Prowling Serpopard

Prowling Serpopard

Creature — Cat Snake

Prowling Serpopard can't be countered.

Creature spells you control can't be countered.

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Prowling Serpopard Discussion

Misconception on Rin and Seri Tribal

1 month ago

I really struggled to incorporate Red into my own Rin & Seri deck so I like the turn you took on this commander.

While I tried to keep my deck very flavourful, one of the changelings I DID include is Realmwalker since the card advantage is really nice.

Keen Sense also works really well with this commander as it triggers with any damage, not just combat damage.

One of the cards I'm always happy to draw is Prowling Serpopard not only because the art gives me the fuzzies but also because of the protection it grants.

When a commander is crucial to the deck strat I like to include Command Beacon in case it gets too expensive to cast otherwise.

Personally, I really like Akroma's Will as an additional finisher or if needed protection.

If you want some general suggestions for good Bois and Grls please have some of my faves: Bronzehide Lion Loyal Warhound Trusty Retriever Marisi, Breaker of the Coil

Glad to see Rin & Seri still getting some Love :)

Xenaphix02 on LF: Help w/ cuts down …

1 month ago

I'd get real critical of those artifacts if I were you. Signets are pretty bad in green since of course you have access to land ramp, which is way more durable than artifacts, which you might accidentally blow up sometimes.

Arcane Adaptation is at best a win-more card and at worst a d0-nothing card, you're either going to draw into it at a point where dragons already dominate your board, or it's going to clog up your opening hand and do nothing until you cast your first big threat.

Void Shatter is pretty bad. In a deck where you are constantly either ramping or putting out big creatures, a three mana counterspell (let alone a counterspell) is only gonna get cast if your deck isn't doing what it wants.

Blighted Woodland is pretty bad, it only ramps you by 1 land. I'd just cut that and move down to 35 lands.

You might also want to swap your 2 drop mana dorks for more land ramp, or nothing at all.

You probably also want to be running Dragonborn Champion for a cheap dragon related draw source.

In my honest opinion, I would just ditch blue and move back to a gruul commander, like the new options from AFR commander or even Atarka, World Render. The 'Can't be countered' clause on Surrak is sweet but there are plenty of similar effects in those colors, such as Vexing Shusher and Prowling Serpopard and a few others. If you want to stay with the extra-combats / combat triggers effects, you should def move to Xenagos, God of Revels or Wulfgar of Icewind Dale. There are just so many options that it feels like Blue is actively wasting slots in the deck, no offense of course. And as always, it's your decision.

mx439 on Volo's Legion

3 months ago

Update 2: 10/12/2021

Out: 2 Forest, Reef Worm.

In: Prowling Serpopard, Waterlogged Grove, Vineglimmer Snarl.

Oldbear on Ruric TharrrrRRRRRRHHHHHH!

5 months ago

Older cards I'm currently considering:

  • Yeva, Nature's Herald for the flash, but usually, I'm not leaving mana up to bluff removal ect. so I dont know if this is a good as it could be.

  • Mage Slayer would be great with Ruric Thar attaching every turn but I'm hesitant to add more non-creature cards. Having said that why have the lifelink eq in there is I'm not gonna use it?

  • Prowling Serpopard protection for Ruric and other big beasties. Will probably add this.

  • Gruul Ragebeast for more creature removal. Play testing with this and will probably add it in the long run.

  • Sunder Shaman again for more removal, casting cost is a bit hard on this but not usually problem

New Cards:

  • Dragonborn Champion already added this, creature based no brainer for card draw

  • Circle of Dreams Druid I don't really have a ton of dorks in this deck. I just find land ramp more stable and if you have access to green even with Ruric Thar's self punishment.

zapyourtumor on Kaheera Cats and Chariots :3

6 months ago

Always happy to see a cat deck.

Have you considered Brimaz, King of Oreskos ? He's a cracked card if not answered immediately. Adorned Pouncer is also great.

For the one drop slot, I prefer Leonin Vanguard over Sacred Cat .

Also, all your creatures are cmc 3 or less. I would definitely consider cutting the 2x Chariots (they don't look that great tbh) and try to fit in 4 Collected Company .

I'm also not sure why you have 3x Rancor and 2x Madcap skills -- I feel like they would be a lot better in a heroic-type cat tribal with Vanguard of Brimaz and Tethmos High Priest . They don't seem to fit here (maybe I should try to revive my cat tribal deck with these hmm?).

Prismatic Ending is a great removal card for any deck running white and 3+ colors, I'd definitely consider cutting a few paths and adding it here.

When you finally make a sideboard, Prowling Serpopard would be really effective against any deck that runs counterspells.

dsdude3021 on Slithering Succotash!

7 months ago


Wow, someone actually commented on this deck. Thanks for the advice man. I few things I have to note.

There is a reason I am not including other 1 or 2 drops other than snakes. They would be countered by Chalice of the Void if I play it. I thought Prowling Serpopard may be redundant because I have Cavern of Souls that already give my snakes uncounterable. I used to have counterspells in this deck before I ended up sticking to the Chalice, perhaps I may go full on control?

While wierd in concept, this deck is mostly a Deadeye Navigator deck, but with snakes. I may remove Deadeye Navigator entirely if I come up with a new strategy, but right now Deadeye Navigator is the end game. I am not sure that the expensive snake lords mentioned is a better alternative, but I will consider it.The idea now is to use Deadeye Navigator with Mystic Snake, so I can counter any spell for 2. Not the greatest combo, but that's why its jank. The fact that Deadeye Navigator is the end-game is why most snakes are ETB creatures, as otherwise Deadeye Navigator's only purpose would Mystic Snake. Snakes are good for landfall and ETB so far, so I thought an ETB based midrange deck would be perfect. I am scared of cards like Strict Proctor

The only ''snake'' tribal is this deck is mostly just Cavern of Souls with Chalice of the Void. The three tibal snake cards are not really lords and are kind of expensive mana value wise. Perhaps I remove Deadeye Navigator and try a different endgame plan? Snakes don't have much going for them for lords, so I don't think aggro is much of an alternative.

Sakura-Tribe Elder, may not be the best creature, but he is one of the best modern ramp spells, working well with Lotus Cobra. Also, possibly Coiling Oracle, but I wouldn't count on it. If anything,Tireless Tracker does sound snazzy. Investigate deck???????

Lol, no love for Guardian Gladewalker. Honestly, its not great. Its just a two drop snake with an ETB effect that I could eventually spam with Deadeye Navigator. It may also allow buff up my fliers to do more damage, while serving as a block body. Maybe I'll replace it with Tireless Tracker...

zapyourtumor on Slithering Succotash!

7 months ago

I like sneks, but I'm a little confused about a few things.

Firstly, it looks like you're leaning really heavily into the snake tribal and even including a bunch of not great changelings like Guardian Gladewalker. But, unless I'm blind, I don't see any snake lords or powerful snake payoff cards that would justify including that many suboptimal snakes/"snakes". All I see is a singleton Sosuke's Summons which is definitely not worth including Gladewalker imo. And there isn't mirror march anymore to profit off its ETB. Compared to coiling oracle, hexdrinker, ice-fang, etc. which are all great midrange cards in their own right, the changelings seem really mediocre.

I think the deck would perform better if you cut some of the not great creatures and streamlined it more into a resilient simic midrange/tempo deck by adding some of the new cards like Shardless Agent and Counterspell. Some removal would probably also be nice but UG is notorious for barely having any removal so I'd have to look harder for that.

I would also suggest going down to 2 deadeyes -- 3 seems like a lot and he's really expensive. Also not sure why Sakura-Tribe Elder is there either, since more control/value would be better than more ramp here imo.

For the sideboard, I see you mentioned Prowling Serpopard. Is there a reason that isn't in the sb? It definitely looks like a great suggestion that would hose blue decks.

I think the main problem is you have a lot of snakes, but I don't see any snake tribal payoff. I'd either get some snake lords or lean a little away from the creature heavy snek and more into the midrange controlly snek. And if the snakes are just for flavor, I think the flavor can be preserved even if some of the snakes are switched out for spells.

P.S. Okay I did some scryfalling and found that these are the only snake lords: Sachi, Daughter of Seshiro, Seshiro the Anointed, and Sosuke, Son of Seshiro. Two of those are more like shaman and warrior lords though, and the only good one is probably Seshiro who also happens to be 6 mana. So I'm not sure about him but I think he's worth testing as a singleton maybe.

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