Mystic Sanctuary

Mystic Sanctuary

Land — Island

(: Gain .)

Mystic Sanctuary enters the battlefield tapped unless you control three or more other Islands.

When Mystic Sanctuary enters the battlefield untapped, you may put target instant or sorcery card from your graveyard on top of your library.

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Set Rarity
Throne of Eldraine (ELD) Common

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Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Pioneer Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Standard Legal
Arena Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal
Oathbreaker Legal

Mystic Sanctuary Discussion

Weird_Frisbee on Ravager Grixis Control

22 hours ago

Stonecutter85, thanks for the suggestions!

1) As for Mystic Sanctuary, I reliably get the trigger, with fetches snagging Island/X lands and then drawing into basics I have yet to whiff honestly unless its in my opening hand. But I do like the idea of Castle Vantress as a mana-sink mid/late game, i'll have to test that one out.

2) I actually took out Vraska's Contempt in favor of Eat to Extinction for the psuedo-surveil and less color restriction. I also have counter-magic, Reality Shift, Hour of Devastation, Languish, Black Sun's Zenith and Cyclonic Rift to handle Gods but I have been considering dropping Hero's Downfall, but its just been such a handy removal spell before especially at 3cmc, it does alot of work.

3) I do like the inclusion of surveil over the damage, but in all honestly, I run Ionize not for the 2 damage but just because it only requires 1 blue, which helps free up my mana for potential counter-magic wars or multiple counters during a turn cycle. I might cut Archmage's Charm instead for Sinister Sabotage.

4) I honestly wasn't aware of Flame Sweep's existence, and you're right I do like the instant-speed guaranteed 2 damage over the sorcery Radiant Flames. I'll have to get one.

5) It's a cool PW, is a actual win-con if the game goes on that long lol, but i'm not sure what I would cut for it because there isn't much room, i'll try that one out as well.

Thank you very much bud, I do appreciate a second set of eyes checking out my list.

Psicraft on In Tatyova - Cards Draw YOU !!!

1 day ago

Hey Blackerlotus13,

i love like your Tatyova, Benthic Druid - Deck. I built my Tatyova deck in a more focused direction around Tatyove in order to be able to play in more lands and get a massive card advantage. You can take a look at my deck and maybe you will find something that fits your version well.

Tatyovas adventurous journey if interested.

I have a small package of suggestions:

Mystic Sanctuary a perfect recursion with Tatyova…

Oboro Breezecaller / Trade Routes to bounce lands back and Play again…

I would cut Time Spiral because i dont like to give opponents Fresh new Cards and answers.

nascentbodhi on Yuriko... because who needs friends anyway?

1 day ago

It seems like many Yuriko lists have moved to labfish combos, which I'm not a big fan of. For this build my goal is to continue using more of a burn strategy with a subtheme of turns. That being said, it could easily be updated to support the newer combo based wincons.

Removed: Countersquall, Curfew, Dark Ritual, Darkness, Far / Away, Memory Lapse, Mission Briefing, Treasure Cruise, Fallen Shinobi, Mist-Syndicate Naga, Sakashima the Impostor, Spectral Sailor, Tetsuko Umezawa, Fugitive, Bitterblossom, Smoke Shroud, Bojuka Bog, Castle Vantress, Mystic Sanctuary, Grafdigger's Cage

Added: Arcane Signet, Bloodstained Mire, Chrome Mox, Damping Sphere, Exotic Orchard, Force of Despair, Frantic Search, Gitaxian Probe, Mausoleum Wanderer, Plaguecrafter, Snap, Spell Snare, Temporal Mastery, Universal Automaton

BOXES_O_MOXES on Dragonsoul Knight [PAUPER EDH]

3 days ago

Rasaru, Yes, Still playing it. Funny, I'm actually making some changes and updating the deck as you commented. This is a weird deck and I'm trying to figure it out 100%. It either plays perfect or it doesn't. I'm thinking the mana base is wonky. It's hard to draw lands sometimes so I added more card draw/sift and removed some counter. The more situational counter I removed and left in the hard counter. This isn't a permission deck so removing some of the counter was the best option. I added a Stonehorn Dignitary to finish the combo set as the wall and flicker were already in here so I figured maybe I can use this lock if it becomes viable at any point in the game. I really enjoy piloting it. I play it against a lot of regular EDH decks just for fun and to see how it holds up. With it being 5 colors it's been tricky as noted before with getting the mana base worked out. I've tried a good bit of stuff and it's starting to smooth out. It's just going to take time to get it dialed in. I'm actually going to add more land now and see how that runs. I also added one Mystic Sanctuary because it works well with Ghostly Flicker and Stonehorn. Or it can become a sub par substitute for Mnemonic Wall if I have it and another draw crit on the field or something. Or it gets the flicker back if it gets countered. This deck is cheap to build if you don't foil it out. I wanted 5 color pEDH as a work about deck that gets my brain going when a new set is released as I can utilize options from the commons of the whole set rather than just focusing on one or a couple colors from each set. Now to answer your question lol.....I'd say before the changes I won as many games as I lost. So 50/50 at the moment. I need to actually keep a log. This deck is the one that's really given me trouble because it's kinda hard to make a 5 color pauper deck play smoothly and consistently. Keep in mind this deck gets played mostly against my other pEDH decks that are listed on Tapped Out because most of my playgroup members don't have their own pEDH decks and end up playing mine. I'll def try to keep a record of my w/l and post here. Thanks for your interest.

ASalesman on Unesh, Ultimate Guide (Tribal)

6 days ago

smashadams83 Thanks for the input!

Rite of Replication: Is that how that works? I'm a little fuzzy on how the legendary rule applies here. I view Rite of Replication as a copy of a sphinx which I think is good, and the kicker option can be huge. The slot that it would have to take I think would be Clever Impersonator or Phyrexian Metamorph. But I prefer the versatility of those cards to the kicker ability. Perhaps its time to take out my trusty Serra Sphinx.

Windreader Sphinx && Sphinx of Enlightenment: I should definitely look into squeezing them in there, to help with draw, drawing cards is probably one of the most important themes of the deck.

Mystic Sanctuary: I agree with you on this one, I should probably take out an Isalnd for it.

Back to Basics: I have thought about this one before, I think its an excellent card that could take the propoganda slot in some matchups. Typically I don't run it because I don't have fun with it, but it definitely deserves a spot. HOWEVER I don't know how to get rid of it when I want to start using my Shrine to Nykthos. There is a little anti synergy here.

I'll have to do more thinking on Mind Over Matter && Dream Halls, I think they have potential. IDK what slot they would take yet, but I can see them putting in work if I include more card draw into the list. What's holding me back from these cards is that they are basically worse versions of Omniscience.

Joker4242 on Water One

1 week ago

As a fan of Blue-counter decks I like the cards you are putting in there. I am wondering what the win conditions are (obviously besides Jace's last ability). Some of your creatures require a lot of mana for blue control (such as: Aberrant Researcher  Flip, Advanced Hoverguard, Aeon Chronicler, Aquamorph Entity, Aven Surveyor, and Lorthos, the Tidemaker). The problem with having high mana cost is that when you play them, you will be tapped out of mana and you will have no protection whatsoever.

Brazen Borrower is a favorite of mine. As is Augury Owl. Both can be played early on. The scry 3 ability is great if you can flicker or bounce the owl.

I like Blink of an Eye. I think it is a very versatile card in both the early game and late game. Honestly, bouncing your own creatures is just as useful sometimes, as you can then reuse a creature ability.

With so many creatures I recommend having more creatures with triggering abilities for when they come into play, and then maybe add more bouncing and flickering spells. I would recommend Ghostly Flicker, my favorite flicker card. It is amazing with cards like Archeomancer (you can flicker Archeomancer and when when he comes back, you can return Ghostly Flicker back from the graveyard back to your hand. Un-killable blocker plus the flickering of another creature with triggering ability. Works on a similar level with Mystic Sanctuary.

Cards I would recommend: Ghostly Flicker Archeomancer Cryptic Command Mystic Sanctuary Cackling Counterpart Peel from Reality

playing more Augury Owl and Blink of an Eye might be good as well.

I'm not sure if you realize, but many of your non-creature spells are not modern legal. Just wanted to make sure you knew.

Either way, I like where your head is at. Good start. I always appreciate when someone decides to make a blue deck. It's hard to make a creature heavy blue deck based on dealing damage. This is because blue is the color that is more focused on non-creature spells. Blue also doesn't have much in the way of kill spell and destruction. So bounce and counter are really only the ways to keep threats off the board. Blue invokes a challenge in the players capabilities to think about the long term plan. I am always happy to suggest cards and/or combos, although ultimately the decisions are up to you as it is your deck. Good luck with your deck.

Apotheosis616 on [Primer] Kykar, Divergent Control

1 week ago


Yes, it was in a previous iteration of this deck for that very reason. It does have strong synergy with the tokens generated from Kykar, however, it was removed for cards such as Cephalid Coliseum and Mystic Sanctuary. Cephalid Coliseum, while it can't be tutored, offers a counter to win attempts through oracle decks, and it also offers some card filtering (which feels good sometimes). Mystic Sanctuary is a powerhouse of a card when you have 3 islands in play. For this reason, among others, the deck needs to maintain a high island count for Back to Basics, Blood Moon and Mystic Sanctuary.

xyorrk on Sultai Control

1 week ago

That Nissa, Vital Force+Mystic Sanctuary synergy. <3

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