Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Tenth Edition Common
Odyssey Common

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Draw a card.

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Peek Discussion

ellie-is on Illusory Shenanigans

1 day ago

Making some changes. Decided to remove Clout of the Dominus after all, and added more counterspells instead - that should keep Lord of the Unreal as protected. Still on the fence for Peek, considering removing or decreasing it to add more creatures.

VexxValentine on Illusory Shenanigans

1 day ago

i recommend looking at themanasource's illusions video. for the most part id say you need the fish lands Oboro, Palace in the Clouds Minamo, School at Water's Edge they are just great if you run into Boil or Choke Mutavault also is a must since its a creature land and in most cases its a 3/3. rather than running Peek i highly recommend Serum Visions also rather than Gossamer Phantasm id say Illusory Angel would be better. Clout of the Dominus is more or less a dead card in more situations than you think because it will kill half of your creatures if you attempt to enchant a phantasmal card. some other things i recommend would be Aether Vial and Adaptive Automaton because it just increases the power level of the deck to a tier 2. the sideboard is really tough in modern metas but i recommend looking at the merfolk sideboards for inspiration.

xyr0s on mono blue delver

2 days ago

I really like this deck, and would really wish it worked. But. It's a bit too fair. Counterspells cost more mana than what they have to counter in the aggro-matchups, meaning that you get outplayed for a couple of turns by an opponent playing two spells in a turn, and you only having mana for 1 counterspell.

The random white mana you could use with Moorland Haunt. You could also use it to cast Spell Queller - it seems to be just the kind of card your deck could use anyway.

Peek really isn't Gitaxian Probe. Especially in a deck that wants to draw extra cards early, and doesn't have too much land. Have you considered Path to Exile instead? You've already got the white mana for it. Familiar's Ruse is pretty good with Snapcaster Mage, but probably even better if you have a bit more creatures wuth ETB effects.

the.beanpole on mono blue delver

2 days ago

Deprive is so, so good in Delver. I'd want at least 3, maybe even 4. Peek and Sleight of Hand seem like your weakest 2 cards; I'd cut some of those to add Thought Scour (Instant speed and synergizes with Snapcaster Mage to sometimes "draw an extra card") and maybe more land. With only 17 land, finding enough to cast Cryptic Command seems very hard. On a normal draw, you only have about at 46% chance to draw into your 4th land by turn 5, which is already later than you want it to be. What are the shocks for? Fetches make sense with Delver of Secrets  Flip, but I can't think of an advantage to using off-color shocks.

zenbeni on Serpent in the ice

3 days ago

The aim of the deck is that you just put one creature at a time and counter / bounce / comply any other spell. An alternative to the kiln fiend deck that is much quicker but not interactive. I saw the Blue Delver in Mono-U decks, and tried to make a budget version with white splash and Cryptic Serpent that is a big body for 2 or 3 CMC, as you use Thought Scour and Winds of Rebuke to fill graveyard. Flashback cards are here for value (Think Twice and Comply).

Serum Visions is great but slow at sorcery speed, Peek seems better with Comply and Winds of Rebuke.

Maybe I have to work a bit more on this deck.

GabeCubed on

1 month ago

I suggest more can trips, in this case more Serum Visions, and some amount of Sleight of Hand. Ancient Stirrings could help, a bit.

In addition, Disrupting Shoal (might not have enough blue) and Remand can help with more counters.

Peek will give you an idea when to combo.

Having a plan B is also a decent idea. Some big creatures, or beaters, or a second combo (like Pili-Pala and Grand Architect) are all decent ideas.

Hope that helps.

ChandrasFollower on Infect round two win

1 month ago

GS10 Hmmmm that was really help full, and I will see to adding some of the cards you suggested.I definitely see that the deck needs protection, and it will be added, once im done with this new deck im trying to make.And a card like Peek that you suggested will definitely be used in either sideboard or mainboard.Again thanks for the comment, and the cards you suggested, I think it will improve the deck much.If you see the decks after I have udated it, please comment about how you think it is.;)

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