Simic Charm


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash (GTC) Uncommon

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Simic Charm


Choose one Target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn; or, permanents you control gain hexproof until end of turn; or, return target creature to its owner's hand.

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Simic Charm Discussion

wonderboyrox on Sea creatures

1 week ago

Counterspell control btw, is just one answer. There are plenty of other cards out there you could use to protect your Piper in place of choosing to let it be a sitting duck and not running any spells to protect it.


Mizzium Skin

Heroic Intervention

Simic Charm

Essence Flux

And many many more options. You have a plethora of spells you could throw into the deck to protect your enchantments and/or creatures. And ultimately, you need those cards to get your win cons out. In my honest opinion, your main concern should not solely be focused on simply getting your Quest for Ula's Temple out all game. That's all.

Hunson_Abadeer on Attack of the Fish

1 month ago

Cool deck man! Fish kick ass

One of my favorite U/G spells is Simic Charm. It's versatile

Also Hardened Scales would work with all the evolve you have

infinitelennies on Icy Rock

1 month ago

I just hate playing counters with Liliana of the Veil because it's super awkward. I have run into the suggestion that if I'm playing blue I need to be playing counters to best justify playing the color, but the problem is that it clashes with the rest of the deck. You can't just throw counters into a deck just because it's blue. This deck, like Jund and Abzan, tries to go T1 Thoughtseize, T2 Tarmogoyf, T3 Liliana of the Veil. I would only ever want counters later on in the game if I played them, and I can't hang on to them with Liliana out. I would like to play counters, but it's usually better to just play discard. You can't look at a counter as being a removal spell. I have to actually have the mana untapped at the time, and we've established that I'm not trying to play Draw-Go. I can use Abrupt Decay on a Blood Moon just as easily as I could use a counter. Instead of countering it from the stack, I'm floating a green and black mana on the stack and destroying it when I get priority again. It's even better with Chalice of the Void because I don't have to Abrupt Decay it right then. Counters don't really do anything for me that my discard and removal don't already, and discard and removal allows me to play more proactively, which is, again, what I'm trying to do.

Counters isn't the only thing Blue has going for it, either. It also gives me Ancestral Vision, which I am convinced is just a better Dark Confidant. Snapcaster Mage is also a thing I get to use that the other BGx decks don't. And the bounce spells can save my own creatures and wombo combo with Thragtusk.

I am still trying to fully justify blue over red and white. I'm hoping these bounce spells will be good enough. Simic Charm does help against Karn Liberated, after all, and he is Jund and Abzan's boogeyman.

infinitelennies on Icy Rock

1 month ago

Simic Charm is a new idea I'm trying to test. Remand doesn't work for me since my strategy is to be more proactive than reactive. I'm trying to play value cards, and Remand is just stall. Plus there are two other, very relevant modes on Simic Charm. I don't want counters, so Unsubstantiate will almost always be a bad Unsummon. Simic Charm is a much better topdeck than either of these cards, and that's the kind of thing this deck wants.

cmsrDPM on Icy Rock

1 month ago

Why Simic Charm? Couldn't Remand or Unsubstantiate do the same job with fewer color demands?

Bruxo on Modern Casual Simic Evolve

1 month ago

I like your deck and also I have a quite similar Evolve deck.
Some changes that I would made:
- Remove Unsummon to add Simic Charm, since it is more versitile.
- Cytoshape is good, but I don't think that it works well with evolve. I would put another Master Biomancer, Fathom Mage or some high power or thoughness 2 drops to help your creatures evolve.
- Add another Cloudfin Raptor. 4 are essencial.
- I would remove a couple of Simic Manipulator. They are good, but I think that 4 of them is to much.
- With Give / Take I would definitely play Fathom Mage, since it can draw you at least 6 cards if you play the Fuse cost.
- Zameck Guildmage is a good "+1/+1 counter manager". You should add him.
- Cytoplast Root-Kin + Renegade Krasis combo well togheter if you evolve the Krasis with the Root-kin.

I leave the link to my deck here if you want some ideas or other suggestions of cards to try in your deck:
Have a nice time evolving your little mutants! ;)

dan98mg on rafiq helping the 1

2 months ago

Selesnya Charm, Simic Charm mer, please no. Sphinx's Revelation bit wonderful late game ending spell to pull ahead of everyone else, I just don't think it belongs in this deck. Armadillo Cloak your spots for enchantments in this deck are hella tight, i don't think this one can make the cut. When looking at equipment i think Conqueror's Flail (We don't play a lot of blue, and i think people would just use removal off turn or inresponse to the cast.) Behemoth Sledge seems like the weakest out of all of the equipment, maybe drop it. Sovereigns of Lost Alara i tihnk if you had some bombs it would work wonders, but you dont. Stoic Angel seems a bit out of left field, i dont think it fits. Aven Squire, Ethercaste Knight, Giltspire Avenger, Knight of Glory, Nazahn, Revered Bladesmith, Sigarda, Heron's Grace, Silent Arbiter. o boy, i just dont really like these cards all that much maybe look at dropping some of them for the last cards.

Xandermarron on Simic Combine - Elvish Biovisionary

2 months ago

Hey there brekker, nice to meet you. First off, love the deck construction man, really nice job, especially with Simic, which also happens to be my favorite. I have tried and brewed probably just as much as you have, and I've made some rather good decks, but the twist that you've put on elves is rather impressive. I love the biovisionary win, I like the elvish go-wide shtick, and I love the mana you are managing to lug around while doing all this. However, I would like to point out a couple of issues that I have with the deck.

1.) Forbidden Orchard All I do when I see this card is immediately think, WHAT THE HELL, WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! However, after seeing the availability of untapping all of your creature with a single activation of this land is quite neat. However, I really don't think that this is all that necessary. If you plan on using infinite, or just huge amounts, of mana, have something to use it on. I cannot stress how good a well timed and well charged Pull from Tomorrow or Biomass Mutation has been in my own go-wide Simic decks. Seriously though, I've seen people die from their opponent's spirit tokens, just take the one damage outright with City of Brass or Mana Confluence.

2.) Coiling Oracle Good card? Yes. Simic colors? Check. Would I play them? No, not really. The Oracles are good, yes, but in ramp decks, you have this thing called an altered curve. Usually it being something like 1-drop, 3-drop, 5-drop, which is the case in your deck. I would rather have 4 Elvish Archdruid instead. He is good sometimes, but you do not really want inconsistency in a ramp deck. If you were to replace those last two slots, I'd replace them with...

3.) Simic Charm Oh my god. This card has saved my skin numerous times before, and has never stopped. Its a pump spell, a creature bounce spell, or makes all of your creatures hexproof. These effects can all very well save the game in your favor, just because of the level of tempo and fizzling you can do with it.

4.) Bounding Krasis An elf? No, but here's the thing, a 3/3 with flash for three is already an absurd combat trick, but the ability to either deny a blocker, deny an attack, have one of your other guys untap and absolutely swat an opponent's creature is almost invaluable. This is another one of those cards that is just about broken.

5.) Collected Company So as I was reading this, when I realized that there was no collected company, I was... confused, to say the least. This is a deck that can thrive on a "cheater card" like this.

6.) Tishana, Voice of Thunder I noticed that you had an Ixalan card in the sideboard, and then I realized that you didn't have Tishana. This would be the absolute one of the best finishers possible for this deck. Huge creature, lots of card draw... in an elf deck. If that isn't terrifying, I have no idea what is. Lastly, I forget the name, hold on... ok, got it.

7.) Ripjaw Raptor Literally EVERYTHING that Simic wants to do. Damage on a rather large creature, card draw as punishment if the creature is hurt, it's amazing, and I have no idea how many decks I want to put this in yet, but it's a lot.

Keep in mind, you absolutely should not do all of these at once, or even any. But These are some possible alternatives for what you CAN do for this deck.

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