Krosan Restorer


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Torment Common

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Krosan Restorer

Creature — Human Druid

Tap: Untap target land.

Threshold - Tap: Untap up to three target lands. Play this ability only if seven or more cards are in your graveyard.

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Krosan Restorer Discussion

Backstabbeth on I Am A Rock - Noyan Dar $40 Budget Man Lands

22 hours ago

@hosshughes: Yeah guess I should have checked Reddit first. I'm glad you still found some uses for it though; that combo with Contested War Zone + Mirrorweave is hilarious. I had another thought (sorry my suggestions are so spread out, I comment them when I think of them). I think Diluvian Primordial might be good, since it casts an instant or sorcery for each of your opponents, possibly triggering your commander multiple times. I guess you could add Luminate Primordial if you really needed to. He doesn't really synergize in any way with the deck, he's basically just a Swords to Plowshares for each of your opponents. I think most of the Ravnica Primordials have good effects and are fairly budget, so I guess they're more of a general suggestion for any of your budget decks you make. Also, if you are taking deck suggestions, I would love to see you make a commander deck for Experiment Kraj. Messing around with activated abilities can be really fun, especially with things like Horseshoe Crab and Krosan Restorer. I currently run a Kraj deck and would be able to offer more suggestions if you'd like.

MxdDrnk75 on Meren - Protean Stax

1 month ago

Have you thought of running Voyaging Satyr over Arbor Elf? I would think being able to untap Cabal Coffers and utility lands would be worth the 1 extra CmC. I'd suggest going with Krosan Restorer over both of those if you were running more utility lands.

Atleon on Yisan, the Wandering Asshole

5 months ago


We discussed adding staxxy pieces to slow down the faster combo decks (and at DZ we learned no one runs ways to deal with stax pieces -- a Hushwing Gryff and a Root Maze shut down two tuned lists.

I would recommend the following adds:

These five adds will shore up the current weakness to "goldfish" decks -- decks that aim to win extra quick, running little to no interactionary pieces besides maybe a few wipes and 2-3 spot removal spells. Storm combo, Paradox Engine combo, etc. Specifically:

  • Null Rod -- Wow, what a card. This just absolutely hoses most decks with artifact acceleration (AKA every non-green competitive deck) and it hardly will effect you at all with Yisan online.

  • Sphere of Resistance -- Doesn't tax you, while making everyone else pay 1 more is the difference between a T4 wipe and a T5 wipe, allowing you to sneak some wins you otherwise wouldn't. In addition to this, this card just royally fucks storm in a way that shouldn't be legal.

  • Tangle Wire -- Slows the game down in a huge way, and especially if you have some of your untappers out, you can play from underneath it and generate a turn or two of advantage, which is more than enough to secure you the game.

  • Thorn of Amethyst -- like Sphere of Resistance, but it doesn't even hurt the odd Great Oak Guardian plays. Sad part is, it doesn't do much against creature-based decks like Animar or Karador.

  • Trinisphere -- LOL I love this card so much. What a doozy. Turns other people's nice free rocks into shitty 3 CMC rocks. Doesn't effect Yisan hardly at all. Only spells you'll be casting under 3 CMC are likely going to be removal, and that will be so rare I think it's worth wrecking decks with low drops, while abusing Yisan all the while.

So that's what I would say for the Stax package.

In addition to the staxxy cards, I think a strong buy for Yisan would be Ancient Tomb, as it turns Crop Rotation into another Turn 2 Yisan card (hereby T2Y). Another card that turns a different card into a T2Y is Dryad Arbor, turning Green Sun's Zenith into a T2Y. Since this is turning into Lands Central, I think the deck should have a Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx in it. You run some land untappers, and it doesn't seem too uncommon for this to make 16+ mana in a turn.

I think that you should add some more untappers, as that is how this deck seems to "go off" the hardest:

A little more on these adds:

  • Umbral Mantle seems to be the cheapest untapper out there. 3 to play, 0 to equip, 3 to untap. Has the pro of making your dork inf/inf too for shenanigans. has the pro of getting under Gaddock Teeg.

  • Staff of Domination seems to be perfect for this deck. another infinite mana outlet stapled to an untapper stapled to blocker removal or keeping Bobo/ Zur/ animar tapped down. Plus, being a few mana cheaper on the combo turn never hurt. 3 to play, 3 to untap, 1 to untap staff making 7 mana investment the turn you go off. has the pro of getting under Gaddock Teeg.

I also think more T2Y cards could not hurt. Examples are:

These are pretty self-explainatory.

  • Wild Growth -- Like a mana dork that is a bit harder to remove.

  • Utopia Sprawl -- See above

  • Exploration -- I have swung around on this card, I think it is great for Yisan especially with how much land bounce there is. Could allow for more EOT shenanigans with Scryb Ranger.

  • Chrome Mox -- The cheapest of the moxen, would allow for a T1Y (!!!) with a god hand.

The last area of the deck that I could see improved is the Removal/ Interaction section. For this, I prescribe the following cards:

Well I probably just suggested like 300$ worth of cards, but I bet some of these cards are budget enough to buy on winnings.

Oh shit.

The cuts.

I almost forgot.

My least favorite part. I'll suggest 1:1 cuts for future upgrades.


+ Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx - Forest

+ Ancient Tomb - Forest

+ Dryad Arbor - Reliquary Tower

My reasoning for cutting Reliquary is that Forests are both very important for colored mana, and also for Scryb Ranger. An opening hand with a reliquary tower and a dork isn't keepable, but a hand with a forest and a dork often is.


+ Null Rod - Acidic Slime

Null Rod basically kills ALL artifacts. You lose some tutorability at the high drops, but let's be real, if you aren't finding Seedborn Muse are you really winning? :P 1,2,3 are the big artifact hate drop slots.

+ Sphere of Resistance - Greenwarden of Murasa

Adding stax means some of the higher drops will be harder to cast if you find them in your hand, meaning some of the high drops will likely have to take a hit. Greenwarden is one of them, as the effect is available on multiple bodies for lower CMC.

+ Tangle Wire - Regal Force

More high drop cuts for the stax pieces. Card draw is nice, but even it will rarely have the accelerating power that forcing your opponents to skip their next 1/2 turns will have.

+ Thorn of Amethyst - Cloudstone Curio

I don't think this is the deck for Cloudstone. I was thinking, and it's a wincon in Arjun. You have Sol Ring and Cloudstone Curio in play, and a Mind Stone in hand. Tap sol ring, play mind stone, cycle, bounce sol ring, play sol ring, cycle, bounce mind stone.. etc you get the picture. I am convinced that is the combo deck that deserves the sick jank combos. This deck is well on it's way to be a mean lean pod-eating machine.

+ Trinisphere - Beastmaster Ascension

I believe beast master is where the deck needed to be a month or two ago, but I think this isn't the deck for it anymore. yisan wins through combos of one kind or another, and Beastmasters is too fair IMO.


Frankly, it is my opinion that Sword of the Paruns is outclassed by the two sick untappers I suggested, both due to mana and versatility. (eqiup 0 is a huge boon, allows juggling between dorks and Yisan for free if needed.) Getting under teeg is also likely going to be a common issue, I'm sorry about that.

+ Umbral Mantle - Sword of the Paruns

+ Staff of Domination - Wood Elves

Wood elves is ramp when you don't need it IMO, many of your 3's already do such a good job at ramp that I feel he is unnecessary for your deck. High impact cards for low impact cards.


I think these are the last of the cheap cards that will allow easy t2 yisans. I think with honing in on a focus of the deck, it might be time for a few pet combos to move out and make room for the main event, which is extremely consistent combo. The slowest combo with the fewest tutors and most restrictive wincons is the Maze of Ith combat step combos. You want your combo pieces to be great on their own, too, and I am not convinced that Krosan Restorer, Seeker of Skybreak, and Argothian Elder meet that criteria. Most turns, you'll be pumping mana into yisan, and then the game will be over. I firmly believe a more consistent t2 yisan is one of the strongest and cheapest upgrades this deck will see for a while.

+ Wild Growth - Krosan Restorer

+ Utopia Sprawl - Argothian Elder

+ Chrome Mox - Seeker of Skybreak

Seeker is just worse than Scryb Ranger in so many ways, it hurts me to see a subpar card next to such an all-star.

+ Exploration - Gaea's Touch

The upgraded, T2Y card version of Gaea's Touch. Booyah.

Okay, last section.


Cards in this section are tutor able off yisan, have sick effects, and will shut down the scariest deck at the table in a heartbeat. This is the real creature toolbox of the deck right here.

+ Duplicant - Mana Reflection

I feel like if theres one problem you have, it's not having too little mana. A 5 mana unsearchable enchantment that doesn't do anything the turn it comes down likely won't cut it for commander. Plus, you can still only activate yisan however many times you can tap him.

+ Thought-Knot Seer - Joraga Treespeaker

Joroga actually isn't a T2Y, I don't know how I never noticed that. He used to be the best that ever was, but he's sorely outclassed now with all the sick one drops to find.

+ Phyrexian Revoker - Forest

I am convinced that with your curve, you could drop to 34 no problem. Pretty sure you're a little higher on the curve than Karador, and Karador runs 32 land.

Well, them's the cuts. Time to total up how many cards I just through at you!

timefabric on Master Druid

5 months ago

Hey ThatGuy4242, good catch on the typo, I'll fix that.

As far as Maze of Ith goes, it actually doesn't remove the creature from combat, but it "prevents all combat damage that would be dealt to and dealt by that creature this turn." Therefore, with Krosan Restorer if you have threshold and you are attacking, you can untap maze & 2 more lands to untap the restorer, and then do this loop infinitely as many times as you wish by the restorer again. Same goes with Argothian Elder.

You can easily swap any of those cards in to the deck, at a certain point I simply ran out of real estate for more druids :) I don't have a sideboard yet, so I suppose those can be a start.

ThatGuy4242 on Master Druid

5 months ago

In the description on #6 you left in the "(with Threshold)" part from when it said Krosan Restorer.

Number 7 doesn't work because Maze of Ith removes the creature from combat so it is no longer attacking and therefore can't be targeted again even if you untap it.

Also have you considered Drumhunter, Elvish Harbinger, Ichneumon Druid, Joraga Treespeaker, Karametra's Acolyte, Norwood Priestess, Priest of Titania, or Stone-Seeder Hierophant?

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