the Biomancer's loot ability let's you dig for value later in the game plus it becomes a slightly bigger body. I will playtest the Catcher again though. The last time I found the (1) tax to not do very much in the recent metagame, espacially when it leaves me with one card down.

I enjoy Glasspool Mimic over Phantasmal Image because I really hate my 4/4 copy (pumped by lords) being bolted for 3 and still die. My area is full of burn and prowess decks. I aggree however, that 3 cmc for only being able to target my own creatures can be a too high cost in the long run.

I really like Merrow Reejerey -> Coralhelm Commander, I will definitely try that in a 2-2 split.

I chose Brazen Borrower over Harbinger of the Tides because
A) I can cast the bounce part for UU at instant speed in my opp. turn and
B) because it's not a Merfolk and thus won't be hit by Plague Engineer
Harbinger seems to be the more aggressive option, so that is up to personal preference imo.

Oboro, Palace in the Clouds is a great suggestion, I kinda forgot about that tbh. Would you goe for 1 or for 2 of them?

MrBoombastic on Dimir has gone Rouge

1 week ago

Another rogue deck! Awesome!

Although I loathe countermagic, I'm really rooting for Rogues to become a tier deck in the new meta. A lot of fun stuff going on. Few suggestions for the deck:

  • Red seems very cuttable, as the Dimir rogues are plenty good and have the best synergy. Adding a third color also makes your mana base A LOT worse and less budget friendly (if a budget deck is what you're going for).

  • Consider adding Drown in the Loch over Feed the Swarm - it'll almost always be online for both removal and countering. It seems like a perfect fit for this deck. Given that most of the rogues have flash, not having to play your removal on your own turn also makes them a lot better. Actually, having as much of your interaction as possible be instant speed generally works wonders in a flash-y deck.

  • If you're going for a budget version, then I can see why you're not playing the full playset of Brazen Borrower. But I'm pretty sure you won't regret adding the last 2x Merfolk Windrobber. It's an evasive 1-drop that fuels the opp's yard for Thieves' Guild Enforcer and Soaring Thought-Thief AND it even turns into a new card later on, when the work's done or you want a good chump block.

  • I think Sure-Footed Infiltrator is too expensive for what it does and it doesn't really add much to the tempo plan. Zareth San, the Trickster should also be less than $1 and he's definitely an upgrade.

Hope that helps. Good luck with the brew!

jthebeloved on Izzet Prowess - Modern

1 week ago

Hi there! Having played variations of this deck in playtesting a TON, I highly recommend the following. Lava Dart is a must. While 1 damage is seemingly minimal, the fact that you can do it at instant speed AND then play it back from the graveyard by sacrificing a tapped mountain allows double triggers and the combined 2 damage is often enough to remove blockers or clinch the win. Sprite Dragon is a MUST. The fact that the counters are permanent vs prowess triggers which fall off at EOT is out of control! I noticed you like your Boomerang effects. May I suggest Brazen Borrower. He does it all. Petty theft their blockers or attackers for only one more than say a Vapor Snag, trigger prowess, but then have access to flashing him in late game as a 3/1 flyer is extremely useful. Just some thoughts. Cheers!

tacolover25 on Casual Faeries!

2 weeks ago

Don't know if you have the funds for it but you could try a few Brazen Borrower in the main or side and Quickling as well.

Sower of Temptation would make a great sideboard card. Mutavault if you can afford them. Makes your sprites better.

I've always had a soft spot for running one copy of Peppersmoke but that's just me.

mwalkner on Rising Elementals

2 weeks ago

I brewed up a similar deck when pioneer was first announced, I really liked how Young Pyromancer interacted with both Risen Reef and adventure spells like Brazen Borrower and Bonecrusher Giant, any deck that can play Master of Waves is fantastic in my book, best of luck with it!

mtgplayer100 on RUB that Titi

3 weeks ago

Probably just more counters, yeah. Don't hate another Brazen Borrower; maybe Vendilion Clique also.

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