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Simic Charm


Choose one — Target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn; or, permanents you control gain hexproof until end of turn; or, return target creature to its owner's hand.

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Simic Charm Discussion

MoonpieMandie on The Swarm (of hornets!)

12 hours ago

I have Void Snare and Simic Charm for that. I just feel like that would be really situational, and I don't need another 4 drop. Thanks for the suggestion though :).

Courtney43 on Jalira, Master of the Beatdown

1 day ago

You have a very specific need for both Jalira, Master Polymorphist and Selesnya Charm , so I'd suggest replacing the Temple Garden s with Temple of Plenty s for extra scry. Simic Charm might also have a home in this deck, all of the abilities could prove useful, other than that it looks pretty good... actually you should really find a home for some Thassa, God of the Sea as well, her scry could be invaluable, not to mention she could make your Worldspine Wurm unblockable.

lwbritsch on Hydra Ramp

1 day ago

Kalonian Hydra , Heroes' Bane , and Prophet of Kruphix would be my choice 3/4 of's in this deck. The only real way to improve consistency is to cut some of the fat. The only reason i could see rationalizing Hydra Broodmaster is if you were running Door of Destinies , and while I know Kruphix, God of Horizons is a tempting card in this sort of hydra tribal, playing a 5 CMC card, that can't be utilized almost immidiately seems like a waste of resources (as well as seriously padding an already high mana-curve). Your better off dumping that mana into Heroes' Bane precombat, or even taking advantage of monstrosity (something i would consider a far more scary use for those seemingly unlimited resources i.e Polukranos).

Heroe's Bane really is my favorite hydra in the format right now. His synergy with Prophet is unbelievable. Prophet > EOT Bane > double power precombat. He enters with counters and can be doubled at instant speed with ridiculous reliability. This is a card that, by itself, can be quite scary if left unchecked. Now add in Nykthos, Kiora's follower and Prophet and games get crazy, fast. If i were you, i'd focus on Heroes' Bane (and his slightly more insane brother Kal) if you want some real, reliable u/G fun. With that, another small change i would make is swapping the Wandering Satyr for Kiora's Follower . Your already running blue, so it seems strange to sacrifice the sort of doubled playablity that come's with it. You could even argue for cutting the caryatid (if mana fixing doesn't seem to be a problem) and playing both of them. And as for the more playable gods, Thassa over Nylea imo. That unblockable WILL win you games, trample tends to be more of a coin toss, at best. And come on, that scy!!

The last tweaks i would make for a more consistant board state are your non-permanent cards. Your already splashing blue so, if this were my deck, i'd take full advantage of that off turn Prophet mana with some instant fun. My go-to's when i play this archtype are Simic Charm , Cyclonic Rift and Rapid Hybridization . To me, the charm is a must in any U/G deck, i mean the options are pretty unreal all gathered in one card: removal, protection and that small bump for some combat tricks or some such thing (maybe even padding Heros' Bane for just a few extra counters). Card draw is important, but Life's Legacy is a thing now, and these creatures have more than enough power to really make it playable. Honestly, more often than not, you can spare a tapped post-combat hydra for god knows how many cards.

The sideboard is perfect in my opinion save for maybe swapping the recluse for more protection (with Prophet untapping your hydra's, this deck wouldn't need much more destruction save for hybridizing a really nasty foe). Maybe add in those mizzium skin while playing against control?

Sorry for the wall of text, but from one simic player to another: this deck has real competetive potential. I've studied the available cards in this archtype and sometimes it's hard to admit that gold-coated shit, deep down is really still shit. I know how it feels to really want a card/combo to work, but wishing won't make it happen. With a subtype so seemingly omnipotent, it is incredibly easy to get lost in the idea that your opponent probably won't have any answers for those seeming untouchable plays.

The true power of the Hydra is the facade that these progenitor's live behind. The primal fear of what could be, is far more caustic than what, ultimately, will be. Live by that, and more often than not, you will win.


Cut Kruphix, he's far too slow.

I'd say same with the Broodmaster.

Kiora's Follower > Voyaging Satyr, if at all possible play both.

Thassa says "hi, play me if you want to win".

Life's legacy over Zegana.

Splashing a color for one card is rarely ever worth it.

Prophet + Instant's = fun.

Heroes' Bane is good... Really good.

Not all Hydra's play well in standard, however potent they seem.

StuntmanTheThird on The Comradery between a Prophet and her Fat Pets

1 day ago

Control decks is why I put in the counter spells. Supreme Verdict is why the bounce portion of Simic Charm has been quite useful in the past. They won't always have a counter spell in the same turn as a verdict in the early game, so you can still save a key creature like prophet and play it out again. Still a major tempo hit, but doesn't have to be crippling. A smaller Mistcutter Hydra can force out an early, less value verdict as well, allowing you to safely play out other threats.

But no doubt Esper control is so damn strong for a very good reason. It hurst this deck, and I also have lost some to similar control. Supreme Verdict and Sphinx's Revelation can't rotate out soon enough, ha!

TheGamer on Lets Combo Out! In standard!

1 day ago

Loving the ideas smithereen! And sorry in advance for the late response...

1) While I do have access to Chord of Calling , I don't have access to Birthing Pod , which is what allows combo decks like these to only need to run 1 or 2 copies of the combo piece. Also along those lines, Horizon Chimera is a 3/2 flying trample body I can bring in whenever I want and with Divination and Sphinx's Revelation , im going to be drawing a lot of cards to trigger the ability. Fathom Mage is could probably take out but im not so sure.

2)Prime speaker I really like, gonna add that in.

3) I can agree with that, it is slow. I cant really think of better card draw in standard really. Life's Legacy ? But there aren't a lot of creatures I would want to sacrifice in this deck.

4) I like the idea of the cute sideboard cards, it actually makes me want to brew a new standard deck...

5) Lol, I dunno how I forgot about D-sphere, thanks for reminding me!

6) Simic Charm protects my combo pieces (WHICH IS HUUUUUGE!), makes a creature larger for combat, and bounces revelant threats... yes please!

7) I guess this is more midrange, and dissolve is pretty weird.

8) I love that idea! Im adding it!

9) Mutavault I put in EVERY deck I build, for it is spectacular. I can chump block big threats, get in some damage, and even be a sac for Devour Flesh !

I love the ideas a lot overall. I will give this deck a revamping! Thanks again!

cooldad123 on Wiz-buds (Simic Counters/Wizards)

1 day ago

Thanks for the feedback, I decided to add in Simic Charm in order to protect the creatures from removal spells, and instead of Thassa, God of the Sea , I thought that Aqueous Form would work well, because it will trigger the various heroic abilities.

hermesmtz95 on delta *needs help*

2 days ago

You should create a sideboard and add a few Simic Charm to protect your guys from spot removal.

smithereen on Lets Combo Out! In standard!

3 days ago

Awesome, +1! I've been trying to brew up something along these lines for a while. Some thoughts:

  1. With four Chords, you can afford to run fewer combo pieces. AAoT is a house, but Fathom Mage and Horizon Chimera aren't that super on their own. Freeing some space up could allow you to run some removal or some other big threats.

  2. With all your mana ramp, Prime Speaker Zegana could be good, at least as a one-of.

  3. Divination is pretty slow. I wouldn't run it outside of control.

  4. Chord is awesome, and lets your main or side cute hosers ("fun-ofs") like Aegis of the Gods and Spirit of the Labyrinth .

  5. Tidebinder Mage is really hard on your mana. Since you don't care about devotion, I think Detention Sphere or Selesnya Charm is better. If Stormbreath Dragon is getting you down, you could try Arbor Colossus .

  6. I don't think Simic Charm is mainboard material.

  7. What are you think you need to counter? I'm not sure how much two Dissolve helps. Double blue is pretty awkward.

  8. One Elixir of Immortality allows you to gain infinite life when you combo off, rather than just ~40 and draw you deck. This could be key if for some reason you aren't able to win the turn you go off.

  9. Are you sure Mutavault helps?

If I was building the deck, I would throw in Prophet of Kruphix , Ephara, God of the Polis , a couple of silver bullets, and some value creatures like Scavenging Ooze . I'd cut the combo pieces and random instants and sorceries (other than the Archangel) down to one of each (putting in an Elixir of Immortality ) to make room for this, and I'd put in some removal like Selesnya Charm . This would leave you with a sweet tricky midrange deck that happens to have an infinite combo, rather than a combo deck, since you combo is awesome but rather fragile. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.25 $0.78 $1.49 $3.3
Color(s) U, G
Cost GU
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 6.11
Avg. cube pick 14.73


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon

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