Simic Charm

Simic Charm


Choose one Target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn; or, permanents you control gain hexproof until end of turn; or, return target creature to its owner's hand.

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Simic Charm Discussion

Clawed6 on Zendikar control/aggro

1 week ago

Your average CMC (see bottom right of screen) is 3.35. That is high. You should have mostly CMC 1 or 2 spells, then less and less as you go higher. Your CMC 1 spells are usually ones you want 4 of, to get consistency (greatest chance of drawing in opening hand). So you need to pick your best turn 1 spells and run 4 of those.

Basically you would drop a lot of higher casting cost spells. Or alternatively you need a lot of mana dorks (Elvish Mystic, Noble Hierarch or Birds of Paradise) to ramp out your spells.

Simic Charm, being flexible and instant, is something I would run 4 of.

You have some cards that have benefits that depend on Ally creatures, but you run too few Allys to get those benefits reliably. If you go Ally route, need to have almost all creatures being Ally type.

sunawa on I <3 +1/+1 Counters. (Can't you tell?)

1 week ago

I understand, and after playtesting the deck a bit I found my suggestions to be unhelpful at all. I DO think, however, that you should look into cards like Simic Charm or Ranger's Guile to protect your Hydra's for the turn you need. Path to Exile, Dreadbore, and Terminate are gonna be your biggest enemies and can put you back those precious turns you saved up your mana, or just prevent you from getting there at all. So a little Hexproof here and there might not be a bad idea imo.

+1'd your deck for the idea! I do like it a lot! Also, have you considered Khalni Hydra? It's not 1/1 counters, but beefy and with all your green creatures might be easier to get 1 out.

SpeCon18 on Bant Red Cryptolith Foundry

1 week ago

justawhiteguy thanks for suggesting Mass Hysteria! Definitely makes this deck a little more reliable and less color-intensive for getting the combo off earlier. I'll definitely have to try Simic Charm out as I can see where it would go but am unsure if it should be in the maindeck or sideboard. Without testing, I think it should at least be in the sideboard against disruption decks. You caught my eye with Intruder Alarm though...

Glad you liked the deck!

justawhiteguy on Bant Red Cryptolith Foundry

3 weeks ago

Nice. I too thought thopter-sword would be an interesting fit for the Rite. Fervor vs Temur Ascendancy? If going all-in, maybe try Mass Hysteria? Combo protection in the form of Apostle's Blessing and/or Simic Charm offers some tempo potential. Intruder Alarm is fragile, but also allows infinite combo...

Ready also does nice things vs. Group burn effects, though Boros Charm is stronger most of the time, but does not untap.

Maybe try out Condescend or Spell Pierce vs combo or discard decks. (??)

Nice work.

RoarMaster on Turbo-Fog Modern Viable?

3 weeks ago

Without a scepter start, life is tough without some good draw support to fog every turn.

There are options to protect the scepter though that are mostly legit. Spellskite, Apostle's Blessing, Simic Charm, Boros Charm, all of which dodge abrupt decay and kolaghans command.

Running just a few big creature finishers is also kinda sketchy without some counterspell or other protection going on as they will have had many turns to draw into their removal while you were fogging away. Oddly enough, all the above cards act as protection for critters as well.

I think its a playable idea, dont know if its going to break the meta though. But who knows.

Icbrgr on

1 month ago

well its a sweet deck no doubt so i HAD to upvote it :p I run a similar deck called "Shorecrashing Kiora" and i run 2x Cold-Eyed Selkie her presence is more on the subtle side but she is a downright hero for me... that islandwalk is what sells it plus she triggers Shorecrasher Mimic who honestly just wins games for those who dont take him out :p ... i normally slap a Favor of the Overbeing on her and just landing one attack is totally worth the card draw for me...but your deck can pump her with Simic Charm and Vines of Vastwood or put counters on her with Plaxcaster Frogling or late game with Zameck Guildmage in addition so i just figured she'd be even more potent with your layout...... in terms of what i would cut/trade for Cold-Eyed Selkie is a TOUGH call... but maybe -1 Inspiring Call and -1 Shambleshark ..... the puzzle box combo is just too pricy and wishful thinking for this deck but would be sweet with Lorescale Coatl

EntropicVoid on BANT na na na Cant touch this! (Ravnica Return)

1 month ago


Thank you very much for your thorough input. Angel of Serenity is just a good controlly bomb to drop late game that screams remove me or lose at your opponent. If you have another finisher creature to replace her with please lend me a suggestion. I also am using Farseek to pull out my dual lands early and I prefer lands because creatures are easy to get rid of. Birds is definitely an option though.I also had Simic Charm really to protect my creatures from removal, again if you have a better option I will consider it. What are your thoughts on teching in a Supreme Verdict?

Thanks again and I will make some changes.

-Logician on BANT na na na Cant touch this! (Ravnica Return)

1 month ago

I don't recommend Simic Charm in this deck, nor Rancor. They simply aren't impactful enough. Cutting those gives room for that playset of Paths in your sideboard to come into the mainboard. Path is a mainboard card.

I'd also look into fitting maybe Geist of Saint Traft in the deck. It seems more impactful than Thrun, and Thrun is more of a sideboard choice in my opinion.

If you're not playing board wipes like Supreme Verdict, then I recommend playing Birds of Paradise instead of farseek. You're already playing modern... might as well upgrade to the better ramp. Farseek has its upsides, but birds is a 1-drop. That's way stronger than any of Farseek's upsides.

The Naturalize in your sideboard addresses and respects the presence of affinity in the format. Good on you to see that, but perhaps Natural State would serve you better, since it's a 1-drop and still answers affinity.

Eternal Witness alongside your Restoration Angels is strongly recommended.

Angel of Serenity, as much as I enjoyed playing it in standard, just isn't fit for modern unless you're playing Gifts Ungiven builds, and even then, there are better options. Could become something lower to the ground and more graspable, or even some more lands. This deck probably wants more than 24 lands. 25-26 would be preferable. As well, consider some manlands like Celestial Colonnade, Stirring Wildwood, or Treetop Village (I don't recommend Mutavault or Faerie Conclave though). Might also add Gavony Township for late game inevitability. Birds of Paradise could even become threatening. If you're willing to afford some fetch lands like Windswept Heath, that could potentially fetch a Dryad Arbor, which is a nice little trick to pull when your opponent uses Liliana of the Veil's [-2] ability. Fetch for dryad arbor and sacrifice that instead of something more important.

Other sideboard choices might include:

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Gatecrash Uncommon

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