Calming Verse


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Prophecy (PCY) Common

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Calming Verse


Destroy all enchantments you don't control. Then, if you control an untapped land, destroy all enchantments you control.

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Calming Verse Discussion

creepycrawler on MagicalHacker - List of All Board Wipe Cards

4 months ago

For Green:

t3hdarkness on En-Bant-ment

4 months ago

You've got pieces for a few different strategies. Your deck could get a huge boost in power at the cost of a little versatility if you focus on just one or two.

Enchanted Evening does have some synergy with Avacyn, Angel of Hope or Ethereal Armor and can make the basis for a good Control/Resource Denial strategy but more likely than not its going to make your opponent's Merciless Eviction into a better Apocalypse unless you can abuse it with cards like Greater Auramancy, Cleansing Meditation, Calming Verse, Aura Thief, or Sterling Grove.

There's probably not enough card draw. You might want to run a few more enchantresses effects like Sram, Senior Edificer or Mesa Enchantress or straight up card draw like Rishkar's Expertise or Soul's Majesty

Heliod's Pilgrim, Open the Armory, and Totem-Guide Hartebeest are a few more budget price Aura tutors.

budlaorf on The Government Can!

6 months ago

LuxCannonator- Thank you for the suggestions. I have added Replenish to the sideboard and may consider adding Academy Rector in the future.

I don't really want to add another color to this deck, but if I did, I would try and create some play between Enchanted Evening and Calming Verse. You'd create a one sided permanent wipe for all of your opponents.

I have decided to remove Teferi, Hero of Dominaria and test out a possible endless turn loop with Second Chance+Sun Titan. When you are at 5 or less life, you can keep sacrificing Second Chance for extra turns and attacking with Sun Titan to bring it right back again.

griffstick on Bruna, the light of a ...

7 months ago

I would run enchantment hate Tranquil Grove, Calming Verse, Cleansing Meditation, Bane of Progress and edict effects Dictate of Erebos, Grave Pact, Butcher of Malakir, I would run Insurrection effects like Mob Rule. Grave yard hate. Like Rest in Peace, God there's so many. Steal effects like Blatant Thievery, Control Magic, I would run effects that take his CMDR out the game entirely like Song of the Dryads, Imprisoned in the Moon, Lignify, Darksteel Mutation, even Prison Term. Now this one works great because if she has hexproof you could put this out on a creature before she's out and when she comes out it slides over to her getting around hexproof. And she never attacks.

elgosu1337 on cEDH 5C Enchantress Constellation

7 months ago

Really loving that Conflux + Dream Halls combo!

It's a pity you aren't a fan of the Ajani's Chosen + Enchanted Evening combo. (I came across your deck via the combo, which I included in a crazy Zur tribal deck.) Ajani's Chosen doesn't seem that beneficial to your deck otherwise. Perhaps an Attrition to make use of the tokens? That would also help you sacrifice Aura Thief. Aura Shards would also be really powerful with the cats and your other token-generators.

Cleansing Meditation is a good backup for Calming Verse.

Enchanted Evening + Opalescence becomes a one-sided Armageddon if you have Mirari's Wake out. Could be worth a mention along with your Doomwake Giant + Living Plane wipe.

cdkime on The False God followers

9 months ago

In all honesty, the the best suggestion I can make:

Get rid of Karona, False God as your commander, and run Child of Alara. Thematically, both are Avatars, and both are the embodiment of their respective plane's mana. As such, they are fairly similar in terms of flavour, and about equally gods. While Karona's tribal ability is really powerful, it generally is not worth her promptly stabbing you in the back.

Child of Alara, on the other hand, plays well with your other creatures. Most all of them have indestructible, so can shrug off Child's boardwipes. You can even kill Child of Alara yourself, clear your opponent's board, and go for a nice, easy kill.

That said, I understand if you want to keep her as your commander. I myself run Karona, though I take her in a very different direction. Here is my deck if you are interested: Pinball Wizard - Karona, False God EDH.

Moving on to a more helpful suggestion, there are numerous enchantment based removal spells, which work well with some of your other enchantment synergies. Darksteel Mutation, Imprisoned in the Moon, and Song of the Dryads are all exceptionally powerful, as they can remove an enemy commander, without sending it back to the command zone.

Calming Verse is a good card to run alongside Enchanted Evening, and can provide a viable win condition, as you will clear your opponent's board.

Starfield of Nyx is a dangerous, dangerous card to run alongside Enchanted Evening, as you can make all your lands 0/0, killing them instantly. Personally, I prefer Opalescence when running Enchanted Evening, as it will kill mana as well. I use this combo as a tertiary win condition--Enchanted Evening, Opalesence , and a global boost (in my case, I run Mirari's Wake) will keep my lands alive, while still killing everyone else's.

cdkime on Pinball Wizard - Karona, False God EDH

10 months ago

Thank you for the feedback.

I like Bear Umbra for this deck, and will give it a playtest. I've had mixed success with Lightmine Field (1/1 tokens + Karona attacking simultaneously can easily kill my commander), but I think I will try it again. Umbra Mystic is also an interesting card, but I am not sure where I have the space for it. Survival has not necessarily been an issue, between Canopy Cover, Shield of the Oversoul, and Gift of Immortality.

Starfield of Nyx is a bit deceptive in its use. On its face, it seems a better card than Opalescence--it only gives you more creatures, and adds graveyard recursion to boot. Well worth the additional mana cost generally. However, one of the key combos in this deck is Enchanted Evening and Calming Verse, which destroys your opponent's boards, while leaving yours untouched. This combo has been incredibly helpful, particularly given how slow this deck is. With Enchanted Evening in play, Starfield of Nyx turns all your lands into 0/0 creatures, preventing you from playing lands for the rest of the game. While Opalescence does the same, it will also turn your opponents lands to 0/0s, stalling the game. It's an evil combo, but it is better than only crippling yourself.

Crab Umbra and Spider Umbra would not be effective in this deck, as Karona rarely is used for blocking (you would have to regain control of her through Homeward Path first). Even with the protection it offers, Drake Umbra is too expensive to cast, and cards like Canopy Cover, Shield of the Oversoul, and Vow of Flight provide the same evasion, but with additional useful effects.

I like Snake Umbra in theory, but am not sure where I would put it. I think this deck currently contains the right number of auras (Bear Umbra might have been one too many, but it seems pretty nifty, so I am going to give it a shot). Any advice you have on what to cut would be appreciated.

JVSatterwhite on enchanments... enough said

10 months ago

Just popped across your list while looking for ideas for a similar build I'm working on. Wanted to leave a suggestion of my own, too. Since you're running Enchanted Evening, have you considered tossing in a Primeval Light or Calming Verse? They're okay alone, but with Evening in play, they turn in to instant scoop buttons.

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