Mana Tithe

Mana Tithe


Counter target spell unless its controller pays .

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Mana Tithe Discussion

StopShot on Mardu Pox

5 days ago

Given the land destruction, Mana Tithe seems pretty good.

Omniscience_is_life on What is Your Opinion of …

5 days ago

I've mentioned this before: it's not restriction of card that makes it fit in the color pie--in other words, look more for what the card does than what it doesn't.

The fact that Tibalt's Trickery makes sense for red is that it's a chaos effect, at heart. It transforms a spell into something new and random, rather than just deny it like blue would.

White historically does tax very well, so I think Mana Tithe-type cards honestly fit better into the color pie than Spell Pierce-type cards.

Grugthol on Kaheera Cats and Chariots :3

1 week ago

Hey i want to give you my two cents. At first, every cat friend is a friend of mine. I played cat tribal since mh1 when king of the pride came out (as the only cat lord besides caracal) and played it on many fnms and even a 600 people tournament where i came out with a 3-3. My deck is slightly different, i highly prefer coco, since the 3 Lords are all at 3 mana. Together with coco, brimaz is a real bomb, when he attacks at turn 4 with a coco as a combat trick,you can easily attack for 8. Coco also fits in pretty well because of its new Ajani artwork :) i sadly didnt make any good experiences with ambusher and sacred cat. But i didn't play modern the last year and i see that it would be a counter to Ragavan, maybe i give it another try. I would cut madcap, Rancor is straight up better.

I also play 4 Path to Exile, 2 Regal Caracal and Force of Virtue. If i couldnt use path or draw the caracal to early, i can discard them for force. Mana Tithe is also possible in this constellation. But this is my personal preference, rancor and bolts should work here.

20 lands are not enough in my opinion. Your mana curve ends with 4 drops, i would say 22-23 lands will give you a much better curve.

Quasali Ambusher could find a place in the sideboard. There will be matchups where you dont even get attacked.

All of the above is just from my personal experience. I dont want to push you in a direction you dont like. Keep having fun playing cats!

Omniscience_is_life on How is Red Elemental Blast …

1 week ago

RyuSama420 yes, again a narrow set of resolved permanents. But it's not like every color has a hard counter--Trickery is still the best counterspell outside of blue, as much as we may meme about Mana Tithe.

abbatromebone on Mono White Landfall

2 weeks ago
  • I dont think there are any bounce lands legal in modern but you want affects like this in you deck Murasa Rootgrazer. Im aware you dont want green and want it mono white so i would recommend cycles of these cards Wildfield Borderpost there's one for every 2 color combo, and could help if you want to splash a color or want something for your sideboard.
  • Another tech you could consider is Dryad Arbor its a land and a creature so you could make a loop that bounces it back to you hand and play it. It would also go off of Emeria, The Sky Ruin pretty well. They are like 3$ a copy so not very cheap.
  • you might not need Leyline of Sanctity unless your playing against a burn like deck or maybe some discard deck.
  • There is an issue with Knight of the White Orchid and running 25 lands. Odds are by turn 3 youll probably have 3 lands in hand but its no guarantee that your opponent will. So it will most likely just be a 2/2 with first strike which isnt bad, but isnt great.
  • I dont think you need Steppe Lynx Its an 0/1 on everyone elses turn, and you dont need to be the agressor you have the late game with you other creatures. If you need to stall i recommend wall of omens.
  • Eternity Vessel is a cool card but its draining your budget and lets assume you have 6 mana what would you rather cast Eternity Vessel or Admonition Angel?
  • Fabled Passage is expensive budget wise, so it might be worth considering to see if we can get a better synergy out that money. Being we cant get it consistently. The deck doesnt have enough card draw, tutoring, or filtering to get it. You might get more out of cards like Wildfield Borderpost
  • This might seem like a meme but its pretty solid Mana Tithe. No one sees it coming, and can be back breaking.
  • White has good hate cards like Stony Silence and Rest in Peace however what graveyard and artifacts are killing us? also RIP is a anti-synergy with Emeria, The Sky Ruin. These cards can strain your budget and arent always as helpful as you think.
  • Anyways cool deck idea havent seen mono white landfall and hope this helps. Ping me anytime you need help with a deck

BotaNickill on Kaalia's AngHellic Extra Attacks

1 month ago

What do you think about adding more blue hate to the deck? Red Elemental Blast or Mana Tithe or Pyroblast??

libraryjoy on Balancing my 2 decks against …

1 month ago

Although maybe I'm reading Celestial Dawn wrong, which I could be. So you might disregard that part... There is also Lapse of Certainty which might work against the wave, but only temporarily as they will draw it next turn, so you need to either win right away, or have some way to make it be milled or discarded, neither of which are likely in white - but could be managed with artifacts, although this is getting pretty convoluted to work around a single card. Mana Tithe is another option, but easy to plan around.

rb701 on Colon Cancer

2 months ago

there's a definite major weakness with this. unfortunately, you have nothing in terms of true control. i typically run orzhov in/out bleed; without any counterspells, you run in to the issue of being out-muscled by weenies and beaten by passive/triggered effects. while the Path is a decent weapon, it trades a creature for a land; trading a big threat for resource was the same issue that Assassin's Trophy had. Mana Tithe, Essence Scatter, Mana Leak, these would have stopped me

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