Fevered Visions


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Rare

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Fevered Visions


At the beginning of each player's end step, that player draws a card. If the player is your opponent and has four or more cards in hand, Fevered Visions deals 2 damage to him or her.

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Fevered Visions Discussion

Gamerpg04 on Baral, Cheif of the Ice

3 hours ago

U/R spells seems fun. I would take out some of the pump cards, as they seem kinda pointless. Also, I would try Fevered Visions, Lightning Axe, and Fiery Temper. Also, I would cut down the number of cards you have and maybe remove some of the creatures.

Gladiir on Budget Standard-Legal "Draw Burn"

6 hours ago

Have you considered Fevered Visions as a possible idea? It's free draw and burn, which, if I'm reading this deck name correctly, is what we're going for :PAlso, 4x of Shock might do nicely for a 2-in-1 prowess trigger and face damage effect.+1 for the deck though! Maybe you could take some inspiration from my deck, Hark, the Mad Visions call to me!

haysmafia1 on U/r DynaVolt Control [AER]

1 day ago

Thanks iglesia777!

I don't like Fevered Visions, it's really only good against pure control (i.e. not Cat Combo control) which doesn't exist in this current meta.

iglesia777 on U/r DynaVolt Control [AER]

1 day ago

Like the Horribly Awrys. Feel that's underplayed currently. I like Shock over Galvanic Bombardment just because it can hit players as well.

For the side, I've been pretty happy with Confiscation Coup as it's always a 2-for-1 and really helps buy you time. Might want to maindeck one. I also like Fevered Visions in the side.

Starf0x32 on UR Bounce Burn

2 days ago

Thank you for the explanation! I was play testing against my friends last night and the deck was holding up pretty decent. I was able to win as early as turn 4 but mostly around t5 or t6. I am thinking of going UR aggro with it. What are your thoughts on Fevered Visions? I would like to keep it for the card draw but I think this may be too beneficial for my opponents. Also i have a couple Epic Experiments. Do you think its worth adding to the deck?

hardhitta71194 on Glory to the Firemind Re:

4 days ago

Not only that, I also want to add Venser's Journal but I had to make myself quit adding cards. Lol

Maybe Fevered Visions could be dropped? I don't know if letting your opponent draw in EDH is like in other formats.

Firebones675 on Everyone Drink the Kool-aid

4 days ago

It's not the best ability wise but for flavor reasons you should include a couple cultists.

Blood Cultist literally has them drinking and that flavor text...

Other potential cultists: Death Cultist, Deathcult Rogue, Exultant Cultist, Kill-Suit Cultist, and Skirsdag Cultist

As for cards that synergize with nekusar, have you considered Fevered Visions? Seems like the sort of card you'd want.

Seeing as how you have multiple wheel effects, there is some consideration to Megrim and Liliana's Caress

Wheel and Deal is a pretty good wheel effect and if you really need to you can have it only target yourself.

Traieon on Zombies and Horrors, and Eldrazi, Oh My!

5 days ago

I had considered Fevered Visions. I just wasn't sure how beneficial it would be overall. I agree that it might depend on the meta.

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