Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar

Legendary Creature — Spirit

If you would draw a card, look at the top three cards of your library instead. Put one of those cards into your hand and the rest on the bottom of your library in any order.

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Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar Discussion

Thorbogl on Not Animar...

22 hours ago

Hey there, if you're a friend of combos, I got some :

Ancestral Statue combos hard with animar

Cloudstone Curio + 2 eldrazi or morph creatures for infinite etb's

And Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar to get the pieces together

Pokimoki on Exodus 10; The Locust God EDH

3 days ago

I'm putting Whirlpool Warrior in for sure, and I definitely need cards that save me from mill so thank God you mentioned those. The only card I disagree with is Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar because it technically doesn't draw you the cards, it just places them in your hand. Otherwise thanks for the great inclusions!

LeoSushi on Exodus 10; The Locust God EDH

4 days ago

Whirlpool Warrior is 2 wheels in one, Obstinate Familiar is a great panic button, Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar is insane, Forgotten Creation keeps the draws flowing, Library of Leng is a way to make wheels stop milling you, Trinket Mage tutors for library, or clamp, Paradoxical Outcome could be good, Anvil of Bogardan gives no max hand size and card draw, Kozilek, Butcher of Truth is another "I can't be milled" card, teferi's puzzle box is yet another card that draws a lot of cards

Deathstroke2791 on Kami of the Rising Tides (FREE Story Inside!)

4 days ago

You've got my plus one. I also have a mono-blue group hug deck. Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar is my commander, so the win-con is different because of that. I love your list. Although I might suggest Dreamscape Artist for some ramp. Ramping is important, and discarding cards in this deck doesn't hurt really.

maxon on Nekusar, the Mindrazer EDH: Drawn to Death

5 days ago

Hey there. Nekusar is near and dear to my heart. He was my first Commander. I don't play it anymore, but I remember the playstyle well and I remember it being fun to play. You're running a list similar to mine too actually. A lot of Nekusar decks I see don't run Phyrexian Tyranny for some reason. I always found it to be an all-star of pain dealing.

Anyway, I'm just gonna spew some cards at you. Hopefully you like one of them.

My current favorite deck to play is commanded by Kami of the Crescent Moon, and my favorite way to win with that deck is Laboratory Maniac. So, to help me draw out my library as fast as possible I run Jushi Apprentice. Being that you can target any player, this could be a brutal way for you to deal a massive amount of damage to someone if you have all your "pain when draw" effects out. I'm assuming you usually have a pretty full hand when you play this and would be able to flip this easily.

Next is Gray Merchant of Asphodel. He's so common to see these days, but with all the black symbols in the enchantments in this deck, he's a house! You will surely deal a good chunk of damage, and gain a fat stack of life to help offset the damage you do end up taking from your own deck.

This next one might not be what you're trying to do, but Polluted Bonds did some work for me when I played it. It gives the opponent the option to not play lands to avoid the damage, but I've never found people all that willing to put themselves back on mana.

Lastly, in my Kami deck, which also draws a lot, I've found Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar to be really good at allowing me to dig deep for all the right spells. It's just good sift power.

Anyway, +1 from me. This is a nice build.

Deathstroke2791 on Anticipate Stick [[Tomorrow Primer]]

1 week ago

Both the effect on Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar and Possessed Portal are replacement effects that both trigger at any time I would draw. Since I control both triggers I get to choose in which order they resolve. If I choose for Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar to resolve first, the replacement effect from Possessed Portal fizzles since I am no longer "drawing" a card. I verified this with a level 2 judge and two level 1 judges at my LGS.

maxon on Rising From The Deep! Krakens attack! (Budget $40)

1 week ago

Don't bother with Reef Worm. I know from experience that you'll never really get much value from it. Unless your meta has a ton of wrath. Your own return effects like Devastation Tide will end up vaporizing your tokens. It's just not that good consistently. I would fill that slot with Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar (which is less than a dollar for some reason). The digging power is insane. I run it in my deck, That MASTERLESS Little Kami, which has a ton of draw in it, but even if you only draw 1, being able to pick from 3 is like scry on steroids. I would also recommend Illusionist's Gambit for a neat combat trick. When you're opponents start realizing you're getting out of control, and swing at you, that will not only prevent you from taking the damage, but also force them to swing at another player. I don't necessarily know what you'd swap it for, but I've never been sad to see a gambit in my hand.

benqaz on Mono White Combo (Yomiji)

1 week ago

@ZtheGreat (again): Looks like you are collecting decks with Kamiagawa commanders. I have 2 others I could put on the site if you are interested, Tomorrow, Azami's Familiar, and of course Masumaro, First to Live.

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