Simic Charm

Simic Charm

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Choose one Target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn; or, permanents you control gain hexproof until end of turn; or, return target creature to its owner's hand.

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Simic Charm Discussion

99neil99 on Simic Infect

12 hours ago

try Invigorate over vines Giant Growth over Simic Charm. both are cheaper to cast. 0 and 1 rather than 2 and 2. Inkmoth Nexus Pendelhaven Necropede Ichorclaw Myr then you don't need the black in the deck.

its infect. you can end the game in 3 turns if you want to. I have two infect decks if you want to check them out.

RemzZz on BUG Infect

1 day ago

Hi, im playing infect for a long time now and i got some suggestions for you.

First of all i guess your Blinkmoth Nexus should be a Inkmoth Nexus ;)

Furthermore this are my suggestions. - 4 Ichorclaw Myr+4 Birds of Paradise - the budget Noble Hierarch or just fill that spot with additional pump spells or evasion. Distortion Strike for example

I guess thats how i would run this deck.

NigelOBody on Scepter of Cruelty

4 days ago

First things first you should at least run shocks to be able to cast your spells if for whatever reason you cannot use a scepter to cast your spells. You should also add a way to protect your scepter from hate. I use a play-set of Boros Charm and a couple of Simic Charms to full this purpose as it can grant the scepter indestructible. Boros charm also has the bonus ability of being an effective burn spell to close out the game as well. Another card I recommend you run is Silence as being able to stop your opponent casting spells for the rest of the game will almost always win you the game. Because you run no tokens Destructive Revelry seems much better than Sundering Growth as it also hurts your opponent.

poorpinkus on How to Have Fun in EDH - Phelddagrif Surprise

5 days ago

Thanks man! I appreciate it! I'll just explain my reasoning for my card choices, feel free to say any counterpoints as I am trying to make this deck the best that I can make it

I chose AEtherspouts over AEtherize as this deck has enough drawing power and ramp to not have to worry too much about the cmc. The best part about it is that the attacking person has to choose whether they want to wait a few turns to get their creatures back, or just not see them again. Another useful thing about it is that if they put their creatures on top, that's a few turns that I know they aren't going to topdeck something other than a creature, and I could make them shuffle their commander into their library with some sort of land search spell. Simic Charm is definitely a good control card, but I'd need to make room for it and at the moment there's other cards I'd want to have in before it.

I have Might of Oaks and Strength of Cedars as alternate win conditions, so if somebody else is using Elixir of Immortality or the like, then Skyscribing, Windfall and Prosperity will not work properly. If this happens, then I can use Phelddagrif to attempt to go for the kill. The initial idea was that I would attack once with the hippo near the start of the game and let the person gain back 4 life, so they would just think I was being silly, and then I would be able to attack later and play Might of Oaks and Enlarge to deal lethal damage. It's really just an alternate win condition for people that have answers to card draw, plus it can also be used pretty well for diplomacy. I'll consider removing them though, as people might not like that I have pure win condition cards in the deck

buildingadeck on How to Have Fun in EDH - Phelddagrif Surprise

5 days ago

I also noticed that your green mana base is almost exactly even with the mana requirements, while your blue lags far behind what it's mana costs are. Is it just because you need the green early game? Also, Simic Charm is one of the edits I've made so far as I am making slight modifications to this. I took out Might of Oaks, since I didn't quite understand it's purpose in a deck that draws people to death.

thewyzman on The Sultai Alliance

6 days ago

How about the other charms, Dimir Charm (controlly) or Simic Charm (protective)?

Boza on Simic Flash-Control Budget (looking for feedback)

6 days ago

Ok, now that is more understandable. You are afraid to alienate people by playing control decks (though it is totally wrong to forbid yourself access to 1/4 of all magic decks). Mystic snake naturally costs 7 times more, since it is about 7 times a better card. Now that I have a better idea of what you want, I think I can go ahead with some better suggestions.

Still 22 lands.

Creatures with flash:

4 Horizon Chimera, 4 Spellstutter Sprite, 4 Pestermite, 4 Quickling, 4 Boon Satyr, 2 Faerie Impostor - these are all the creatures we will play. Chimera is a flying beater that slowly gains life and is great in multiples. Spellstutter is a counterspell on a stick sort to say. Pestermite casts Fog on creatures or enables surprise blockers. Qucikling works great with both of the faeries. Boon satyr makes us faster and acts as a surprise blocker. Impostor is great utility. Any number of Scion of Oona will be great here.

Non-creature spells:

4 Familiar's Ruse - very good with all the faeries.

4 Rune Snag - good and cheap.

4 Think Twice - cheap and efficient.

4 Simic Charm - cheap and efficient at what it does.

Here is the deck with a much faster mana curve and more consistent output at essentially the same cost:


Serendipitous_Hummingbird on Simic Evolve

1 week ago

Brainstorm should be a 4-of. If it is OP, Serum Visions, Ponder, and Preordain get the job done. So do Opt and Sleight of Hand.

I'd go up to two copies of Fathom Mage.

A bit more consistency in the creature base might also help.

I'd go with 3 Elusive Krasis, 4, Shambleshark, and 4 Cloudfin Raptor.

Other cards worth considering are Simic Charm and Mystic Snake.

You seem to have a lot of ramp in this deck, but very few things to do with it. Maybe fewer Gyre Sages and cut the Craterhoof Behemoth?

Color(s) Blue Green
Cost GU
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 5.16
Avg. cube pick 13.91


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon

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