Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Tenth Edition Common
Odyssey Common

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Look at target player's hand.

Draw a card.

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Peek Discussion

GabeCubed on Infinite Mana Ballista

5 days ago

I suggest more can trips, in this case more Serum Visions, and some amount of Sleight of Hand. Ancient Stirrings could help, a bit.

In addition, Disrupting Shoal (might not have enough blue) and Remand can help with more counters.

Peek will give you an idea when to combo.

Having a plan B is also a decent idea. Some big creatures, or beaters, or a second combo (like Pili-Pala and Grand Architect) are all decent ideas.

Hope that helps.

ChandrasFollower on Infect round two win

6 days ago

GS10 Hmmmm that was really help full, and I will see to adding some of the cards you suggested.I definitely see that the deck needs protection, and it will be added, once im done with this new deck im trying to make.And a card like Peek that you suggested will definitely be used in either sideboard or mainboard.Again thanks for the comment, and the cards you suggested, I think it will improve the deck much.If you see the decks after I have udated it, please comment about how you think it is.;)

GS10 on Infect round two win

6 days ago

I'd run at least 2 more lands, and I'd cut 2 Rancors and the 4 Larger Than Life to include Serum Visions, Peek or Spell Pierces.

There's a low creature count in every infect deck, and any one mana removal spell gets our creatures, so infect's bane is spot removal. Too many pump spells and few draw spells will leave us with hands filled with pump and battlefields depleted of infect sources. Peek gives you information about your opponent's hand before you throw all your pump spells on a creature that will be removed (especially relevant when your pumps are sorcery speed), while Serum Visions gives you more fuel to keep being the aggressor. Spell Pierce is probably the best way to keep your creatures safe from that cheap removal, since you want to win early anyway, and that extra 2 mana will almost never be available by the time they'd need it.

I wouldn't worry too much about getting your pump spells countered because they'd be trading one for one with you, and not impacting the board, while you are twice as fast killing them anyway. Usually Infect loses by getting threats removed after you spend resources making them lethal (Which also makes a good point for mainboard Blossoming Defense over Rancor as added protection)

I'd say in most modern FNM venues infect is not competitively viable without Inkmoth Nexus and personally I never tried the deck without Become Immense even after the Gitaxian Probe ban, but I didn't play in many different venues to be sure, it's just a feeling based on my own experience with the deck. There's few things worse than keeping a hand with Glistener Elf, land and a bunch of pump spells to win t2 or t3 and when you pull the trigger your opponent waits for you to dump all your spells or spend all your mana and hit you with a Fatal Push or Path to Exile.

For a budget deck this is certainly okay, but since the top tier infect list has been axed so harshly by the Gitaxian Probe ban, I have serious doubts about this list's power in a fairly normal Modern event, at least, in my venues it wouldn't be competitive (and I know because I started with a list somewhat similar to this one, being forced to add Noble Hierarch, fetchlands and Inkmoth Nexus to at least be in the run.)

And finally Invigorate is not modern legal. So if this is just a casual infect deck, forget everything I said. It's pretty good as is! All my sugestions are simply based on current modern meta and are meant to help you be stronger in an environment that has evolved to have all the answers to completely neutralize infect (to a point where even Tron got worse overall, by changing colors just to be better positioned against infect).

Postmortal_Pop on Cantrips and Baubles Challenge

1 week ago

Airtight Tappedout, it's been a while since we had a good challenge so let's make some Cantrips and Baubles!

For anyone who isn't familiar with these terms, Cantrips are spells that cost one mana, do something, and draw a card. Like Peek Bandage, etc.

Baubles on the other hand are cheap artifacts that you have to sacrifice to use the ability Chromatic Sphere, Necrogen Spellbomb, etc.

So let's see what we can make!

ej133 on Jeskai Tax Collectors

2 weeks ago

Hi there!

Well, I'm a Jeskai fan too. These colors are awesome, even though the manabase is extremely expensive.

Your deck is a rough draft, so I'll try to give you some ideas. I'll try to keep it budget, because you mentioned it in the description. The best jeskai deck nowadays is Jeskai Nahiri, but this is far busted in finantial terms.

So, my tips are:

  1. Invest a little in your lands. Running a three color deck is very painful if you only have basic lands. Battlefield Forge and Shivan Reef can be a start, since they're not so expensive. If you really wanna go for it, get some fetch lands (Flooded Strand is the cheapest one in Jeskai Colors) and shock lands (jeskai ones are Sacred Foundry // Steam Vents // Hallowed Fountain). This is a bigger investment, but you can use them in other decks some day.

  2. Define a strategy. I said that your deck is a rough draft, because you don't have a clear win condition. The main thing you gotta keep in mind when building a deck is how you're going to win. Even if you're playing control. And, even more important, after defining your win-con you need to make sure it's consistent. Planning to beatdown with a Figure of Destiny in format with Fatal Push and Path to Exile is very questionable. Lurk around and see other strategies in jeskai colors. Inspire yourself or use someone else's idea, that's not necessarily wrong. Personally, I really like going with Geist of Saint Traft or Thing in the Ice  Flip.

  3. Understand how each card connects to each other. This is one of the hardest things. For instance, if you're playing a control build with a lot of instants and cards to deal with your opponents threats and do a late game beatdown, Bedlam Reveler does a very good use of your graveyard and also draws you 3 cards to keep your hand fueled. Or else, if you wanna build board presence and push your enemies back Elspeth, Sun's Champion or Captain of the Watch can generate you extra tokens to push it. Right now you have some cards that don't really bind together, like Stormscape Familiar.

  4. Use blue. Blue is one of the most interesting colors in Magic: The Gathering. It gives you interactions and, most important, card advantage. Read some articles about tempo, it might clear up your mind. But, basically, what I mean here is: if you access to blue, you can handle threats in the early game with counterspells like Mana Leak, Spell Snare, Spell Pierce and Negate (and even Dispel maybe) or generate card advantage with instant speed draw engines like Peek, Think Twice or Telling Time. You don't really need to worry doing anything in your turn, you can just let your opponents fall into thinking you're not prepared for their threats. And, even if you can't counter everything, blue gives you awesome cards like Vapor Snag and Cryptic Command (this one is expensive, but whatever). So, trust in blue magic. Not creatures, blue creatures are bad. Blue magic.

I hope I lead into some critical thinking about your deck. It's not meant to make you unsatisfied with this, but to get you to a higher place in deckbuilding. If you want to discuss more about jeskai decks feel free to add me or to take a look at my lists. I'm always happy to help new players improve.

See ya!

Lmoyer on Mono blue badass

3 weeks ago

You might want to cut Condescend and put Peek in it's place. Either that or swap out 2 Confirm Suspicions and 1 Condescend and 1 Cryptic Command for 4 Peek. Cryptic Command is a good card, but you don't really want to draw 2 in your opening hand, but 2 isn't enough. 3 seems perfect. Peek allows you to see your opponent's hand, so you have a better plan for your counters, and it also replaces itself. It's decent to be able to know their lines of plays and what you absolutely HAVE to counter.

What's the Spreading Seas in your sideboard for? Sure it replaces itself, but you don't have any Islandwalk creatures in the deck to take advantage of that, so there's better cards to use. You're better off with Ponder honestly, but that's not really sideboard material, that's more like mainboard tech.

You might be overloading on counters, not enough card draw, and very little in the way of removal. Bouncing non-land permanents would be good here.

kortioznikas on Izzet aggro

3 weeks ago

Wellcome to pauper, there is no need to reinvent the wheel, so I'll just add some staples for this deck as it is called UR Blitz, which is super fast, sweet and fun to play.

And this deck does not actually has to play 20 lands as your mana curve should be quite low

you don't actually need so many spells to give your ceratures unblockable so 6-8 would be enough, my choice would be to stick to Distortion Strike and Slip Through Space

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