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Simic Charm


Choose one — Target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn; or, permanents you control gain hexproof until end of turn; or, return target creature to its owner's hand.

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Simic Charm Discussion

kmcree on kruphix control <w>

3 hours ago

I really love Prophet of Kruphix , I think its an awesome card. I'm not sure how well he'd do, seeing as you don't have many creatures, but having all that open mana definitely helps. He would absolutely be worth testing out. The one thing I'd like to point out is that Plasm Capture requires UUGG, and Kruphix only stores mana as colorless, so in that regards they don't actually synergize very well at all. I don't really tend to be a huge fan of Azorius Charm either. Unless you throw in a few more creatures, the lifelink mode won't be super useful. The cycle mode is really just a waste, you have better card draw options. And while the bounce mode can be a fun trick, I honestly think in most cases you're better off using a counterspell or something that can deal with the threat permanently, instead of just delaying it. I do like giving permanents hexproof with Simic Charm , which is why I definitely think you should keep 2.

kmcree on kruphix control <w>

3 hours ago

Alright, I'm back. Sorry for the delay.

My first and most obvious solution is to try to get ahold of a second Elspeth. I know she's expensive, but she's your best win con, and having 2 would really help you.

I'm not a huge fan of Plasm Capture . I think it just costs too much, and it will be difficult for you to keep 4 mana open just for a countespell. If you drop the 2 of them, and add the 1 Elspeth, that gets you down to 60 cards.

I also think you should choose whether you want to go the strict control route and run 4 Supreme Verdict or else run a few mana dorks like Sylvan Caryatid . Running both doesn't work as well, because more than likely you'll just be destroying your own dorks with the verdicts. I would maybe drop a couple Verdicts and replace them with 2 Kiora's Follower , or if you want more counters, something like Essence Scatter . If you want you can just move the 2 Verdicts to the sideboard, and bring them back in against hyper aggro decks.

Finally, I'm not sure about running 4 Simic Charm . I think 2 would be ok, but 4 seems like too many. Maybe swap them with another counterspell like Essence Scatter or Negate .

You'll also want to put together a sideboard. That will depend to a large extent on what you see in your meta, what you expect to run in to at the GP, and what decks you have a hard time dealing with. Once you have a tentative one, let me know and I can help you with that too.

Hope that helps some, and good luck!

Caes on All the Hours (Turns)

9 hours ago

gyakuza and Chaosdragon13 : Thanks for the support guys. I'm always forgetting that Elite Arcanist can only exile sorceries. I think both of you are right when you say I need some ways to protect the Sage of Hours so I added in some Simic Charm s and Mizzium Skin s. I like the inclusion of Fog and Elite Arcanist because exiling a fog on the arcanist can win games with Azor's Elocutors in play. Elite Arcanist now also allows me to repeatedly cast hexproof giving spells and will often eat kill spells in place of the sage. Thanks for the advice and feedback!

gyakuza on All the Hours (Turns)

10 hours ago

I love the deck idea, especially the inclusion of Azor's Elocutors . Have you thought about either Alpha Authority , Mizzium Skin , or Simic Charm to keep the Sage alive? I would consider dropping the fogs for some hexproof.

Dolansauce on Darwin

20 hours ago

Okay, first off, you should have more 3-4 ofs, rather than 1-2 ofs.

What to take out:

Thrashing Mossdog - a four mana three-three is just not very cost efficient, especially for a simic deck, where you are trying to get high-stat low cost creatures for evolving.

Stormtide Leviathan - since you dont have any mana dorks or ramp aside from 1 Gyre Sage , this guy is just a little too high of a cost for this deck.

Spike Breeder - This guy isn't bad, but he is your only non-modern card in this deck.

Sapphire Drake - there are better alternatives to this guy.

Enclave Elite - either a 3 mana 2/2 or a five mana 3/3, so not great. If anything, you should sideboard this guy,

Battering Krasis - a 3 mana 2/1. Not very efficient. There are better evolvers out there.

Kavu Predator - you should probably sideboard this guy.

Cards to add-

Archetype of Imagination - an alternative to Sapphire Drake .

Shambleshark - flash is always fun.

Simic Charm - this spell is great for protecting your guys.

Experiment One - If this guy isn't too far out of your budget, hes a great way to start off your game.

add more of-

Gyre Sage - this guy is an amazing ramper.

Vorel of the Hull Clade - this guy is probably gonna draw a lot of kill spells, so more of him is always pretty good.

Crocanura - more of a good thing is always a good thing.

Anublet90 on Chimera Combo Clock Deck

21 hours ago

Ohhh, I dunno 'bout that, but I'll try.

First off, I'm often told one-ofs are a bad move. Personally, I think they're fun, but if you play competitive you may want to avoid them as much as possible. That said, Mizzium Skin and Cyclonic Rift are great spells, but not being able to reliably draw them if definitely a dent in performance. Simic Charm can give you Hexproof anyway, and you have three Supreme Verdict s in the Sideboard, so I think you're more or less set on those fronts.

Unless you intend to mill the opponent, Psychic Spiral should be replaced by Elixir of Immortality . It's cheaper, it gives life, and it can be placed on the table for later use.

You also have a lot of UU in your mana-costs. Considering this includes all your counter-spells and Sphinx's Revelation I'd cut a Forest and add an Island, too.

-1 Forest

-1 Mizzium Skin

-1 Cyclonic Rift

-2 Psychic Spiral

+1 Island

+4 Bioshift

Having played a lot of Evolve Simic I've learned that +1/+1 counters are an investment. Bioshift does not only save the counters you've scrounged together when a Doom Blade smacks down on the table, it can also function as a make-shift combat trick.

Say you have three creatures on the table, the opponent has two. One of your creatures has lots of counters on it. You attack with all your creatures. Naturally, your opponent lifts an eyebrow at "something suspicious", but blocks the big creature, because otherwise he'd lose, right?


Bioshift'd, you just won the game. Ta-daa!

Though, to be honest, I'm a bit biased. That doesn't mean you shouldn't roll with four, though, this is definitely a card you want to have in your hand at all times after turn 3. In your case you could probably even roll with three copies, but I guess you should have some test-runs first.

OrdinaryButter on Devoted to Kruphix (Feedback Wanted)

1 day ago

I think Prime Speaker Zegana would mesh really well in this deck. It'll get you out a massive creature and fill your hand. I'd go 4 on cyclonic rift since it's your only real protection card. With that in mind, I'd put in some Simic Charm as they are amazing for both attack and defense.

Kiora's Follower + Vorel of the Hull Clade can be a ridiculous combination and i think deserves a spot in the deck.

I'd get in 1 or 2 more Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx as well

I really like the way this looks overall though. Sorry you can't get much help. That seems to be how it goes.

Hope these helped

Overfluff on Bant Midrange

1 day ago

I second the Sphinx's Revelation idea. Also I realize that Trostani, Selesnya's Voice is good and is the theme of your deck but I would probably cut it down to 2. It seems like the real focus of this deck is Archangel of Thune anyway and drawing more than one Trostani kinda sucks. So personally, I would play some more creatures and add another Ephara, God of the Polis . With Advent of the Wurm and Selesnya Charm it seems like Ephara could really get out of hand, since you also draw a card if you played a creature on your opponent's turn. And with that said I would play somewhere between 2-4 Detention Sphere s. It's never really bad when you draw it from the looks of it, your deck has very little removal aside from Cyclonic Rift (and they can replay whatever you bounce), Selesnya Charm (only kills a handful of creatures), and Simic Charm (again, you're only stopping it for one turn). Plus two devotion to Ephara is never bad either Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.25 $0.83 $1.94 $3.36
Color(s) U, G
Cost GU
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 6.11
Avg. cube pick 14.73


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon