Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Tenth Edition (10E) Common
Odyssey (ODY) Common

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Look at target player's hand.

Draw a card.

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Peek Discussion

ComboCrazy on Turn 1: Weird, pass. Turn 2: ...50 damage!?

1 week ago

sg_86 Yes, I have considered those, unfortunately, they all cost too much mana to use most of the time, and as Falconone said, they also dont have the extra scry or Peek effects on them. Thanks for the suggestions though!

TheAlexGnan on [Community Discussion]: Modern Chat

1 week ago

Empty the Warrens is basically the only thing I'm worried about out of storm. Apart from Thoughtseize and Izzet Staticaster it's extremely hard to interact with.

When I face storm, I use all my Thought Scours on my opponent (I side out delve creatures) and try to hit their warrens with it. Followed up by Surgical Extraction.

Regarding that: Surgical Extraction is about as superior to Extirpate as Gitaxian Probe is to Peek. There is really no contest. In a format where games are won on turn 4 (3 sometimes), which gives you 10cmc to work with FOR THE WHOLE GAME, 1cmc makes a huge difference!

ComboCrazy on Turn 1: Weird, pass. Turn 2: ...50 damage!?

2 weeks ago

Thanks everyone for all the suggestions everyone!

KsP_FtW: Cloud Key would be nice if it didnt cost 3 mana. As is, its just a too slow. Thanks anyways!

ThrunTheTroll628: I already make use of the Weirds, via Slip Through Space, and swinging for 15 unblockable. The Grapeshot is there because its difficult to counter, so Im hesitant to take it out. Likewise, Peek, instead of alerting me to removal, actually is more for removal, so that I know whether to hold a Shoal in hand and swing for barely lethal or discard it to go for the maximum damage.

cwhite99: Gitaxian Probe is banned in modern. If it were legal Id be running it.

OperaGhost thats exactly why lol, darn those dumb modern players XD

SpookyToe: You know that brings up a dilemma Ive been facing with this deck.

So, I pose a question for everyone that may read this: Should I sideboard Annul, Spell Pierce, Swan Song, or Stubborn Denial? They all have their ups and downs, but in playtesting they each come in handy in different situations. If anyone has any reasons why I should use one over the others, Id particularly appreciate that input.

Thanks again to everyone who has contributed so far!

cwhite99 on Turn 1: Weird, pass. Turn 2: ...50 damage!?

2 weeks ago

Wasn't sure if you had considered this already or not, but Gitaxian Probe might be a good replacement against Peek if you aren't concerned with it being a sorcery. Might help you save just a little more mana early game.

ThrunTheTroll628 on Turn 1: Weird, pass. Turn 2: ...50 damage!?

2 weeks ago

Thoughts on putting in 2 Flings and cutting grape shot? The Flings would give later Blistercoil Weirds a purpose.

On the same note I feel like +2 Expedite and -2 Peek is worth a shot, peek doesn't seem to have any value, I mean seeing if they have a counterspell is nice, but what are you going to do about it anyways?

xyr0s on Favorable Faeries

3 weeks ago

Mutavault would be nice, as for any tribal deck - Faerie Conclave could easily do in this deck. Quickling might also be useful, but definitely not the full playset.

I don't think your deck does enough things that rely on your opponents game, to make Peek good. If you bring it for the card draw, Opt is better, but probably redundat, as you already have Serum Visions. You could exchange a Peek for Ghostly Flicker. Sometimes, it's a counterspell, sometimes a way out of unfavorable combat, sometimes... well... many uses for that one. The last 2 Peek could become Vapor Snag instead.

tizzio on SSStylish Sons of Sparda

1 month ago

I love all of the thought and effort that went into the flavor of this post. From a fellow storm player props, I love it... I also like the use of Peek. I've met some storm players that didn't even know that it existed!

abby315 on Gro-bots *Primer*

1 month ago

You may want Thoughtseize or IoK in the sideboard over Dispel, especially thanks to enemy Abrupt Decays. Since you need to dig for combo pieces, Opt is probably better than Peek, and with discard in the side youll already have hand info.

For the SB I think going to like 2 Dispel 4 discard spells will cover your bases. Storm will be big there, but your GY hate is probably sufficient. Maybe Relic of Progenitus over Tormod's Crypt?

Good luck!

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