Simic Charm

Simic Charm


Choose one Target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn; or, permanents you control gain hexproof until end of turn; or, return target creature to its owner's hand.

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Simic Charm Discussion

mtg-shopper on Rafiq of the Many EDH budget

1 week ago

I play some ramp spells like: Kodama's Reach or Cultivate. Try Sol Ring, Hedron Archive and Thran Dynamo for more mana expensive, but game winning creatures, like Simic Sky Swallower or Akroma, Angel of Wrath! Also try playing some more creature removal like Condemn, Rapid Hybridization or Swords to Plowshares. For more versaitle take a look at Simic Charm, Bant Charm or Dawn Charm. If you play multiplayer try Gift of Estates and Oreskos Explorer or bomb spells like Reins of Power.

GeminiSpartanX on PTsmitty

2 weeks ago

I'm fine with upping the ante a bit, but instead of adding your Simic Charm, do you think you could add your Sanctum of Ugin instead? My want list is a little outdated I'm afraid.

AwesomeName on Bring Extra Dice! (Simic +1/+1 Counters Modern)

2 weeks ago

Cool deck! Here's some advice:

  1. Play 4 Hardened Scales. This is way too good in here to not play it. The value will be insane!
  2. Play some draw/filtering, such as Serum Visions. This will make sure you don't run out of steam later in the game. Also, being able to scry 2 on Serum Visions can be game-changing and will save you from getting bad draws.
  3. Play 4 Collected Company. It is an amazing card, especially in a deck with 27 possible targets. If not this, play AEther Vial.
  4. Play some Simic Charm. All of the abilities are useful, making it always relevant.
  5. You need counterspells. Remand is one you might want to consider, since it will provide some much-needed draw in addition.
  6. Inspiring Call could be a sweet sideboard card, refilling your hand and making sure none of your creatures die for a turn. Very cool.
  7. Scavenging Ooze is a powerhouse, and definitely mainboard worthy. It will hose certain match-ups and singlehandedly win you many games.

Valius on Simic Evolution

3 weeks ago

I use to run a GU Simic Evolve deck during Return to Ravnica. Mine looked something like:
4x Cloudfin Raptor
4x Experiment One
4x Gyre Sage
4x Renegade Krasis
Some combination of Elusive Krasis and Shambleshark
4x Master Biomancer

Utility spells were some counter spells, Bioshift, and Simic Charm

But I also relied on Ooze Flux as a way to strip off the counters on Renegade Krasis to abuse his evolve trigger. This worked great with a bioshifted Biomancer making bigger oozes and getting bigger himself. Use Gyre Sage to pour mana into Flux and you get a ton of huge creatures for just 2 mana each.

sjis on Infinite Mill Defenders

3 weeks ago

You'd probably want better cantrips, like Brainstorm and Ponder. Also there a bunch of better defenders. For sure Overgrown Battlement and Wall of Blossoms.

You could splash white for Wall of Reverence, Wall of Denial, Wall of Omens or Wall of Shards.

If people keep killing your defenders Simic Charm, Oak Street Innkeeper, and Asceticism can protect them.

Cut the fogs, think twices, grave brambles, negates maybe. I'm not going to edit the deck above, but if you want to make your own list or other suggestions, let me know!

Gothomas on That has how many counters?!?

3 weeks ago

AvacynAngelofHope I think Forgotten Ancient might be a little too high of a mana cost for what it does. I think if it was lower mana it would be much better.

Dead_eye5 I'll keep Simic Charm in my sideboard for now just because the people I play with don't tend to have as much kill spells. I am thinking about adding another Bioshift because of its defensive capabilities though.

Dead_eye5 on That has how many counters?!?

3 weeks ago

Simic Charm are Vines of Vastwood just two ways to give your creatures hexproof. I tend to lean towards Simic Charm as it has some extra uses. You can also go counter spells such as Negate. You at least have some Bioshifts in there to transfer counters in the event of a creature getting killed.

I'm not great on ideas of how to protect them, but more that it's something a fatty deck needs. Otherwise those cheap removal as can ruin all that work.

anonymousperson184 on Simic Counters Deck

3 weeks ago

This seems like a pretty interesting deck, but I would cut some of the weaker cards and add more core cards to make it more effective. For example, cut Naturalize and add it to your sideboard. Some more weaker cards would be Bioshift (maybe drop that down to 2), Snakeform, Simic Charm, and Shielding Plax. Maybe add some more evolve cards or expand your curve to 4 mana and cut some of those. Good luck building!

If you wouldn't checking one of my decks out, its:

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Gatecrash Uncommon

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