Simic Charm


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon

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Simic Charm


Choose one Target creature gets +3/+3 until end of turn; or, permanents you control gain hexproof until end of turn; or, return target creature to its owner's hand.

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Simic Charm Discussion

JediCat on Do you want your LORE SCALING in size quickly?

3 days ago

Chasm Skulker is a bit pricey... Still considering if I'm ready to shed 2,5$ per piece, athough he'll definitely perform great since he and coatl have the same conditions.

Bioshift is interesting, with the ability surprise move counters onto an unblocked creature or to save that counters from being expired as the creature with them leaves battlefield. Though I suppose that it is better with unblockables as Triton Shorestalker and Jhessian Infiltrator.

I may return the Simic Charm to the deck again, but I'm not sure. Possible cantrip on Into the Roil is strangely attractive.

Liscom on Do you want your LORE SCALING in size quickly?

3 days ago

I just remembered Chasm Skulker.Also Thing in the Ice  Flip is a possibility. It does not get counters, but grows strong too quickly when you use your spells.

Bioshift might be interesting as a finishing trick. Bred for the Hunt could really help you out getting cards.

I really love the Charms! Simic Charm could rellay help you, because it basically offers 3 efects on just one card. This is eficiency at its finest!

drwombs on Who put a Hydra at the End of the Maze?

2 weeks ago

Simic Charm could be good vs LD

HairyManBack on A Toolbox of Temur

3 weeks ago

Yeah, I was thinking more on Stubborn Denial here and I'd agree with your ultimate conclusion. With no Goyfs and a budget land base sound's like something else would work.

Without trying to analyze your deck too far Dungeon Geists over Icefall Regent is an idea. If your hip on that toolbox affect. Not shitting my pants over Geists but 4CC is a lot better than 5CC for what your getting out of it.

I was looking more at Izzet Charm here. My guess is Izzet might be more for RUG delve decks with Hooting Mandrills. But if it helps here excellent. But I'd think Simic Charm has more applications. Also Simic has green in it's CC. Which is good on your budget mana base that leans towards green.

Kitteninabiscuit on A Toolbox of Temur

3 weeks ago

Thanks HairyManBack! I've used Stubborn Denial for a while now, but after a long time of testing it, it actually isn't amazing. I'll probably retry it later though! I was running Simic Charm just yesterday, and after testing without it, I'm definitely re-adding it. I've never thought about Izzet Charm, so I'll try using that with Simic Charm. Temur Charm is an okay card, but I don't really see using it over other cards in this deck.

I've been thinking about what to add in to take out Icefall Regent. It's just really slow, so thanks for the suggestion! Quirion Dryad is a bit too... janky for a two drop, and this deck already has a lot of two drops. Speaking of which, I'll definitely try Coiling Oracle over Elvish Visionary. I actually just added Skinshifter yesterday for testing, so I'll see how it goes. Thank you!

HairyManBack on A Toolbox of Temur

3 weeks ago

Looks uber fun. Love Temur and thinking of a budget deck myself. When I do think of Temur it's for Stubborn Denial in an aggro budget build. Might go so far to say it's the only reason I'd play it. That and Lightning Bolt, of course. Don't forget you have access to Izzet Charm, Simic Charm, and even Temur Charm. All very helpful cards.

I cringe when I see Icefall Regent in Modern. Perhaps another Surrak or if you wanna spend some bucks Thragtusk.

Perhaps a sloppy suggestion but Quirion Dryad could be here if your were running more multi-color spells like charms and Coiling Oracle over Visionary. I want Skinshifter to be good. Use to play him in my budget Jund. Ended throwing him in the shoebox. That activation cost was too annoying.

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