Gut Shot


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Custom Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2015 Edition (MM2) Common
New Phyrexia (NPH) Uncommon

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Gut Shot


( can be paid with either or 2 life.)

Gut Shot deals 1 damage to target creature or player.

Gut Shot Discussion

Dragaan on Modern Green Stompy (100% competitive under $100)

5 days ago

While you are right that Gut Shot is less impactful than most of the board, it's not strictly worse than Dismember since it allows you to curve out while still having some interaction vs opponents that are playing important utility creatures like mana dorks. Can make a world of difference in certain match-ups like elves or sometimes vs affinity. I was turned on to the card by someone else (some pro player/streamer back a year or two ago). I was never a big fan of the card prior to that. But, yea, cards that allow you to still use all your mana AND curve out while still disrupting the opponent work exceptionally well in decks like stompy or little zoo, etc. The random reach is just icing.

However, I do agree with you that it's probably the least impactful (certainly least sexy) of the cards in the board I used up above. I've noticed the meta (both local and online) is quite different than when I last played a lot back in 2016-ish and I haven't been getting as much use out of the card as I once did. I actually don't have it in my paper deck atm. It is replaced by a Prey Upon , but that is only because I do not have a 3rd Dismember. A lot of this is due to how often I run into UR Phoenix and specifically Thing in the Ice  Flip.

Thanks for the suggestions. I mentioned Garruk's Companion in the description. I see why some people run it in the super aggressive versions but I feel the extra health on Tusker, esp for evolving Experiment One's but also just for allowing me to attack into more creatures and working better when you have Rancor on the card just makes it a more effective creature overall. I do see why some people still like and run the card, though.

Although I have not mentioned much here, you will see that just the other day I discussed many of your points/suggestions on this deck's comments section - Lushy bushy (as well as a few other points). I also discussed some of these same points with this deck's author - Big Green Daddies.

The ones I don't mention, from Nettle Sentinel down, I believe are not impactful enough to be run in a competitive Stompy list atm. Similar cards would be Prowling Serpopard , Great Sable Stag , Witchstalker , etc. (although these are all 3-mana examples). I believe the modern green Stompy list is just too tight to include cards like that anymore, esp now that Dryad Militant is almost required and we're gonna want at least 2 (probably 3, or even 4 for some people) Collector Ouphe in the board.

Thank you for your comment!

Stump1187 on Saheeli divergent combo

1 week ago

Meant to say Gut Shot as Gitaxian Probe is sorcery... sorry.

Dragaan on Lushy bushy

1 week ago

Tbh, I was using Tormod's Crypt s prior to the Wheels because I made it as a super-budget deck at first (no Scooze either). I do think Relic is probably better than Crypt for the deck in general, because Relic can continuously get rid of stuff vs most "graveyard-matters" decks until either you win or they just dump too much stuff in eventually. Against a deck like Dredge, though (and even Phoenix), they utilize the GY so fast that you usually just need to clear it relatively early on. Sometimes this is good enough for our deck because we're so fast, but I've heard Dredge players saying they really aren't scared of that kind of "one-shot" graveyard removal. What they are afraid of is Rest in Peace . Well, we don't have RIP, but Wheel is close if we can get it out early. It kinda sucks if we don't have it right away and they get a chance to start utilizing the yard due to Wheel not actually dealing with stuff already put into the yard, but in games where we don't literally start out with our gy hate I believe we're in trouble already so we may as well just pray to race them.

Wheel also gives you free wins vs Mill strategies (which actually aren't THAT uncommon for me to see) by allowing you to use it on yourself.

I'm actually just testing the Wheels out right now, though (I've used them before but long ago and in other decks), so I don't ultimately know if I'll be keeping them or going back to Crypt or getting Relics again. Crypt was actually kinda cool just because, like with Gut Shot , it allows us to get some hate in without affecting our curve/pressure. That's actually pretty important as well with Stompy, so yeah this is another choice that I have trouble with, mainly because I just don't play nearly as often as I used to. Makes me try and theorize about some things instead of just going off of raw data. If I end up playing a lot of games after Horizons comes out and forming a more solid decision I'll update my list and let you know.

Jlje9 on Ral, Storm Conduit/Fury Storm cOBK

2 weeks ago

As you can see, I also took Cave-In out for Gut Shot .

Although it is true that this deck is oriented to win on turns 3 or 4, it is quite fragile to interaction, and sometimes your opponents can frustrate your tries to combo off in the early game. It is in this situations that cards like Cave-In and Chalice of the Void come in, giving you extra value in addition to being free spells in case you need them (Chalice can sometimes shut off entire decks).

If you find that yourself rarely being in this situation (depended on the meta you are playing in) feel free to switch some of these cards. Swan Song is a perfectly good substitution since it helps to protect the combo as well as turning off opponent's combos

Soulless_Grimm on Ral, Storm Conduit/Fury Storm cOBK

2 weeks ago

Nice to hear that it is a good idea! Now, the question is: which card would you replace, in order to bring Gut Shot in?

Soulless_Grimm on Ral, Storm Conduit/Fury Storm cOBK

2 weeks ago

I was wondering... isn’t Gut Shot a excellent card, here ? Because I sometimes have problems with free spells like Cave-In because of the « exile card » downside, and Gut shot doesn’t require that.

If you had to add Gut shot, which card would you take out ?

lagotripha on Budget replacement for manamorphose in ...

2 weeks ago

Manamorphose is one of a kind- there aren't any clean swaps for it. Its why an uncommon got valuable.

You are either picking a card advantage tool or a free spell, and you will want to adjust your list for it.

SSG, Wild Cantor doesn't trigger pheonix, etc. Mind Stone offers draw and ramp, but is enough slower that it really matters. Battle Hymn / Desperate Ritual can be fun to ramp hard, but is card disadvantage. Burning-Tree Emissary is a free creature, but its not the same.

If you are prepared to restructure a little more of the deck there are good options, but you are basically looking at Gut Shot / Mutagenic Growth , Rift Bolt (to get a suspended spell then two others) or just playing more burn cards.

lagotripha on mutagenic madness

2 weeks ago

Hi, and welcome to modern. Modern has competitive level pump decks and likely will for the foreseeable future, but they call for specific tools.

Infect uses the infect mechanic to double how well each pump spell works- Glistener Elf / Vines of Vastwood / Become Immense is lethal, and the rest of the deck tries to do that as fast and reliably as possible, dodging creatures and interaction.

There used to be somewhat more intereactive Kiln fiend/swiftspear decks operating under similar principals using Temur Battle Rage and Assault Strobe , however death's shadow (taking advantage of Street Wraith instead of manamorphose and abusing Stubborn Denial , wizards offering an extra set of lightning bolts, and thing in the ice offering a different style of control package broke the nieche into smaller parts.

A Dreadhorde Arcanist pump deck is likely viable, likely in an Arclight Phoenix shell, however unless you are investing in a bunch of fetchlands (at which point all colours are open, allowing splashes for hand Tainted Strike or Stubborn Denial ), I'd look at keeping it mono red. Brute Force , Gut Shot , Mutagenic Growth , Young Pyromancer , Kiln Fiend etc- there are a few lists out there that showcase the FNM winning form of it.

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Gut Shot occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.22%