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Simic Charm


Choose one — Target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn; or, permanents you control gain hexproof until end of turn; or, return target creature to its owner's hand.

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Simic Charm Discussion

Rasta_Viking29 on Horizons

17 hours ago

This is sweet. I'd personally run Simic Charm over Ordeal of Thassa because I think pushing 3 damage through, getting a Desecration Demon out of the way, or blanking a removal spell will get you there more than a slow aura that surrenders card advantage more often than granting it. I want to try this out.


pacman3 on Green Infection

1 day ago

If it were me building this deck, I'd make your creatures and pumps much cheaper. We already talked about this last night, but:

-2 Putrefax-1 Vorel of the Hull Clade-1 Rot Wolf-3 Primal Bellow-3 Titanic Growth-2 Corrupted Resolve

+3 Necropede +1 Glistener Elf +4 Giant Growth +4 Mutagenic Growth

We talked about Necropede > Putrefax , but changing the pump spells you use is something we didn't discuss. The issue with Primal Bellow is that on turns 2-3, it may not be as good as Giant Growth . Those early extra counters could get you the win. Mutagenic Growth is absolutely essential, and it hurts to take the Corrupted Resolve out. Maybe take out Simic Charm ? GU could be hard to cast.

If you can find them/afford them, Hinterland Harbor is strictly better than Simic Guildgate .

Also, I just noticed you run 23 lands. If you keep Putrefax and Vorel in the deck, 21-22 is probably the right number. However, taking them out allows you to probably drop to 20. If you took out Wild Defiance (which I don't suggest but it would make it even faster with more instant speed pumps) you could probably drop to 19 lands.

Wild Defiance without a mana-ramper like Arbor Elf is shooting for the t4 win. Builds that don't run wild defiance is more like a turn 2-3 win, ideally.

Silight on Simic - need help

2 days ago

Okay, not terrible for a first try. You have a lot going on here though. I'm assuming you are playing with just cards you own, so lets make what is here better.

First, you are at 70 cards. So, get rid of 10.

The first thing to get rid of is the Reliquary Tower . You don't have much draw in here to speak of so that is kind of a less useful land.

After that, lets find a theme and curve it out.

1 mana:4x Cloudfin Raptor - nice evasion and potentially relevant in late game. 3x Forced Adaptation - if we are doing a growing theme, this has a lot of potential.

2 mana:1x Gyre Sage - Get your hands on 3 more if you can. Great ramping. 2x Simic Charm - Why not? Lots of options2x Solidarity of Heroes - Not a bad card. Consider 2 more if you have'em.1x Sylvan Caryatid - Shuts down early removal and stops weenie aggro. Consider 3x more.

3 mana:1x Vorel of the Hull Clade - Great card in this deck. Put in 1 more, no more than that. 3x Renegade Krasis - Great for the theme, makes everything else bigger. Get 1 more

4 mana: 2x Crowned Ceratok - This is a win condition. 2 is the perfect number in this deck.

6 mana:1x Prime Speaker Zegana - Win condition and great draw power. Get 1 more. I'm assuming this is why Reliquary Tower is in here. When this creature comes out, the game is a turn from down. No need to worry about hand size.

I see what you are trying to do with the cloning and such. That would be a bit much for this deck though. Pick one or the other theme. If you go cloning, get one or two creatures you really want to clone and build around getting them into play.

I like the token idea but there isn't enough in here to justify it and there are much better ways of going about it. You lose consistency by trying to do too much. That will cost you games.

If you make these changes you will only need to run 20 - 22 land. Mess around with it to hit the sweet spot. I'm not a big fan of Unknown Shores in anything less than 3 colors. You are better off with a basic Island or Forest than something that cost you to activate. Look for cheap cards that search your library for land. Terramorphic Expanse and Evolving Wilds come to mind, but their is a ton of other.

Anyway, it looks like a pretty beefy, stompy deck. Those are always fun. It is weak against removal and evasion, but most green is. Concentrate on getting playsets of each of these cards. Having a 40% chance of drawing what you need in your opening hand is much better than having a 10% chance.

Thanks for putting uploading this. I look forward to seeing the changes you make and how it plays.

howaboutno on Modern Evolving Shenanigans

3 days ago

Okay after some extensive playtesting here (cards are still otw), I've decided to make a few changes:

1) Reduced Bow of Nylea by 1; there have been many situations where I had two in my hand and I could use its space better for one more Solidarity of Heroes .

2) Reduced Chasm Skulker by 1 so that the chance of drawing it and Fathom Mage is the same; its not particularly strong on its own.

3) Removed the 2 Give + Take as its not as powerful in practice as the exponential counter growth spells/creatures.

4) Removed the 2 Renegade Krasis and 2 Simic Manipulator

5) Added 3 Birds of Paradise to improve mana generation and early defense.

6) Added 1 Polukranos, World Eater as its a good 4 CMC creature with board wipe capability.

7) Increased Cyclonic Rift and Simic Charm by 1 each for more general defense.

8) Increased Solidarity of Heroes and Master Biomancer by 1 each to make better use of the exponential counter growth

LtMiller117 on Peddler for the win (need to improve) 3rd place

3 days ago

Glad I could help! Last though is Simic Charm . +1 from me.

nomadic on Faster than a Speeding Boros

4 days ago

CRUSHnKILL - good combos! BUT.. it will die to Chalice of the Void on turn 2 of opponent. Perhaps some Naturalize ? Or Echoing Truth (if Modern) - or anything that returns a non-land permanent? -2 Glaring Spotlight . Perhaps you can also put Simic Charm and remove Prey Upon ?

Rob_the_Taavi on Rakdos Perfected

5 days ago

I would suggest Glaring Spotlight over your Rogue's Passage . Not necessarily a four for four swap, because land is invaluable in MTG, but at least two. Here is my reasoning:

Glaring Spotlight does the exact same thing for your creatures plus! It also cost one less mana do play and pop in the same turn. It may not seem like it outright, but trust me. It does. Did I mention it also gives ALL your creatures Hexproof AND Unblockable? Granted. It's only good for a single turn if you choose to pop it, but declining your opponent of ANY Hexproof safety as long as it sits there can be just as powerful as board full of Unblockable Hexproof creatures.

There are drawbacks to Glaring Spotlight main ability. It only affects creatures that have hexproof. Now I've only been playing MTG for maybe a year or so now, but to my knowledge. The only card to give Non-creature permanents Hexproof is Simic Charm . Which could trip up any Dreadbore or Hero's Downfall you cast, targeting Planeswalkers.

Hope this helps! Bai! = D

jerrific on The Sinister Six

5 days ago

I'm not saying it's a bad card, but it does't really fit this deck as well as Simic Charm . I already have Drown in Sorrow to clear Elspeth, and the charms are leaving rotation anyways so I'm not really interested in picking more up. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.25 $0.78 $1.49 $3.3
Color(s) U, G
Cost GU
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 6.11
Avg. cube pick 14.73


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon

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