Baral's Expertise


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Modern Legal
Frontier Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Aether Revolt Rare

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Baral's Expertise


Return up to three target artifacts and/or creatures to their owner's hands.

You may cast a card with converted mana cost 4 or less from your hand without paying its mana cost.

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Baral's Expertise Discussion

ianknox on Thoroughly Standard Mill Deck

1 day ago

Zondarian Holy crap! I just checked gatherer and it appears that you can actually cast the thing you bounced with Baral's Expertise!

Check out the ruling on 2/9

Thanks so much for causing me to dig a little deeper, I'm taking Baral's Expertise off my unsure list.

Zondarian on Thoroughly Standard Mill Deck

2 days ago

Surely the ideal play for Baral's Expertise is to bounce two opponents cards and use it to bounce your transformed Startled awake back to your hand to replay?

multimedia on Energy Ramp Elves

2 days ago

Hey Inexist93, you asked me at Energy Elves to take a look at your deck. It looks good, but your ramping into the wrong creature :) +1

Consider playing Aetherwind Basker in place of Scaled Behemoth. Basker has much more synergy with your strategy of energy and filling the battlefield with Elves. The synergy between Basker and Bristling Hydra is nuts. You can get Hydra on the battlefield before Basker even as fast as turn three and then really benefit from the all the energy that Basker can make when it later on enters play to pump Hydra. Hydra might be the best energy sink to use in Standard and being able to play it turn three from either Servant of the Conduit or Druid of the Cowl is very good. I would play 3-4x Hydra in place of 3x Bounty of the Luxa and 1x Glimmer of Genius.

I think you're better off using Elves and other creatures as your ramp and not playing Bounty or moving it to the sideboard because it's just too slow it doesn't even ramp you the turn after it's been in play, you first have to draw a card and then the next turn you can use it to ramp. Because of the slow ramp I think Rishkar, Peema Renegade is a better ramp option and he's an Elf.

I'm not a fan of Architect of the Untamed even though she's an Elf consider replacing her with Rogue Refiner. Refiner is one of the best energy cards in Standard and he's Simic colors.

Until he rotates Sylvan Advocate is one of the best Elves and is much better than Sage of Shaila's Claim. Advocate has nice synergy with Rishkar, Peema Renegade. The two together can be fantastic ramp. Sage is fine for budget/rotation reasons because she can also be used as ramp with Rishkar.

Consider adding 2-4x Lumbering Falls as creature lands if you're in colors for them they're very good.

You're going to need some removal main deck I recommend Baral's Expertise. Baral's can be pseudo removal, bounce, while at the same time let you play just about any card other than Basker for free.

I'm happy to help, if you would like further help let me know.

Good luck with your deck

Taliesin32 on Free Stuff!

3 days ago

seshiro_of_the_orochi Thanks for the comment!

I have pulled off a Rishkar's Expertise into a Baral's Expertise a few times and usually after that and the potential cast off Rashmi, dropping an Oracle's Vault, Prowling Serpopard, Lifecrafter's Bestiary or any other cheaper spells is usually worth it. Cast out is also usually a very good drop off of Baral's Expertise as it can remove enchantments and walkers, clearing more of the field.

I will keep an eye out for any other good 4 drops that catch my eye. If you can think of any really good ones then let me know!

seshiro_of_the_orochi on Free Stuff!

3 days ago

Awesome idea. I think you should really try to include a powerful four-drop besides Rashmi so you can go Rishkar's Expertise into Baral's Expertise into which four-drop ever you choose. Seems to powerful to not try.

Hyperalgialysis on Need help with Nissa Ramp

5 days ago

Make the deck bant and run as many ramp cards as you can. Nissa's Renewal Corrupted Grafstone etc. Toss in like 3 Descend upon the Sinful and 3 Baral's Expertise. The ramp should be enough to let you hard cast nissa for 8 and activate the ability. The board wipes will help you survibe long enough to do so. Blessed Alliance Select for Inspection and Primal Druid can buy you time to get your plan going. The druid will also help you ramp when it dies.

Skynock on Let's Bounce

1 week ago

Flicker subtheme will let you repeat bounce actions.

Æther Mutation

Baral's Expertise


Distorting Wake




Help flood their hand even more?Nullmage Advocate

Wheel and Deal

Maybe an small unblockable subtheme with these typesCephalid Constable

Arm with AEther

lenneska on Griselbrand aetherflux

1 week ago

Well I prefer Baral's Expertise in this deck, another combo with it i just thought of is with Manamorphose which is basically 2 free mana and card draw since you cast it for free with baral's.

And the thing is, in one turn i can combo so many spells that even if i draw 2 times with griselbrand, i can still manage to get to 50 life if one turn.

The other possibility is to just get rid of the aetherflux part, and go for a modern deck with tokens and Polymorph ? Like a cheap version of a Griselbrand glass canon, grixis i guess.

I don't have Goryo's Vengeance but i do have Footsteps of the Goryo, i guess i can combine it with Anger to achieve the same goal. With a lot of cantrips it should be easy to get them in the graveyard. I guess i would run Soul Spike and Fury of the Horde.

Then the idea would be to pitch an early Lingering Souls and Anger, cast lingering flashback cost, cast polymorph on a token, get griselbrand and win like that ? Another way is to pitch griselbrand and anger and reanimate through footstep of the goryo and win this way too.

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