Possibility Storm


Whenever a player casts a spell from his or her hand, that player exiles it, then exiles cards from the top of his or her library until he or she exiles a card that shares a card type with it. That player may cast that card without paying its mana cost. Then he or she puts all cards exiled with Possibility Storm on the bottom of his or her library in a random order.

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Possibility Storm Discussion

Sousaphonist on Chaos Incarnate

1 week ago

This deck is absolutely disgusting and I love it.

Since there's not many creatures in it, Day of the Dragons might be worth removing, and I think Possibility Storm would make a great addition to the chaotic effects. As for it's apparent lack of win-conditions, you seem to be drawing a lot of cards, so you could always throw Psychosis Crawler and/or Laboratory Maniac in there.

Optimator on Chaotic devastation

1 week ago

I love chaos decks but you gotta know Grip of Chaos is profoundly bad-mannered and is the type of card that will make people not want to play against you. I would replace it with Possibility Storm. That or Confusion in the Ranks or Mindmoil. Wild Evocation perhaps.

excasteal on Oh what are the possibilities..

1 week ago

I love this deck idea. First upgrade I would mention is to play fetchlands. You need to thin your deck and it will also help you hit your colors consistently. Scalding Tarn and Arid Mesa are obviously expensive but Flooded Strand isnt bad so I'd at least play those for now. For sweepers I'd suggest Anger of the Gods over bonfire as it is more consistent and the exile clause is incredibly relevant against a lot of decks. Supreme Verdict should also be in the 75, in the board if not in the main deck. Mana Leak is also a highly underrated counterspell in modern and Im not even sure why. It's one of the best hard counters you can play, and as ahard control deck it will be invaluable sometimes, as opposed to remand.

Another card you may not have thought about is Tolaria West. This can be your extra copies of Endless One since you can't run more than one of them for the combo to work. A land's CMC is 0, as is Endless One's, so you can transmute it into your eldrazi. It is also a land so you can just play it tapped when you need a land (like on turn 1 when you have no real play or on turn 5 or 6 when you don't really need it untapped) or dont have Possibility Storm in play yet. Also, even though possibility storm is a key part of the deck, you dont really need 4 copies of a 5 mana enchantment. I'd cut to three or even two, since having it in your opening hand is bad, and it is also bad in multiples (although it could be a 5 mana banishing light or curse I suppose). Banishing Light also seems bad as a 3cmc removal spell but hiting any permanent is indeed relevant and the fact that you can chain a possibility storm into it when you draw a second one makes it's inclusion justifiable. I'd include Detention Sphere in the sideboard to bring in against tokens in its place, though.

While this does feel like a worse Saheeli Twin deck, it also has more angles of attack to lock down your opponents with possibility storm so if you can last till turn 5 and cast it consistently you may be fine. I like it.

taural on Ideally this Modern Deck Would be Epic

1 week ago


Two great suggestions :D I have used the Rule of Law + Possibility Storm combo before in an EDH deck.

Axis of Mortality is an interesting new card, I'll give it a run out and see how it fares. It could provide a decent additional win condition if I can get down to negative life, but it could be a "win more" card as at 6 mana I'd hope to have sown the game up. However it might be worth it just to cast it against a Death's Shadow deck!

Funkydiscogod on Ideally this Modern Deck Would be Epic

2 weeks ago

Rule of Law + Possibility Storm = players can't cast spells

Axis of Mortality + Phyrexian Unlife = dead opponent

Ziembski on Maelstrom Chaos of Annihilation

2 weeks ago

Buufreak, You are wrong.

AFAIK, Even If you stack Eye of the Storm above Possibility Storm, Possibility Storm will still do its stuff, no matter if that spell is already exiled. It doesn't target, so lack of it doesn't matter.

Ill explain each possibility:

  • Possibility Storm goes below Eye of the Storm - Eye resolves first, You may cast any of spells exiled earlier, however neither of them trigger additional Possibility Storm due to not being cast from hand. After resolving each of those spells, You normally resolve Possibility Storm. When You hit another instant/sorcery with it, Eye of the Storm triggers again, letting You cast all spells that were exiled before (including that spell cast from your hand at very beggining). When all spells You decided to copy resolve, we are done.

  • Eye of the Storm below Possibility Storm - PS resolves, You exile it and dig for instant/sorcery, then may cast it. It triggers another Eye of the Storm. Exile it and You may cast all spells exiled with it earlier BUT NOT THAT FIRST FROM HAND (it was exiled with PS not, Eye). After casting all desired copies, go to first Eye trigger and resolve it as normal.

The main difference between both ways is that letting Eye resolve first, allow to copy that spell later with Eye. If Possibility Storm resolves first, spells cast from hand doesn't happen at all.

At first it may not matter, but knowing this You may decide if instants/sorcs cast from hands at all.

Someone cast Armageddon? Let PS resolve first, so Armageddon doesn't resolve at all, hoping they wont hit another wipes from library.

Vorincl3x on EDH Artifacts

2 weeks ago

Can I suggest Possibility Storm? With your general you get your spell plus 1 more while everyone else gets a different spell

Rabid_Wombat on Chaos does not choose its enemies

2 weeks ago

Ziembski this deck is crazy bro! Won a brutal multiplayer game last night...I had Possibility Storm, Thought Reflection, Psychosis Crawler and Arjun all in play. Cast Timetwister and then top decked Reforge the Soul with Possibility Storm then triggered Arjun's ability twice in a row to deal everyone 70 damage with the Psychosis Crawler as I drew two lots of 28 cards!! I can honestly say that is one of my best edh wins ever- major props for posting the decklist :D

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