Desolate Lighthouse


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Avacyn Restored Rare

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Desolate Lighthouse


T: Add 1 to your mana pool.1UR, T: Draw a card, then discard a card.

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Desolate Lighthouse Discussion

knudthedude on The Fly and The Fish - Grixis Delver

3 days ago

Dear all,

thank you for giving feedback!

Dear Parkerfear I do agree with Teddyjunior11 that in general Engineered Explosives is better than Anger of the Gods. Furthermore is my sideboardspace currentnly too crowded for anger.

Dear Seppuku_Fox thank you for all the suggentions. Maybe you are correct that I should play two terminates. I did just remove the Dreadbore for one more Terminate. I do not have the feeling that the Dreadbore is actually meta relevant.

I thought about Ceremonious Rejection and I do like it. I will try to get my hands on a copy to try it out. It would probably also come in very handy vs affinity.

Glimmer of Genius could be tried out but I do think that it is too costy with cmc of 4. Always also thinking about Painful Truths. I might switch cards around soon and try Painful Truths and Desolate Lighthouse both as one of in my sideboard leaving me with another slot for something different.

Fulminator Mage will soon be given to my brothers Junk sideboard leaving me with two copies of Crumble to Dust vs tron and -shift decks.

BTW just went second at the local fnm only loosing vs Jund.

Let me know whats up and cheers guys.

AtomicEmpire on Insanity Sauce (Developing Competitive)

1 week ago


Meh. It's OK, but is pretty much tied with Desolate Lighthouse. As I already have Desolate Lighthouse, I will probably not be picking up Geier Reach Sanitarium anytime soon. Although it does seem good, giving our opponents card advantage makes me cringe a bit. What were your reasons for it over Desolate Lighthouse?

Icbrgr on Insanity Sauce (Developing Competitive)

2 weeks ago

@AtomicEmpire my thoughts on Desolate Lighthouse is no doubt a thumbs up to have a one of (but i wouldn't do any more than that). being able to draw at instant speed is always welcome in my opinion.

ZackBinks on Insanity Sauce (Developing Competitive)

2 weeks ago

I feel like you want at least 25 lands to ensure consistent land drops for a Draw-Go style control deck. I would definitely put the Desolate Lighthouse in there. I have mixed feelings about not doing to full playset of Lightning Bolt, but I run Tokens so what do I know about single target removal?

All in all, looks very promising!

AtomicEmpire on Insanity Sauce (Developing Competitive)

2 weeks ago


Isochron Scepter was considered. Honestly, the only thing that I would reliably exile on it would be counterspells/Lightning Helix. I don't like pigeonholing myself into only being able to imprint a few spells on it.

In regards to your Arcane suggestion, I don't think that I will go in that direction. That would be a fun brew though... I might try it on

What're your thoughts on Desolate Lighthouse?

Thanks for the comment and +1!

Polupus on Insanity Sauce (Developing Competitive)

2 weeks ago

Desolate Lighthouse might help out your Logic Knots. I've seen a lot of jeskai lists run it.

GodKingNanders on Bolas Flavor Edh

1 month ago

You should also play a Desolate Lighthouse.

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