Chart a Course


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Uncommon

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Chart a Course


Draw two cards. Then discard a card unless you attacked with a creature this turn.

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Chart a Course Discussion

Legendary_penguin_of_death on Total noobs first deck

3 days ago

The key to building good decks is redundant effects that all tie together to become stronger than each card would be by itself. For you Favorable Winds is that card that ties it all together. That means you should run 4. The next thing you should probably do is find the 6-7 best blue or black fliers in the format that fit within your budget and play 3-4 of each (6-7 fliers just because that is consistent with the number you run now and I agree is a good number of creatures but you could go a bit higher). All your artifacts dont synergies with the rest of the deck so I would replace them with interactive spells. Budget options are Walk the Plank, Lookout's Dispersal, and Reaver Ambush. Of the three Lookout's Dispersal is the best IMO. You run 2 Opt and 2 Chart a Course so I would try to figure out which works better and use 4. If you find them both equally good then its ok to split so you have choices if you have both in hand.

Like someone mentioned earlier know what type of deck you like to play. I like building decks that win but do it in a round about way. Magic has many hidden and cut and dry interactions its the brewers job to exploit them.

Good luck!

Mice_Overseer on Monoblue Favorable Winds

6 days ago

Chart a Course, maybe? Other than that this seems pretty solid, what exactly do you need help with?

dusterGGG on Hate the double spells!

1 week ago

Korlash88 has a decent point, but it can work with enough cheap spells that draw you cards. Chart a Course is good, Flood of Recollection returns another spell to your hand, Pirate's Prize and Pirate's Pillage give you treasure tokens, Secrets of the Golden City is efficient late game, and Shake the Foundations is a solid sideboard card against RDW.

SpiritKing on 12-Lord Thopter Assault

1 week ago

You just dont want to understand what i was trying to say, so let's just forget about that.

The match up between my and your deck is clearly in your favor, that's correct. But that's just how it is with every creature based deck VS removal heavy deck. Please be so considerate as to incorporate not only the cards you play in your deck to conclude your jugdement about card choices i made. That's called tunnel vision (retaliation incoming, calling it now).I dont think it's fair to say that Hangarback Walker or Ensoul Artifact plus any artifact have no value in a shell such as this one, based on matches against your deck alone.

You do have a point though with Thopter Spy Network making a good addition to the deck, i'll test out how to incorporate it best!

I also thought about flipping the numbers on Chart a Course and Shrapnel Blast or getting rid of red completely and go Cast Out instead, though i dont like the 4 CMC on Cast Out. If i do this im pretty sure i have to up the land count.

Interesting that you mentioned the mana base, because that was always the least of my concerns. I rarely had problems getting screwed and while i have to agree with you, that it is inconvenient that i can't fetch for red sources, i never had problems turning Spire of Industry on, or having trouble with finding red. Perhaps an additional Spirebluff Canal would suffice.

I'm not sold on the double color requirement on Disallow and love me some Improvise Mana Leak's, but i'll give it a test run.

Thank you for taking the time!

SeekerofSecrets on UR Delver Tempo Control

1 week ago

I would drop down 1 Vapor Snag for your third Mana Leak

I would also seriously consider Bedlam Reveler as a 2 of, it's the real deal. You could drop 1 swiftspear and a delver or Enigma Drake (Im not as sure because I haven't tested drake)

I would drop Chart a Course to maybe a 2 of and maybe an Opt for 3 Thought Scour. The sorcery speed of course really hurts it and thought scour pushes serpent and drake over the top.

I'm also not a huge fan of Monastery Swiftspear but thats just personal preference

Good luck with the build though! Im loving the sudden surge in delver on the site!!!

razelfark on Scarabbian

2 weeks ago

The deck seems really well built. My main question is why the side deck option Dispossess? I am not sure what artifact is out that you would want to run this card to remove besides gearhulks. It is not a bad idea for those but was wondering if there were any other cards you were using this to side vs. You may want to consider for the side Lost Legacy or Negate if you find yourself vs second sun or combo decks.

As for the main deck you may want to run either Glimmer of Genius or Hieroglyphic Illumination over Chart a Course . The reason for why I suggest this is to make it so you have more instant speed draw options to hold mana up for control spells and you will more often then not have to discard for the Chart. Another reason I prefer the 2 spells I suggested is that because they are instant speed you can target them with Torrential Gearhulk to get more draw power when you don't need to use it for control.

multimedia on Draw, locust, draw, locust...

2 weeks ago

Hey, very nice budget Locust God deck. For a first deck it looks great. I suggest concentrating on lowering the Avg CMC(average converted mana cost). For instance only these three six CMC cards: The Locust God, Consecrated Sphinx and Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind should be the high end of the mana curve. You don't really need anything else with a higher mana cost.

I have a few budget suggestions:

All my suggestions other than Reef are cheap ways to draw cards, sometimes a lot of cards. Wheels: Windfall, Jace's Archivist and Whirlpool Warrior are very good with the God because you're drawing a lot of cards while also making just as many 1/1 fliers as cards you draw. Archivist is a repeatable Windfall each turn.

Faithless Looting is draw two for one mana that can flashback to draw again. Ponder filtering and draw for one mana. Mind Stone is good two mana rock because it can be sac later on to draw a card. Remora is a staple blue card for Commander it can draw you a lot of cards it's good in the early game or later on in the game when you have the God in play. Cycling lands are good with the God using a land to draw when you don't need a land, getting a 1/1 flier in return.

Good luck with your deck.

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