Fevered Visions


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Standard Legal
Frontier Legal

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Set Rarity
Shadows over Innistrad Rare

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Fevered Visions


At the beginning of each player's end step, that player draws a card. If the player is your opponent and has four or more cards in hand, Fevered Visions deals 2 damage to him or her.

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Fevered Visions Discussion

pickelchu on 4 Color Turbo Fog

9 hours ago

Hey I also made a turbo fog deck but mine is only bant and doesn't rely on Fevered Visions for a WinCon preferring to use planeswalker check it out here is the link BANT TURBO FOG SUPERFRIENDS

Firebones675 on Izzit Baral Dynavolt

9 hours ago

Looks pretty Good! Horribly Awry & Thing in the Ice  Flip both would fit in the deck and are very good against aggressive creature based decks. If you don't want them in your mainboard, you should probably put a couple in the side. I've found Fevered Visions to be decent in this sort of deck as well.

Qwer57764 on U/R Thermo Visions

11 hours ago

Re: mrmango

Why would you prefer Shock?

I can see the ability to hit face as the only reason to take it over Galvanic Bombardment. In that case, I think it comes down to playstyle. When I play this deck, I find myself playing it more as a mid-range deck that utilizes burn spells to control the board while pinging for incremental damage with Thermo-Alchemist, swinging with Thing in the Ice  Flip or Stormchaser Mage, or shocking with Fevered Visions to win the game.

With this playstyle, I value the ability to burn away progressively larger creatures over the ability to deal 2 to face.

Va1kyrie on Baral Chief of Hypocrisy

1 day ago

Honestly Saheeli Rai just wasn't doing any work when she came out so she's gone in favor of Fevered Visions

Didley on [AER Standard] Grixis Control

1 day ago

CthulhusNo1FavCultist, thank you for the comment and suggestions.

I dropped the Void Shatter from the board to add the fourth Thing in the Ice  Flip. Then I traded the Fevered Visions for the Thing in the Ice  Flip. Post-board, if they're likely to board in more creature removal, I'll switch the creature package for Fevered Visions and Shocks (maybe?).

Jace, Unraveler of Secrets is in the board for control match-ups.

Radiant Flames is actually worse with Baral, Chief of Compliance in play because he reduces the maximum damage from Radiant Flames to 2, since it costs 1R to cast when he's in play.

Fatal Push is a great card, but it requires me to have access to Revolt enablers, that I'm just not running. It also doesn't receive any cost reduction from Baral, Chief of Compliance, which makes it less appealing.

iglesia777 on Spellslinging

2 days ago

Definitely want Fevered Visions here. Great for when you're trying to cast multiple, cheap spells per turn. Thermo-Alchemist also works with that strategy. Stormchaser Mage isn't bad either.

hardhitta71194 on Purple Drank

3 days ago

Thanks for explaining yourself, makes sense. Usually the only time I have a problem with someone emptying their hand that fast when I have Fevered Visions out is against other aggro/burn decks. But when I play decks like that I take visions out and sideboard other cards in. I'm still trying out different options, but I usually put in an extra Anticipate, or replace Anticipate with Take Inventory to keep my hand full of spells so I can outpace them.

But since you mentioned it, I'm going to play test with either 2x geists and 2x Niblis, or just a playset of Niblis and see how it works out.

I appreciate the comment! Thank you.

hardhitta71194 on Purple Drank

3 days ago

Thanks for the comment, but I need the Fevered Visions, and both Niblis and Geists are a little high on the curve for this deck so I don't wanna more than 2.

I do appreciate the suggestions though!

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