Dusk / Dawn


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Vintage Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Amonkhet Rare

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Dusk / Dawn


Destroy all creatures with power greater or equal to 3.

Aftermath - Cast this spell only from your graveyard, then exile it.
Return all creature cards with power less than equal to 2 from your graveyard to your hand.

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Dusk / Dawn Discussion

Luciferos on Black White Zombies

2 hours ago

Sparring Mummy doesn't really seem to have a particular use in your deck. Both of the tap effects you have involve paying mana, so you're up to 6 mana to tap one to use an ability and untap it again. I guess you could swing with all and then play a Sparring Mummy to untap someone else as a block helper.

Throne of the God-Pharaoh is probably a better option, pushing through 1 damage per tapped creature direct to opponent at your end step. Gravedigger would also be a preferable mainboard, as zombies are guaranteed to die. These spells are cheap.

In truth, Diregraf Colossus, Cryptbreaker, or Relentless Dead would be your best pickups but they are not cheap, so. You can get Diregrafs for about 3 bucks a pop, though, and they synergize really, really well with Binding Mummy because each Zombie spell you cast triggers Binding Mummy a second time if Diregraf is out. Ultimately, this comes down to where your budget lies.

For your Sideboard, you should have some extra stuff to get rid of your opponent's win condition, especially for games 2 and 3. Anguished Unmaking is a great targeted eraser but a buck and change per card, Gideon's Intervention is dirt cheap and can completely shut down an opposing win con like Aetherworks Marvel by simply disallowing the opponent from playing it. Dusk / Dawn, Yahenni's Expertise, Dispossess, and Lost Legacy all round out useful sideboard cards that play to White/Black's biggest sideboard strength: the ability to simply eviscerate someone's deck of That One Card they use to secure a win, irrevocably destroy a permanent, or wipe the board if you get behind. Dusk / Dawn also would let you get back basically every (non-token) zombie in your deck, and if you're missing one of your Lord creatures or enchantments, wouldn't even kill most of your zombies.

Hopefully some of this helps! An investment of another 20 bucks or so would dramatically ratchet up your deck's competitiveness, but even just replacing Sparring Mummy with a more useful card, even a cheap one like 50 cent Throne of the God-Pharaoh, should really upgrade your combat capability. Aside from that, getting a diverse sideboard of hate cards is probably your best bid - surgically denying the opponent their best card is an extremely strong option - and most of those cards I linked are under $1.

Maradas on Budget Black/White zombie

5 hours ago

well currently im only unsure of the sideboard but that is always pretty vage , but overall this deck seems sweet

got me some ideas to change my zombie deck

i will test again and then maybe return for more discussions

a card where i am unsure if it is good in that deck is Dusk / Dawn the double white is though but that card can very vell break a beat-down mirror so what do you think?

MRDOOM3 on Sarumans Demize

8 hours ago

First off, I like the LotR reference.

Okay, now for my suggestions.

Assault Formation and Behind the Scenes are both really nice cards for Doran.

You also can try out Belbe's Armor.

There's also Solidarity and Bar the Door to inflict more pain with Doran on the field.

Meekstone is just another good card as well, although it may not synergize well with some creatures in here.

Dusk / Dawn is another really nice sweeper.

Ensouled Scimitar, Cathar's Shield, and Accorder's Shield all synergize pretty well with Doran.

For your creatures with Defender, you may need Wakestone Gargoyle.

You also can probably try out Tree of Redemption along with Perdition.

Crenellated Wall is nice as well.

dra600n on Undeadication

1 day ago

Alright, so this is what I did:

I acquired the rest of the Metallic Mimic's, filled out the rest of the Wayward Servant, and a few more cards (deck is updated above), and removed the Fan Bearer's and the solo Diregraf (I got to the card shop a few minutes too late as a customer was in the middle of purchasing all copies the shop had).

I ran into an issue that just destroys this deck currently. The combo that took me out was an Anointed Procession, an enchantment that if a creature died, create a 1/1 servo token at your end phase, and a black creature that pings you for 1 life while giving the controller a life for each creature you put into the graveyard (sorry, I forget the names of these cards as they're still new to me).

Going through my cards, I do have 1 Anguished Unmaking, a few Cast Out's, a few Never//Return's, 1 Fumigate, and 1 Dusk / Dawn. My thoughts are to remove In Oketra's Name and possibly remove 1 or 2 Liliana's Mastery. This will free up 5 cards, which I'm thinking would be 1 Anguished Unmaking, 3 Cast Out's, and 1 more Plague Belcher. The reason for wanting to remove the Mastery's is because with the mimic's, I gain the +1/+1 benefit for 3 less mana, and by turn 5, I would rather have creature/permanent control in my hand than 2 Mastery's.

The Oketra's Name's aren't doing well sitting in my hand when I'm suffering with a lack of defenders or getting pinged by another creature, and when I'm ready to use it, my zombies are already +2/+2 to +5/+5. Also, with the 2nd Dark Salvation, I get the zombies and give a creature -2/-2 for the cost.

I'll have to get some more Anguished Unmaking's. I'm debating if I want to run 4 of them, or do a split between that and Cast Out, as the 3 life hit could terrible mid to late game.

I think now that I'm getting some more play with it, the sideboard is going to have a few Never//Return's to help deal with Plainswalkers, Gideon's Intervention, and Fumigate. Maybe a Dusk / Dawn as well, just in case I run into a situation where I want to wipe the board and get a quick army back.

But yeah, I definitely need permanent control, as the current setup only works well against aggro decks.

braderunnah on Alesha's Fury

6 days ago

Find some room for a Dusk / Dawn in there if you can. Amazing card for Alesha.

nvmorale on UW servos of God-Pharaoh

1 week ago

i've thinking that maybe Hidden Stockpile and Start / Finish could be good token interactions, but that implies a third colorm and can make less consistent the deck.

Also maybe 2 Dusk / Dawn could be better than a Fumigate in sideboard.

FaithfulCorpse on Ayli, Clerical Errors

1 week ago

Hetteshkane Thank you for the input! Since putting this deck up on Tappedout I've sleeved and played it online pretty extensively, so I'm getting a much better feel for how the deck runs and also a few of the weaknesses.

So to answer to some card choices and dis-inclusions, I've neglected the various Life = Damage cards because I feel like those paint far too large a target on my head to be worth running, where unless I can kill a player that very turn, some amount of attention is going to be turned towards me. Along that same note, Extort tends to be a nice mechanic, but it doesn't stray into wincon territory, at least in my eyes.

Erebos, God of the Dead is an interesting thought, one that I hadn't put my thinking towards when I constructed the deck, providing a means of ramping life away from opponents and turning my life gain into card advantage. I'll be considering it.

Lastly Daru Spiritualist and Tree of Perdition provide a few important things.

Daru Spiritualist is essential to an infinite life gain combo featuring either Shaman en-Kor Or Lightning Greaves while Tree of Perdition provides a way to swerve around Pillowfort decks, and to Sac to Ayli afterwards, netting me massive lifegain all at once, which tends to make activating Ayli, Eternal Pilgrim 's second ability much more reliable, as a bonus, it's recurrable with the Dawn portion of Dusk / Dawn

I'll be looking tp update how the deck has evolved in the next few days, so please keep an eye out!

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