Ensnaring Bridge

Ensnaring Bridge


Creatures with power greater than the number of cards in your hand can't attack.

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Set Rarity
Masters 25 (A25) None
Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions (MPS) Mythic Rare
Eighth Edition (8ED) Rare
Seventh Edition (7ED) Rare
Stronghold (STH) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Ensnaring Bridge occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%


All decks: 0.17%


All decks: 0.27%

Ensnaring Bridge Discussion

Shakespearienced on POST OPAL BAN - Lantern Control 5-0 list!!

5 days ago

How do you feel about Specter's Shriek? I'm running a budget list with 3 Duress and 2 Harsh Scrutiny and I'm not sure if it's worth running.. It can help you get under Ensnaring Bridge quickly too. But it takes 2 of your cards to take one of theirs (most of the time.)

Any thoughts?

lukeanto on CantTouchThis!!! :3

1 week ago

Yeah im working around with the cards i have at the moment... still missing Ensnaring Bridge or Storage Matrix...i guess i can get 2 of the 2nd...the bridge is expensive

Gilbobaggins on 52 mill pickup

2 weeks ago

I might put 1x Traumatize in and maybe Jace, Wielder of Mysteries in the sideboard. I'm not a fan of creatures. And I have enough with Darkness, and Ensnaring Bridge, Crypt Incursion which I added recently added I just need to update my deck to combat aggro. Ashiok, Dream Render, and Bojuka Bog is for my graveyard hate I play Bojuka Bog as a free exile graveyard spell rather than a land.

I agree putting Tome Scour in place of Mind Sculpt I've contemplated that several times already just hadn't pulled the trigger on it.

dingusdingo on Urza Power Scepter

2 weeks ago

AlwaysSleepy If you can't understand why I would point out when a 0 decks 1 post account logs in after two years to call me a fucktard, then there isn't much more to discuss on that point.

As far as whether or not you suck, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. I enjoy it when people with less or more experience post, as long as its discussing cards or linking new ones.

As far as building Urza midrange versus artifact focused, yes I understand why the choices are made. This just keeps coming back to some basic facts though. The commander makes mana from artifacts, and then uses lots of mana to get free spells. Running 12 counterspells is going to mess with Urza activations. In a vacuum, a counterspell is going to be better than a trinisphere, but do you know what card the deck always has access to, every single game, from turn 1? Urza! What does Urza do? Give mana from artifacts, and use mana to get free spells. Do you know what free spells are unfortunate to get from Urza activations? Counterspells!

To respond to your card comments

Legacy's Allure - I'm glad we are in agreement that this card should go.

Homeward Path - This card is very common as tech in Selvala and Yisan decks. Gilded Drake is a very popular card that can go into most competitive decks with blue as a piece of removal. Both Yisan and Selvala are extremely commander dependent while being mono colored, with the Crop Rotation already there in many builds. Just because the card is not run in the Shaper list does not mean the card does not see play, it is tech that shows up. Since the card makes those decks cry big fat tears when it is resolved, it goes in. Which brings us to

Pithing Needle and friends. There are enough of these effects and they are so rancid for this deck that you must be aware of them when you build. It is simply asinine to ignore how dire this card resolving is for this deck. The bigger problem with these types of cards is that this deck runs so little removal and places all emphasis on counterspells. As far as Needle appearing or not, just because it doesn't show up in a big name brewer list doesn't mean the card isn't played. I have seen many competitive commander decks slot this card. It is a strong hate card against many commanders, the card that everyone always has access to (if they run Homeward Path lol). This list crumples to turn 1 Pithing Needle and it serves as proof of what the card can do. 1 mana and 1 card to lock out a player from winning is significantly better than a counterspell. The card is mana denial against uncracked fetches (they can't crack in response to the naming), it hoses entire commanders, its great against the random planeswalkers that show up, its amazing against the random Animatou deck that showed up, it shuts off so many infinite combos and is such a strong answer that can go in any deck. P.S. it could even go into an Urza build

Aether Spellbomb - My thoughts exactly. Goes in for Allure

Recurring Insight - I can believe that anyone who has resolved it has won. There are caveats to that statement though. You're giving up big opportunity cost as you could have another card in that slot doing something else before 6 mana. It is also hard to protect it resolving, because it costs 6 mana. Let me use an analogy to make one last point. Just because I won by tutoring from Diabolic Tutor does not mean that Demonic Tutor is the same. You can run sub-optimal cards that lead to winning, that category would most likely encompass 99+% of decks made.

Mishra's Workshop - This card once again used to show flaws in deckbuilding. The commander focuses on artifacts. This deck doesn't have an artifact density high enough to run Workshop and put it to use. It runs 19 artifacts. This card and the commander make big mana for or from artifacts. After the lands, there are 68 slots. 19 are artifacts. This is another overall design flaw rather than weakness between the card and the commander.

Howling Mine - I agree that this card has risk associated with playing it. This is why timing is crucial. If played when Urza is on the board, you are able to advance meaningfully with an extra and card every turn for and 1 card. Howling Mine isn't great in a vacuum, but once again it goes really well with that one card we always have access to. Even if later Urza is removed, we got advantage from it first and we got it earlier. Giving all your opponents 1 extra card (so 3 total) on turn 5 is negated by getting an extra card for yourself on turn 3 and 4. Getting access to the cards earlier for us is worthwhile even if on a later turn our opponents are collectively getting 3 cards to our 3 cards. Timing is just required to make this card effective. I find it hilarious that this list realizes the benefit in running Winter Orb and Static Orb but glances over the same synergy with Howling Mine. Do you see how those cards also hurt you without your commander?

Trinisphere - Its totally not cut, just not in the list. The authors can put flowery words next to it but this card should be an auto include. Not having it here makes me question why.

Ensnaring Bridge - Not the best possible include but worth a consider if the deck is more artifact centric. Can hose down Tymna and also some win cons. Urza plays well with a small hand and a fatty board.

As far as "You're just going to get flashed on" I'm not advocating for eliminating counterspells completely. It could easily go down to 8 and you will still see counters in your opener. The forgiving mulligan rules of multiplayer with the added new London Mulligan makes it easy to go back for one if you see yourself sitting across from TnT.

Expedition Map - Leads to Tabernacle and leads to Inventor's Fair. You can use to go to Academy Ruins to plop back on top to continue to toolbox lands. Its a tutor in a relevant type that can become an engine in games where you have more space. In more artifact centric builds you can extend more into non-basic lands as fetch targets, because you will need less blue for counterspells and 6 mana draw spells and Legacy's Allure.

Basalt Monolith + Rings of Brighthearth is a usable combo in certain contexts. Gonna keep going back to this idea that we always have Urza in the command zone as being important to the development of the deck. Urza gives us A LOT OF MANA. Rings has a great effect, but needs A LOT OF MANA. See where I'm going here? When we get Rings activations onto fetches, we are double thinning and ramping ourselves, but we're also priming the deck for BETTER URZA ACTIVATIONS. You also get infinite mana loops with Codex Shredder and any card that goes to GY like a spell. Basalt is definitely a downgrade from Grim, but Rings is such an upgrade from Power Artifact for usefulness outside combo and mana isn't as much of an issue in Urza so I think its worthwhile.

As far as the rest of what you wrote, yeah nice dude this is a $4000 durdle list and you are out here defending it. These brewers are so isolated in their own meta they make absurd card choices and overall deckbuilding decisions. Yeah this list is trash dude, and my comments about people being sheep are funnier with every reply. Why are you out here schilling for this list? Idol worship or idle time?

AlwaysSleepy on Urza Power Scepter

2 weeks ago

alright well sure why not ill take a stab but i suck at magic and also didnt make this list so if that discounts me you can stop reading now, though since it appears to matter, yes this is my main account

General comment about the state of the format, and how it's changed a lot since Oracle. Urza isn't a considerably quick deck, the nature of mono blue limits its options speedwise, and while the card quality blue has is on average, very high, mono blue normally is not as consistently fast as decks with black - though with certain draws it can be.

This puts Urza in a weird spot deck building wise. Urza wants to play to the board and develop its mana and board state. But Urza is ultimately a value card overall, which is even reflected outside of EDH as most Urza decks across formats are some mixture of midrange with a combo finish. Does not mean EDH must do the same but such a strategy has legs.

Okay so now EDH context. Urza isn't the fastest deck at the table. Especially with Oracle Hulk being the strongest deck now - this puts stress on Urza to hold up interaction consistently as opposed to develop mana for a few turns and attempt to combo.

Some of the artifacts can do both, some cannot. My point is that just vomiting artifacts and goldfishing a few turns doesn't work in EDH unless you are the Flash deck. Urza has to accommodate that. Thus, a midrage plan is explored.

Okay specific cards:

Legacy's Allure - I've not been big on it. Also it looks weaker now cause like, it's not as playable any more. It was Hulk tech cause it worked vs. older Hulk piles. It's not effective any more into Hulk, and is a very reasonable cut.

Homeward Path effects - I'll be honest I've never seen this played in a cEDH deck. The effect is so narrow for a poor manabase addition. It's severe deckbuilding cost to run this single card for what is, 1 or 2 effects max across a format. Anyone running this for just Drake is probably focusing on too small a margin.

Pithing Needle effects - Similar, I don't think it's necessary to skew a deck so harshly for a single card. Needle is rare, Revoker is more common. Totem would be the real issue to worry about. It's completely fine to tech more against it if you see it. But teching or skewing for specific effects not commonly played isn't a good idea.

Aether Spellbomb - Sure, I like it too. I see it in place of Allure with Oracle Hulk.

Recurring Insight - I don't think anyone who resolved this card has lost. It's a win-con itself. If you want to write this argument off, I don't think I can say much more.

Mishra's Workshop - Most EDH decks don't run enough artifacts for this. By the time you are your card quality is lower than it could be. I cannot say I've seen any EDH deck run an adequate density for this to not be a random ritual and then it's done. You need to skew heavily into artifact permanents, but then, see the original Urza gameplan argument.

Howling Mine - This card is actually dangerous if Urza is removed. Not a fan.

Trinisphere - It's amazing. In fact, it's so good, the authors literally said it's really good and you can run it. It's not cut.

Ensnaring Bridge - Mono blue is not a terribly inspiring Bridge deck considering there are so many good blue cards to run. But yes, it's playable in Urza.

Spinning Urza is strong, but arguing that counterspells make it miss and that card draw isn't good with it isn't understanding where Urza stands as a deck in the format. You probably aren't going to be able to sit and spin the wheel much in the current EDH climate. Or at least, not without getting Flashed on.

Expedition Map - It's fine. Not winning awards for speed, but it's an extra copy of a land.

Basalt + Rings has not been playable in cEDH for a very long time, and Urza doesn't change that. There is not an excuse to play poor quality cards for a moderate upside.

Urza isn't an artifact goldfish deck in EDH - or at least in the max power environment, it just can't afford to be any more. That's what many of these card choices have as context. If you have some different opinions sure. Doesn't make the entire list trash.

I find your aggressive comments on calling everyone stupid followers comical lmao. Like, come on that rhetoric is unnecessary. If you want to make a point, it should stand on its own by its actual soundness. Don't need to shit on literally everyone and then tell people to suck it up and put on "big boy pants" and give you a pass to engage in needlessly aggressive discourse.

but whatever i suck at mtg. its my real account tho, i used it like 2 days ago

SpammyV on Some Questions About Tron

2 weeks ago

Relic of Progenitus vs. Grafdigger's Cage: Grafdigger's cage blocks more things but is vulnerable to being removed itself. If you are running Karn, the Great Creator Relic also has an upside in that you can activate a Relic and then search it out of exile and replay it.

Oblivion Stone vs. All Is Dust: In my Mono Green Tron deck I usually I play a 3-1 split in favor of O. Stone. If the opponent has Blood Moon or Damping Sphere but isn't applying enough pressure than playing Oblivion Stone on Turn 4 and activating it on Turn 5 can get you back in the game. And in some games a board wipe on Turn 3 will save you where a wipe on Turn 4 will not.

Karn, the Great Creator: Right now I'm off of Karn G.C. in the maindeck of Mono Green Tron. If I were to run Karn G.C. again I would be running 3 in the main unless there was a compelling combo to shoot for. The sideboard cards are powerful but without a silver bullet like Relic or Sorcerous Spyglass playing Karn on 3 rarely impacts the board and if you've assembled Turn Three Tron your hand is probably not empty enough to make Ensnaring Bridge effective.

I have no experience with RG Tron so I can't really offer advice about what to cut Pyroclasm for.

RunningPigeon on POST OPAL BAN - Lantern Control 5-0 list!!

3 weeks ago

Just tested it against a B/R discard deck I've been brewing (weird match up playing it through), I found Leyline of the Void hitting Turn 0 to make the late game a bit messy and with only 2 Assassin's Trophy it's hard to (reliably/quickly) remove once it hits.

I think running 3 (maybe even 4) Nature's Claim sideboard or even having 1 mainboard would help as it also gives the option of hitting an unnecessary artifact you control to gain 4 life; helps vs direct damage to the face spells/strategies that Ensnaring Bridge does nothing against.

dingusdingo on Urza Power Scepter

4 weeks ago

Servbot40 come on buddy, lets read for comprehension next time. Everything I'm about to post is already ^ up there.

To reiterate

  • Urza gives mana, taps, and free casts. The mana comes from artifacts. Running more artifacts over big flashy draw spells improves board state while still allowing you to accrue card advantage later. Running this as draw-go instead of artifact stax means you're going to be spending much more time reacting to the board than advancing your own game plan, and you will have to devote further slots to card draw to make up for 1-for-1 trades in a 1v1v1v1 format. The entire focus of this build basically ignores the benefits of running Urza as the commander. It is a weak CVT with some extremely minor swaps, and the minor uptick in card quality is negated by running cards like Recurring Insight.
  • Claiming that Dramatic Scepter is less reliant than Chain + Teferi is silly when the outlet for Dramatic scepter is STILL the commander. It requires fetching two pieces + rocks, instead of fetching one piece + rocks. This list tries so hard to be able to function without the commander but is still locked out by turn 1 Pithing Needle naming Urza. I understand the intentions of wanting higher resilience and saving slots, but the philosophy and the application simply do not match here. The back up outlets require even more pieces to assemble, and are hard to tutor. Part of the reason this deck so desperately needs card draw is because it is poorly built and doesn't have good tutor outs or good topdecks. It requires lots of digging to find piece A and then Piece B, whereas CVT simply needs to find piece A and cast the commander.
  • As far as gas goes, any artifact slotted over any cantrip over 2 CMC in cost is going to improve efficiency and also help with card advantage. Has anyone even read what the commander does? You realize you can pay outside of having infinite mana right? Running more artifacts = more mana = more activations. 17 Artifacts in an Urza list is bizarre. The philosophy about inclusions and exclusions is viewing Urza as your generic carddraw.dec commander. He isn't.
  • Believing there is only a small pool of cEDH cards that are viable is why we have an Urza list with 90% match to CVT list. Once again, this deck should have some extremely easy includes with Howling Mine Expedition Map Trinisphere and Ensnaring Bridge, and those are just off the top of my head. It is stifling to the development of decks to be so obtuse as to how different commanders allow different card choices based upon what the commander does. No one is questioning slotting Rhystic Study or similar. Expensive draw spells and the focus on policing the table via counterspells are whats being focused on. Its a losing strategy as Urza doesn't provide the kind of card advantage needed to control the board with counterspells. His ability relies on PERMANENTS IN PLAY to put more GET FREE CASTS. Every additional counterspell is another brick from Urza actives, and slotting more draw spells actually loses mid game value instead of raising it, while also losing early game value.

Once again, I know this community believes these brewers are infallible, but this list is a joke. It makes intentionally sub-par card selections because "Urza might be unavailable" and then relies almost exclusively on Urza activations to assemble the win. It runs almost no problem solving cards. It ignores artifacts in an artifact centered commander to run high density of expensive instants and sorceries. It doesn't win fast, it doesn't win reliably, and if its shut off it has limited answers for solving problems. The answers it does have are temporary, and involve 2-for-1'ing yourself with a bounce THEN a counter to solve problems, or passing multiple turns. This is not a good deck, and the people worshiping it are drinking the Kool-Aid, so to speak.

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