Ojutai's Command


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragons of Tarkir (DTK) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Ojutai's Command


Choose two —

  • Return target creature with converted mana cost of 2 or less from your graveyard to the battlefield.
  • You gain 4 life.
  • Counter target creature spell.
  • Draw a card.

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Ojutai's Command Discussion

xyr0s on Baneslayer Defender - Dale

19 hours ago

My solution to the problem of defenders versus removal+attackers would be to get rid of most of the defenders. Keep a full set of Wall of Omens, the rest goes. Instead, get counterspells and removal. Supreme Verdict is an important part in this plan. Alternatively, a number of Ghostly Prison, but I'm not sure they are a mainboard solution. Detention Sphere van be used as removal, but can also take non-creatures. Ojutai's Command can be a pretty funny 1-of.

Is there a particular reason for only having Baneslayer Angel as the beatstick of this deck? You might play a few other things as well, perhaps Sun Titan (it feels good to replay a Wall of Omens/Detention Sphere for free from the graveyard), or the blue gearhulk, if you have a bit of coin to spend.

xyr0s on Baneslayer Defender - Dale

1 day ago

I can see how this deck loses to any more-or-less tried out and well-known strategy in modern. It plays a bit like a combo deck - you have to find the "combo pieces", then get them to resolve, then win the game. But it takes longer than it does for any combo deck, and you don't have very great defenses while you wait for the combo to come up. No protection against targetted discard, and since you rely on one creature, you have to wait playing it until you can protect it. It's a long gameplan, and anyone with an attacking creature and a couple of pieces of removal can win before your "combo" is assembled.

The gameplan looks a little bit like bogles, and a little bit like UW control, without really having the strengths of either (speed for the first of them, inevitability for the second).

You have 8 enchantments which all are somewhat "win more". They are only good, if you already are ahead. Best thing to do would probably be to exchange them for Supreme Verdicts, and the rest for more threats. Supreme Verdict works well with walls like Wall of Omens, since a turn 2 wall encourages your opponent to put more creatures into play, and if your opponent has 3 creatures in play when you sweep the table, you're ahead on cards. Speaking of card advantage: Using Azorius Charm to draw a card is really meh. Spend 2 mana, draw a card, is a little bit too fair. There are better cards for card selection/draw (and you already play Serum Visions).

Also, boring card, but played a lot for a reason: Path to Exile. It gets the job done, and done really well. If you want to play something a little of the beaten path, you could try Ojutai's Command - pretty sweet to use for countering and bringing back a card-drawing 2 cmc creature.

C--8CLARK8--D on Things that make me happy

1 day ago

alright so here are a few options, i will go through this by card type.

Creatures - so you have two ways to go here. if you want to be aggressive you want 4Snapcaster Mage 4Spell Queller and 3 Geist of Saint Traft. or if you want to go slow and fight mostly with none-creature spells just 4Snapcaster Mage is fine.

artifacts/enchantments - just get rid of all the ones you have there bad. if you want some enchantments for a slower build try 2 Search for Azcanta  Flip this card is amazing in control.

Land- so again this changes with how aggressive you want to be. if you want to be aggressive don't change your lands are fine, if you want to go longer and more controlling up the count to 25 by adding 2 Field of Ruin and switch 1 Hallowed Fountain for another Celestial Colonnade.

instants/Sorcerys- alright you want to get rid of Concentrate Tidings Vapor Snag Raise the Alarm Boros Charm Boomerang Azorius Charm.

what to add? so you always want 4 Path to Exile and 4 Lightning Bolt. next add 4 Cryptic Command this is the best card you can have in control it does everything, if its out of your budget range try Ojutai's Command. you want some board wipes if you going for the more controlling rout 2 Supreme Verdict and a Settle the Wreckage or Wrath of God is good. you also want 2-4 Electrolyze depending on how many small creature decks you play against. if people are playing bigger creatures go with 1-2Condemn. you also want 2-3 Mana Leak and 2-3 Logic Knot along with a Negate. lastly if you want some card draw go with some Think Twice.

planes-walkers - if your going aggressive you don't want any planeswalkers. if your going more controlling 2-3 Jace, the Mind Sculptor or if you budget doesn't have room for this try 1Ajani Vengeant 1Gideon Jura and 1Nahiri, the Harbinger.

I think that about sums it up, if you have more questions please ask!

Chiberia on Chiberia

3 days ago

I made some reverses and added some cards in,

I took out the untap spells, Settle the Wreckage , and Desertion

I added in Austere Command which I conveniently already have, Spell Crumple as a counter that completely destroys decks that are reliant on there commander, and an Ojutai's Command because it is versatile and I do not have money for a Mystic Confluence yet, but it is a placeholder for it for now and I also conveniently already have and added a land back

Ballzanya on My Approach of the Second Sun

2 weeks ago

Opt, Wall of Omens, Monastery Siege, Think Twice, Serum Visions all help with card draw. Ojutai's Command is a good budget substitute for Cryptic Command in most cases and can also draw you a card and return the wall of omens to the battlefield. I'm also running a Geier Reach Sanitarium in my version of this deck for card draw at the end of your opponent's turn. You could play Howling Mine, and Dictate of Kruphix, but giving your opponent card advantage in modern is never good, but i suppose it's a matter of taste/how serious you want the deck to be.

xyr0s on W/U Tempo Flash

1 month ago

Maybe you could play Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, main- or sideboard? Goes pretty well with loads of creatures. Ojutai's Command could replace a couple of Remands, if you just wanted something different to play (which is not Cryptic Command). Anyway, nice deck.

Sligo on Bant :Midrange:

1 month ago

You could replace Arbor Elf for Elvish Mystic or Llanowar Elves since you only have 3 possible targets in your deck, also Remand is not a very good spell, unless your planning on untapping and winning the game. I think Ojutai's Command would do work here, Glimmer of Genius is more expensive then Compulsive Research but you can dig four deep instead of three, but the real value you get is being able to cast it on their end step, Sun Titan could work as a 1/2 of finishing punch

xyr0s on rogue tribal

1 month ago

Yup. 3 cmc counterspells are in general too expensive (Cryptic Command is an exception, along with the budget-version Ojutai's Command, but that's because they provide additional value). Maybe you could play Remand and have Squelch in sideboard? Or Nimble Obstructionist (even though it's horribly lacking in the rogueishness).

I think Despise should be Duress instead, and go up to a full set.

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