Long-Term Plans


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Scourge (SCG) Uncommon

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Long-Term Plans


Search your library for a card, shuffle your library, then put that card third from the top.

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Long-Term Plans Discussion

Exxie97 on Morphing Mind Games: Morph EDH

2 weeks ago

While Grim Haruspex is better for drawing because you don't have to pay the 1, I feel like Mentor of the Meek is better for snowballing. They are both good card draw options just with different purpose. I'll give Grim Haruspex a try, it is more flavorful.
While this deck is usually pretty slow, here is how I try and play in the early game.
In my opening hand I generally look for 2-4 lands, 1-2 things that ramp, and a manifesting engine (or a tutor to get one). On turns 1-3 I try and get my lands and mana rocks out (basically just play what you can), if I have the option to play my manifesting, I'll almost always play that over ramp . I generally won't play Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa during the early game unless I need to get in with Silas Renn, Seeker Adept or Jeskai Infiltrator. After that I will usually only spend around 1/2 or 2/3 of my mana during my turns and leave the rest for potential unmorphs. If I don't unmorph anything, I'll spend it on manifesting or hand/top deck manipulation at the end of my opponents turn.
I hope this helps, I'm not very good and explaining how I play.

Animar, Soul of Elements is normally amazing for morph, however I am only currently running 7 creatures with morph making him not all that useful. This deck has more of a emphasis on manifesting rather than morph. I have looked at all color for this deck and I thought red looked the weakest because it didn't offer any manifesting engines, or creatures that can one hit kill somebody. Black also offers more options for tutor including the transmute tutors which helps make this deck much more consistent. I do agree that Kraum, Ludevic's Opus dose make a better 'I need colors commander', but Silas Renn, Seeker Adept and Sidar Kondo of Jamuraa work together quite nicely. Skirk Alarmist is probably my biggest pull towards red, but that just isn't quite enough.
I do really like the look of Long-Term Plans, might replace Fabricate with it.
I have to pump a good amount of mana into Bane of the Living for it to be worth it for me because it will almost always wipe out all my face down 2/2. Still might be a good board wipe option though.
Strionic Resonator has the same problem Animar, Soul of Elements has, not enough morph creatures.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions!

RazortoothMtg on Morphing Mind Games: Morph EDH

2 weeks ago

Sorry for the double post, but to back up what I was saying about cutting black, it seems to be your most lackluster color. Kraum is a better just "I want more colors" partner, as he draws cards. You could replace Phage with the obviously much worse-but-along-the-same-lines Leveler, which is great with Fractured Identity and could have a place anyway, Vampiric Tutor becomes Long-Term Plans, again, worse, but still good. No Ghastly Conscription-esque replacements I can think of currently.

On the other side of things, red gives you Animar, Soul of Elements, AKA Animorphs, for all the free morphs. It gives you Kraum, probably better than Silas for the most part. Akroma, Angel of Fury is a big red morph-er, Dwarven Blastminer is on-theme land hate, and Skirk Alarmist, Ixidors worse cousin. I've seen animorphs lists run Jeering Instigator as well.

If you don't go for the switch, why no Bane of the Living? On theme wrath. You should also consider Strionic Resonator to copy some of the un-morph triggers.

Reverie42 on Teferi, Eldrazi Hereld

3 weeks ago

I just want to say that having looked at all of your lists, the fact that you're able to put together a full deck where, even if there's room for upgrades or other synergies/combos, there's a good balance of card/effect types and an obvious purpose for every card is really impressive. I'll definitely look forward to going through any lists you post from here out :)

I definitely get where you're coming from with Paradox Engine. It's like Doubling Season where it's so broken that it's hard to find cards that don't combo with it. Once you add it to a list, the end result is probably going to be pretty degenerate. I've definitely intentionally left it out of some lists for that reason.

One of the things that I like about it in Teferi is that a lot of things that you might do with Engine out are still decent plays when you don't have it since you still have the ability to untap a bunch of extra mana with Teferi. A lot of the cards that are just completely broken with Engine are still reasonable without it, which is workable.

Cyclonic Rift is definitely great in blue decks. Capsize, Time Elemental and Temporal Adept can all hit any permanent. I use them in Stax to pick up Stasis for a 1-sided lock, but you can also bounce lands, or even your own creatures to recycle ETB effects or blank removal. The creature-based bounces might be too cute outside of stax (even with Dismiss), but Capsize might be worth it.

If you really want to go insane with Teferi, The Chain Veil with the ability to get 5 mana from 3 permanents goes infinite. Activate veil to untap stuff, minus Teferi to untap veil and 3 lands, repeat until Teferi dies. Recast Teferi, plus until you only have 1 activation left, repeat. Draw entire deck, generate infinite mana, Blue Sun's Zenith all of your opponents to death.

I never pulled the trigger on running Chain Veil in my Teferi deck since a combo that only requires my commander and 1 card is a little too much for my meta. But if you're ever sitting down at a higher power table, you can side that in. With Long-Term Plans and Fabricate, you have quite a few changes to hit.

Suns_Champion on Death and all her Friends: Narset Superfriends

4 weeks ago

Leyline of Anticipation, Long-Term Plans, Vanishing, Winds of Rath, Divine Reckoning all worked great for me! Also you should find some ways to deter early attacks because you have no protection before turn 6 and Narset is always swinging and not blocking. Propaganda effects maybe?

Otherwise looks great! Can't wait to play against it!

Zenaku17 on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

4 weeks ago

Does anyone know of any good blue and green cards to get Food Chain into my hand from my deck? Or colorless. I know about Long-Term Plans and Muddle the Mixture

Zenaku17 on Food Chain Zegana

1 month ago

I dont see any tutor options for food chain. Have you tried Long-Term Plans ?

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