Deck based around Helix Pinnacle, plus a few power cards to keep me alive until I can get it up to 100.

Still needs some work

All suggestions and +1's are welcome! :)



First deck to reach 1000 views! Sorta pathetic, huh?


Wabbbit says... #1

How are you trying to win? Helix Pinnacle or fatties? Blightsteel Colossus is a million times better then Darksteel Colossus .

September 21, 2012 6:58 p.m.

Just changed the description :P but Helix Pinnacle . I will make the change... after dinner! I'll check back on this in ~30min

September 21, 2012 7 p.m.

Made the change to Blightsteel Colossus ! Any other suggestions? :)

September 21, 2012 7:21 p.m.

Wabbbit says... #4

If you need any ideas, you can look at This Will Take Awhile ;). I find myself winning by blightseel every time xD. You are super vulnerable to board wipes. Could you recover if I chucked in a Mizzium Mortars for four?

September 21, 2012 9:32 p.m.

Not really sure... on Cockatrice now playtesting and i'm having quite a few issues with the deck :P I'll go a game if you wanna come on?

September 21, 2012 9:39 p.m.

Wabbbit says... #6


September 21, 2012 9:40 p.m.

Wabbbit says... #7

Quickly though :P.

September 21, 2012 9:41 p.m.

Game is made, you just have to join :P

September 21, 2012 9:46 p.m.

Elvish Guidance sound like a good addition?

September 21, 2012 10:54 p.m.

Nemesis says... #10

well, if you're looking to get more mana Doubling Cube may be another option for the deck.

September 22, 2012 4:15 a.m.

Wabbbit says... #11

Elvish Guidance would be awesome. As would Doubling Cube . I would find a way to add both :). You might need some kind of infinite mana or stall lock if your going to get up to 100 counters. Like mine has an infinite lock in it :P. You need some valid ways to stall your opponent.

September 22, 2012 11 a.m.

Doubling Cube sounds awesome, thanks nemesis101!

I'm thinking -2 Caged Sun for +2 Doubling Cube ?

Also, should I cut the Wurmcoil Engines? 2 Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger and 2 Blightsteel Colossus seems like enough power for the deck, but I could be wrong. If not, what should I take out to add ~2 Elvish Guidance ?

Only if Melira, Sylvok Outcast was an elf, then I'd consider spashing white for Phyrexian Unlife ... Any suggestions for a stall buffy?

Thanks for the comments! +1's anyone? :)

September 22, 2012 11:28 a.m.

Wabbbit says... #13

Yes, -2 Caged Sun +2 Doubling Cube .

As for stall, card:Norn's Annex might be good. You would have to pay four life, but that's ok :P. Honestly most stall is in white. Ghostly Prison and the like are all in white :/.

September 22, 2012 11:45 a.m.

I guess splashing white might be worth it... I could add Ghostly Prison , card:Norn's Annex? maybe Phyrexian Unlife + Melira? Ensnaring Bridge ? Peacekeeper ?

September 22, 2012 12:37 p.m.

Nemesis says... #15

Also, if Helix Pinnacle is your main win condition, you may also want to consider Doubling Season as a way of placing twice as many counters on the Helix Pinnacle .

Also, if you splash white, you'll be able to put in certain cards to fetch Helix Pinnacle , so that's another bonus.

September 22, 2012 1:50 p.m.

Thanks for the suggestions nemesis101! Doubling Season if definitely something I will consider adding, and I didn't even think about tutors if I splashed white. Thanks again!

On a side note, how does Elephant Grass sound?

September 22, 2012 2:02 p.m.

Nemesis says... #17

Elephant Grass does seem like a nice way to slow your opponent down if you aren't splashing, but if you are, i'm certain there are better in white.

One more suggestion, you may want to consider Omnath, Locus of Mana . First, he ends up being a BIG creature, second, with Doubling Cube in play, he's a way of doubling all your mana while holding on to it.

September 22, 2012 2:11 p.m.

UniTheDino says... #18

Amulet of Vigor ? It is insane with the 12-Post mana base.

September 22, 2012 2:12 p.m.

Geoxis says... #19

Mycosynth Lattice + Blinkmoth Urn so happy mana burn is gone

September 22, 2012 2:29 p.m.

FoxOn36 says... #20

No Mana Reflection ? It turns Doubling Cube into Tripling Cube and your Elf shenanigans get stronger.

Consider Wolfbriar Elemental as a huge mana dump if you need a large amount of blockers or another win-con. However, your Loci are useless for kicking it.

Primeval Titan can dig out those Loci for you.

card:Green Sun's Zenith adds a dash of consistency by grabbing the elves you require.

Enlightened Tutor can fish out Helix Pinnacles and Doubling Cubes for you, at the cost of your wallet. Idyllic Tutor can only grab enchantments, but is cheaper price-wise.

September 22, 2012 2:57 p.m.

@ nemesis101 - Is splashing white worth it in your opinion? About Omnath, Locus of Mana - wouldn't he not get big, because I would be spending all the mana on Helix Pinnacle ? Oh. wait I'd let him get big for the turn, double everything before he attacks, and then use it on Helix Pinnacle , correct? I'll add him to the Maybeboard and see what other people say! :)

@ UniTheDino - I am using Bear Umbra to untap the lands the turn they come into play, but I'll consider Amulet of Vigor .

@ Geoxis - That combo would be great in this deck, but what would I take out? I have too many options so I need suggestions of what to take out/ how to move cards around :P

September 22, 2012 2:59 p.m.

@ FoxOn36 - Mana Reflection is definitely a card I want to add.

Primeval Titan would be great, but I have too many power cards in this deck already, so I don't think it'd be a good addition, unless you can suggest something to take out :P that goes for any cards too :)

Cost isn't an issue - I only play on Cockatrice and won't be actually buying this deck, so don't worry about the cost. Do you think I should splash white for those tutors?

Not to be pushy but +1's anyone? :)

September 22, 2012 3:03 p.m.

I'm really considering dropping either Blightsteel Colossus or Wurmcoil Engine . Comments? :)

Also any suggestions of what to take out/add would be great! :)

September 22, 2012 3:06 p.m.

Geoxis says... #24

Don't take out wurmcoil, it saves the day 90% of the time

September 22, 2012 3:07 p.m.

FoxOn36 says... #25

@ducttapedeckbox: Vorinclex seems a bit 'meh' in this deck. He doesn't help your explosive mana bursts from Elves or Loci very much, since his ability only adds 1 mana per land, and doesn't help creature-made mana at all. Try replacing him with Primeval titan for a bit to test, getting your lands out is a priority.

I would consider splashing white for tutors, but your mana base is rather fragile for multiple colors. Either way, the only way to find out is test.

Have you considered dropping to 22 or 20 lands? You have reliable enough mana production to keep going with slightly less forests. It would make more room for options.

September 22, 2012 3:14 p.m.

I'm going to take what you said into consideration, and make a few changes right now.

So, I've Removed:2x Vorinclex, Voice of Hunger , 2x Forest , 2x Joraga Treespeaker , 1x Llanowar Elves , 1x Fog

And added:2x Primeval Titan , 2x Omnath, Locus of Mana , 2x Ensnaring Bridge , 2x Elvish Guidance

I'm going to stick with mono-green for now, but might change to G/W later

September 22, 2012 3:36 p.m.

Mana Reflection and Primeval Titan are Amazing in this deck.

September 22, 2012 4:22 p.m.

Demarge says... #28

If this is a casual deck I'd almost suggest going with the Overgrown Battlement ramp plan instead of elves (also rtr has another battlements like defender) that way you have ramp and stall and you won't appear aggressive so opponents will be less likely to see your board state as a threat. As for your alternate bomb I'd suggest going with maybe emrakul or one of the other two legendary eldrazi as they not only give you a large, game ending bomb, but they give you protection from milling decks.

September 22, 2012 7:56 p.m.

Demarge says... #29

Also I'd suggest having Beast Within simply because it's a good idea to have some way to interact with opponents.

September 22, 2012 7:58 p.m.

Ohthenoises says... #30

If you are splashing White you could run Enlightened Tutor to get you Helix Pinnacle

September 22, 2012 8:20 p.m.

@ Demarge - I like the walls in the way that they'd be a better stall than the elves. However, I like the elves as well because I have Elvish Archdruid , Elvish Guidance and Priest of Titania - all of which essentially have the same ability as Overgrown Battlement . If there are multiple cards that do the same thing as Overgrown Battlement , please tell me them! :)

Maybe I'll replace Blightsteel Colossus with a large eldrazi? I'll try it both ways and see which I prefer.

As for Beast Within , I will add that now!

@ Ohthenoises - Right now I think I'm going to stick with mono-green, because if I don't have Helix Pinnacle by turn 2-3, I end up winning with the big creatures.

On a side note, I've been thinking of splashing red with a few R/G dual lands just for a massive Bonfire of the Damned - it would've been extremely useful in almost every game I've played with this deck. Any comments on that? Dumb idea? Good idea?

Thanks for commenting/ +1 everyone! :)

September 23, 2012 12:30 a.m.

Wabbbit says... #32

1 feature, coming right up!

September 23, 2012 4:14 p.m.

theonyc says... #33

Genesis Wave is a must, if you do splash white like mentioned above, Village Bell-Ringer is insane, when he enters the battlefield, he untaps all your Priest of Titania and Elvish Archdruid , allowing you to go insane, if you have problems with board wipes, Gaddock Teeg could be good (most board wipes cost 4). if not, consider splashing black to prevent boared wipes with Blood Artist and if you can get Soul of the Harvest its actually better then prim time with elves

September 23, 2012 4:40 p.m.

Geoxis says... #34

also Witchbane Orb vs burn!

September 23, 2012 4:41 p.m.

@ buffy - thanks so much!

@ theonyc - I definitely want to add in Genesis Wave . What do you suggest I take out? For now, I think I'm going to stick with mono-green unless I find it absolutely necessary to splash white. But, I was considering splashing red for Bonfire of the Damned . Do you think it's worth it? Village Bell-Ringer and Gaddock Teeg are definitely cards I'll consider if I splash white.

@ Geoxis - Witchbane Orb sounds like a great addition, but what do you suggest I take out?

Thanks for the comments everyone! :) +1's? :P

September 23, 2012 5 p.m.

theonyc says... #36

witch bane orb should be side board, not main, +1 and if i forget to do so remind me

September 23, 2012 5:37 p.m.

Thanks for the advice and +1 theonyc :)

If you have any decks you'd like me to look at, please say so! I don't play standard though, so I may not be a good person to ask for that >.<

September 23, 2012 5:50 p.m.

ADub25 says... #38

September 23, 2012 6:24 p.m.

ADub25 - I have been considering Doubling Season for a long time. But, with Primeval Titan fetching Cloudpost /Vesuva , I can usually get atleast 50 counters per turn. I'm going to playtest with it and see how useful it is.

Thanks for the suggestion! :)

September 23, 2012 7:22 p.m.

mattil says... #40

Vesuva for four more Glimmerpost

October 5, 2012 3:19 p.m.

mattil says... #41

sry.. you have them

October 5, 2012 3:20 p.m.

theonyc says... #42

what kind of deck is this? legacy, modern, casual? if its legacy or modern i would play naturalize or the legacy counter part

October 5, 2012 3:27 p.m.

All good mattil :P

It's a casual deck, preferably want to keep it legal in SOME format, so probably Legacy, but it doesn't matter to me

October 5, 2012 3:34 p.m.

theonyc says... #44

also unless fog has helped you alot, i would add in more Llanowar Elves

October 5, 2012 3:35 p.m.

theonyc says... #45

then yeah, i would put in some naturalizes or something, your sideboard should mainly contain cards that people you play against play, so if someone is playing reanimator or pod, you should put in around 3 card:Grafdigger's Cages. against aggro if you find your self loosing, in goes Kitchen Finks and the such. the sideboard depends on your meta but it's really important. that being said, i don't use side boards :P (i should though)

October 5, 2012 3:40 p.m.

How does -2 Fog +1 Llanowar Elves +1 Beast Within sound? or +2 Llanowar Elves ?

October 5, 2012 3:40 p.m.

I just play on Cockatrice, so I play against anything you can possibly think of :P Plus, I never use sideboards... I should too though

October 5, 2012 3:43 p.m.

theonyc says... #48

also sorry for posting alot, Genesis Wave is insane if you find yourself having mana. i personally would put in more elves, but if you find the need for lots of removal then go with Beast Within

October 5, 2012 3:45 p.m.

Better than no posts! :P I like the Genesis Wave , but what should I take out for it?

October 5, 2012 3:52 p.m.

theonyc says... #50

Elvish Guidance is cool but seems to unreliable because its not an elf itself and ur only playing 10 elves, 2 more Llanowar Elves and 4 Fyndhorn Elves would make it more reliable while increasing speed. Omnath, Locus of Mana is cool, but Cloudpost doesn't add green mana, only colorless, and you have 12

October 5, 2012 4:07 p.m.

I agree with you on the Elves, I'll make that change. However I like Omnath because it keeps green mana in my mana pool, allowing me to attack with Bear Umbra attached, and then tap for more/use Doubling Cube for a TON of mana

October 5, 2012 4:19 p.m.

theonyc says... #52

if possible could you help me with meliric pod?

October 5, 2012 5:16 p.m.

Hiding says... #53

Dont know if any1 else pointed this out yet, but if you have 4 doubling cubes couldnt you tap one after another to increase mana by power of 5? so 2 mana would become 4 then 8 then 16 then 32

October 7, 2012 3:57 p.m.

Hiding says... #54

Of course there is the mana cost to doubling which is subtracted before doubling occurs but you get the point

October 7, 2012 3:58 p.m.

theonyc says... #55

lol, if you only have 5 mana, and you try to use it, it would end in 0 mana

October 7, 2012 4:16 p.m.

theonyc says... #56

5-3: 2. 2x2= 4. 4-3: 1, complete loss. with 6 mana, it would break even, 6-3=3. 3x2=6, resulting in a tapped artifact. with 7 you would make a profit. 7-3: 4. 4x2: 8, so with one, a profit of 1, with 2 8-3: 5. 5x2=10. i actually dont think its worth running because unless you get 7 mana, it doesn't do anything, and even if you do, it would only make 1 mana.

October 7, 2012 4:22 p.m.

You have a point, it really isn't worth it... should I replace it with 2 more Mana Reflection s?

October 7, 2012 4:40 p.m.

Hiding says... #58

actually since your deck runs on lots of mana and with the tripling effect with mana reflections instead of just doubling, more cubes might actually be worth it.5-3=2 x3= 6, but with 6 mana 6-3=3 x3=9

October 7, 2012 5 p.m.

theonyc says... #59

its Doubling Cube not tripling cube, 3x3 is nine but 3x2 is 6, meaning its just a card waste when under 6 mana,

October 7, 2012 5:34 p.m.

Hiding says... #60

Maybe I didnt word it right, but with Mana Reflection s it becomes a tripling cube. Although it's kind of situational, the potential profits are huge.

October 7, 2012 7:06 p.m.

theonyc says... #61

but your not tapping for mana, it double the mana you already have, not provide mana

October 7, 2012 7:26 p.m.

Hiding says... #62

hmm I only suggested it because comment #20 said it might is giving you mana, but i guess its safer to go with something else.

October 7, 2012 9:35 p.m.

I don't understand where "tripling" is coming from. One Mana Reflection doubles the mana you tap for, and a second Mana Reflection stacks on top of the first, quadrupling the mana you tap for.

When doing the math, Doubling Cube is really ineffective - even if I tap for 10, I only end up with 14 after using Doubling Cube . It's getting cut :P

October 8, 2012 8:36 a.m.

theonyc says... #64

i would add 2 Ensnaring Bridge 's too your sb and add 1 more Fyndhorn Elves main board, ensnaring bridge is mostly useful against swarm decks

October 8, 2012 3:49 p.m.

Hiding says... #65

Ensnaring Bridge + Bottled Cloister is a pretty good combo. unless you already keep your hand at like 0 cards.

October 8, 2012 9:44 p.m.

theonyc says... #66

yeah, for most decks like these (not sure if its this way in your case though) you have enough mana to play as much as you want

October 8, 2012 9:54 p.m.

I'm usually down to 1-3 cards in my hand (Beast Within , early game Blightsteel Colossus , or an extra Helix Pinnacle which I can easily play). Bottled Cloister is definitely something I'll sideboard just in case I face a fast-paced small token deck or something (my sideboards are usually just ideas that I rarely use, but we'll see).

Thanks for the suggestions! Could I get a +1 if you haven't done so? :)

October 9, 2012 12:49 p.m.

theonyc says... #68

ive been thinking of running elves and thanks to you, i've decided not to

October 9, 2012 2:54 p.m.

theonyc says... #69

looking back, that might not have seemed like a complement, it actually was, i like playing relatively unstable decks, but this deck seems like it will always be good, which i actually hate (i guess im weird like that) so its actually a complement disguised as a insult, sorry

October 9, 2012 2:56 p.m.

Hiding says... #70

Arbor Elf , Shizuko, Caller of Autumn

two other random mana adding cards

October 9, 2012 9:10 p.m.

Hiding says... #71

Vernal Bloom if you put in more forests, and this OP card: New Frontiers

October 27, 2012 8:48 p.m.

Don't like Vernal Bloom because it could help the opponent, but New Frontiers is crazy. would be much more helpful if I ran more basics though, and not the Posts

October 27, 2012 9:01 p.m.

theonyc says... #73

doesn't New Frontiers help opponent too?

October 27, 2012 9:10 p.m.

Yup. I can't ready today. Woops haha

October 27, 2012 9:34 p.m.

theonyc says... #75

lol, i agree with that statement, but the part of how you said ready and not read was hysterical

October 27, 2012 10:50 p.m.

I guess I can't type either... Probably should sleep now

October 27, 2012 10:56 p.m.

theonyc says... #77

yeah, probably lol

October 27, 2012 10:58 p.m.

Hiding says... #78

it does but i think it really helps you a lot more, the opponent doesnt have mana magnifiers like you do, but of course these cards are always a risk. The only thing that balances the New Frontiers is the fact that the opponent gets access to their basic land mana before you do.

October 28, 2012 11:40 a.m.

Hiding says... #79

oh wait, but with your bear umbra, they all untap for maximum power... wow that's pretty powerful

October 28, 2012 11:43 a.m.

Hiding says... #80

Deck I threw together after seeing this: Power Pump. Its more combat based.

October 28, 2012 12:30 p.m.

mikehasacat says... #81

Cavern of Souls, I name elves, whatever. Dark Depths? 30 mana for a 20/20 indestructible flyer. Eye of Ugin for Emrakul. ( They board wipe, and you get all the cards back in your library. Fetch lands. Verdant Catacombs or Misty Rainforest, to thin out your deck. Mosswort Bridge? Get a big Omnath or a Blightsteel Colossus. ( Hide an Emrakul! ) Mutavault? Its an elf... Oran-Rief, the Vastwood. Save some creatures from pyroclasm. Pendalhaven? Springjack Pasture. Mana and life. Tectonic Edge. I don't believe Cloudpost is allowed in modern, I may be wrong, but instead of 12 Post, you could use Tron. The three Urza's. ( Primeval Titan searches for 2 of the 3 lands.) This is a lot, but these are just mana base suggestions.

January 29, 2013 6:27 p.m.

Thanks for all of the land suggestions! I think I will be keeping the Posts though, because this deck is solely for casual play, and not any format :P I will take into consideration your land suggestions though!

January 29, 2013 8:05 p.m.

bradanuva says... #83

Doubling Season would double the number of counters you get on the helix pinnacle.

April 15, 2016 7:04 p.m.

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