Sylvan Reclamation


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2016 Uncommon

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Sylvan Reclamation


Exile up to two target artifacts and/or enchantments.

Basic landcycling (, Discard this card: Search your library for a basic land card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your library.)

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Sylvan Reclamation Discussion

ibstudent2200 on The Trinisphere - Episode 6 ...

2 weeks ago

5: Spine of Ish Sah (Adam), Chaos Warp (Shannon), Sylvan Reclamation (Ryan)

4: Nevinyrral's Disk (Adam), Bane of Progress (Shannon), Vindicate (Ryan)

3: Aura Shards (Adam), Massacre Wurm (Shannon), Toxic Deluge (Ryan)

2: Capsize (Adam), Cryptic Command (Shannon), Swords to Plowshares (Ryan)

1: Grave Pact (Adam), Blatant Thievery (Shannon), Cyclonic Rift (Ryan)

As an amusing anecdote, my Noyan Dar list can very easily create boardstates that are unaffected by Cyclonic Rift, but that deck is hot garbage.

No Anguished Unmaking? Personally, I like instant speed more than I like the ability to target lands and not lose 3 life.

Wilhelm_Screamer on Sand Blasting

2 weeks ago

Whispersilk Cloak is an odd inclusion, none of the creatures really have a pressing need to conect. Why not run the boots/greaves if you want shroud/hexproof?

I am of the mindset that Burgeoning/Manabond are only really great when you have a plethora of ways to restock your hand.

You love tokens and anthem effects, but no Intangible Virtue? Seems like a big miss.

This is a personal choice but I like Sylvan Reclamation more than Return to Dust because it will always hit two targets and has the utility of making sure you hit land drops. The increase in mana cost is a real factor and I still waffle back and forth on the choice between the two.

I'm not sure how great Elixir of Immortality's effect really is, but I think you can get better mileage with Primal Command, one of the modes can replicate the effect of the elixir and it has additional utility of tutoring your haymaker creatures.

Naturalize is just not enough "oomph" for my tastes, consider Sundering Growth for the additional random utility of making more tokens. The way your manabase is set up makes casting it fairly reasonable.

Animist's Awakening is too random, I've seen so many horrific whiffs that I just can't take that risk. Harvest Season has a similar explosive potential but is a more reasonable casting cost.

I would give some serious consideration to Restoration Angel and Eldrazi Displacer to further abuse the strange wording on your commander.

I gotta say though, Hazezon Tamar is a super dank commander and it's always cool to see one across the table.

djewell on Naya EDH Deck

1 month ago


Commander is certainly my favorite format!! I would be happy to give ya a few pointers for what it's worth!

One thing that I noticed off the bat is that you have lots of tapped lands! I think you will find that very annoying to you and even that you don't need quite so many dual lands in the deck. I would take out Inspiring Vantage and in stead put in Clifftop Retreat. As well, I think Hanweir Battlements does nothing for you but slow you down since your commander already gives haste. However, if you run Hanweir Garrison (which I think you should) then it might be worth leaving in!

Myriad Landscape, Needle Spires, Rugged Highlands, Scattered Groves, Sheltered Thicket, Blossoming Sands, Sunscorched Desert, Teetering Peaks and Wind-Scarred Crag could be taken out, I would throw in some more basic lands unless you feel like dropping a lot of money on a deck and get some expensive but good dual lands which don't enter tapped... but I don't think you will need those honestly.

I feel like currently the deck is all over the place! It needs a little focusing to where you want to go with this. Commander is much more fun when you focus on getting out fun combos or cards that pair well together!

I think what i'll do is tell you about some cards you don't need in here and then some cards that you should absolutely put in here, and then some directions you might want to go towards with the deck!

Ruric Thar, the Unbowed is a good card, but you are running too many non creature cards! He will hurt ya! (i built a commander deck with this guy as the commander. If you want to use him still, you can check out that deck for inspiration). Stop Hitting Yourself!

Zendikar Incarnate , Omnath, Locus of Rage and Mina and Denn, Wildborn are better for landfall decks, and won't be as much use outside of it. By the time you have 4 mana, you typically won't have more than one land card in hand at a time anyways, and if you just want the trample ability, there are much better cards out there for ya!

You can find better cards than Sylvan Reclamation for removal, depending on what you decide to do with the deck!

Wilderness Elemental is not particularly great.

Radha, Heir to Keld is not bad, but the two red mana empties from your mana pool after your combat phase ends. if you want to go for mana ramp and something similar, might i suggest Savage Ventmaw or Skyshroud Elf? Those two are similar but in different ways. The nice thing about skyshroud is that he can tap for green, red or white (since he taps for green and the second ability would allow you to use that green mana to turn it either red or white) and you can use it to filter your mana to the color you want (besides green). the mana produced by Savage Ventmaw doesn't deplete between phases.

Oversoul of Dusk while hybrid mana, is harder to cast in your 3 color deck and the card itself isn't necessarily that great. Green and white are very common colors in commander.Now Rubblebelt Raiders on the other hand.. might be worth it, and less mana intensive!

Thelonite Hermit is not super great since you're not creating tons of saproling tokens. I don't even really run it in my Tana, the Bloodsower commander deck.

Odric, Lunarch Marshal gives all your creatures double strike and vigilance when you have your commander out.

Bastion Protector aslo pairs well with Odric.. all creatures you control get indestructible.

Odric, Master Tactician is also good for you no matter what direction you decide to go with the deck!Content goes here

I see this really going anywhere. Your commander is quite flexible!

  1. You could find some way to play with your commander's untap ability (with things like Intrepid Hero or Heartless Hidetsugu and other cool creature tap abilities). you could use Illusionist's Bracers to copy the untap effect when you pay the mana cost. Heck, you could untap her with that free untap. Creatures with tap abilities can tap the same turn they come out as long as you control your commander!
  2. You could build a token deck featuring things with "devour" creatures, Anointed Procession and Parallel Lives.
  3. you could focus on large creatures that you can cast to smash into opponents the same turn they come out.

That's about all I have for now.. decide what you want to do to focus the deck and I will be looking to give you ideas wherever you decide to go with this!

Qumps on Rashmi, Eternities Crafter

1 month ago

Maybe Sylvan Reclamation to help slow down those pesky enchantment gods!?

Blacky on average samut

2 months ago

and also not sure if u like the idea to put a Rith's Grove there is also the Rith's Charm i think is a sweet card as well not sure what you think about changing Return to Dust for a Sylvan Reclamation since it give u lands if you need them only down side is that if you want to exile two things you will require to pay 1 more mana

Delta-117 on Build My Friend's $15 Mayael Deck

3 months ago

Rishkar's Expertise, Regal Behemoth, Moldgraf Monstrosity, and now I know this one is a bit more but if you happen to own it already or could trade for it etc easily then Void Winnower would be an excellent choice, Ruric Thar, the Unbowed, Blazing Archon. I agree with the earlier suggestion of Hamletback Goliath, and I also think Sylvan Reclamation might fit here.

I hope some of these are of use, and I hope your newfound friend comes to enjoy commander as much as I have in the last year that I have been playing it.

xSindrix on Atraxa Counters

3 months ago

Mikaeus, the Lunarch :D Free counters on everything every turn. Gavony Township also.

Vish Kal, Blood Arbiter and Retribution of the Ancients for repeat removal.

I'd also suggest swapping Mortify and Putrefy for Beast Within and Anguished Unmaking, Utter End, or Vindicate. Just generally better removal spells. Maybe Sylvan Reclamation or Return to Dust if you need a lot of enchantment/artifact removal.

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