Natural Affinity

Natural Affinity


Until end of turn, all lands become 2/2 creatures that are still lands.

Natural Affinity Discussion

Hi_diddly_ho_neighbor on Doom Plane Enchantress

3 weeks ago

Man, I don't know why, but I absolutely love the Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite + Living Plane combo, and that is coming from someone who usually frowns upon land destruction. It's just a shame that Living Plane is so ridiculously expensive...

Have you considered Natural Affinity as a secondary Living Plane? I get your reasoning for not running Nature's Revolt, and the downside is that this is only a one shot effect, but it's 1 mana cheaper than Living Plane, it can be done at instant speed, and you only really need to assemble the combo pieces once to close out the game anyways.

Also, I am surprised not to see Ethereal Absolution in here. Is it just that the other options are stronger?

+1 from me

fatalzintomyum on Sylvan Awakening Combo

1 month ago

Love this deck. I have seen others like it, but Sylvan Advocate allows you to win with this deck with very few lands, and is a good choice. You might consider Natural Affinity or Rude Awakening.

DrJaMiN on Sisay Stax

2 months ago

Hi, thanks for all the strategic details in your description. I’m building a similar list as my first CEDH deck, but with budget concerns. Can I get your opinion on Touch of Vitae? And should I avoid running redundancies of Living Plane like Nature's Revolt and Natural Affinity?

Naksu on [PRIMER] See my lands? See them double?

4 months ago

This is mighty nice! I also do highly recommend some utility lands, since you're running so few spells. Also for one turn wins, you should try the Scapeshift + Crucible of Worlds combo, with all their addons (Ramunap Excavator, Life from the Loam, Splendid Reclamation <- explodes your landfall triggers after Scapeshift)!

Also some cards that work really well with this sort of approach:

LabManiac_cobblepott on Snake Bag

4 months ago

Kross33 there's also Finale of Devastation for infinite (gives haste) as well as Natural Affinity which allows us to blow up all opposing creatures and lands (from which point winning isn't difficult).

Ashcashcash on Titania EDH

4 months ago


Thanks for noticing! I should really document my reasons for deck list updates, but I haven't in a long time.

I removed Blast Zone because the card has never done what I wanted. I thought the card would be a great form of recursive removal with Titania at the helm. Instead, Blast Zone is over costed, doesn't remove tokens, and as a colorless source, hinders the early gameplay by restricting my access to colored sources. I replaced it with Desert of the Indomitable as a place holder for now because cycle lands help to dig for better cards, but sucks that it enters tapped. I'll probably replace it with Harmonize or a Forest in the future to be honest.

I removed Natural Affinity because it was more of a gotcha card. It wasn't a bad card. There were several times that it won me the game. Other times, you use it to fuel a Craterhoof Behemoth or have instant speed blockers. I've had my fun with Natural Affinity , but I would rather have more recursion in the deck, and removing it doesn't hurt my deck. That's why I replaced it with Reclaim .

Thank you for your suggestion of Noxious Revival ! I didn't know that it worked on any graveyard. That makes it a lot better than I thought. I'll most likely swap it into the deck when I get a hold of one, which I just did through TCGPlayer after reading your comment!

imSandstorm on ₩ɆĐĐł₦₲ ₣Ɇ₳₴₮

6 months ago

Sorry for the double-post, forgot to mention Natural Affinity which is a pretty mean combo with Massacre Wurm .

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